Department of Magical Law Enforcement (M.L.E.)
Location Details
Address: Ministry of Magic, London
Coordinates: E,5 - IN - D - 2
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the wizarding world's equivalent of the Department of Justice. First thing in front of the main elevator is a waiting area with a few comfortable chairs lined up against the wall and some tables with old magazines on them and a small potted plant. All of it facing the duty desk. Behind the duty desk one of the officers of the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol sits the watch, doubling as receptionist and bouncer. Further into level 2 of the Ministry of Magic is a large open space with desks full of paperwork where other officers of the M.L.E.S. discharge their duties. Deeper behind the collection of hit wizard's desks is a blue tiled half wall to separate them from the collection of desks provided for the Auror's Office. Which promotes an obligation to work with each other and get along. Along the blue tiled walls of the large room are large bulletin boards full of maps, wanted posters, pictures of dark wizards and witches and other criminals, clippings from the Daily Prophet, and other miscellaneous items important to cases. Similarly decorated standing boards are available to roll about the large room, stationed close to the desks of those working on the case displayed. Scattered throughout the level are bookshelves stacked with numerous books and scrolls on magical law.

Furthest from the main elevator is a secondary larger elevator that is for criminal escort only. Next to this security elevator are holding cells for minor infractions. A corridor next to these simple cages leads back to a cell block for crimes not punishable by Azkaban. Between the wall hanging billboards surrounding the open space there are offices with large windows to look out at the collection of desks. These are the offices for the authorities in charge of those at the desks. Just off of the waiting are is a corridor that houses the offices of those whom are apart of the Judicial Law and Wizengamot Administration Services of the department and across from this corridor is another one that leads to the Improper Use of Magic Office, the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.

M.L.E. Cases

The following cases and wanted posters can be found on the billboards throughout this level.


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Bob Ogden
Commissioner of the M.L.E.

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Gordon Worthington
Chief of Auror Office

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Solomon Shacklebolt
Deputy Commissioner of M.L.E.S.

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Randolph Snively
M.L.E. Personnel Officer

Magical Judicial Law and Wizengamot Administration Services

Alphard Balthazar Bettina Howard Sioned Thraxis Ursula

Magical Law Enforcement Squad

Auror's Office

Bannon Clarity Effie Esmeralda Grady Graham Herbert Katherine Peregrine Shelley Solomon

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