#7 East Crook Road - Lee Cottage
Location Details
Address: #7 East Crook Road, Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates: N,2 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Rena Lee
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


Petite, dainty and comfortably-crammed are the words that best sum up this little Hogsmeade cottage. From without, its walls are made of dark neatly mortared bricks, accented by earthy-red; and the entire two-story building appears to be made of gables, from its mossy slate roof to the ground. Fanciful iron gutter pipes gather water from the rain and channel down to the ground where it can irrigate the postage stamp garden tucked away behind a weathered picket fence. Welcoming windows are delicately placed around both floors, ensuring that its interior be well lit during the day by the sun. A brick foyer is supported by whimsical woodwork, painted to a deep green - just as the door nearly hidden in the shadows.

From within, the cottage radiates warmth and hospitality, despite its size. Shiny wooden floorboards show their age with gleaming dignity that conceals the nicks and scratches of a lifetime; and the off-white plaster walls are studded and crossed by darkened beams. To the right of the door is a coat bench, equipped with pegs for hanging, a mirror to glance into, and a lidded bottom to store shoes in. To its side is an umbrella stand - just in case.
The main feature of the large central room is, of course, the grand stone fireplace. Darkly tinged by soot around its opening, it is nearly large enough to stand inside, and must surely have no difficulty warming such a small abode. Scattered around the room are an assortment of quaint, comfortable chairs for guests, a single Victorian-looking sofa with end-tables on either side. The kitchen and pantry are only separated from the living room by virtue of the fireplace wall, and the gleaming little room is equipped with a cook stove, sink, worktable, cabinets and a rack hung with bright copper pots and kettles. To one side, a staircase makes a half-turn and climbs up to a loft where a bedroom is hidden away beneath the slanted roof. And somehow, a bathroom, complete with claw-foot tub, pedestal sink and toilet have been carefully placed underneath the staircase; completing the cottage with every amenity it could possibly need.


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Rena Lee

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