Ministry of Magic - Central Office
Location Details
Address: Ministry of Magic, London
Coordinates: E,5 - IN - D - 1
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government

The Central Department is responsible for the administration of the Ministry itself. This department is headed by the Minister for Magic, though most department duties are actually managed by the Minister's Chief of Staff. There are several subdivisions within this department.


The outer Administration office looks like an old fashioned scribes workshop. Rows upon rows of single person desks, each illuminated with its own lamp attached to the right hand side of the desk proper, line the huge square room. At each desk a clerk industriously works on the piles of paperwork in front of them, tossing each piece of paperwork into the 'Out' box at their desk from which the papers wick out and fly away on their own, heading to the next person that needs them. Towards the back of the room gilded columns support small arches that define the niche housing the doors to the Office of the Minister for Magic, the Office of the Adviser to the Minister for Magic, Office of the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, and the Office of the Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic. The walls and floor throughout are tiled in a manner reminiscent to the London Underground with the exception of the upper fourth of the back wall. Over the doors to the offices the wall is painted white and decorated with multiple windows.


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Leonard Spencer-Moon
Minister for Magic

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Adviser to the Minister for Magic

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Cassius Malfoy
Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic

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Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic

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General Owl Post Office

This office is responsible for the maintaining and managing the various Owl Post Offices around the U.K. They appoint postmasters, train post owls, and establish Post Drops. This division also houses the inner Ministry mail room and provides the enchanted papers for the airplane notes.

General Owl Post Office Employees


Magical Maintenance

Magical Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of the Ministry, including custodial duties, choosing the weather to display through the Ministry's enchanted windows, and repairing magic gone wrong withing the premises of the Ministry (such as Atmospheric Charms gone wrong). Other duties include maintaining the lifts and keeping the Atrium fireplaces stocked with Floo Powder. Personnel working in Magical Maintenance wear navy blue robes.

Magical Maintenance Employees

Public Information Services

This office in the Ministry of Magic produces pamphlets and otherwise disseminates information to the wizarding populace that the Ministry deems necessary.

Public Information Services Employees

Public Works

This division is responsible for public maintenance, including the disposal and Vanishment of refuse, and maintaining roads and public buildings.

Public Works Employees


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