Farin Braw Restaurant
Location Details
Address: N37 East High Street, Hogsmeade Village, Scotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates: N,3 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Carmichael MacDougal
Type: Commercial - Restaurant, Scottish
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


A quaint little restaurant on East High Street. Scattered about the room are eight tables with four chairs each, all hand-crafted from thick, heavy-looking wood. The room is dimly lit by sconces on the walls and a heavy circular chandelier hanging on thick chains above the center of the room made of the same materials, color and craftsmanship as the tables. The windows are shuttered from the inside as well as out. The shutters are all painted the trademark burgundy that is a theme throughout the restaurant. The windows allow for natural light to be added or removed from the area each of the eight tables resides in. For a variety of ambiances able to be controlled by those seated. The walls are a textured plaster in a pale grey, the wide, rough wooden trim painted the same burgundy as the outside trim. The only paintings or decoration on the wall is a sliced bit of the trunk of some tree that when hung up looks dead on like the outline of Scotland. In the wood the words 'Farin Braw!' Are carved the translation is on a small brass plaque under it, 'Beautiful Food'. Beneath the wooden Scotland sign is a rather plain, upright piano.


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Carmichael MacDougal
Owner and Chef

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