(1937-09-01) Hogwarts Express - 1937
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Summary: It's time for another school year to start! Children and their families gather at King's Cross Station, Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express.
Date: September 1, 1937
Location: King's Cross Station, London and Hogwarts Express
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Platform 9 3/4, London

This platform is very similar to any other platform in King's Cross station except for a few details. At the beginning of the platform there is a wrought-iron archway bearing a sign that reads Platform Nine and Three-Quarters occupying the same space as that taken up by a wide brick column at King's Cross station. Right under the arch of the skylighted ceiling, jutting out from the second column of the platform, there is a clock with large colorful sign hanging under it that clearly marks this as the platform for the Hogwarts Express. This platform is also noticeably cleaner than most of the other platforms at King's Cross station although no less noisy.

In the hours before 11 AM on September 1st have the Platform very crowded in a sea of 'oddly' dressed people. Witches and Wizards (and even an occasional Squib and Muggle in the know!) mill about the platform saying their good-byes to those of their friends and family that are being shipped off to Hogwarts for the school year of 1937-1938.

There's a small young man with 'pretty' features and an eyepatch being ushered along by two men, one stands about 5'6 and is all brown haired and rumpled with a wry smirk and the other has to be about 6'4, a slender and well tailored…fellow with an aristocratic 'look down his nose at people' air. But they let the young boy, Cillian, push his cart along as they get into position on the platform, each one resting a hand on his shoulder as they stop.

"Be good now boyo, dun wanna get expelled in ye first year…its 'ell tryin' to convince them not to boot ye when ye get up to no good. Yer Father and I will be uh, we're sorry we couldn't get ye a good pet but we couldn't agree." The more ruffled and easy going man, crouches down in front of his son to pin a little 4 leaf clover on Cillian's lapel. Always sentimental indeed, the Irishman is even a little teary eyed. "A-and if anybody at all is mean to ye? Just send me an owl…a-and I'll come and shove me wand so far up their as-"

A very clear 'AHEM' from the taller more tailored wizard with his jetblack hair pulled back in a ponytail and his darker robes he just arches a slender eyebrow as he gently tugs the shorter man out of the way. "What your…Da means to say is proceed carefully, this is your first year and it would be shame on not only yourself but your entire family if you were to…disgrace us in some way. I do expect a weekly report of how your studies are going, if you fail or do poorly in any classes…" LOOK of THREATENING GOES HERE.

Looking between the Irishman and Count Dracula's distant cousin of some sort…the small boy with the eye patch just nods slowly, eye wide with both trepidation and surprise at the fuss being made, his cart still for now as the men alternate between smoothing down his hair, brushing some lint off his clothing, gripping his chin and turning his face one way and the other. 'Da' licks his thumb and rubs some emergency soot off his cheek while 'Father' presents a white silk handkerchief with golden embroidery to the boy, tucking it in his blazer's chest pocket.

On the platform it looks like someone has perhaps died, as a sea of people in Black undulate and expand and huddle up as smoothly as the tides. The Black Family has four of it's young members going off to Hogwarts so the whole proud clan has come to see them off. On the edge of the sea of black the four students stand as the adults and more recently graduated in the family take their turns saying their own good-byes to Lucretia, Walburga, Alphard and Dorea.

The Mulciber family is gathered at the front of the loading area, having arrived promptly at ten o'clock to beat the chaos of the crowd. Hephaesta has been gussied up in a lovely sky-blue dress, her hair accented with four small braids that gather at the back — undoubtedly the work of her mother, the famously beautiful Aphrodilia Mulciber, who dotes upon her further, adjusting her sleeve here, smoothing her hair down there. Phae lets out a quiet, but long-suffering sigh, eyes going to her little brother — the ginger-haired Archimedes "Archie" Mulciber — for moral support. Archie just gives her a shrug and a grin, but it's enough to bring a small smile to her lips.

Quiet and serious, the dark haired lad dressed in his school uniform already arrives to the platform along side his elder sister who has been chosen to lead the boy to the platform and see him off to school. Cathal's quiet demeanor remains ever so even as she tries to explain things to him. The short lad's carrying a violin case under one arm and pulling along a trunk behind him. Finally though his sister does give him a single last bit of advice, "Try to get to know people. I know you're not used to it but do try Cathal. Well that's that." She says leaning to kiss her brother's cheek and ruffle his hair.

The kiss and advice do illicit a sigh from Cathal as he does head towards the train finally. "I will write to you, mother and father when I get a chance." The lad says with his thick brogue colouring his words, even as he's formal in the way he speaks. It's time though to get on the train and move things along so that he doesn't need worry about a long good bye.
Gideon arrives from the King's Cross Rail Station.
Gideon has arrived.

Theodore walks across the platform with an arrogant, almost regal posture. He's wearing his school uniform, though the white shirt is left unbuttoned at the collar, the tie left loose and casual. Sticking out of his coat pocket is a ferret, looking around curiously as he walks. Beside him walks a tall, dapper man in a black suit and fedora, around the age of 30 or so. They both walk as if expecting the crowd to just part for them, and their self-important stride makes it happen. They pause once they are near their destination, and the man shakes his head at the boy, reaching out to tussle the unbuttoned shirt. "Have you no pride, son?"

Theodore looks downward just slightly, and he nods, "I do, sir." And then he begins buttoning the collar.

Like a well trained military unit, the Sykes family walks onto the platform sending off three children to Hogwarts this year. Patriarch and wife Arlo and Perdito Sykes walk at the lead with their chins up proudly, serious looks on their face. While their children file in a neat line behind them, left right left right never out of step. They pass others without acknowledgement in an almost snob like fashion up until they reach the Duponts and then Arlo's serious brow breaks into a warm smile. "Ahh Henri, we figured we'd see you here," he greets the man warmly.

At the back of this queue is Ria, neatly dressed and pushing her own cart with ease. Once their father and mother pause to talk to their family friends, the children feel as if though they can break out of this military walk and relax. And so while helping her younger siblings remove their luggage from their carts she greets her housemate with an amused smirk as he buttons his collar. "I see you're all ready Theodore."

Inspector Adamantus Gideon looms amidst the hustling and bustling children and their families, leaning against one of the large brick columns. The Hit Wizard's steely gaze has become a regular sight on September 1st in recent years — a quiet presence, watching to make certain the children get safely onto the train, ready to step in should any of the all-too-common house or family rivalries escalate here.

Cillian is over —> there with his fathers, listening intently to whatever they have to say.

Theodore does manage to smile slightly at Ria's father, "Arlo. Always a pleasure." He looks at the Sykes children, clearly assessing them, and most likely judging them as well. "I was just dressing the Bear here." He glances at Theodore, disdainfully, "Apparently he thought it was Muggle Day."

Theodore mumbles, "Sorry, sir…" as he finishes tightening the tie and looks at Ria. He doesn't look amused, and rolls his eyes at her. "Don't help him," he offers quietly, about her sarcasm and his father's ire.

"Now, this is your last chance to check," Ferrus Latts says as he guides his children to the platform. "You're sure you didn't forget anything?"

"We're *sure*," Alcimus and Valeria say in unison with a sigh. "I made a list of everything both of us needed," Valeria explains. "So don't worry… I'll take good care of him."

"Val's Alcie's babysitter! Val's Alcie's babysitter!" Claudia calls.

"Knock it off, Claudia," Valeria says with a stern look. "We'll both be there when *you* go to Hogwarts after all."

"So it'll be you who's the baby," Alcimus adds with a grin.

"Daaaaaaaddyyy!" Claudia whines to Ferrus.

"That's enough from all of you," Ferrus says. "If everything's ready, Valeria, Alcimus… we'll be going. Good luck with everything."

Ferrus and Claudia exit the platform, leaving Valeria and Alcimus to themselves. "Without her around, it'll be a good three years, is what I think," Alcimus says.

"I'm sure she'll grow up by the time she's your age," Valeria answers. "Well, I hope so anyway."

Hephaesta's eyes shift to her father as he addresses her in his deep, gravelly voice, "We expect great things this year, Hephaesta," says Vulcanio Mulciber, a thickly-built man that exudes physical strength, despite his calm demeanor. "Your owl will impress your professors, to be sure," he gestures to the cage on her cart which contains, of all things, a mechanical owl. "But let that be merely your opening move. Stun them, sweet one, and next year you'll be a Prefect for sure." The big man smiles warmly at her, bending slightly to hug her. His clockwork leg-brace — a larger match to her own — gives a little creak and click. "Look there, your cousins are here. Let's go and say hello." He gestures toward the Sykes family.

For a single moment as they come through the partition, the Howell family presents as a poster for a respectable pure-blood family: Father with a commanding presence, a beautiful woman at his side, and three tall children in matching Hogwarts robes. The picture shatters as the two older children scatter away to join their friends and the younger boy grabs his mother's hand.

Est has found a cete of Hufflepuffs and is regaling them with a tale from his summer holiday. There is much gesticulating and shouting; in the next act there will be hand puppets.

For those that know him already as the Professor of Transfiguration, Head of House Gryffindor and Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts, finding Albus Dumbledore on the platform this year might be quite the surprise. Offering last words of advice, both hands on the shoulders of a boy with black hair that's been rather plastered to his head with a part down the side, as is very fashionable for the Muggle boys of his age the lad looks rather distracted, nervous and perhaps sourly apprehensive about getting on the train, but he listens closely to everything Albus has to say to him.

Cillian really can't do much except arch the eyebrow over his good eye and look between the two men…the brunette Irishman just leans over to give the boy another hug, squeezing him tightly and kissing the top of his head before ruffling his hair and looking him in the eyes. "If ye dun feel 'appy at all, just remember…sing a song and 'ave a pint and toss your woes into the night, okay lil' bit?" Emory just closes his eyes and turns away for a moment so he can dab at his eyes. Beauford…smooths down his dark robes and slips a comb out of god only knows where to 'fix' the mess his partner has made of the boy's hair. "Do not listen to such drivel…you are a Peele. You are strong, you are wise you are-" Emory cuts the man off. "Oh SHUT the 'ELL up already! He's goin' to school, not skippin' off to war somewhere…" Cillian just facepalms.

Ria certainly won't encourage his father, but old Arlo will. "Now now Theodore, you come from a wonderfully reputable family, and you should always strive to look like you do," the Sykes patriarch encourages the Slytherin boy mirthfully. Oh how the warmth in his voice is such a deception. Turning back to Henri, Arlo hunches forward to have a conversation with him, "So anyway Henri, Perdita was just saying that Celene and yourself should come by for dinner one day…"

Ria in the meantime rolls her eyes at her father's theatrics while throwing a polite 'Bonjour Monsieur Dupont' in perfect French non the less. "Oh Merlin, the two of them together is bound for no good," she frowns at the pair of fathers but directs her words toward Theodore. As Hephaesta and her brother make their way toward the Sykes family, she waves at the her distant cousin. "Good to see you Phae."

But what really catches Ria's attention is Albus Dumbledore and the strange boy he's with. "Who's with professor Dumbledore? -He- looks like he thought it was Muggle Day today…," she whispers to those in her party.

Theodore nods obligingly to Ria's father, "Yes, sir. Of course, you're right, sir. Thank you." He watches as their fathers begin to talk, and then he follows Ria's gaze to Dumbledore. "I swear for Christmas this year I'm getting Professor Dumbledore shampoo and a comb." He looks at the boy with him, then. "I don't know who that is…" He furrows his brow a little, "Huh."

Hephaesta gives Ria a little wave as she limps up. "Hello, Ria. Um…are you excited for school this year?"

The little red-haired boy beside Phae waves emphatically. "Hi, Aria!" he announced in the too-loud voice young boys often use. Phae shoots Archie a warning look, but he doesn't seem to catch it.

Coming up behind the children, the Mulciber parents approach and offer their greetings to the Sykes and the Duponts.

Arriving now, Liam and his older brother Paddy is escorted by a woman, that seems to be their mother, who tells the boys a few things now, but it doesn't quite seem as if Liam's listening to what's being said, as he's looking around at the other people for the moment, a bit carefully.

And there's the danger of being cut off from the world…no real connections but Cillian continues to look between his fathers as one bickers and the other…derides and when they get to the part about a snowball, chances, and 'the eloquence of a freshly plucked quill feather' he just blinks his good eye and adjusts his blazer with a slow shake of his head. "Ah…Da? Father?" He finally speaks up, voice thick with Irish influences and it earns a hint of a frown from the more polished in their their little group. But they do both look at him. "I love you!" He chirps brightly, offering a grin to the men in his effort to ah…calm them down and they stare for a moment before his Da is hugging him tightly and his Father is clearing his throat. "Ah, well. Yes. I suppose…yes. Of course."

There was no point on waiting on the platform, so Cathal has already taken up a position in one of the cars of the express and sits staring out the window watching the people moving around the platform. For the time being his sister remains on the platform watching the spot that her brother has chosen, looking rather serene for the moment and totally relaxed.

Down at the far end of the platform is another small army of like dressed people, but in complete contrast to the Black Family this 'family' is dressed in rather vibrant ways. The Quinnland Clan of Irish Travelers, this particular clan also having quite the streak of Rom blood in them are bidding their faction of students a good journey by striking up a merry Wizards Folk Song (heavy with Shelta Brogue) about the event of people from all over the 'Kingdoms United' to get to Hogwarts. The song details all of the different ways students used to use to get to the School, before the actually rather recent 1936 opening ceremony of the very shiny Hogwarts Express. Be it, broom, floo, winged horse, walking. The song merrily goes on about every single transport imaginable.

Ria snorts at Theodore's comment on the Gryffondor house head and replies, "He could certainly use it, that's for sure." But her eyes still carefully follow the young boy and they narrow with deep interest. "Oh by the way, this is Hephaesta Mulciber of -the- Mulciber family. They're distant cousins of ours. Not sure if you met them yet," Ria quickly introduces Theo to her extended family. "Well its another dull year as ever, I suppose. Nothing too interesting has happened in my school career so far, I don't expect anything more to happen for the rest of it," she replies nonchalantly to Phae. "I assume you're excited though." A shallow assumption based off of the fact that Phae was a Ravenclaw. But when she hears the name 'Aria' she cringes and scowls at little Archie and then stares at the older sibling with eyes of fire. "Has he -not- learned yet?" she says with irritation.

Gideon's hawk-like stare turns toward the Irish Travelers, taking special note of them…and where their hands are.

Hephaesta hisses at her brother, "Archie! I told you!" The boy winces, obviously suddenly remembering that conversation. He mumbles a quiet apology and shrinks behind his sister. Phae gives Ria an apologetic look, trying to run interference between her cousin and young Archimedes. "I'm…um…yes, I'm excited. But…maybe this is your year for something interesting. I'm sure you could make it happen. You're good at everything."

Cillian's interest is peaked by the music individuals who arrive and while his Da begins tapping his foot and grinning…and his Father looks like he's swallowed sour milk but is attempting to be discrete and not spit it out…the little pirat-okay wizard just reaches into his blazer's inner pocket to tug out a flute of a pan-pipe design, a bright smile on his face. "Lookit! Oh man, didya ever see such a…whoa…" Okay, so he's pleased as he taps his foot and sways a bit before he brings his flute up to his lips before his wrist is caught by his Father and he sloooowly slips it back where it was hidden. "/Appearances/ Cillian." He stresses and Emory just gives a wolf whistle from where he is, clapping cheerfully.

Theodore takes his eyes from the boy with Albus and looks at Hephaesta, brow lifting. It's hard to tell if it's surprise or disgust, and he smirks, "Well… the clockwork apple doesn't fall far from the tree…" He glances at Ria, then back to the other girl. "I'm Theodore. Theodore Dupont."

Ria meets Theodore's glance with a knowing smirk as she replies, "No. No it does not. She's quite as talented as the rest of her family." And by talented she means useful. But with a full on scowl she opens her mouth to lay it all down on Archie, until Phae moves the conversation onward. Ohhh the little brat's lucky they're family. In fact what particularly takes her is when her cousin pays her such a wonderfully accurate compliment. And Ria's full lips curl to a smug sort of smile and her chin raises and posture straightens. Why yes. Yes, she -is- good at -everything-. Clearing her throat she replies, "Yes, well we'll see, won't we?" Her eyes roll at the Quinnland family ruckus and she comments, "Alright. We get it. The train is new."

While Valeria heads off to talk to some of her friends (mostly other third-year Ravenclaws like herself), Alcimus decides to wander the platform a bit to take in the sights, and see what kind of people are going to Hogwarts this year. He nods a greeting to the Blacks as he reaches them. They certainly stand out. As do the Quinnlands.

"Yes sir. You won't be coming on the train with me?" The boy asks sounding rather disappointed that he's about to lose his security blanket so to speak. But Dumbledore gives the lad's shoulders a little squeeze and then a pat. "Everything will be alright now Tom. You are among friends." Tom straightens up and nods, putting on a brave face that manages to not look like a frown. "Thank you sir. Will see you at the school then."

The professor nods and pats his tummy. "It's a good thing I'm not going. I would have that trolly I saw them loading up earlier bare in a blink, and my stomach." He gives his belly through his robs as he escorts the boy to the steps up onto a car. "Well it never has agreed with Muggle Transportation." The professor gives the boy a wink and it actually makes the sullen boy's lips twitch. "Of course sir. However will you get to Hogwarts before we do though?" Dumbledore answers simply, "Like this." Silently the Professor of Transfiguration disapparates away. Leaving behind the young man who gets a glimmer of desire in his eyes, the absolute longing to gain that sort of power to just vanish. More excited than before those desires dispel his nervousness and when Tom seats himself next to Cathal he offers the other First Year his hand. "Tom Riddle."

Liam makes his way over in the direction of the train now, as both him and his brother is released from their mother's instructions, shaking his head a little bit. Looking around for a few moments, Liam studies the people nearby a bit carefully for the moment.

Hephaesta bobs an awkward curtsey to Theodore, her leg-brace giving a little click. If he was mocking her, she doesn't seem to realize it. "Thank you." The gratitude is offer to both Theo and Ria. She is humble, but who doesn't enjoy being appreciated for their talents? "This," she turns to indicate the redheaded boy cowering behind her, "This is my little brother, Archie. He'll go to Hogwarts next year."

Theodore nods at Hephaesta, then looks at the train. "Time to board." He looks over his shoulder at his father. "Goodbye, sir." Henri looks back, and takes a step back over to his son. "Try to concentrate a bit more on your books. Quidditch isn't everything," Henri imparts on him, and then gives him a gentle nudge toward the train. Taking the message, Theodore nods, "Yessir," and then boards the train.

Speaking of Winged Horses! A magnificent silver grey horse with dark charcoal wings breaks through the cloud line. Camilla is first to slide down and then reaches up to help Josie down. "Well," Her Scottish accent filled with dry humor. "Here we are in England…so you can go by train back home where we started in Hogsmeade." As Camilla looks around she seems to be searching for a face. "Don't see Bannon. He mirrored to warn that a case has been very hectic. Shame considering we're here so he can see you off." With a sigh she bends over to kiss the top of Josie's head. "That thing looks like it'll be fun to ride." She says trying to sound encouraging while secretly thankful that she didn't have to ride it during her time at Hogwarts, much like Dumbledore she doesn't do well with Muggle Transportation.

Liam boards the train and finds himself somewhere out of the way to sit now. On to another interesting school year.

"Well let's hope by next year he learns how to address people correctly," Ria gives a snaky smiles and smoothes little Archie's hair down. And indeed it did seem time to board, this is when Arlo and Perdita rejoin their little Army of students. And instead of affectionate kisses and hugs, the Sykes parents groom and straighten their children. "Make us proud again this year, Aria," Arlo says to his daughter as a warning, rather than a warm goodbye. It really translates into 'Don't dare disappoint us.' Meanwhile Perdita straightens the girl's already posture to say, "Oh don't slouch like a service wench, darling. It's heavily unattractive. And remember, no smoking at school!" There's a rough cheek pinch that makes Ria wince, before she gathers her younger siblings and climbs gracefully into the train.

Leaning out of the engine is a man in a purple and white striped hat. "All aboard!" Great gouts of white steam plume out of the whistle 'horn' on top of the engine. The Engineer tugging on the whistle cord in such a cadence to make it seem like the whistle itself is saying, 'All aboard!'

Hephaesta's eyes widen slightly. Quidditch. That's where she knows Theodore from. He's the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. She never got a good look at him on the pitch, given that she was on the bench most of last year. Hopefully that will change this year. She is distracted from her trepidation by her father. "Time to go, Sprocket," says Vulcanio, pulling Phae in for another hug. Aphrodilia cups her face, smiling down at her. "Try to make a few more friends this year, darling. Your toys aren't everything." Toys, she calls them. Phae bites back her scowl.

Then Archie is wrapping his arms around his sister. "You better write to me every week," he demands. A warm, slightly sad smile comes to Hephaesta's lips as she squeezes him tight. "You better write back," she says. The embrace lasts until the train whistle blows, and Vulcanio insists Phae get on board. Reluctantly, she lets her little brother go, and waves her family goodbye as she climbs aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Gideon relaxes a little as the students file onto the train and the chaotic atmosphere starts to fade out. Though he still keeps a sharp eye on those gypsies.

So, the little pira-wizard boards the train, tugging one of his trunks behind him as he looks around thoughtfully, flashing charming smiles at folks he passes and nodding politely. Cillian has to sigh as he adjusts the strap of his satchel and is a tad lost. Drop him in a bar or tavern or pub and he'll climb up to the bar or a table and start talking to the strangers. But here? Other children? Its a little strange for him but he whistles cheerfully and works on finding an open seat.

Briar stops snogging her Squib 'boyfriend' at the very last moment and rushes to leap up into one of the doors just as the pistons and wheels started to grind in circles before they find momentum enough to get the magical train going!

Alcimus heads back to regroup with his sister and they get on the train together after all their things are loaded. "I hope Aello has a good ride this time," Valeria notes (Aello being their owl). "She was a bit rattled last year having to take the train for the first time…"

The Hogwart's Express Between Hogsmeade And London

This passenger train has a sort of timeless air about it, for though it displays the very latest in locomotive technology, its styling remains generally old-world in nature. The floors have well-kept tapestry carpet runners, the walls paneled in rich hardwood. Each compartment features plush seating for up to six, wood and glass doors for some sense of privacy, and of course windows to wave good-bye at the station or watch the countryside roll by. The baggage car is at the rear, while the Prefects whom have their own car are stationed toward the front, nearest the engine.

It takes a moment or two before Cathal realizes that Tom's speaking to him and then the Irish lad does accept the offered hand, giving it a polite shake,"Cathal O'Toole." The boy says politely,"Are you from Muggle society?" He asks not sounding like he find it disgusting but perhaps a trifle curious.

Hephaesta searches through the cars, peeking into each cabin until she finds who she is looking for. Josie, the spry First Year she befriended over the summer. Smiling and greeting the little tomboy, she takes a seat and starts regaling her with all the great things at Hogwarts. The door to the cabin remains open to any passers-by, or that might wish to join them.

Alcimus and his sister Valeria enter an empty car together, sitting across from each other. Valeria then peeks out the door, looking for some people that she might invite inside, particularly first years, since she'd already talked with her friends outside.

The corner of Tom Riddle's nostrils give a little flare at the mention of him being apart of Muggle society, his filthy imprisoners, keeping him in that despicable orphanage when he should have been basking in the wonders of the Wizarding World. "No." Is his curt answer. But then he offers an expression of apology. "If it's alright with you, I don't like to talk about it." His origins and Muggles both.

"You are not required to do so." Cathal says shrugging a little bit, but keeping his expression fairly neutral. He was more than likely trying to make conversation. "I grew up in a wizarding home." He says casually, trying to explain. "My mother was a muggle though."

Est is not sure how he got charged with his younger brother's welfare - surely it should have been Quidne's duty, she was older - but he was going to ditch the boy as soon as he could. It was a train, after all, he would at least get to school without Est's supervision. Est ducks into a compartment on the platform side of the train, dragging his brother with him and pushing him towards the window. As in all things, Est is running a commentary. "Wave to Mum and Dad, Multo, yes yes see I still have him, wee ickle firstie is perfectly fine. There you go Multo," Est says, patting the boy on the head, "Make some friends and leave me alone." Brotherly obligations fulfilled, Est returns to the corridor to seek more agreeable company.

A collection of girlish screams erupts from the Black Pack Car, there's enough of them to take up a whole car to themselves. Laughing merrily Colton comes dashing out of that car and moves to duck bob and weave through the people in the corridor to blend in with all the rest of those settling down.

Cillian sighs as there aren't really any invitations to join one group or another so he slips into a compartment on his own, leaving the door open in case somebody wishes to join him and he settles down, tucking his trunk away where it goes and resting his satchel beside him. Welp. He crosses his ankles and kicks his feet with a fidget or two or three. He just shakes his head, lips twisting wistfully as he tugs his panpipe out of his inner pocket and he raises it to his lips to start playing a sweet little ditty, light hearted and up beat.

There is a lull in the conversation between Hephaesta and Josie, and it is suddenly filled with music. Glancing across the aisle to the opposite compartment, she spots Cillian playing his panpipe. Curious, she wanders over, lingering outside his door with an awkward smile on her face.

Ria has already switched to her school robes and donned the badge to begin duty patrolling the corridors. And just as she leaves the Black car, she turns upon hearing squeals emit from it. And despite Colton's skill in disappearing into a crowd, her ever sharp eye seems to pluck him out. With a sure stride, she joins in step with the boy, she greets him with a deceptively sweet smile. "My, you certainly were out of there in a hurry."

Girlish screams? Est is all about girlish screams! He promptly turns towards the sound and tries to work his way to the compartment from which the screams originated, but his trunk and owl cage slow him down (not to mention nearly run over a gaggle of second years). Passing a compartment with just two occupants, he drops his trunk just inside the door.

"Watch this for a sec for me, eh? Thanks," Est says, grinning and not waiting for a response before starting back down the corridor, 20% more agile.

Valeria blinks for a bit as the trunk is dropped in their compartment. "…Where's he going like he just saw the Snitch?" she quips as she watches him run off. She moves the trunk away from the door so as to not block it.

Cillian taps his foot a bit and his shoulders sorta hunch up and down to the beat of what he's playing…he obviously is enjoying himself. Doot doot doot diddly d-He stops abruptly as there is a girl, and older girl peering into his compartment and the eyebrow above his good eye raises as he lowers the pipes and coughs softly. "Sorry miss! Didn't mean to interrupt ye in ah…just a bit o' fun ye know?" He looks around warily.

Hephaesta smiles to the younger boy. "No, it's okay. I liked it. What sort of flute is that?" She steps in a bit, so she's not blocking the aisle.

Colton grins up to Ria in the same big sweet smile sort of way, "Course I did, did you hear all the racket they were making. Trying to start up a band they were love. Nearly made my ears bleed." The Shelta young man winks to the Prefect all cheek and innocence.

When Est comes to the Black Box the source of the worst of the screaming is actually coming from the only boy in the 'room' Alphard Black is covered in animated rubber spiders that shudder and multiply every time one of the Black Pack swat at them continuing their shrieking and absolute FREAK OUT! Within mere moments though, the spiders melt away and vaporize into oblivion leaving no evidence of their existence behind.

Cillian opens his mouth to reply but then there's such a commotion outside the compartment he gets to his feet and squints towards the door. "What the bloody…" Then he catches himself. "Hm? Oh!" He holds up the panpipes. "Just ah, a panpipe…ye know, like Pan and 'em be playin', all the wee fairy folks when they be frolicking and dancin' around…"

"Oh, yes well that's the Blacks for you," Ria says cutely and bats her lashes on those big green doe-eyes on her when she glances over her shoulder to peer at the car. Directing those same eyes back at Colton she bites her bottom lip shyly in a flirtatious manner before asking, "Say now, don't believe I've seen you around before. What's your name?"

By all rights, Est really has no grounds to tease another on the sound of their voice. His has been known to hit three different octaves by breakfast. But the complex social structure of Hogwarts is delicate, and Est really cannot pass up such a prime opportunity. "Was that you, Alphard? Whyever have you been keeping such a fine singing voice from us all these years?"

Hephaesta follows Cillian's gaze out toward the commotion. She catches a glimpse of Alphard Black when Est opens the door to the Blacks' car, and that's all she needs to see. No need to concern herself with the Blacks. Nuh uh. "Oh, right! Pan! I know about Pan." And suddenly she is blushing. "So…um…I'm Hephaesta." She offers a hand in greeting.

Cillian laughs softly and moves forward to take the hand that's offered and if allowed he will kiss the back of it, if not he just flashes a grin. "Ahh, the name of a goddess, eh? Well m'Cillian, nothin' as fancy or prettiful but it does me well." He gestures to his pipes. "I call this pipe Tootie."

Colton looks wounded, straight up, you just killed my mother - Bambi sad eyes. "Oh now, I'm hurt. How could you not?" Not know who he is. "Yeh keep lookin' an' talkin' to me like that love. And I'll forgive you such a slight." He then says something, "Gawp Bilsag." He offers it up like it might be his name. But if Ria repeats the name back to him like he's really hoping she does, he'll come in to give those nibbled at Prefecty lips a quick kiss. Cause that's what Gawp Bilsag means in Shelta, roughly 'kiss my lips'.

Hephaesta blinks in astonishment as this First Year kisses her hand. Smooth, kid. Smooth. "Oh…I…yes…sort of. A goddess…god. Um…Tootie?" Floundering for a way to divert the train of conversation, she fumbles into a pocket in her skirt, produces a pair of…glasses? They certainly have lenses in them, but they are also adorned with an array of dials, switches, gears, and other whatsits. "I call these…um…Site-Rite Goggles."

After a pair of fifth-year girls enter the compartment and start talking about what Alcimus can only assume are "girl things", Alcimus gets fed up with it- he gets enough of that at home with his sisters- and heads into the corridor looking for somewhere else to go. He peeks in on Cathal and Tom in their compartment, thankful to find some boys around his age. "Hello… Mind if I join you?"

Ria says, "You'll have to forgive me I'm not too good with names," Ria gives Colton a wide cute grin and looking rather cutely embarrassed that she couldn't recall him. "Gawp Bilsag?" its followed by a girlish giggle. "Oh surely that's not your real name. Do tell me what it really is.""

Cillian chuckles softly and nods as he squints and peers at the glasses with a curious expression. "Oi…that's…" He looks for a word, he really does. "Do they be 'elpin' you see more, like tings more closely? Or what…I mean so decoratedly decorated indeed." He taps a finger against his chin. "I've got eye patches galore, but I ain't never 'ad a pair of special glasses…goggles like that."

Tom Riddle, in what seems to dubbed Firsties Boys Club Compartment seems to be ignoring the commotion going on outside rather well. You learn quite young in Wool's Orphanage how to block out annoying background noise. "Bit of an opposite case for me." He doesn't clarify much beyond that as he stands up to gesture to his seat, "Here, take my seat. Sitting this way is unpleasant for me." How very sweet of Tom, here take my seat because sitting backwards on a train makes me ill…but you please, feel ill instead.

Hephaesta nods, happily steering toward their talk's new direction. "They see all kinds of things. They can see farther away, very close up, even through fog and rain. I'm hoping to get them approved for the Quidditch pitch. I haven't be able to test it yet, but I think if I calibrate them right, they could even see through invisibility spells." She moves to sit beside him to show him the goggles. "So why do you wear an eye-patch?"

Colton gives his lips a little moistening with his tongue as he leans in real close too Ria, the scally-wag invading her personal space without actually touching her though. His Shelta brogue thickening a little as his voice takes on a smooth crooner like timber, "It means 'Kiss meh.'"

"Is there reason to mind your entrance?" Cathal asks looking towards Alcimus, his head tilted to one side. When Tom gets up, this does get him to blink slightly. It's not like there's a whole lot of space not available in the compartment since only Tom and himself were present before Alcimus' arrival.

"Thanks," Alcimus says to Tom. Politeness… sort of. It's a good sign anyway. As he takes his old seat he looks between the two. "My name's Alcimus," he says. He ignores how weird Cathal's question was for the moment. "Looks like we're all first years," he adds.

Alphard, can't hear Est, he's still screaming with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands flailing about batting at spiders no longer there.

The cute smiles and does eyes freeze into a coldness that seems to chill Ria's nearby surroundings. "You ever come this close or closer to me ever again I will make you squeal with far more horror than the Blacks not too long ago," her voice is kept low with threat as she warns Cotton. And she then up turns her chin with pride and turns around to make her way into the black box. "What's going in here?" she looks around at the Blacks.

Cillian peeks out towards the door of his compartment for a moment before arching an eyebrow. "Ye should invite the lass ye be sittin' with…" He mentions to Hephaesta before settling back down, he's toying with his panpipes as he listens to Heph and nods and shows interest in need, his good eye wide and he hmms thoughtfully. "Why? Oh ah…well I 'ad an accident when I was a baby." He pats the eye patch. "Nasty bit o' work, makes the wimmen hurl most of the time…but ya know, it was either me eye…or the rat."

Those watching the corridor between compartments may be treated to a somewhat odd sight: a wiry student with wild, curly blue hair appears from a forward car and decides to cartwheel down the middle of the passage, somehow managing to more-or-less pull this off despite the rather improbable nature of such a feat. He lands with a bit of an awkward hopping on one foot, reaching to support himself against the door to the Blacks' compartment, and then pokes his head (that hair: also HIGHLY improbable) in to ask, "So! What's all the hubbub, then? Nobody dead, I hope! Bad for a first day, that."

Hephaesta nods with understanding. "It doesn't bother me. I'm handicapped, too," she says bluntly, indicating her left leg with the leg brace that seems to match the goggles in style. She leans forward, calling across the aisle, "Josie! Come meet Cillian!"

Josie is just stepping out of her own compartment, when the tumbler goes by. Some might be upset, but she gives a big grin, "Brilliant!" She doesn't follow, though, instead peeking her head into the compartment where Phae went. She looks like she's about to say something, but when she spots who Phae is with she breaks out into another big grin, "Captain!" This last directed at Cillian.

"Handicapped? Oi…ye leg's fascinating really…Right then, if ye tell me a riddle that I can't solve, I'll show ye what's under the patch." Cillian offers before staring when he hears the familiar name called and then sees the familiar face. "Commander!" He clasps his hands together happily, pan pipe tucked safely away for now. "I was 'opin to see ye! Did ah…did ye meet…well of course ye've met her! Look! She has special goggles!"

Colton just smirks a little and watches Ria leave him in the lurch. "Yer worth it." He calls after Ria before he goes galloping off into a different car entirely.

Alphard Black is /still/ acting like a sobbing two year old that's just had the fright of his life. Even his two little relatives are looking at their brother with wide eyes. Walburga and Lucretia both have their fingers in their ears and are just staring in strange amusement at the Black having a tissy. Also covering her ears with her hands fully cupping over them is Dorea Black. She was trying to sooth Alphard, but the last time she touched him the screaming went even shriller. "Excuse me." She bids Est and Ajax, both receiving a rather apologetic and expression from the girl. Very gently she tries to get them outside of the compartment so that she can close the door and draw down the shades that block the windows from the corridor into the compartment. Even her dear Ria is getting a friendly aristocratic kiss to both cheeks before the current new matriarch of the Black Pack 'quarantines' themselves off. Exercises her lawful right to be able to cast outside of Hogwarts with a silencing spell that completely secrets away from the rest of the train that she full on bitch slaps her nephew. That snaps him out of his screaming long enough for her to scold him for making such a spectacle of their family.

Hephaesta laughs, surpried and pleased to see that Josie and Cillian are already acquainted. "Captain and Commander? Are you two in a sailing club or something?" Meanwhile, her mind tumbles through riddles to challenge the young boy with. She's a Ravenclaw! Surely she can stump this Firstie.

Ajax is a bit startled by being bustled off like that, but as the compartment door closes, he tucks his hands behind his back, clasping them, and turns to nod to Ria and Est, each in turn. "Well! So, hello and all. Don't mind me, just trying to deduce the reason for the murderous wailing. Apparently all is now well, so… um. How're you both enjoying the trip so far?"

Ria accepts the aristocratic cheek kiss by returning her own. The two girls look rather familiar with the practice as if it's done many times before. Respectfully she backs out of the compartment when instructed. "Dorea has this under control," she assures Ajax and Est and is now calm after the boy stopped screeching. "the ride is fine thus far. All things good on my end of the train. yours Ajax?" The Hufflepuff however is given a 'Do I know you' look. But she is also looking for a reply to her unsaid question.

Josie grins to Phae and says, "No, we're pirates." She giggles a little at that, stepping fully into the compartment, and then says to Cillian, "Yep, I know Phae, she's my friend too."

Cillian nods and gestures to Josie to go ahead and have a seat as well as he scratches his cheek and grins. "Aye, we're pirates…we 'ad a cabin boy but sadly he's a bit big…and well old so dun tink he'll be joinin' us for school." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Ye can be a pirate too of course…we could really use somebody smart and ah…able to do seein' stuff ting. Maybe ahh…the Quartermaster…sometin' like that…" He nods slowly.

Hephaesta laughs softly. "There's a lake at Hogwarts. I think there might even be a boating club. But they'd probably get mad if you started raiding their boats." She giggles. "Oh! I have a riddle for you, Cillian." She clears her throat, turning toward him to present the brain-teaser: "My sugar skin is covered in flies. I see the world through fourty-two eyes. I'm thrown away for fortune's sake. But seldom give more than I take. What am I?"

Est grins and allows himself to be ushered out. "How long do you think it takes for that to spread through the rest of the train?" He chuckles. "Poor start for the year, but no doubt he deserved it. Spiders, heh heh." When Ria addresses him, Est instantly straightens up and discards his glee in other's misfortune in favor for a more diplomatic air. "James Est Howell, Jr, at your service," he introduces himself and offers a hand.

Ajax grins to the others, giving a mild shrug. "Well, any ride that starts with a scream is sure to be unboring. Pleased to meet you," this last is said to Est, accompanied by a shaking of hands, "Ajax Selwyn. 'Jax' to my friends." He glances down the corridor, then, and laughs quietly.

"Guess I should go and check in on the Ravenclaws. I think I saw Mulciber back there, and she might have it in her head to build someone a prosthetic something, so I'd better go have a look." He winks at Est and, as he turns away, begins to sing in a playful falsetto, "Oh-no, the spi-ders, the spi-DERS are RUB-BER! And! They're! All! On! Meeee!"

He spends the rest of the train ride checking in on others, passing out enchanted rock candy to firsties, and generally trying to help the rest of the trip be pleasant for anyone he can. Any comments as to the blueness of his hair are met with winks, grins, and jokes as needed — firsties, after all — but as the ride draws to a close, Ajax makes his way back to the prefects' compartment for the arrival.

Josie shakes her head quickly to Cillian and says, "Phae should be a…um.. what're they called? The ones who design and fix the ships?" She looks back to Phae as she sits down, frowning a little at the riddle. She looks to Cillian, then, curious if he'll get it.

Ria narrows here eyes at the ever so strange sounding Est but then he drops his name and she ahhs with recognition. "Yes you're the Howell boy that's right." But out of politeness she leaves out 'the one who's terrible at magic'. "Sykes. Ria Sykes," she introduces and checks his hand for cleanliness before she accepts it for a shake. "I'd watch what I say about the Blacks." The words come as caveat or suggestion instead of instruction.

Cillian looks between the 'wimmen' ahem, the 'girls' and he taps a finger against his chin once more. "Hmm, lots to consider…I tink we should probably be changin' into robes soon eh? I can plan the new assignment as I strip down to me skivvies and shimmy into me new uniform and all! Never under estimate how much better the mind works when yer nearly naked." He winks and laughs softly before looking to Heph. "Oh…yes…hmm…" He just tugs up his eye patch for a moment to flash the two girls that…creepy eye and he winks it before snapping the patch back in place. Oh…its going to be an interesting year.

Hephaesta blinks, astounded at the boldness of this boy! But she just shakes her head, waiting to see if he can solve her riddle. When he does not, and lifts his patch, she notes the eye with curiosity, not revulsion. She smiles warmly to him, first out of sense of fellowship, then it turns to a smirk that she stumped him. "Let me know when you figure out the riddle," she offers in challenge. "See you at the feast!" With that, she departs, beckoning Josie to come along and get changed.

Tom introduces himself and proves to be a very polite young man. He was given a little spending money for the trolly by Dumbledore and he has the courtesy of buying a little something for each of the other first years in the compartment. Then as time wears on he goes to change into his uniform and has with him 'Hogwarts, a History' (secretly borrowed from someone else's pack) that he keeps to himself in order to read for the rest of the trip. When Hogsmeade is within view he excuses himself to go put the borrowed book back before it's missed. After all Dumbledore made him promise not to steal anymore.

Josie giggles again, though she looks very curious too at the exposed eye. She grins, though, and nods quickly to Phae. She waves and says, "See you in a bit," as she follows the older girl back to get changed.

"Nice to meet you. I am Cathal O'Toole. And it would indeed appear that is an accurate assessment of the current state." Cathal says nodding his head a little bit at Alcimus,"It is time to change." He says after a time. When he arrived to the station Cathal was already wearing his uniform.

Alcimus enjoys the food bought for him by Tom before changing his clothes and waiting for them to arrive at the station.

Ria will find no fault with Est's hand, he is quite well groomed. "Who's saying anything about the Blacks? I'm talking about Alphard. Though he is a Black, the Blacks are not him and his…" Est pauses and seems to consider his words "nuances of personality are his individual pride."

"You cross one you cross them all," Ria shrugs and peers out the corridor Window to recognize the landscape. "Best head to your compartment. we'll be there soon." And with a nod she turns and heads to the prefect cabin after Ajax Selwyn.

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