Harkiss' Candy

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Stepping into the dizzying kaleidoscope of sweets, muggle and magical, is a Hogwarts students dream come true. Harkisss Candy and Malt shop has even been known to turn adults into children again, without the use of magic. Young and old alike wander the forest of stands sprouting lollipops like fantastical rainbow colored leaves. Strange birds strutting a multicolored variety of sugared quills mingle among the forest, preening their feathers for consumption.
Then theres the shelves down the middle of the store. Polished glass jars of pepper imps, licorice wands and exploding bonbons dazzle the eye. Wrapped in shiny foils, fizzing whizbees crowd among the trademark gold hexagonal boxes of chocolate frogs and pots of wriggling jelly slugs. Various muggle treat of peppermint and butterscotch fight for their own right to be sampled and taken home, as well as an impressive variety of homemade fudge.
The main feature of the place, however, is the malt counter. With the wood polished to a high shine, and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, patrons can be seen sampling all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. The best part of the bar it that it never seems to be full. No matter how many students and adults crowd the counter, theres always another stool for the little straggler who wants to join his fellows, or a couple for the sweethearts that wish to share a malt for two.


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