(1938-01-07) Quitters Never Win
Details for Quitters Never Win
Summary: Theodore tells Ripley he's quitting the quidditch team.
Date: Jan. 7, 1938
Location: Muggle Studies Classroom

Muggle Studies Hogwarts Castle
Sun Jan 06, 1938 ((Fri Dec 07 03:07:46 2012)) (First Floor)

---------------—- —
While instructional pictures lining a classroom's walls are commonplace in Hogwarts, there is something inherently different about this place. Unlike so many other classrooms, some of these pictures simply aren't moving - at all. These, students will soon learn, are muggle inventors … people who have created gadgets to help muggles make do in their world - a world without detectable magic at work. Other stationary pictures represent their creations. The general leading the charge of a muggle battle sits forever frozen in portrait on the back of a rearing horse in front of an army poised on the edge of demolition. Some of the pureblood students - unused to such things - may find it a little unnerving at first. The students' desks - two chairs each - are wide and battle-scrarred from years of experimentation - and, likely, failure - involving muggle appliances.

Theodore is sitting at a table. He has papers strewn out all in front of him, each with squares drawn on them. In the squares are stick figure people and arrows showing how they move. There's probably two dozen sheets covered with drawings like that, and Theodore is standing over them, his brow furrowed. He leans down and uses a pencil to erase and then redraw a square, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth in thought as he does so.

Ripley had been wandering the halls and had come by the room and peeked in. A little bit of a longer look and he moves within, "Hello, Theo… Dore." Almost forgetting the boy doesn't like the shortened version. "Good holiday?"

Theodore finishes his drawing, glancing at Ripley, but then returning his full attention to the papers. "Yeah yeah. Brilliant." He leans down once more, erasing another square and redrawing it as he mumbles, "…was brilliant. Yours?"

Ripley gives a nod of his head, "It was all right. The usual family job." As he moves over to look at the papers, "What are you working on?" He looks about the papers and then to Theo, "And if you want me gone, say so and I won't stick around."

Theodore furrows his brow at what he just drew, and then shakes his head a little. "No no… I um… I needed to talk to you anyway…" He stands up straight, looking at his work. "Storyboards," he answers, and then looks at Ripley. "I'm making a motion picture."

Ripley looks down at the drawings once again and then to Theo, "You want to talk to me?" he lifts a brow to this. "Making a what?"

Theodore follows Ripley's gaze to the drawings. "A motion picture." He looks at Ripley then, "It's gonna be epic, really. Totally aces!"

Ripley looks about a bit longer, "Is that like that Frankenstein we watched?" He ponders.

Theodore nods, "Yeah. My mum got me an 8mm camera for Christmas." He grins, "I'm starting immediately. I'll need a lot of help, though. Actors, Set People, Artie's gonna have to paint some back drops for me…" He chuckles, "It's going to be aces, Ripley."

Ripley looks at Theo and gets a little smile on his face, "Well, good that you are going to have fun with it." He looks back to the drawings all over the place. "Looks like a lot of work."

Theodore nods, "It will be. I mean, it is." He looks back at Ripley, "That's what I need to talk to you about."

Ripley lifts a brow and moves to sit down in a nearby chair, "Okay?" As he relaxes back.

Theodore looks back at his drawings and shoves his pencil behind his ear. "Well," he looks back at Ripley, "I'm gonna need every minute of free time to get this done by the end of the school year. So," he shrugs, "I'm quitting the team."

Ripley thinks for a moment and then nods his head, "I figured you would be anyway." He shrugs a bit and sighs, "I'm disappointed but I understand." As he looks to Theo and shrugs, "You will be missed."

Theodore furrows his brow, "You figured? Why'd you figure?" He shrugs, "I don't understand?"

Ripley lifts a brow, "The last time I spoke to you… You told me you didn't want to be on the team anymore?"

Theodore shakes his head, "That's not exactly what I said." He waves his hand, "No mind." He smiles, "I'm making a picture!" He begins to gather the drawings up, putting them carefully in order as he stacks them. "You'll be fine. No worries."

Ripley looks back and gives a little shrug, "All right." He looks back to those drawings, "What sort of movie?"

Theodore grins widely. "A monster movie." He waggles his eyebrows. "Think about it! We have the perfect creepy old castle to film in!"

Ripley gives a bit of a laugh, "And all the magic you use will look like what?" He smirks.

Theodore shakes his head quickly, "No no! No magic on camera!" He grins, "The magic is in the movie!" He shrugs, "We can't show any real magic, though. The Ministry would have us thrown in Azkaban if we did that."

Ripley snickers a little bit, "Okay. I hear you." He shakes his head a little bit, "So making it for muggles? Want are you going to call it?"

Theodore smiles widely, and he puts his hands together in front of him, and as he speaks the title, he spreads his hands as if laying the film's title card out in the air between them. In an ominous, serious voice, he announces, "It Came From Skull Lake." And then his brow goes up, and he waits for a reaction from Ripley that, based on his posture and facial expression, is expected to be nothing short of applause and adoration.

Ripley blinks and gives a little nod of appreciation. "Okay. Sounds like a good title." He shrugs a bit, "What came from the lake?" He asks, looking up at Theo.

Theodore lifts his brow a bit, and repeats with a bit of emphasis, "It." He just looks at Ripley then, not sure what's hard to understand there.

Ripley looks to Theo and nods his head, "But… What is 'it'?" He looks like he's trying to understand.
Theodore stares at Ripley for a long moment. then he says again, "It." He shrugs both shoulders, tossing his hands out, "It." He smiles, "The Monster. IT!"

Theodore shakes his head, "You really haven't seen any pictures, have you?" He then asks, kind of concerned, "What do you do for fun when you're not here?"

Ripley loosk to Theo and shakes his head, "No. Only what you have shown me." He shrugs, "Things with my family and all."

Theodore nods. “You should change that.” He sighs, and then quietly leaves.

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