Fortune Teller's Shop

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Black velvet walls are covered in glittering metallic silver stars and embroidered with astrological symbols and glittering silken threads go between some of the stars linking them in celestial constellations. Models of galaxies slowly spin in precious and semi precious metals. Some of the planets and moons are even bejeweled. There are a few private rooms off of the main shop area. These private rooms are for more personal readings and seances. Every room is similarly decorated as the main room, but each smaller room has a round table shrouded in velvet table clothes that are covered in crystals, runes, bones, and in the center of each table is a large crystal ball on a pedestal. Behind a zodiac tapestry behind the clerk counter in the main room is a concealed stairwell that goes up to the Fortune Teller's domicile.

Fortune Teller's Shop - Residence

The Hogsmeade neighborhood is a rather cozy wizarding area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. This home is comprised of several rooms. A gallery or entry foyer at the top of the stairs that lead down into the shop area is decorated floor to ceiling with picture frames of all shapes and sizes puzzle pieced together. Generation after generation of Vablatsky, Lunet, McKinnon features peer out from these frames, nearly all of whom are friendly enough to greet anyone who comes up the steps and bids farewell to any leaving. The gallery has one arch and it leads into a living room area that's most usually adjoined to a dining room which is attached to a kitchen. Within the kitchen there are the usual wizarding appliances such as a hearth, iron wood stove, sink, and ever-freeze-icebox. The floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished ebony that are inlaid with silver and gold stars, moons, planets, and other astrological symbols. A small indoor bathroom is the only other feature of this level of the home. In the living room there are three spiral stairwells that smoothly move like a muggle escalator to carry the resident up without having to lift a foot.


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