Atrium with Cafeteria & Training Room
Location Details
Address: Ministry of Magic, London
Coordinates: E,5 - IN - D
Owner: Ministry of Magic
Type: Wizarding Government


This scepter shaped room starts with a long hallway floored in dark polished wood and lined with multiple gilded fireplaces placed between massive, arched brick work columns. People are constantly popping out or disappearing into these fireplaces through flashes of bright green flame. The hallway leads out into a round room in which center of which proudly stands a large golden sculptural fountain, a plaque at the fountain's base reads: Fountain of Magical Brethren. Before entering this room all guests and employees of the Ministry of Magic must pass through a set of golden gates where a security guard registers all magic wands. Once past the gate multiple lifts line the walls whisking people away to the various department on levels 1 through 9. The dark and gold color scheme is relieved by the ceiling, which is covered in a peacock blue mosaic over which unfathomable golden symbols travel randomly.

The Minnie's Tea of Magic


A cafeteria for Ministry and Visitors is tucked away on the opposite side of the gilded statue fountain from the fireplaces. A purple and gold striped awning covers over the 'outside' eating area as if it were actually subjected to weather. The underside of the awning is in fact enchanted to appear like a warm sunshining sky day, every day, any day or night. Within the actual service area inside is a buffet line that winds about service stations that serve soups, sandwiches and other bistro like simple foods and beverages which most pointedly is a varieties of teas.



Training Room


The Ministry's Spell Practice Range is a large square room built out of reinforced stone walls covered in protective wards to avoid the possibility of any spell cast in this room affecting anyone outside of it. Even the main entry door, built of out three inch thick oak strengthened with iron bindings, is covered in protective wards. The room in divided into two distinct areas. The half of the room to the right of the main entry is dedicated to accuracy practice, filled with six aisle similar to those found in a Muggle shooting range, each about 50 yards long and with a human shaped dummy at the far end. The left half of the room is just a wide open square. Along the front wall of the square there are multiple movable walls, dummies, and other obstacles so the open space can be set up for a variety of practice scenarios.

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