Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (M.A.C.)
Location Details
Address: Ministry of Magic, London
Coordinates: E,5 - IN - D - 3
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government

This is one of the smaller departments of the Ministry, at least when talking about the size of their offices. If they can be called offices. This area looks more like a lounge than an office, with comfortable couches and chairs strewn around the room, bookcases stuffed full of all kinds of books lining the walls and towards the back a couple of tables set up to play wizard's chess, card games, and one with a wireless set on it available for employees to listen to their favorite WWN shows. Off to the side there is even a strip set up for those that might want to get in a few friendly duels during their down time. All of this is organized around the two main foci of the room: A table where 5 members of the Magical Accidents and Catastrophe squad constantly monitor a row of silvery crystal balls, a big red button built into the table next to each squad member's right hand. The other focus being a massive square of dedicated fireplaces and shelves of port keys ready to transport the squad to any place in England or Scotland at a moments notice when the alarms triggered by those big red buttons go off.

Above the elevator a large portraits of some important M.A.C. figures; Mnemone Radford, who developed the Memory Modifying Charms and was the first Obliviator for the Ministry of Magic. Balfour Blane, the founder of Committee on Experimental Charms.

M.A.C. Employees

Beckett Blenheim Brandy Cassiel Chance Desdemonia Kashus Kieran Murray Niobe Penzington Regulus Sybil Zack

Also known as the Department of Magical Catastrophe, this department is responsible for cleaning up magical messes. There are several groups that answer to this department:

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad

This team is responsible for going out into the field to reverse accidental magical effects (typically those of young witches and wizards who cannot yet control their powers)

Committee on Experimental Charms

This committee oversees the development and use of experimental charms, determining their suitability for general use and serves as the regulating board. Their sister division, the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad, is frequently asked to help deal with charm-testing gone wrong.

Muggle Liaison Office

Muggle Liaisons are a social services office responsible for wizard-Muggle relations with those Muggles deemed acceptable to be aware of the wizarding world. This generally means relatives of wizards, such as the parents of a Muggle-born wizard. They are also sometimes called in to assist in working Memory Charms on Muggles during stressful times when the Obliviators are overworked.

Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee

When all other M.A.C. offices fail, the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee convenes to concoct explanations for magical events that Muggles will find acceptable or reasonable.

Obliviator Headquarters

Obliviators are those wizards tasked with using Memory Charms to modify the memories of Muggles that have witnessed something they shouldn't have, such as a magical creature or a wizard using magic.

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