Location Details
Address: Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: Below Westminster
Owner: British Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government

The Wizengamot Courtrooms comprise ten identical rooms. Upon entering one of the courtrooms from the hallway a short aisle leads to a round space in the middle of the room. Exactly in the center of the room, resting upon a small dais, sits a plain wooden straight back chair. This chair has a remarkably short seat, no cushion, high arm rests, and all-in-all looks to be extremely uncomfortable. Approximately three feet of empty floor space separate this solitary chair from a short wooden wall behind which the chairs for the members of the Wizengamot witnessing and judging a case are arranged in steep tiers, circling the lone chair and looming over it. This circle is only broken by the narrow entry aisle on one side and the large, throne-like seat directly opposite the aisle and reserved for the wizard or witch chairing the inquisition.


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