(1937-09-02) Intellectual Shirtless Modeling
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Summary: Theodore does some intellectual shirtless modeling, draws some attention, older students meet younger students, wands are whipped out but at the end of the day…the ferret wins.
Date: 9-02-1937
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts
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Entry Courtyard - Hogwarts


A path leads from the Gates through to the huge bridge that travels across the lake towards the Hogwarts entry hall from here. The otherwise green hill isn't very steep, however, almost like it was designed for long walks and for the carriages. Another, steeper and well-trodden, path leads down to the lake shore and the groundskeeper's cabin, in a roundabout way to the west, while the lake itself is visible over cliffs hundreds of feet tall to the South.
Across the bridge and just outside the entry hall is the courtyard itself, a large rectangular area with roofed walkways along the outside, with benches to sit and arched open-air windows to give a view over the lake. Inside these walkways is a central open square just outside the doors to the castle, with a couple of larger benches to give students a place to sit.


It's late afternoon, maybe even pushing early evening as the sun begins to set and the sky starts to turn brilliant shades of pink and orange. Just across the bridge to the entry hall, down the hill near the lake shore, Theodore sits. He's shirtless, the heat outside still not quite cooled for the newly arrived autumn, but his dress shirt sits beside him in the grass and he wears his black dress slacks. He's obviously sitting here because it's out of the way, off the path, and not incredibly easy to spot from the entryway. He is wearing a pair of reading glasses, brow furrowed a little, as his finger moves very slowly across the page of a thick, leather-bound novel.

There's a little person…okay a littler person…a young boy who makes his way out of the Castle and is going for a 'walk'. That's the best word for it. Cillian walks along with a bundle of god knows what wrapped up in cloth napkins and his satchel hanging from his back as he saunters along, looking around warily to make sure nobody is following or going to jump out and say 'HALT!'. He however, is not shirtless as he walks along, hesitating when he sees a familiar face and peering in Theodore's direction. "Hunh."

The castle doors swing open, and the rather unimposing (yet still quite striking in his way) figure of Ajax Selwyn emerges from within. He's wearing his uniform, though his robe's sleeves are rolled back to his elbows and he has a generally sort of "comfortably rumpled" look about him. He lightly skips down the steps, seeming quite aimlessly cheerful, right up until he spots Theodore. Then, Ajax misses the last step, pitches forward, and — the victim of hands in his pockets — he can't do a thing about it. So, WHUMP. He flops right on his face in front of everyone. That's just embarrassing.

Coming from the other direction, wearing all of her clothes but not her shoes or socks, is Ophelia. She's looking generally cheerful, as though something quite pleasant has happened to her today. But then, seeing that familiar head of blue go down in front of the other students gives her pause, and with a small frown she changes direction to join the other three, head tilting in curiosity, "Is that one of those Muggle greeting ceremonies? Seems a rather dirty way of saying hello, don't you think?" She offers a hand as she speaks, and tries simultaniously to pull out a hankerchief.

Theodore leaps to his feet when Ajax falls. His book is snapped closed, and he grabs his shirt, wrapping it around the book to hide it. He snatches the glasses from his face as well, shoving them in his pocket, and he looks around. Uh oh. There's others here too. He clears his throat, and he watches Ophelia move to help Ajax up. Very quietly, he begins to slip backward up the hill, trying to make a getaway.

"So…ye know…I can't really figure it out." Cillian offers with a slow drawl dripping in Irish influences. He does pause as he looks between the Tumbling older boy and the Helpful Older girl but he loks back to Theodore as he tries to make a get-away and he's hmming softly as he follows after him, whether he wants him to or not. "But I tink if I'm guessin', ye were just workin' on a nice tan…so ye can impress all the wimmen folks when you do some shirtless scandelous portraits as ye who 'em the correct way to 'andle a broom…but I like the intelligent look…"

So much oddity at once! Ajax first accepts the hand up from Ophelia, glad not to have taken a harder spill than he did, and admits with a crooked grin, "No, I'm afraid it's called 'not looking where you put your feet.' Quite embarrassing, really." He coughs softly, shaking his head, and wipes his hands absently on the sides of his trousers. Theodore's attempted escape does not go unnoticed, drawing a raised eyebrow, and Ajax calls after him, "Nothing all that bad, mate! Just put a foot wrong is all." Then, finally, he turns to peer at Cillian. "Er. Right. Forthrightness is all very Gryffindor, but let's try to perhaps maintain a slight veneer of, y'know, decorum?" He gestures vaguely to Ophelia, emphasizing that there's a lady present.

Though it requires dropping both shoes and socks, Ophelia manages finally to free her hankerchief from her pocket. Offering it to Ajax, she tilts her head in confusion at the decorum comment, then shrugs it off. "What's in there?" She asks Theodore, turning to look curiously at the shirt-wrapped bundle.

Theodore pauses at being called out, and he sighs. He looks at Cillian, "Shut up. I'm not—" And then the girl asks about the book. He swallows, closing his eyes for just a moment, and then turning to look at her. "Nothing," he says, flatly. "Just… homework…" He glances at Cillian, then back at the girl. "That's all." Grin. Honest.

Cillian's eyebrows raise as he just gives a little smile, tilting his head to the side. "Ahh…yeah…" He trails off. "Well some tannin' will do ye well…" Then he glances towards Ajax. "I dun tink there's anything any undesirous or improper about ahhh…Quidditch." He taps the side of his nose before adjusting his hold on his bundle. Then he's quiet as he looks between the others.

Ajax accepts the handkerchief, wiping his hands off and brushing off the front of his robes. He then offers it back to Ophelia with a grin. "Thanks, love," he says cheerily. Then he tilts his head to the side a bit at Theodore and says, somewhat pointedly, "Well, nothing wrong with a bit of extra studying. Nicely done, Dupont. So early in the term, too!" He glances to Ophelia, then back to Cillian with a bit of a "Can you believe this kid?" expression. "Right, of course. Well, if you feel so strongly about broomstick etiquettePeele, was it?I'd say I could ask Professor Mopsus to arrange a special paper to let you explore the subject. I expect he'd let you write at least, oh, a dozen inches or so on the subject."

Ophelia looks up from where she's trying to measure Theodore's book with her hands, addepting the hankerchief without comment. She glances back at Ajax, offering an amused grin in reply to his look. "I can lend you a few volumes on the subject, if you have need. Quidditch, that is. Broomstick etiquette is still largely unexplored." And her expression says that its with good reason.

Theodore nods, "Thanks. Yeah. I'm… I'm a bit behind the grind and figured I'd start early this year." He looks at Cillian, then back at Ophelia and Ajax. Best to change the subject. "Your hair is blue. What's with that?"

"Peele's me Father's name, ye can be callin' me…Cillian if ye like, or come up with a name ye think fits me." Cillian flashes a grin and then he sighs and shakes his head. "If ye feel that's what should be done, just let me know when to 'ave it done. They don't really tend to let me know broomsticks, not sure 'ow my perception and balance would be." He just looks between Ophelia and Ajax and gives his eyepatch a snap.

Ajax waves off Cillian's concern. "Don't worry at all! We'll keep it strictly theoretical. You can read all about it and then present your theories. Or, you can just keep a more polite tongue in your head and not go about talking like you're a ten-foot-tall half-giant." He shrugs indifferently, then looks to Theodore. "Oh, you know how it is. Mum bought some rare, expensive elixir that was supposed to make me a brilliant wizard when I was born. Well, I got the brilliant part—if you like this shade of blue. Otherwise, I think she wasted her money." He looks over to Ophelia with a raised eyebrow, inviting comment from one who actually knows him well.

Ophelia returns to trying to examine Theodore's book through the shirt. She moves her hands through the air, trying to approximate the size and shape, "Hmmmm, well. Considering as how you're the only student I've met who can quote as many books as I, and how you have impressed Professor Viridian so sucessfully. I'd say it was at least a partial success." She smiles at her fellow Ravenclaw, then asks, turning back to Theo, "The Thestral lineage collection?"

Theodore sighs, looking at the shirt in his hand and the book it's wrapped around. "Thestral… um… no." He looks at Ophelia. "It's- Look, can we forget the book, please?" He grumbles something, and then turns, heading back up the hill. "Laters, Popeye," he offers to Cillian as he passes. "C'mon, Grimm," he calls, and a moment later, a ferret runs out of a piece of brush near the bridge posts and scurries after Theodore.

Cillian tips an invisible hat to Theodore as he passes and then Cillian just adjusts his hold on his bundle of goodies as he holds the wrapped up mystery to his chest and arches the eyebrow over his good eye. But he's listening closely as he just shakes his head slowly with a soft laugh, he even leans over to slap his thigh as he has a good little giggle.

Ajax ever-so-idly and ever-so-gently draws back his elbow and then moves to cram it pointedly into Ophelia's ribs. "Hem! Let's not harass the nice upperclassman about his choice of study material, shall we? It's rude. And we might give Popeye here, since that appears to be his proper name, the wrong idea about good manners." He raises both eyebrows and gives her a "Go with me on this!" expression. Then he turns to toss a light salute at Theodore's back. "Well, best of luck, then! Ooh, ferret. Nice. Always like them. Charming little things." Though the thigh-slap and giggle earl Cillian another odd look.

Just as Theodore's moving to head back inside, Josie comes wandering out. She pauses at the bridge to glance over the lake, towards Hogsmeade, but then she's wandering further, towards where the other students are.

Ophelia winces, and turns to give Ajax an annoyed look. But he makes his point before she can comment, and turns back to grimace apologetically at Theodore. "Sorry. I tend to get carried away. I promise I shall henceforth act as though there was nothing in your shirt but, uh, your shirt." She tries a polite smile, which brightens when she sees the little ferret. Dropping down, she offers it a hand to sniff as it passes.

Theodore stops his departure when Grimm doesn't end up at his side. He turns back around, and there's his animal companion, sniffing Ophelia's hand. The critter is curious, and friendly, and it bats playfully at the girl's hand. Theodore sighs, and he walks back towards the group a few steps. He looks at Ajax, "Yeah. Well… Charming and deaf, apparently." He smirks a little, "He likes you, apparently."

Cillian hmms softly and shakes his head as he settles down on a grassy patch not far from the path, setting his satchel to his side and crossing his ankles. He's quiet though, setting the bundle on top of the satchel. The young man does notice Josie, waving a hand.

Ajax steps over toward Theodore, nodding toward Ophelia and the ferret. "Careful, mate. I've seen her charm the rodent right off a fellow before. One moment, you have a lovable and loyal pet. Next, wham! You're bereft and lacking in companionship while she's got a new best friend. Tragic, really. Main reason I have an owl. Doesn't seem to work on birds." He pauses to shoot a huge, ha-look-what-I-did grin at Ophelia, then raises a hand to wave politely to Josie.

Giggling at the tickling of whiskers on her fingertips, Ophelia reaches out tentatively to pet Grimm's head. "That's because birds are smarter than the others." She says with a 'fine, I'll play along' grin over her shoulder at Ajax, her voice soft so as not to scare the little creature away. "Hello, your name is Grimm right? How would you like to come with me? I know where all the nice little snacks around the lake are…" Her tone is teasing. Mostly.

Theodore furrows his brow a little, looking down at his chest, shirtless. There's enough folks around now, he kind of wants his shirt back on. He looks at the shirt, wrapped around the book, and clearly is weighing what matters more. He chooses secrecy on the book, and looks back at Ajax. "Yeah. Um… I'm Theodore. Theodore Dupont," he offers, extending his hand to Ajax. "And um…" He looks away a little, and says, "I kind of like the hair." He looks at Cillian, "You've met Popeye. And Grimm's a ferret," he notes, looking at the approaching Josie.

Cillian flashes a grin to Josie and unwraps his bundle of goodies, offering her a sandwich. "Its only 'am…ye know…Ham but I could only get a few sandwiches, I'll try for the cakes another day just 'arder to transport." Then he peers over at the ferret and looks back to Josie. "I tink…its a fer-" Then its being confirmed and he nods slowly. "…man. School is indeed weird…"

"It's an outrage, really," Ajax says brightly, but then he falters a bit at the compliment. "Oh, do you? Well. Thanks! Most seem to find it 'unseemly and ill-suited to a young man of my station.' Of course, that might just be Mum talking. She's very particular about social mores, is Mum. But then, I do suppose you can't write how-to books unless you've that sort of perspective." Trying to recover a sense of stability (and actually doing a fairly good job of it), he flashes a grin at Cillian. "Weird? Mate, you've not even begun to see weird."

Now its Ophelia's turn to give Ajax an 'is this kid for real?' look. Which shifts slightly when she gets a look at her friend, then shifts again when she turns to Cillian, "Are you from the Muggle world, then? Interesting place, my Dad gets books from there sometimes."

Theodore shrugs, "Your mum thinks too much then, Blue." He looks at Ophelia then, "Grimm likes you. Maybe if he knew your name, he might let you take him back to your dorm to snuggle," he says, stepping over to her. Then he smiles, "I'm Theodore." He looks back at Cillian then, and asks, "Why are you smuggling sandwiches, Popeye?"

Josie smiles and says, after the species is identified, "It's cute. I have a cat," she adds. She looks to Cillian and accepts the sandwich with a smile, "Thanks." She takes a bite, and then after swallowing, asks, "What's weird about it?" Then she looks back to the other students and, since there seems to be introductions happening, adds her own, "I'm Josie."

"Weird 'as an old-English origin from the German word 'wyrd' which refers to tings that are…well out of the norm, usually with archaic references to fate but I was usin' it as an adjective to describe the situtation being unfamiliar and strange to me." Cillian gives a shake of his head to Ophelia. "…not really, no." He flashes a grin before looking back to Josie. "I like learnin' new tings…so weird is good, and you 'ave a cat? I didn't know that!" Then he looks back to Theodore. "…takin' care of me responsibilities…"

Blue? Well, it's not an original nickname, but it doesn't bother Ajax, either. He just chuckles a bit and admits, "Probably so, truth be known. Mum's very inclined to think about things." He gives a rolling shrug of his shoulders, then looks over to Josie and Cillian with a slightly furrowed brow. "What's this? Sandwich smuggling? We can't have that! The scandal! How the kitchen staff's feelings will be wounded if they think you aren't being fed enough." He adds, looking pointedly to Theodore, "Ajax Selwyn, by the way, in case anyone wondered. Hadn't been officially introduced, I suppse."

"Hello, Josie." Ophelia looks up, as though just now noticing the girl, and smiles. When she offers her own name, its to the ferret, though, "My name is Ophelia." She scratches Grimm's head gently, then drops down to sit beside the creature, "And I just might allow that, assuming of course that you are a ferret who likes and respects books as much as your friend here." Seing as how Theodore's keeping his book so well protected in his shirt and all. "Are you two first-years, then?" Because no, she wasn't paying much attention at the feast. One guess as to what she was doing instead.

Josie looks a little lost at Cillian's explanation of the origin of 'weird', but grins again and nods quickly, "Her name is Sain. Smartest cat ever." She looks back to Ophelia and Ajax then and nods again, "Nice to meet you! Yep, we're both first-years."

Theodore kneels next to the ferret, and strokes the animals back. It immediately turns from Ophelia to sniff and nip at his fingers a few times before returning its attention back to her. "Red and Blue," he says with a chuckle, looking between Ophelia and Ajax. "You two a couple? Just good friends?"

Cillian chuckles. "Smart cats are good aye…me Father has a cat. Has a particular fondness for fresh rats…" And then he selects a sandwich from his little bundle, taking a healthy bite and chewing slowly, listening to folks and he just nods slowly to Josie as she speaks, giving a little wave of his hand to confirm the 'first-year' thing, he doesn't talk with his mouth full though. He has…manners, really! He just works on eating his sandwich, even tossing Josie a napkin as he uses his own to wipe his mouth and arch an eyebrow.

Ajax's eyebrows shoot up in surprise at the question. "Couple? Why, ha! A couple ofwell, Ravenclaws, yes! But if you mean, er, romanticno, not at all. Ophelia's much too good a friend of mine to, er, muddle things with like that. You know how it is. One moment you're best friends, the next you hate each other, and she's smashing your records and you're calling her unkind names, and—er. Yeah. So, no. We're just good friends." He reaches up to rub the back of his neck, clearly put off his mark by the question.

Ophelia looks up from the ferret for the first time in awhile to blink at Theodore as though the sun was in her eyes. She opens her mouth, though Ajax starts answering before she can say anything, so she closes it again and nods along hurriedly, "Yes, you know, he's, ah, well, I'm… yes, record-smashing, you know. Um." Biting her lip to stop the random babblings, she looks worriedly to her friend, then to the two firsties who get to watch the spectacle that is they.

Josie starts to giggle a little at the reaction to the question from the two, but she looks to Cillian and rolls her eyes at the napkin, but she accepts and uses it, "Thanks." She's soon finished her sandwich, and she leans back on her hands, looking in the direction of Hogsmeade again.

Theodore meets Ophelia's eyes with a fearless confidence, looking right through them. "Smashing. Sure." He smiles, and then stands once more. He looks back at Ajax, "Not sure how I missed you in the halls, Blue. You're not exactly unnoticeable." He smiles at the other boy.

Cillian just looks thoughtful as he looks between the older students and he leans towards Josie. "Yer welcome…" He then looks between his fellow housemate and the older students and coughs softly. "O-Observe 'ow the students from older years interact…see the body language in simple questions, I tink its that whole 'no I 'aven't found me mate yet' ting. I've seen birds do it. Usually by molting…real messy all the feathers droppin'" A long pause. "And once a pair of insects but the female preying mantis always bites off the 'ead afterwards…" He grimaces. "If ye see any dancin' or weird 'ead turning…then take me 'and and we'll get to running. If the feathers start droppin' then ya know…maybe we can get a couple of pillows out of it…"

Shrugging a bit, Ajax returns the smile. "I'm sure there are plenty of more noticeable people around! Plus, sometimes we wear hats. Anyway, I'd noticed you around, but I guess one usually does notice older students, yeah?" He peers at Cillian, shakes his head a bit, and remarks, "Really a pity how we're not allowed to feed the first years to the lake monsters anymore, isn't it? Some of them could use a good chewing up."

Ophelia almost visibly deflates with relief when she is released with no further grilling on her complete lack of romantic anything in her life. Cillian's commentary draws her attention, and she stares at him for a moment, almost as though she's about to be angry. Instead, though, she settles on a thoughtful expression. She even leans toward him, looking briefly into his and then into Josie's eyes. "All right then." She says after a pause, "Lets see your wands." Because first years are /always/ excited to show off their wands.

Josie giggles again at Cillian, and says, "Ok, deal, but don't think it works that way for people." She looks up to Ophelia again and indeed grins, digging into her uniform pocket and pulling out her wand, waving it in the air to create colourful sparks. It's thin, about 11 inches long, and appears to be made of maple.

Cillian was finishing a bit of his second sandwich and flapping the napkins closed so he can tug it away in his satchel. "Mmhm, sea critters…" Then Ophelia is looking at him and he's meeting her gaze with that singular eye of his. The request to see his wand gets a quirk of an eyebrow and he opens his mouth and then shuts it, biting his bottom lip as he does his best to hold back the response but he sighs, tugging something out of the back of his uniform, making a face and concentrating and then he holds out his wand. Its a creamy color indeed with a chocolatey like graining to the wood which is hazel wood and it is 11 1/2 inches long. There's no waving though he just holds it out to be seen.

Ajax grins at Theodore as though the sixth year might be the cleverest person he's ever met. Or something. "Well, everyone likes to cause a bit of trouble, yeah? Let me know if you ever want to, ah, do that. I can't be too off since I'm a prefect and all now, but, well, I'm not dead, y'know."

Ophelia leans closer as the wands are brought out, the hesitation from Cillian getting him a raised eyebrow, but no more. Because then the wands are there to look at, and she's eyeing each just as carefully as she had their owners. More, even, if possible. "Hmmmm. So you like to travel." She smiles at Josie, then turns to Cillian. "Emotional control? Well, I suppose that does suit. Even if you don't seem happy about it." Frowning as though to say this concept mystifies her, she sits back and returns to petting Grimm.

Josie blinks at Ophelia's words, "You can tell that from my wand?" Then she nods quickly with a grin, "Yep, love seeing new places. Was stuck in Hoxton most of my life, wanna get out and see… everything. It's been brilliant this summer, living in Hogsmeade. So much space, so much stuff to see."

Theodore smiles at Ajax, "That's keen. We'll rustle up some trouble then, and just not get caught." He gives him a playful wink, and then looks at the wands once more. "Huh. They all look the same to me…" He shrugs, and then moves over to pick up Grimm. "Hey buddy," he says to the animal, still letting Ophelia pet it. "I should probably get back. It's getting dark."

Cillian hmms softly. "Just like Uncle Nutcracker…" The little Irish boy gets to his feet however, shaking his head and nodding to Josie. "I've some more…prep studyin' to be doin'…remember…any funny business and ye just come running." He cautions the girl before bowing a bit to Ophelia. "Ye be 'avin a gift almost as beautiful as ye are and he nods over to Ajax. "And I tink ye'll be one to watch…for good tings. Blue hair? Like a calm sky…might act a might touched but ye can see everyting from above much better than others." Then he waves a hand to Theodore and blows a kiss to Josie before he turns to head off, gathering up his belongings and heading back for the castle. There's reading to be done!

Ajax's grin is positively cavernous as he nods along with Theodore's suggestion. "Trouble without catching! That's the best kind. Elusive and… all that. Anyway, yeah, catch you around sometime. With the trouble." He looks back to Cillian in slight uncertainty, but then he laughs and nods. "You're an odd kid, Popeye! But thanks for that. And promise me you won't run off with any of the ladies! We prefects frown on absconding with classmates, you know."

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