Hawthorne Wandworks

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Hawthorne Wandworks stands out a bit from the other shops and buildings of Hogsmeade. Its exterior is brighter than those of the shops nearby, favoring bright golds and blues rather than the more muted tones of other shops. A large sign with a stylized H and M hangs over the front doors, and the window display currently shows collections of miniature hot air balloons floating about with bundles of wands in their baskets. The interior of the shop is just as bright, still favoring the same blues and golds. The space is simply arranged and quite small, with an area in the front of the shop large enough to hold no more than a few customers and a small counter running across to separate it from the back. Rows of shelves line the back of the shop, though oddly enough only a few shelves actually hold the familiar long boxes that are so often associated with the packaging of wands.


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