#9 East Crook Road - Perry Evans' Cottage
Location Details
Address: #9 East Crook Road, Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates: N,2 - 9 (NE)
Owner: Perry Evans
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


Dropped in the middle of a conservative wizarding community, the small and cozy little cottage displays the clash between wizarding and Muggle worlds, and nowhere is this more evident than in the living room. The furniture filling it is all relatively new and shows distinct art deco influences - all sweeping curves curves paired with straight lines. The photos on display are a mix of Muggle family photos, and wizarding photos of friends, and school mates - and a moving picture of a young girl in a Hogwarts uniform with antlers on her head and matching antlers on the Transfiguration book she clutches to her chest as she practically dances in place. The books are a mix of wizarding texts and Muggle fiction - with a stack of American science fiction and horror magazines tucked onto one of the shelves.
Apart from the living room, the cottage features a small and under-used kitchen, a simple bathroom, a main bedroom, and a tiny guest room, with strange drawings of things like a unicorn battling an octopus posted up on the walls. It's the perfect retreat for a Muggleborn, quite happy in living in both worlds. Others may find the home a bit grating, however.


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Perry Evans
Owner & Resident

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Madeline Evans
Owner & Resident

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