9 Cottage Way - MacDougal

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The main foyer of the home is also the living room. There is a large fireplace here along with a dining table a China cabinet for dishes that look like they may have been antiques. Seating beyond the dining area is arrayed about the fireplace by way of a single long couch and a pair of plush chairs which form a conversational 'U' before the fireplace. Each piece looks as much a piece of art as it does furniture with ornate scrollwork on the exposed wood and cloth which displays heroic scenes akin to a tapestry. Speaking of tapestries, the walls here display the family crest of both Smythe and MacDougal on opposite sides of the fireplace with a large picture mirror placed between them above the fireplace. Red and blue are the hallmark colors of the decorations here with the wood being a rich oaken brown. The over all feel is warm, cozy, and archaic. Try not to break anything.
The rear of the house contains what looks to be a work room of sorts with bits and bobs of healing herbs, crafters tools, and work spaces each of which is neatly labelled and placed in meticulous fashion. For all that it is a crafter's space, it is neat and tidy like the rest of the house. Naturally, the kitchen adjoins this space and is neatly patterned in red and blues with the cabinets each having a scenic carved on their doors. A wooden staircase leads to the second floor and the bedrooms.
The back door leads out onto a cobbled terrace that overlooks the beach and water beyond and contains a small eating area of wrought iron furniture.


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