Department of Magical Transportation (D.M.T.)
Location Details
Address: Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: Below Westminster
Owner: British Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government

The Department of Magical Transportation has four discrete offices. As people come in and out of the Floo Network Authority door flashes of green emanate from a wall of crystal balls that is used by a harried looking group of wizards and witches to constantly monitor the network for trouble. The scene in the Broom Regulatory Control is similar and the witches and wizards working there look as harried as those in the Floo Network except that at the BRC each employee has their own crystal ball which they use to give instructions to people flying in the more congested areas of the London sky. The Portkey Office is by far the quietest of the offices on this level. It looks more like an attic than an office since behind the main desk which is worked by only two employees the rest of the room looks like a mix between a packrat's attic and a junkyard as it is full of things like burnt kettles, ancient sneakers, bent coat hangers, and other similar items. Finally the Apparition Test Center is a large room full of scaffoldings. Circles are drawn in on every horizontal surface each pair identified by their matched color. Some pairs are as close as a couple of inches while others are as far apart as the room will allow and even set at different altitudes within the room. Near at hand is a fully stocked Medi-wizard cart which is always manned during tests in case of unexpected splinching.


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