Saito Residence
Location Details
Address: Number 4, Ladbroke Garden Terrace
Coordinates: A,3-1-4
Owner: Saito Family
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


This terrace home looks like any other from the outside. But beyond the front door the space takes on a decidedly Japanese feel. The hardwood floors are stained to resemble cherry wood, and pieces of Japanese art are placed liberally throughout the home alongside family photographs.

A mud room just inside the front door is lined with racks and storage space for outside wear and poor weather accessories. A nook just inside the door is set aside for the removal of shoes, with a piece of framed calligraphy on the wall above it asking guests to do just that.

The living room contains more typically European seating arrangements, but the chairs and sofas can be pushed away from a central table to make room to kneel up on the tatami mats there. This room is open on one side to a breakfast nook, through which one reaches the modest kitchen. On the other side of the living room, a short hallway leads under the stairs to a bathroom and the master bedroom.

A narrow stairway leads off from the foyer to the upper level, where there are two more bedrooms and another bathroom.


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Katsuo Saito

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Masako Saito

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Kimiko Saito

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