(1937-10-06) Who Needs Bullies?
Details for Who Needs Bullies?
Summary: Maeve and Josie have a brief conversation about bullies in the Gryffindor Common Room
Date: 6 October, 1937
Location: Gryffindor Common Room
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It's late morning on a Saturday, and Maeve is sitting in a corner of an exceptionally quiet common room, which is mostly occupied by first and second years, as pretty much everyone else is at Hogsmeade. The irish girl has her harp out, and is playing it softly, practicing as she does try to spend at least an hour each day. Her eyes are closed at the moment, and she's smiling happily, having settled in nicely in the month or so since the term began.

Josie comes wandering into the common room from the direction of the girls' dormitories, with a couple books for her homework. She spends a lot more time than anybody else doing homework, usually with a dictionary handy, as reading and writing and spelling are not her best skills. She smiles as she hears the music, and finds a place to sit near Maeve, waving but not saying anything to interrupt the music as she opens her books.

Maeve continues to play, softly, directing a smile at the other first year, but not saying anything, as she doesn't want to interrupt her own music. Finally, the song ends, and she carefully sets the harp down next to her chair. "Hullo," she says to the other girl. "How are ye doin' today?"

Josie smiles and says, "Hi." She then says, "I'm ok. Except I still think it's stupid we can't go to Hogsmeade too." She flips through her book to find her page, and then asks, as she realizes she should, "How're you?"

Maeve shrugs. "I'm doin' well. Been gettin' used to all the new things, and thinkin' about joinin' the duelin' club. Those Slytherin bullies keep tryin' t' pick on me, seems t' me that I should be learnin' how t' defend m'self…"

Josie smiles and says, "You should! Dueling club's fun. You gonna come see that big demonstration on Monday? I can't wait! Mr. Bates is brilliant, bet he'll put on a great show." Then she pauses and adds, "But we're not supposed to use that magic outside club, so that won't help with the Slytherins. Well, it can, but then you'd be in trouble with Pringle, which I bet is way worse than some Slytherins."

Maeve nods, as she does remember that little fact. "O' course. Ye're absolutely right, and I'm nae sure I'd want t' risk his wrath. Still, as long as I don't have t' beat th' tar outta one o' them, I'll be happy.

Josie giggles and nods a little. "Next year, think I'm gonna buy a bunch of stuff from that joke shop in Diagon Alley, so I have supplies to get any bullies. Maybe there's some potion we could make that'd get them back for you, though. I'll ask Cillian, he's way better in potions than me."

Maeve thinks for a moment. "Well, I can see where that could help keep 'em off our backs. Have ye been havin' trouble with 'em too?" She streches, then shifts in her chair so that she's laying across the seat.

Josie shakes her head, "Naw. Not much anwyay. Dunno why, maybe they just haven't got around to me yet. Or maybe 'cause I'm in the Slug Club. Dunno. Everybody else seems to, though, with different bullies. Some older kid cast a spell on Cillian to keep him from talking, once. A second year keeps getting chased by some Huffepuffs. Stuff like that everywhere."

Maeve raises an eyebrow at that latter. "Now, why would th' Hufflepuffs be doin' that? And who is it?" She has a genuinely puzzled look on her face. Admittedly, the girl's a touch on the naive side.

Josie shrugs and says, "He says he hexed one of their friends, so he kinda deserves it, but says it was self-defence too. Um.. can't remember his name. He's the small one, smaller than me." Railan, in other words.

Maeve nods. "There aren't too many smaller than ye. In fact, I think he and I are about th' only ones.

Josie nods quickly in agreement at that and says, "Yeah, probably. Especially not many in second year." She looks down at her book again then and says, "Think my reading's getting better. Starting to know words without sounding them out in my head anymore. A few anyway."

Maeve nods. "Would ye like me t' help ye with them? I'd be more than happy t' help." She smiles, as she shifts positions again.

Josie looks back to Maeve with a smile and says, "That'd be brilliant, thanks!" She moves so Maeve can see her book a bit easier, a chapter they have to read for DADA, and she starts pointing out words she has trouble with.

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