(1937-08-19) Pirates!
Details for Pirates!
Summary: Cillian, Jo, and Simon meet, and play pirates.
Date: August 19th, 1937
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There is a boy…a young boy sits wide eyed on a fountain's ledge as he looks around with his good one eye and takes a deep breath. He wears a magenta bandana around his head and he has a smooth little eyepatch as he's dressed up sharply in a little pressed dark brown suit and he just fidgets a bit, a messenger bag at his feet. This is Cillian, sitting and staying put! Like he was told!

There's also a girl present! Well, she could easily be a boy, looking at her, especially as she's dressed in boy's clothes, barefoot, and kicking a football around. She's quite agile, and easily avoids running into people as she moves the ball ahead of her. She's distracted from her game as she spots the boy with the eyepatch, and picking up her ball wanders in that direction, greeting cheerfully, "Hello."

Simon is wandering aimlessly, so it seems, down the street. Although, he is being remarkably attentive to his surroundings for someone who is just out on a stroll. He stops at the fountain and has a seat on the ledge next to the boy, nodding to him. The soldier then proceeds to pull a notepad and pen out, scribbling something down on it.

Dun talk to strangers. Don't touch any muggles. Sit here, don't move a muscle. <—- All instructions that echo in his head as whispers from his fathers before they went to go…tend to URGENT business and left him sitting on the fountain. Cillian however, just fidgets and takes another deep breath as he sits ridid on the fountain and continues to people watch, taking note of the other kid with the ball with some interest, head tilting to the side before he's greeted and he blinks. And blinks again, opening his mouth and shutting it. "…'lo." He's got an accent that's thick with Irish influences before he looks beside him at the man who's…had a seat and he squints his good eye before looking back to the girl. "We're pirates."

Jo glances up to the man in uniform, brightening at first on seeing the uniform but it's apparently not the man, or perhaps the uniform type exactly, she was expecting and adds another, "Hello." Then she looks back to Cillian and grins again, "Really? Brilliant. Need someone else for your crew?" Then she introduces herself, holding out a hand, "I'm Jo."

Simon smirks as he hears the bit about pirates and continues writing something down. He seems content with the transcribed information and tucks the notepad away in his breast pocket. He turns to them and says, "Pirates, eh? I trust that you're good pirates."

Cillian eyes the hand then eyes a few local busines before he finally just flashes a grin and takes the hand, shaking it enthusiastically. "M' Cillian! Well..Captain Cillian actually, M' a fairy captain." Then he looks back to Simon. "…this here is me…cabin boy I tink. He's a bit big for his size." He nods towards Simon as he introduces…Simon to Jo in this way. "But you! Ye could bein' me first mate!"

Jo grins at the offer and then salutes, and says, "Aye captain! I'll make a brilliant first mate!" She pauses and adds, "…once I know what a first mate does. I learn quick," she promises, smiling again.

Simon raises an eyebrow at his introduction of 'cabin boy' but then just smirks, "I suppose I should tell you what my name is, then, Captain. I'm Lieutenant Simon Moore. It's a pleasure to meet the both of you."

Cillian thumbs the side of his nose and nods slowly, offering a salute of his own before the question does make him frown a bit as he looks back to Simon. "Lieutenant Simon Moore…oi! Ye got a bit of mouthful there." He folds his arms over his chest, tapping a finger against his chin. "A first mate ah…does all the tings that need to be done! Keep the crew in line, make sure we always have good ale…give me advice…" He looks back to Simon. "Pleased to meetcha! Do ye be 'avin much experience with sea monsters? Either of ye?" He points a finger between them.

Jo nods to Simon and smiles, saying cheerfully, "Nice to meet you, Lieutenant!" She looks back to Cillian and nods seriously to his list of jobs, "I can do that, Captain!" Then she shakes her head, "Nope, only monsters I've ever seen were on land."

Simon smirks at the boy and says, "It's even worse when you add Archibald to the middle of it." He chuckles and nods to Cillian and says, "Oh, yes. In my earlier years I fought many sea monsters. Krakens, leviathans, jelly-fish. That sort of thing."

Cillian hmms and reaches down into his messenger bag to slip out a notebook, eyeing it warily before slipping out a stub of a pencil and peering at it curiously, biting his bottom lip. "Ahh…well we 'ave a trouble brewin' on the 'orizan!" He hops up and looks around warily as if afraid he'll be caught moving and then he points towards the fountain behind him. "I believe! This fountain's runnin' on the predigested ah…spewin' of an invisible sea monster!" He sighs. "Like a jelly-fish kraken that's eaten too many biscuits! What ever should we do?!"

Jo wrinkles her nose as she glances to the fountain at Cillian's description of the 'trouble', "Ew." She considers then, biting her lip, and then says, "Well, we first have to make sure nobody goes near it. Then we have to figure out a way to clean it."

Simon smirks and crosses his legs, looking back over his shoulder at the fountain, "I don't know. You're our fearless leader; shouldn't you be the one calling all of the shots?" He smirks and threads his fingers, resting his hands on his knee.

Cillian opens his mouth and closes it as he eyes the fountain and looks back to Jo with a sage nod. "…well. That may be 'ard…with all the mug-well with all the…people…" He looks around and then looks to Simon. "Ahh…of course! Aye! Arrgh…here." He reaches into his messenger bag and tugs out two bandannas…one is dark blue and the other, well it is pink. He hands the pink one over to Simon and offers the blue one to Jo. "Now we are a crew…but first, we need tools. He looks to his notebook and starts to write slowly. Lieutenant! In your experience with ahh…leviathans…what was effective?" He nods to Jo.

Jo looks to Cillian curiously as he says the part-word 'mug', but soon she's distracted by the presentation of bandanas. "Brilliant!" She ties hers around her head, and then looks to Simon to see what he says in answer to the question.

Simon takes the bandana, folds it into a neat pocket-square and slides it away. He stands up and rubs ponderously at his moustache. After a moment or two of deep thought he says, "Candy! Do you have any candy?" He begins walking around the fountain, motionaning people to move away, claiming it's all official Army business. He then returns to Cillian and Jo, saying, "For lack of candy, I've learned that they hate being called 'loonies'."

Cillian grins at Jo's excitement and he winks before he looks back to Simon, paying close attention as he scribbles down information in his notebook, quickly shoving it back into his bag and placing his hands on his hips all…official like. "Candy? Like…sweets eh…" He pats his pockets and he looks to Jo. "Got any candy on ye? We might be needin' to keep some on our persons, just in case." He points out before he finds…a couple of pieces of chocolate in one pocket and a few toffees in another pocket and he holds them up a bit. "I be 'aving chocolate and toffees…cuz me Fathers decided to try to appease me as they went off to be 'avin a 'long discussion' which is fine wit' me, they get all loud and the bedsprings be a creakin', I just 'ope they fight wit' common sense." He tsks and shakes his head.

Jo grins and nods quickly, "I do!" She digs into a pocket, pulling out a pair of slightly melted chocolate broomsticks in a paper wrapper. Luckily, the flight charm on them have long since worn out. She gives a puzzled look to Cillian, though, and asks, "Fathers? You got more than one?"

Simon nods at Cillian and says, "It's always good to keep sweets on you. It tells the invisible kraken jelly-fish from messing with you too much." He rests his hands on his hips and raises an eyebrow at Cillian's description of an argument between his fathers. He snickers slightly and then clears his throat, playing it off.

Cillian looks to Jo and eyes the candies before nodding slowly to himself. "We'll be 'avin to raid and loot a bit later to get some more. Good work First Mate!" Then he turns to look to Simon with a curious lift of an eyebrow. "Do this invisible kraken jelly-fish beast…be 'avin any other weaknesses besides sugar an eh…name callin'?"

Jo still looks a little confused at the 'fathers' thing, but she doesn't ask again, re-wrapping and pocketting her candies again until needed as she nods quickly to Cillian as he mentions having to raid to get some more.

Simon stops and pulls at his moustache, thinking deeply on Cillian's question, "There wouldn't so many of them if they had a lot of weaknesses, now would they?" He smirks deviously at this and turns to the two of them, saying, "Good luck with your battle of good and evil. I must be leaving."

"Ahh! I see, that be makin' perfect sense." Cillian adjusts his eyepatch a bit before he blinks and offers Simon a salute. "Thank ye kindly Lieutenant, ye are a truly 'elpful and unreplaceable Cabin Boy, best I've ever 'ad." A pause. "Only…one I've ever 'ad…but still the best!" He gives a little bow before gestures towards Jo. "Good 'un ain't he?"

Jo nods quickly and says, "He is! A brilliant Cabin Boy!" She smiles up to Simon and adds, as she gives a little wave, "It was nice meeting you. Don't let any monsters catch you."

Cillian watches the man depart before he looks back to Jo and taps a finger against his lips. "We 'ave our work cut out of us…might 'ave a 'ell-I mean bugg-I mean…might 'ave a bit of difficulty in tryin' to balance me schoolwork at the same time…"

Jo nods and says, "Yeah. And I have to get caught up too. I've never been in school before. I can fake it, talk like I have, but I got lotta catching up to do, and school starts in just a couple weeks."

Cillian eyes Jo for a moment before nodding slowly. "My Father, well he makes sure in the fall and winter I am always studyin'." He sighs and scratches his nose. "At least me Da tries to get me excited by tellin' me stuff about uniforms are neat castle-" He cuts himself off to peers at Jo. "Your school be startin' in two week as well?"

Jo sits down, now, resting her foot on her football so it doesn't roll off, and then nods quickly, "Uh-huh. September 1st. Well, that's when we go to school, gotta take a train. I live right by the school, but the train's brand new so I get to ride it from London for the fun of it."

Cillian settles back down on the ledge of the fountain as he idly tucks a foot in the strap of his bag and tugs a bit. "That's when I am goin' to school as well. I tink me Da might actually cry, but they both promised they'll see me of." He sighs and shakes his head. "Well! A train trip eh? Your first trip on a train?"

Jo asks, again, "How do you got two fathers? I don

Jo asks, again, "How do you got two fathers? I don't even got one. Well, I do, somewhere, but he left my mum when I was a baby. Don't even know his name." Then she nods quickly and says, "Uh-huh! Bet it'll be fun. Hope it is anyway."

Cillian scratches his cheek as he tries to think how to answer. "Well I've got me Da…and I've got me Father. Me Da says…once upon a time, they were both like princes in one of them stories…and they were best of friends but loved each other very much." He stares off at nothing in particular. "Then they 'ad me…dunno if I 'ave a Mum or not. Father refuses to speak 'bout it and me Da…well he just tries to change the subject most time. So 've got two fathers." He nods firmly before blinking. "Only a mum? Well…I'm sure she luvs ye." He fidgets before nodding slowly. "School 'as to be more fun or why else would we all go?"

Jo considers, then shrugs a bit to the explanation, "I bet you do have a mum, just like my dad, but doesn't matter." She then shakes her head, "My mum died when I was five. I have… well, Mr. Bates, he's the one in charge of looking after me, but I don't live with him. I live with Camilla, she owns a farm where they take care of animals who are sick or been hurt."

Cillian listens closely, reaching into a pocket for a piece of chocolate and unwrapping it as he breaks it in two and offers a half to Jo, head tilting to the side. "Well." A long pause. "At least ye be 'avin folks to look after ye. And animals, 'elping them get well. Means a person 'as a big 'eart and such ya know…good people."

Jo accepts the offered chocolate with a smile, "Thanks." She pops it into her mouth and then nods quickly, "They're both really nice. Mr. Bates is kind of stuffy, but he's brilliant too. And Camilla's the nicest person I ever met, since my mum anyway."

Cillian scratches above his eyepatch before adjusting his bandanna and looking thoughtful. "Me Father's kind of stuffy too. All…intelligible and stuff…always teachin' folks tings." He sighs wistfully before freezing up as he stares in the direction of one of the shops where a ruffled man with a cocky grin and messy hair kinda swaggers along and heads in the direction of Cillian. "…oh bloody 'ell…its me Da."

Jo grins and nods, "Stuffy isn't bad, especially if they can still have fun." She looks up to the approaching man and adds, "He seems nice." When the man is close enough, she greets him just as cheerfully as she first did Cillian, "Hello."

"Cilli Billy my boy! C'mon now, gotta get ye back to the room, bed down for a while, getcha all rested up and fresh for the shoppin'!" The Irishman swoops in really, tossing an arm around the little boy's shoulders and scooping/lifting him on to his feet, idly snatching up his bag. "Oh! You made a lil' friend eh? Ello there lad…or eh…lass is it? Bah, dun matter anyways as long as ye be knowing to stand or sit when ye-" Cillian's eye just widens as he elbows his father in the hip. "Da! Is my /friend/ and me first mate! We're pirates!" The man just laughs and flashes a grin. "Briiiliant, well this lil' pirate 'as to be takin' a nap…so we'll see ye lady I tink."

Jo can't help but giggle at the cut off statement, and corrects, "I'm a girl." Then she nods and waves, "Hope to see you again! Oh, you want this back?" She reaches up for the bandana.

"And a RIGHT fine lil' lass ye 'appen to be." The 'Da' aka 'Emery Peele' just winks and then shifts his grip to Cillian's arm to both guide and tug him along gently. The boy just looks over his shoulder to eye Jo for a moment and shake his head. "Nah…every pirate needs a bandanna…blue's a fetchin' color on ye." He flashes a grin before he's tugged along.

Jo rolls her eyes a little as soon as the man turns his back, but she grins to Cillian and nods, "Thanks. I'll be here a lot until school starts, see you later!" She waves, watching them go, then picks up her football again.

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