4 Cottage Way - Wells

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A residence with the name Wells painted carefully beside the number four by the front door. The floors are reddish colored wood and the walls are painted a muted tan. Black and white photos of exotic African and Middle Eastern locals decorate the residence. Several photos are of a ratty band of British soldiers from the late 1920s, one of which vaguely resembles a young Mumford Wells. The stringent scent of cleaning products, owls, and gun powder is strong and ever lingering. This home is comprised of several rooms. A mud room just inside the front door has filled racks and storage space crammed with outside wear and poor weather accessories. A wooden coat rack sets to a side with an assortment of jackers and blazers hanging from it. A set of stairs leads up and away from the foyer. The living room is a collection of mementos encircling a large couch. A woven rug of brightly colored thread hangs from one wall near the stone mantle of a fireplace. Above the mantle the home owner has displayed a variety of British made rifles and pistols on small mounting pins. A wooden cabinet and display case holds smaller knicknacks, photos of family members, and the dress helmet to a British infantryman's uniform. The thing that would stand out the most though is a rather large muggle made radio that in this region probably doesn't work a lick.
A small dining room is attached to the living room, and beyond that a small kitchen with a plethera of dried herbs hanging from tacks. An oak table with seats for four dominates the dining room, its surface old but carefully polished. Doubling as a library, the dining room has a narrow bookcase and a sitting chair in one corner, the texts mostly historical or on the care and feeding of various nautral and mystical creatures. Throughout the house various wooden owl cages are placed in out of the way places. The cages all seem to be hand made with care, and their doors are always left open. Several nautral wood owl perches can also be found throughout the house, from the living to the kitchen, and even one by the small window in the bathroom.


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