Aster Cottage

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The house smells faintly of roses, and the windows and doors are kept open to let in natural light and fresh air. The foyer is small, and the walls have been painted a warm, soft, sun-kissed yellow. There is a worn red and pink rag rug placed on the floor either for comfort or to protect the knotty hardwood floor. Next to the front door are series of hooks that provide a place to hang coats and umbrellas. A door right off the Foyer to the right leads to another bedroom and a bathroom.
The same cheery color on the walls in the foyer continues into the living room, where you see a long red sofa; it makes a lovely focal point for the room. Pewter Oil lamp wall sconces complete with a hurricane glass lamp, provide illumination to the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A large grey river stone fireplace is built into the far wall, opposite of the sofa. It has a worn oak mantel with an interesting Knott worked design carved into it, atop which is a large clear glass vase for flowers and two silver candlesticks holding white long white tapered candles. The fireplace is flanked by two Queen Anne chairs covered in a fabric with four ground colors: white, yellow-green, and pink and red, each print including red roses and white flowers, so as not, to overwhelm or take away from the sofa. Several happy, lush plants sit in locations where they can get plenty of light.
The kitchen can be seen from the living room, and contains a pine table with benches. Hanging from the ceiling is a rack full of drying bundles of herbs and flowers that fill the kitchen with rich, fragrant aromas. The kitchen itself is the same cheery yellow and the floors the same knotty pine. The cabinets are white and plain which makes the color of the walls pop out. There is a single large iron farm sink, and the counters are made of slate. The most interesting thing about the kitchen is that it is the most modern room in house, with its gas oven and range, recessed lights and refrigerator.
Stairs lead from the kitchen to the second floor of the cottage which contains the Master bedroom and Bath.


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