Merlin Square
Location Details
Address: Unplottable, Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: J,2
Owner: Mysticked District Properties
Type: Park & Recreation
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)

A large swath of green in the middle of the Mysticked District dedicated in honor of the Wizarding Legend, who's tower was once located in the center of the park. Merlin's Square is an oasis of trees and soft grass, filled with meandering paths, decorative wildflowers, and strategically placed park benches.


In the center of the park is the enormous marble statue of Merlin himself, his upraised hand holding a glowing sphere, and his wizard's staff in his hand, his robes magically coloured to change with the seasons. He sits in the center of a seven-pointed star of red paving bricks, and those who study arcane ley lines say the statue is at a nexus of magical energy.


The many paths that lead off from the points of Merlin's Star lead to small picnic areas, lawns, and a two meandering creeks that merge and then vanish underground until they eventually flow into the Thames. Herbologists in London compete to display their arts of topiary, and many of the trees and shrubs are sculpted into interesting and amusing shapes, while the flowerbeds are small works of art. The entire perimeter of the square is a broad red brick walking path large enough for five people to walk abreast, until it merges into the streets of the District.

J,2 - 1: Carkitt Market


The Carkitt Market is a covered wizarding market that would not be unfamiliar to those who shop in similar establishments in London, save for the variety and oddity of some of the ingredients. Carts with striped awnings, some rectangular, others triangular or round, fill the space, their garish colors creating a maze of of stalls with crooked, narrow walkways inbetween. Each stall has boxes on and in front of it, holding the shops' wares, from traditional staple fruit and vegetables - tomatoes, potatoes, apples, oranges, and the like - to more uniquely wizarding fare, from toadstools to fish eggs. Some of the grocers even have large cases or fishtanks for live fish and animals for sale. In all, the place is a riot of sound and color during all business hours.

J,2 - 3: Concert Green


Rising out of Merlin Square like the carapace of an enormous insect, a white band shell with an open front provides acoustic backdrop for open-air concerts and entertainments. The area directly in front of the band shell and stage is an open-air amphitheatre dug into the slope of the hill, with a few rows of stone benches to provide for an audience. However, the far more popular place to watch shows is from the broad, sloping lawn, where smooth, soft, green grass provides a natural carpet for fair-weather lounging while enjoying a performance.

J,2 - 7: Parsh Alley


A hand-made sign stuck in a pile of old stones bears the name of Parsh Alley. The infamous slums of Wizarding London are built around an ancient mansion, which some say was intended to be inhabited by Merlin himself, if rumors are to be believed. Whatever the truth is, the mansion is a far cry from its intended glory: The massive rooms are now filled with vagrants and the poorest of the poor, the old rooms having become a paradise for squatters. Ancient, long-forgotten scaffolding and not-so ancient lean-to shelters litter the outside areas. The unfinished cobbled alleyway tapers off here.



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J,2 - 9: Whimzick Alley


A winding road of carefully maintained cobblestone leads into Whimzick Alley. The road is wide enough for three or four people to walk side by side and the many corners in this alley are places where street performers play for tips and artists of all kinds work and live. The alley is full of twists and turns the road winding this way and that and even branching off into a few smaller paths in places before those paths rejoin with the main road once more. Outdoor cafes are scattered here and there and the outside of most shops and buildings all have some form of decoration to make the alley look bright and lively. The buildings here are all places where artists and performers gather. Theaters, art galleries, and cafes catering to the bohemian and artsy crowd can all be found here. The alley is often quite busy and the sound of music and chatter fills the air for most of the day and well into the night.


Locations of Note


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