Curious Creatures Pet Shop

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Like many wizarding shops, this one is labyrinthine, poorly lit, and possibly bigger on the inside. It's so crowded with objects that it might take one a moment or two to realize that it's also crowded with cats, owls, rats, jackdaws, dogs, tortoises, ferrets, sparrows, snakes, hedgehogs and a great number of other creatures, most of them wandering freely about.
There are a lot of old whiskey barrels serving as bins. Some are filled with owl treats, dog biscuits, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and dried insects, and kibbles of all descriptions — the right diet for just about any creature could be assembled from them. Rarer sorts of fodder, like doxy eggs, and live foods like roaches can be found in glass apothecary jars on a shelf near the front counter. Other barrels catnip mice, balls and other toys. Leashes, collars, harnesses and cages hang from the ceiling, filling the space overhead.
The walls are lined with cages, but only a few are closed. The others stand with their doors wide open. There are also a lot of shelf-spaces that are often conspicuously empty. These cages and spaces have got labels, listing some type of creature and its price, and if you stop and look at the tag for a moment, the animal in question will usually hop into its place and stretch and turn, showing itself off.

Flat Above Curious Creatures Shop

This narrow flat above the shop is crowded with overstock cages and barrels, but there's a neat little kitchen back near the stairs. Up front, near the windows looking out over the street there's a pleasant sitting area, furnished with several overstuffed old chairs and an ornately woven Turkish carpet. There's also a rope hammock spanning a corner there, hanging from hooks sunk into the wooden walls.

Nothing has prevented the animals from downstairs from coming up here, except the territorial impulses of the cat Bell, the raven Book, and the eagle owl Candle. Mostly it's quieter up here, but only mostly.


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