(1938-01-04) The Matter of Miss Diderot
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Summary: Keenan and Clover discuss ideas of ways to keep Rhyeline alive
Date: 4, January, 1938
Location: St Mungo's
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It's a little after hours on Keenan's usual day shift, but he's sitting at a table in the potions lab with his notebook open, working on a formula, from the looks of it. He pauses to think, and leans his chin on his fist, the way he did during tests back in the early days. He gives a short sigh, and scratches something out to rewrite it.

Clover? At work after normal business hours? Never! However, here she is, trying to gather her things from her desk and get home before she gets glared at. However she spots another hard working companion and slows down at the table to peer over his shoulder. She'll look over what he is writing, at least what she can decipher from this far and smirk at him. "Business of pleasure?" She says quietly.

Keenan opens the hand at his chin and pushes it along the side of his face, then brings it down over his forehead, pinching at the bridge of his nose. "Patient. Rhyeline Diderot. She's been in the Spell Damage Ward for quite some time, then she was released. She's been back a few times from over exertion… tryin' tae figure a potion or two that can help get some o'her strength back while we try tae unravel tha spell."

"Ah." Clover says setting her belonging down on the floor and slipping into a near by chair. "Would you like some fresh eyes on it? Perhaps I can help you out." She says as she folds her hands on the table and peeks over again. "What sort of.. affliction does she have? I don't think I've been informed about the patient yet." Than again, it's another department.

Keenan pushes his notebook towards Clover. "It's a tough spell, in tha bloodstream. Meant tae weaken tha heart an' make it stop beating. Usually easy enough tae reverse if it's seen tae fast enough. In this case, though, they've somehow worked a permanent sticking charm tae it. Healer Greengrass did an amazing job just keepin' her alive. But it's still workin'." He folds his hands in front of him on the table and leans on his elbows. "Short of emptyin' out her blood an' givin' her new, unspelled blood, I don' know yet what tae do. At tha moment, I'm workin' on potions tae strengthen tha heart and lungs tae give more time… somehow try tae isolate tha spell, push it out of her blood stream… but how, I've nae figured out, yet."

"Hmm I thought we got rid of bloodletting after the dark ages, thought it would be one way to fix the issue. However what is to keep the spell attaching itself to the new blood?" Clover says as she takes the notebook and gives it a once over. "I am sure we can find something to at least rid the fatigue, but what can be done about the actual problem?"

Keenan gives a snort chuckle. "Facetious, Clove," he tells her. "But, aye, we need tae find some way tae get it out of tha blood. Just… permanancy charms're a pain where a pill willnae reach. Hence their name." He lets go of his hands to cross his arms, hand resting at elbows. "So, I'm takin' one step at a time. Get her strong enough we're not worryin' that she's goin' tae drop on us any day… so that she's strong enough for some testin'."

"True." Clover says quietly as she ruffles her hair just a touch. "Yeah if she's not well enough to do testing than we're going to do more harm than good." She'll snag his quill and start to scribble notes in the margin of his note book. "What if.. create something that not only replenishes her strength, but also something that cleanses her blood. I mean, it's not going to cure her, but maybe it would help."

Keenan looks down at the paper as Clover writes, and his brows furrow. Then he nods at what she writes, and taking the quill makes one more little notation. "That could work. I'd like ye tae meet Miss Diderot," he adds. "So she has another person tae go to fer help, and tae look at her case. Maybe she won't look at ye like ye're goin'tae lock her way in a secret torture chamber." He drops the quill and lifts his hands to smooth his hair down the back of his head and lace his fingers behind is neck. "I saw her at Miss Sykes housewarming, an' she fair tried tae disappear, as if I was goin' tae eat her or somethin'."

"You? Lock anyone in a torture chamber? She does not know you at all." Clover says with a sly smirk before she shrugs her shoulders. "The next time she is here, come and fetch me. Hopefully I look kinder. I rarely have the urge to lock people away." Well, she had that desire with her sister, but it was for her own good! "What has her so spooked? Do you think whatever harmed her maybe influenced her mind?"

Keenan grins to Clover as she teases him. "Aye, well… I don't know. She was here durin' tha quarantine, so I understand her fear o'comin' tae Mungo's. But… she seems tae distrust me fer some reason. I dunna know, but maybe? Perhaps ye can relate somehow… bein' a woman an' all. Use yer strange woman speak thing tae reassure her, tell her I'm not really a monster or some such." He lowers one had to tap his fingers on the table. "Maybe? I mean, blood flows through tha brain, obviously… it could have? But that adds a new facet tae tha spell, an' it's already complicated enough. Let's hope it's somethin' else an' not tha spell. I already have enough tae figure out, there."

"Ah.. well I can understand her reluctance then, at least for being here. Still that does not explain why she has such a problem with you." Clover props her elbow up on the table and tilts her head to the side to try and figure this out a bit. "Are you suggesting that we women have a secret lanaguage that we use against our men? Keenan, I am offended by your words." Clover says with a sly smile. "But I will see what I can do, I'll turn on my best bed side manor." Shurring her shoulders at the last bit of revelation, she frowns. "Well lets hope it doesn't come to that. I would hate to involve mind healers in all of this." Clover's least favorite healers.

Keenan raises his eyebrows at Clover when she's 'offended', but his eyes twinkle with good humor. "My apologies, sincerely," he replies a bit drily. Giving a sigh he pulls the notebook back over and closes it. "I'll make ye a copy, an' next time she's in, I'll bring her over to the Potions ward tae meet ye. Time fer a drink, now. A good stiff one. See ye tomorrow? Give ma regards tae that man o'yers."

Clover laughs slightly as Keenan takes his notebook back and stands from the table. "You know where my desk is. I'll see what I can think of over night and I will get back with you tomorrow." When he mentions a drink, she nods. "Have one for me as well. Though I don't think I need to tell you to have more than one." Grabbing her things from the table, the healer nods her head. "I will tell him you said hello. Have a good night Keenan."

Keenan nods. "I may even have three," he responds, and as he voices the thought, his eyes dull a tad, their expression becoming more flat, towards the unreadable. He scrubs distractedly at the back of his neck, and then smoothes down the hair as he stands. "Good night tae ye, Clover." With a nod he picks up his outside robes to pull them on, and a scarf, wrapping it up to his nose as he walks towards the doors.

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