(1937-09-04) No Spells in the Halls!
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Summary: Hijinks in the Great Hall! The wrath of Pringle!
Date: 09-04-1937
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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The day's classes began to end a little while ago, and the students began to gather in the halls, seeking out places where they will spend the year with their friends. Some even gather in the Entry Hall, grouping in corners and on benches. Ophelia is here as well, this time with her shoes on. She's talking to a group of smaller paintings that hang low on the wall, and it seems the topic of conversation is Professor Binns.

Cillian's satchel bulges with books and he kinda lugs it along, bracing the weight on his leg and he's got a good gait going on as the little wizard has a sort of…ruffled put togetherness to his appearance. Everything is in place, but he's somewhat laid back as he step, heaves, step…heaves and so on. Its been a busy day and he hmms softly to himself.

Ajax descends the grand staircase, having just stowed the last of his books in his dormitory. He spies Ophelia and heads her direction, though he spares a grin for Cillian, noting, "Careful with all that satchel, there! You going to manage it without tipping over?" As he nears Ophelia, he lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "Careful. I know that everyone's made the joke about 'bins' being where Binns belongs, but really, that's just not at all appropriate! I must say, I strongly disapprove of such a disrespectful comment about a respected professor at the school." But the corners of his mouth are already creeping up toward a grin. He pauses, then, to offer a polite nod to the paintings and ask, "I think respect is very important—don't you all agree?"

The books in his own satchel are all neatly organized so that they just fit right. Cathal descends not too long after Ajax. The quiet Ravenclaw boy fiddles a little bit with his tie. To be honest Cathal is not used to wearing this type of clothing. He shifts the weight of his satchel to adjust for his shoulder getting tired.

Ophelia smiles to the newcomers all politely, and as the paintings each begin to offer diferent opinions of their own on where Professor Binns 'belongs' she looks to Alcimus, "Oh, we've met. Often. They like a good debate now and then, and in a place where people are more likely to be coming and going than staying, they don't get much opportnity." She shrugs, noticing the new Ravenclaw in the crawd and offering him a smile.

This is what happens when you have too many books in your bag but Cillian just arches an eyebrow at Ajax. "Ahh…the dulcet tones of the sweet Bluejay is ever so refreshin' after classes." And oddly enough, he's not being sarcastic as he heaves along and he looks between the older students and turns slightly to get out of the way as he cranes his neck, looking around for any familiar faces.
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Ajax grins at Alcimus. "Good point about the painters. I think it's easy to forget the artist when you're thinking about the art, instead. But the paintings are friendly, so they DO speak for themselves. Finding your classes okay?" He then glances over to Cillian, still grinning pretty broadly. "Such cheek! I think I like our odd little Gryffindor. He's as bold as his house should be. And, well, always happy to share my dulcet tones!" He offers a nod in Cathal's direction as well, always one to be friendly to housemates—especially newer ones.

"Good day." Cathal says as he approaches Ajax and Cillian, even giving a bit of a polite wave to Ophelia. "Does it matter who painted them? It is more important that they are here currently. His bright blue eyes go from Cillian to Ajax and back again,"Dulcet tones?" He asks sounding very confused by this. He knows the words but the meaning of them in this context does confuse the boy since well… human interactions are /not/ his strong point.

"That's certainly the good thing about a magical portrait," Alcimus says after Ajax's words. "It's a good way to keep in touch with the past. My mother painted these you know. She was good at it," he adds "Not these specific ones, I mean. Just this type of thing."

"You haven't heard Ajax's singing?" Ophelia asks Cathal curiously, "He's quite the entertainer, you should ask him to sing you some of that… Porter?" She frowns as she tries to remember the singer's name, and turns thoughtfully to Alcimus and the paintings, "Did she? Fascinating. I've read a bit about the painters, but I do admit they were never truly my focus."

Cillian chuckles softly and nods to Ajax before he just stops to watch people and listen closely, hand resting lightly on his satchel and his other hand idly rubbing his shoulder.

Laughing softly, Ajax says, "Maybe sometime. I'm not really an entertainer, I just enjoy a bit of singing and, y'know how it is. Mother insisted that I learn the piano and such. Anyway, I figure—what's your name, again?" He directs this at Alcimus. "This fellow has the right point about the paintings. Someone did paint 'em, so it's probably for the best we remember it! Fascinating idea, really. Otherwise, we're not seeing the whole picture, and that's just not very Ravenclaw of us at all. Bad methodology."

"Alcimus," is the reply. "Alcimus Latts. It's nice to meet you all," he says.

"Well in order to see the entire picture we would need to include the events around which they were painted." Cathal says shrugging a bit at the idea. "I can sing a little bit and play the violin. I did not learn to play piano. Mother didn't have one but since my grandfather crafted violin's, that's what I have." He says in a very casual manner. His blue eyes go to Cillian,"You're being rather quiet…" He says tilting his head a bit to one side.

Theodore wanders down the stairs and into the entrance hall. He's wearing his black slacks and white button up shirt, but his green Slytherin tie is loose around the neck, the collar unbuttoned. His robe is left open, sleeves rolled up, and he's carrying his broom as he hurries down the stairs and turns into the entry hall, pushing past the bustling students heading towards the door.

Ophelia looks over to frown thoughtfully at Cillian, as though suddenly remembering something. She's going to mention it, really, but then something catches her eye. Looking up, she spies Theodore coming down the stairs. Quickly she nudges Ajax with her elbow, and nods in the direction of the older student.

"Aye…" Cillian agrees to Cathal as he watches the older folks and then offers to the fellow first year. "M' Cillian, I 'eard ye play the violin? Me Da was goin' to let me learn that but for now I 'ave me pipes and flutes." He gestures towards the others before adjusting the strap on his satchel once more. "I'm bein' quiet because when ye listen you can hear the whispers…of mystery and secrets folks don't even know they 'ave." Then he's weeble-wobbling out of the way to make sure he's not in Theodore's way. "…I guess he's in a hurry." A small wistful smile. "I dun tink me Father will approve for me to do the broom classes…he was fightin' about it wit me Da."

"Mmm-hmm, yeah. Ajax. That's me," Ajax says, trailing off and losing track of the conversation as he notices Theodore coming down the stairs. He turns somewhat away from the others, putting on a rather brighter grin than before, and drifts over toward the older Slytherin guy. "Hey!" he offers a bright greeting. "Going out catch some broom practice before the season starts?" he asks, gesturing toward the broom with a nod of his head.

"It is not a simple thing to learn to play but if you wish, I can teach you during free time." Cathal says looking at Cillian,"And listening to people is quite easy." He says in a casual way, blue eyes flickering for a bit,"We are required to take flying this year." He says before considering this,"Although I am beginning to wonder if I should go get my homework done before dinner." He says in a serious voice.

Alcimus looks up toward Theodore, nodding to his fellow Slytherin. "Hello," he says in greeting. "We're standing in front of some paintings and they're talking about music. I guess we're just feeling artistic today!" he says with a grin. "How are you doing?"

Theodore pauses as Ajax intercepts him. "Hmm? Oh…" He smirks, "Hey, Blue." He notices Ophelia and Cillian, "Red. Popeye." He looks then at Alcimus and Cathal, "Fellas I don't know." Then back to Ajax, "Yeah. Get rusty in the summer, there's not a lot of places to ride back in London." He looks at his broom, and he smiles, "Nothing like flying." Then he looks at Ajax, "You fly much?"

Ophelia is smiling at Theo as well when something Cathal said catches her attention. "Wait… you're who?" She may have heard wrong, it does happen. Not much of a flyer herself, she leaves the conversation with Theodore to Ajax for now. Becasue if she /did/ hear right, then she'll definitely want to know more about this particular Gryffindor.

Ophelia is smiling at Theo as well when something Cillian said catches her attention. "Wait… you're who?" She may have heard wrong, it does happen. Not much of a flyer herself, she leaves the conversation with Theodore to Ajax for now. Becasue if she /did/ hear right, then she'll definitely want to know more about this particular Gryffindor.

"Oi! That would be ah…well that would be nice…or we could play together sometime, yer strings and me woodwinds…" Then Cillian nods slowly at the requirement comment. "Aye, but I tink me Father was trying to draft a letter or sommat…" Then he trails off to wave to Theodore and then he just looks back to Ophelia with a blink. "M' sorry wha

Ajax nods along with Theodore's words. "Well, I'm not an amazing flyer, but I do enjoy it. I'm okay I guess. I just never took to Quiddith, probably on account of the fact that my father's obsessed." He shakes his head a bit, laughing faintly, "You'd think being one of the owners of the Tutshill Tornados would be enough, but he keeps on about it anyway. Probably still sad he never made pro."

"It need not be either or. If you wish, I shall teach you to play. The question is whether you'd prefer violin or fiddle." Cathal says before heading off again,"I must be going though. I prefer homework done early rather than late so my evenings may be free." He does have a very formal method of speaking, despite his obvious brogue.

"What, are you famous for something?" Alcimus asks Cillian curiously. "Or is there some other reason you want to be sure who he is?" he adds to Ophelia. "My sister's more into Quidditch than I am," he adds to those who are talking about it, crossing his arms in thought. "I… don't think I'll play when I'm eligible, it'd be weird playing against her seriously… or playing at all if she doesn't make the team," he explains.

Theodore is suddenly full in on Ajax, his eyes widened just slightly, a large smile washing over his face. "Your father owns the Tornados? They hold the league record for the most League Cup wins in a row! My father was at the game when Plumpton caught the snitch in three and a half in '21!" New best friend alert.

Ophelia glances briefly at Theodore and Ajax, grinning a little. There's something odd about the grin, though she says nothing to the pair, and returns her attention quickly to Cillian. "Sorry, no, I just.. thought you said something." She shrugs, "But I'm sure its just me. I imagine things, sometimes… " She shrugs turns to wave at the paintings. Her attention, then, is caught by a pair of students in the hall discussing something over her wands. Fallin silent, she slips out of the group to watch the two with interest.

Arian comes down the stairs from the library to find the entry hall a hive of activity. There's a crowd of people standing in a group, and from the look of it, gazing at the paintings. It's a bit odd, at least to Arian. He expects it from the first years, but a few of them look older than that. Two of them he recognizes from his own house, but the others look unfamiliar. Careful not to make a sound, Arian creeps over, listening to what they're saying.

With…Cathal making his depature, Cillian offers a small smile and a wave and then he just stares at Ophelia with a thoughtful expression and then turns back to noticing folks coming and going and…going and coming and he stands off to the side, resting a hand on his bulging satchel.

Laughing a bit, Ajax shrugs. "Well, he's part owner! A few investors own the team collectively. But, he's got a big interest in them, yes. And they're definitely a good team. I get dragged to their matches all the time. Actually, it can be fun when Mum and Dad aren't too keen on making it a social occasion. Gets stifling." He adds, belatedly, "Hey, any time you want tickets, let me know! I can always get them."

Theodore lifts his brow, "You can get tickets? And you haven't gotten them yet?" He laughs, "My father has season tickets for the Quafflepunchers. We're both big fans." He shakes his head, "Wow. Part owner… So, do you get box seating?"

Cillian adjusts his eyepatch and clears his throat as he turns to peer curiously at a painting and then back towards the stairs.

As the girls finish their discussion, which turns out, if Ophelia's expression is anything to go by, to be a boring one, she looks back at the group. And with Theodore and Ajax still concentrated on quidditch, she centers her attention on Cillian. Stepping up next to him, she leans closer and asks quietly, curiously, "So, did I hear you correctly? Your father and your da?"

"It certainly takes dedication to go down there for every game," Alcimus says to Theodore. "But they're certainly fun to watch. And easy to keep track of in the air," he adds. "I saw them one time when they came up here for an exhibition match."

Awkward. Stuck behind a painting that for some strange reason has a group of students staring at it…Colton Higgins is in a predicament. He can't swing it open and get a whole bunch of questions asked. He also can't go back the way he came, because the stairs shifted and changed positions and he's without his spelunking equipment! Taking a deep breath he just settles in on the cold hard stone floor of the shoot he's in. Enjoying a bit of the chance to eavesdrop and spy through the old gauze like canvas and little cracks in the paint.

Cillian blinks slowly as Ophelia leans in and he actually looks a bit confused before giving a nod. "Aye…Me Father and Me Da…'" He look at the older boys having their conversation before looking back to Ophelia. "Oh dun worry, me Da wants me to learn to fly…but he's always about freein' yer spirit and yer mind, loving life wit' your heart and all that…"

Nodding absently, Ajax says, "We generally do, yes. And, well, I never really think about tickets. I just get them when I want them." He grins sheepishly. "Well, anyhow. Let me know if you'd ever like to catch a game." He glances over toward Cillian, then, curious about the whole "Father and Da" thing. "Bit odd to refer to him twice, isn't it?" he asks, not getting it.

"Well…" Alcimus says, "I'd like to talk more, but there's other things I should be doing," he adds, before waving to the others and moving away.

After listening for a while to the boys talking about quidditch, Arian decides it's best to leave them alone. After all, he never really had any interest in the sport, other than cheering for Ravenclaw over the other houses just for bragging rights' sake. Instead, he makes his way toward Ophelia's group. He recognizes her, but he's never had anything to do with her really. Rather than saying anything, though, he simply "hangs around" in her general area, waiting to be noticed. After all, Arian never was one skilled in initiating interaction.

Ophelia gives Ajax a /look/. A look that says clearly that he is missing the point. "I'm thinking rather that he didn't." She lifts a hand abently to wave to Theo, and frowns when he's gone and she realizes she didn't see Grimm, or even really get to talk to the pretty

Cillian flashes a grin to Theodore as he heads off and then he lifts a hand to waves slightly to Arian with a curious look on his patchy features before he finally just looks to Ajax. "Not referrin' to the same man…no…" He clarifies before looking back to Ophelia. "Some people 'ave 2 parents, some have 1, others 'ave none…its the way of tings but at the start of the day, babies dun just grow in a cabbage patch…gotta put a bit of work into it they do…" He scratches his cheek, looking around. "Dun worry…m' not gonna elaborate…mostly because its disgustin' and there are ladies present."

Ophelia sighs at the ladies comment, "Why does everyone assume that because I have different parts I am therefore somehow weak?" She shakes her head, she is getting used to the treatment even if she doesn't fully understand it. Dropping to sit on a bench under one of the paintings she'd been talking to earlier, she looks up at the boys,

Colton is already rather bored just sitting here waiting for the crowd to disperse. So when Ophelia sides down under the picture he's hiding behind he smirks and draws his wand. No spell is cast though. He just slides it behind the fame until it gives Ophelia's ginger hair a little tug before he pulls it back. Must have been a ghost, or her imagination!

What was that there? Arian notices something moving behind the portrait, right toward Ophelia… but what was it? As soon as he spots it, it's gone, leaving Arian with a furrowed brow and a look of bemusement. With hawklike eyes, he watches the older girl, waiting for her reaction.

"Oh, two dads, brilliant," Ajax says absently, staring after Theodore for a long moment. "I'll bet that's why you ended up so tough, eh Popeye?" Then he gives himself a shake, looking to Ophelia with a "Have I missed something?" sort of expression. "Er. Right. So! How're those classes coming along for everyone, then?" Catching on a bit to the tail end of conversation, he adds, "Wait, weak? Who says you're weak? I'll give them a starn talking-to!"

Ophelia grins at Ajax, starting to laugh. At least /someone/ thinks she can handle things! She starts to eagerly answer the posed question when suddenly her head gives a jerk! "Ow!" Pulling forward she grabs at her hair, twisting to frown at the wall behind her, "What… " Maybe it got caught in the frame of that painting somehow?

"Maybe so." Is the response to Ajax from the one-eyed firstie. "Weak? Bah!" Cillian gives a little snort/choke that ends in a giggle. "Oh 'eavens no. Yer not weak. Sometimes wimmen are far stronger than menfolk in ways they can't even explain…most of the amazing figures in mythology were women, beautiful and cunning…some evil an' triflin' but others motherly and protective." He shrugs helplessly. He just has to grin and toss a wave to all those gathered. "I 'ave some studyin' to be done." He offers a bow and blows a kiss before he makes his way off.

There's suddenly a loud CRASH, a few foul words muttered, and some cluttering movement from within the broom closet. The door is suddenly opened a little, and the blonde haired Ravenclaw steps out. Gage freezes when he notices the crowd outside, and scowls deeply as he slides partially back into the closet. A book is tucked under his arm.

Arian moves forward to the painting as soon as he's seen Ophelia's reaction. He points to the frame, saying, "I think I saw something back there. I think someone or something reached out and…" He shrugs. "I'm not sure. It could be a ghost. The paintings can't actually interact with us, can they?" He narrows his eyes in thought. That IS a good question. He's never heard of the paintings reaching out and grabbing someone, but, given that this is Hogwarts, anything is possible, right?

Ajax looks toward the crash, grinning as he spots Gage. "Oh, look out! Hart's studying in secret. We'll all be doomed, now. I'll wager he's discovered the lost secret of summoning ancient mysteries by now." He beckons to his fellow Ravenclaw. "C'mon, now. Come out and be sociable! Else they'll start in again about how we're all recluses with our noses glued in our books."

Ophelia rubs her head, frowning and shaking her head, "No, they can't. Not in a physical way." The crash calls her attention not long later, cutting off any further curiosity for now. "Yes, do come out, we may not be as quiet as the brooms, but we can on occasion offer better conversation." Her smile starts growing as she speaks, and by the time she pauses she's grinning welcomingly.

There's a crash and a bang and the appearance of Gage, someone that Arian actually recognizes more than just a little, from common room and classes. But right now, he's more concerned with the painting, and what may or may not be behind it. Reaching into his robes, Arian extracts his wand. "Well if it's not the painting," he says, aiming the wand behind Ophelia, "I'm going to find out what the bloody hell it is. Expelliarmus!" And with that, a red flash flies past Ophelia's ear toward Colton's hiding place.

The Old man in the painting that just gets a spell shot at it gasps and clutches at his heart through his robes. "No spells in the halls! NO SPELLS IN THE HALLS!" This clarion call echoes down the corridor, some kids have rigged the door to the Caretaker's office to make an awful groaning creaking sound, like you'd expect some cheesy horror flick to use. Sure enough that sound echoes from the northern corridor and there's a rush of students, scattering away as quick as they can from the Caretaker of legendary infamy stalks his way down the corridor towards the entry hall, "What's this then?"

Colton curses near silently in Shelta when he hears the sound effect of Pringle's door. Shaking his hand, grimacing he scrambles to snatch up his wand from the passage's floor to get himself the hell out of there! He'll leap to the next stairwell if he has to, but he's not getting detention with Pringle again. A bath in acid is more pleasant!

At first, Ajax is startled. Then he's just exasperated. Sighing, the Ravenclaw prefect shakes his head and says to Arian, "Not sure I can do anything about this one, mate. You should know better than that!" He steps forward as the caretaker appears. "Er, sir! I believe Kyle here just got a bit overexcited, startled really, and sought to ensure that no danger was meant to anyone present." He shoots a scathing look at Arian. "And I'm CERTAIN he WON'T DO IT AGAIN." Dash it all, you're making him look bad in front of the other houses—and the caretaker!

Ophelia falls to the side as though pushed she moves so fast, her hand going to her ear to protect it even as she scrambles out of the way. And then Pringle is there. Wide eyes move from Colton to the caretaker, then to Ajax, whom she nods along with so quickly her hair bounces. She doesn't speak, though. She's pretty sure if she did she'd just make it worse for someone, considering how eloquent she can be when she's uncomfortable.

Arian scowls at the appearance of the caretaker. He nods quickly in agreement to everything that Ajax says, adding a quick, "Yes sir, won't happen again." As soon as Pringle is looking the other way, he mutters, "I was only trying to protect my housemate." He looks over at Ophelia. Of course, he wasn't expecting any thanks, but still, isn't this a bit much for a simple disarming spell?

Gage doesn't move from the closet, staring silently and sourly at the other students. He shifts uncomfortably, clearly not finding Ajax's comments amusing. Ophelia gets a silent stare, but obviously he decides not to take her invitation. It's actually Arian who gets Gage to show more curiosity and interest, and he takes a few steps away from the closet (leaving the door open). He's wordless, but he does step towards the portrait, until he stops when the spell is cast and Gage scowls when the Caretaker starts to emerge. He glowers at Ajax first for his fast reaction. He's too late to do anything.

Pringle's Scottish brogue is laced with a twisted sort of dark excitement as he eyeballs Arian, "Sounds to me like someone's after getting hung up by their thumbs in the dungeon. Perhaps ye dinnae 'ear Dippet's speech." Noone heard it! Until the very last gloomy 'threat' but perhaps Pringle is enjoying the leeway that allows him. "No Magic outside the classrooms. And just incase ye think ye are smart. I don't mean take all your littul friends to some empty classroom and bollocks yourselves with pathetic little spells, actin' all big and tough and mighty. Keep your wand in your pants, it won't impress her." He glances to Ophelia pointedly and then nods to the old man in the painting and bows a bit to him as the old man claps, "Good show Mr. Pringle!" The Painted Elder says. Pringle replies, "Mopsus." Then he starts heading back to his office down the corridor. Giving Arian that look that all students dread. Arian's getting added to 'The List'.

As she is singled out by Pringle, Ophelia makes a sort of squeaking noise that may or may not be an attempt at expressing surprise. Impress her? What? Closing her mouth with a snap after the noise escapes, she swallows and holds very still, like a frightened rabbit, until the Caretaker is gone.

Sighing faintly, Ajax nods to Pringle and says, "Absolutely, Caretaker! We'll definitely remember that, sir." And then, once the man has stomped off, he turns to glower at the younger Ravenclaws. "Right! I don't know why that seemed clever, but it bloody was NOT. What are we, Gryffindors? We just boldly and stupidly blast away in the halls? Or are we Slytherins who think we're above it and nothing will ever catch us? Use your head, Kyle! If you're going to start trouble, do it so you can't be caught. It reflects poorly on the house!" And, more than that, it's a matter of professional pride!

Ironically, it's just as Ajax is ragging on his rival houses that Llewellyn approaches, having caught just enough of the tail event of things to look confused under a veneer of curious. "Well, you're right about one thing," he muses, "you're not Gryffindors." There's nothing snarky in his tone; it actually sounds kind of friendly. Is he really wearing green?

Arian is already irked at the caretaker (half for getting scolded, half because he couldn't understand what the hell he was saying), and it doesn't help when Ajax turns on him, too. "I was only trying to help!" he says, not meaning to shout so loudly. "I saw something grab at her," he points at Ophelia, "and I was trying to stop it. And it was just a disarming spell! I don't see what the big deal is." He has half a mind to storm off, but instead he stands there. Maybe someone will cut him some slack. Hopefully…

Colton comes from the courtyard. He's got a little bouquet of wild flowers and some grass in his hair, he looks as if he's been crawling about underground almost. "Don't worry about him, Pringle's harmless, long as he doesn't catch you in the act, he can't do anything about anything." With a big cheeky smile he offers the little bouquet to Ophelia. "You alright Pigeon?"

Ophelia, after running her fingers through her hair to ensure that there won't be any horible knots to untangle later, eyes Arian as though she is suddenly uncertain of who he is. "Have, ah, you been away the last few years? I mean, thanks and all, I suppose. Its just… you do know there are rules here, right?" She starts to shake her head, and then suddenly there are flowers in front of her and she's being

The Caretaker gets a deep glare from the quiet Ravenclaw. He just can NOT let him get away with that. A fist is holding tightly onto the handle of his wand before he realizes that he had reached for it, and he forces himself to release the grip after stuffing it back into his pocket. He'll refrain from making things worse, though he does look back to his House Prefect. "Shut up," he mutters, glowering. He's not going to say more than that, so his sudden words seem kind of random.

Shaking his head, Ajax sounds mildly exasperated. "You-what? The painting? I don't think it can hurt anything. And really, you weren't even-even trying to get one by?" He runs a hand through his wild head of blue curls. "Well, if you were really looking out for her, that's nice and all. Just, well, remember that we're at Hogwarts. We're safe here. I don't think we need to draw wands at the drop of a hat." He glances Llewellyn as well, quirking one annoyed eyebrow. "Well, glad we agree on that much," he says with a slightly annoyed air. Then he sees Ophelia being presented with flowers, and-well, whatever. He just shakes his head, still looking vaguely put out.

Llewellyn glances after the departing Ajax, blinking. "What's eating him, I wonder," he murmurs, looking around at the others. Colton's flowers for Ophelia draw a double take, but he offers no comment about it out loud. "I don't want to know, do I," he asks… oh, Arian, the one he recognizes most easily.

There, at least there's a LITTLE bit of sympathy for Arian. He nods to his prefect with something that's sort of like gratitude. "Thank you," he says. "I wasn't trying to start trouble." Arian turns to Ophelia, who, for whatever reason, is being referred to as a… pigeon. "Sorry if I startled you. I just thought I saw something trying to grab you." And with that, he's gone, back upstairs toward the dormitory.

Colton places the bouquet into Ophelia's hands if she'll take it. "Oh just outside. You know, where flowers grow." He grins and looks to the flowers pointedly. "Just thought they might cheer you up. See you later Pidge." He lifts up his hands in surrender, "Ophelia, sorry." He corrects himself and then moves to try and get Ajax in a very friendly headlock that ruffles his blue curls. It's something he often does, Colton thinks the Prefect's Blue mop is fantastic!

Ophelia looks completely and utterly lost. But then, considering that this is the most attention she's had since she first came to Hogwarts as a first year, that might not be surprising. Accepting the flowers as though she's never been given any before in her life, she watches him go after Ajax, and as anyone would do when confronted by so many unusual things, falls back on something familiar. Turning to Colton and Llywellyn, she asks, "So, what kind of wands do you have?"

"What the-hey-ack!" Ajax protests, then gives up in laughter as Colton manhandles him like that. "Okay, hilarious, Higgins! You've gotten me again, ha-ha. Anyway, ought'n't you at least pretend I'm respectable? I'm supposed to be respectable, now!" He gestures obviously to the prefect's badge, though this doesn't stop Colton running off. Sighing, but with amusement rather than exasperation this time, he turns to listen in to Ophelia's questions to the others.

Wait. What? Llewellyn returns his attention to Ophelia, blinking. Is this a pop quiz? Is she simply curious? "See for yourself," he answers, and - reaching one hand into a fold of his robe - he withdraws it and holds it out where she can get a clear look. If it /is/ a pop quiz, then presumably she'll clarify.

Colton pffts, and gives a little tink of his fingernail against Ajax's Prefect badge, "Bah, don't let this piece of colored tin turn you into something you're not! Oi. Gobstone Game in the stone circle tomorrow after lunch. You in?" He asks as he's running backwards up the stairs still facing the group. "You can ask me about my wand some other time Pidge, gotta go get washed up!" He salutes them before he turns around to better dash up the, "Seven Bloody Flights!"

Ophelia spares Colton only an annoyed glance. There's a wand to look at! And an interesting one, too. She looks from the want, which is looked at carefully without any movement to touch, to the owner. She's smiling brightly when she looks into the Slytherin's eyes, "Most interesting, indeed. An unusual wand for someone of your house. I think it may be safe to say you are a unique Slytherin."

Ajax shakes his head at the departing Coltin, smirking, and then leans against the corridor wall, watching in amusement (and some fascination) as Ophelia performs her trick of "reading" the others' wands. He's always a bit impressed by it, even if he doesn't really understand it much.

Quiet and saying nothing, Gage has moved over to the portrait that had caused so much trouble, ignoring everyone else.

The boy in the green blazer arches a brow. Well, /that/ isn't what he was expecting. Most questions about wands come from firsties, and most answers just rattle off a list of specifics to demonstrate that they know what to look for. Where's she getting all this from? Or is she just making it up to confound a younger student?

"I like to think so," he replies, drawing the wand back and stowing it safely out of sight once again. "Llewellyn Blishwick," he introduces himself, before taking a moment to regard the questioner more closely. "And you… let's see. Red hair, and a uniform fresh off the rack… You wouldn't happen to be a Prewett?"

"No. A Summerbee. Ophelia." She leans back from the wand with a shake of her head, smiling at Ajax and noticing with relief that he seems to also be in a better mood. "I don't know the Prewett's yet." Or much of anyone, for that matter. Starting to look mystified again, she looks around, and seeing Gage at the painting eyes the boy curiously.

Rolling his eyes a bit, Ajax says, "A Prewett, honestly? To think you'd not recognize the fine breeding of Summerbee stock when you see it. Tut, tut!" He winks, flashing a quick grin. "Careful, Blishwick! You'll shame your whole house if you lose track of the likes of her family. Or, for that matter, mine-but I'll forgive you if you forget mine. Even so, Ophelia's is quite prestigious." He turns, at that, and says, "All right, you lot—play nicely 'til supper! I've got to go and make sure none of the first years have gotten eaten by anything." He gives a cheery wave, making his way off down the corridor.

Gage pockets his hands into his long coat, turning away from the portrait after staring at it with considerable thought. After shooting a rather moody look over at the other students, shifting on his booted feet, he starts with hasty steps toward the staircases.

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