(1937-09-03) The Blank Page
Details for The Blank Page
Summary: Elly 'helps' Elijah with his Inspectoring.
Date: September 3rd 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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It's a quiet night in The Leaky Cauldron. A few patrons sit quietly in their respective corners, picking away at their food as the flip through their books. All by himself at the bar is the renowned Inspector Lovegood. The tobacco in his pipe is ablaze with each inhale as he rubs at his chin, studying a blank sheet of paper in front of him.

Elly comes over and sets down a basket of warm fresh crumpets and a cup of tea, just the way Elijah likes it. "Get ye a quill, Inspector?" She ask with clear summer sky blue eyes glancing down at the blank piece of paper.

Elijah looks up at Elly and says, "Mmm. No thanks." He slides the basket and cup aside for the moment and continues staring down at it. His lips begin silently mouthing something as he tries his best to remember something.

Elly bustles about the public room, starting to put the chairs up on the empty tables after wiping them down. With a wave of her hand the chairs levitate, turn and lower down onto the tabletop

Elijah has a sudden look of total clarity as his eidetic memory kicks in. He holds the paper up, using it as something to project his mental gaze onto and says, "Harkiss's Candy!" He crumbles the paper up and rubs at his jaw, "Harkiss's Candy? Where have I seen that before?"

Elly comes over to take up the crumpled piece of paper and move to drop it in the rubbage, "Harkiss is in Hogsmeade, Inspector." She offers with a helpful smile. "Got a sweet tooth tonight do ye?"

Elijah flails a bit as Elly addresses him in his state of deductory zen and looks over at her, saying, "Sweet tooth? Candy store! Children like candy. Dorian could be at the candy store." He rubs at his chin again and says, "Elly! Milk! Please."

Elly smoothly fetches Elijah his milk and places it on the bartop. "Aye, children do like candy. But I don't think he'd be at the store all this time. Harkiss and his wife are very good people. They would have come forward with something."

Elijah nods and says, "Of course not. But…he was definitely there at some point. That means Harkiss saw him." He looks over at Elly and picks the cup of milk up, drinking the entire thing in one go, "I wonder where my ginger is." He peers around himself. Nope. No Gideon here. "Damn."

Elly smiles softly. "The last I saw Giddy—on is when the two of ye went bookers after that bloke that gave ye a whallop." She squints a little now and leans forward, "I could look at that if ye need?"

Elijah sets the cup down and wipes his mouth off with his sleeve. He furrows his brow and looks over at Elly, saying, "No time. Must find the ginger." He stands up and whips his coat around him, "I'll be seeing you, Elly. Right now I must be off to solve a crime." He tips an imaginary hat to her and disappears as soon as he steps out of the door.

Elly just gives Elijah a very warm smile, very used to his brand of crazy. "Ye go solve that crime Inspector, go get that boy!" She genuinely cheers him on with heartfelt concern for the missing boy.

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