Fingal's Toy Shop

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This otherwise-average brick store building is marked by a large sign, reading in multicolored letters "FINGAL'S of Hogsmeade". Beside the words is an animated painting of a pair of young brown-haired girls, about 8 and 10 years old respectively- they tend to wave energetically at passersby. Other signs are displayed haphazardly around the windows and door, including one reading simply "TOYS", one that says "Fingal Jr. and Hermia Macmillan, Proprietors", a Montrose Magpies banner, and various advertisements for particularly popular or new toys.

Inside the shop, the counter is set at the far end of the store, leaving plenty of space for all manner of toys, most of which have been enchanted in one way or another to provide maximum play value. Racks of kids' training brooms line one wall along with some small replica Quidditch balls; another section is devoted to dolls dressed in fashionable robes; there's even a miniature model of the Hogwarts Express running along the ceiling and sounding much like the real thing. And there are stuffed animals, of both mundane and magical creatures.

Behind the counter is a door leading to a backroom storage area, as well as a spiral staircase leading upstairs to the living quarters of Fingal and Hermia Macmillan.


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