(1937-09-04) Oil, Vinegar, and Honey
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Summary: Elijah, Gideon, and Elly demonstrate their various strengths and tactics for dealing with a very delicate situation involving a missing boy.
Date: September 4, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron then Hogsmeade
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Leaky Cauldron

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Elly is bustling about in the busy time just after dinner time. Getting things cleaned up, making room for the evening 'pub crawl' crowd. Humming and smiling and having a rather good night it seems. "Aye, be with ye in just a moment. Pick a seat and settle in. Got some loverly venison steaks dredged in herbs and butter. Delicious!"

Elijah is sitting quietly at the bar, peering around himself as he scratches his chin and sticks his tongue out partially. He starts silently mouthing something to himself as he watches Elly work.

Elly drifts by Eli and ruffles his hair, "Hair's looking entirely too tame tonight. Got a lady in the wings tonight?" She also smiles, "Counting my movements again are ye?" She spotted him mouthing.

Elijah bats her hand away from his hair like a child who's mom is trying to comb it down with spit, "Hrmm? No. Just feeling…sane today." He even catches himself off-guard with that, looking up at Elly, "But in any case, you've taken 376 steps since I walked in the door."

Elly smiles warmly at him, "Sane or no, I like your hair like that. Mmm, 376, good to know." She winks at him before she heads off to deposit the empties she had on her tray in the big wash bin with the an automatic scrubbing brush.

Elijah continues counting, his mouth moving slowly as he does so. His eyes drift to Elly's hindquarters and he shakes his head, looking away. He clears his throat and says, "Umm…do you ever…NOT work?" He peers at the woman he's never seen outside of the Leaky Cauldron.

Elly laughs merrily and nods looking over her shoulder as she puts the last few dishes into the sink. "Course I'm not always at work." She moves over to lean on the bar, behind the bar so she can face him. "I go to Mungo's often when I'm needed there. I go to the Borough Market a lot for groceries. I go to Diagon for the wizarding ingredients. This is my home ye know." She just shares it with a bunch of friends and strangers, taking care of all of them like they were actually family.

Elijah tilts his head as he listens to her tell her story, "Really? You do work an Mungo's? A noble place to be employed, that's for sure." He nods at her remarking about home and says, "Well, it's my home, too. I just don't seem to know anybody around."

Elly gives a proud nod her rouged lips sparkling as they spread into a lush smile. "I'm a midwife, 'elp lil babe be born." She reaches over to give his arm a soft pat. "They just a bit intimidated Inspector, that's all."

Elijah nods and smiles, "That's fantastic! I love babies! Always so…unassuming." He beams at the thought of babies but tilts his head as he learns people are intimidated by him, "Intimidated? Whatever for?"

Elly brightens all the more, "I love babies too, just so innocent and pure. To be apart of the moment when a mumsie and babe meet eyes for the first time." She gets emotional and fans her face. "Being an Inspector and all. Such mystery, such danger." Such dramatic flavor put into her explanation.

Elijah smiles at her and says, "Must be magic, eh?" He smirks but soon furrows his brow, "Well, that's hardy a reason to be intimidated. I'm not even a very good one," says the inspector who's solved every case he's ever been given. Well, except one.

Elly nods her head, still all aglow from the topic of babies! "Not everyone is as brave and bold as ye and Gideon, Inspector. Gohhhn." Is a sound of disbelief and unapproval. "Ye are one of the finest! I know ye beat your self up awfully fierce about that one. But that just proves what a good man ye are."

Elijah waves a dismissive hand and says, "Any true inspector could've tracked The Butcher down and sent him off to jail. I got stumped by his second batch of riddles. I'm surprised they even allowed me back onto the force after that media fiasco that folowed."

Elly shakes her head, "If that's true then the whole force would be disbanded loverly. Maybe ye should show the second batch to Gideon? Now that ye two are partners ye both have very different ways at looking at things. Ye combine those view together ye get a very broad view. I think Ogden is a genius for pairing ye two up. Me Dada always says, there's always someone smarter, meaner and better than ye are. Remember that and ye'll be armed well against them when ye meet them."

Elijah rubs at his chin and peers at Elly, "Dooderidge…you are a genius. Although, I'm not quite sure that Mister Gideon is quite happy with being my partner. Or maybe he's just not happy." He quirks his lips and furrows his brow, "The latter seems more reasonable."

Elly nods and frowns, "Ye aren't the only one that's lost something because a murderous bastard had his way and got away with it Elijah. Just be lucky all ye lost was your reputation." From the sounds of it she knows that Gideon lost a lot more than reputation, but also has the tone towards the end that says, 'I'll say nothing more.' That Elijah will have to ask Gideon himself for details. But she does smile then and leans over to give Elijah's cheek a soft peck, "Thank ye for noticing." She says playfully.

Elijah almost flinches at the peck to his cheek and peers at her for a moment, clearing his throat and collecting himself, "Well, I know all about Inspector Gideon. He's a good, strong man. I just wish he liked me." He pouts for a moment, then goes back to being unreasonably cheery, "Could I have a glass of milk? And…peanuts! Yes, peanuts."

Elly pats his arm again. "He likes ye, ye are still alive and in one piece. That means he likes ye well enough." Another wink is tossed at him and she giggles and jokes, "Milk an' Peanuts!? Milk an' Peanuts!? What sort of high falluting establishment do ye think this is?!" She playfully scoffs as she puts, "Milk. And Peanuts." before him. One more playful scoff and she's heading off to get back to work.

Elijah beams at her and says, "I suppose you're right. I think he could snap me in half on a good day. Or a bad day." He drums his hands on the bar and looks excitedly at the bowl of peanuts that's placed in front of him, scooping up a handful and munching on them happily.

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear. The door from the London street opens, and in strides the ginger-haired, stone-faced Inspector Gideon. He appears sharper and more alert than he has this last week, the bags under his eyes faded, and his tired, stooped posture more upright and awake. His eyes seize hold of Elijah, and a mixed sigh and grumble escape his throat. "Lovegood, where in Hades have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Elly smiles and waves to Gideon when he comes in, "He's been right here Gideon. We've been talking about cases. He's been thinking. I helped him with a revelation last night." She says proudly, very happy she could help to find this poor missing boy.

Elijah spins around on the stool and peers at Gideon, spitting his peanuts out onto the floor and shouting, "Harkiss's Candy! Elly says it's in Porksbeer. Or Pigsale. Nope…Hogsmeade." He ponders for a moment, trying to remember if that's right.

"I know," Gideon confirms, thrusting the photograph of Dorian toward his partner. The boy waves and speaks excitedly, his lips now clearly forming the words: Harkiss' Candy. "This photo was taken two days before he went missing. Clearly he was looking forward a chance to visit Hogsmeade. I've confirmed with the mother that she was going to take him to school personally so they could stop in at the village. It isn't much, but it's the only lead we've got."

Elly is reminded about the mother and ohs and bustles herself around behind the bar and leans into the service window to pull up a picnic basket. "Could ye take this to Mrs. Bosworth, next ye go Gideon? It's just a little care package so she doesn't have to worry about meals and such. The poor dear. I couldn't imagine. Why would he run away though? When his Mum was going to take him there anyways?" She asks looking perplexed.

Elijah rubs at his jaw and says, "Hrmm…how did you figure it out. I know how I figured it out and it was quite impressive, but how did-Wait, why are we still here!?" He slides off of the stool and whips his coat around him, looking over to Elly as she asks her last question and then back to Gideon, seeing if he got that part.

"It was a potion," is all the explanation Gideon offers to Elijah before addressing the barmaid. "His father likes to hit his son to feel like a man." His eyes darken with something simmering just under the surface. "I just need to hear it from the boy's lips before I…before we can take action."

Elly looks furious and plops the basket down. "Why! Ye give me the address Gideon, I'll deliver it myself." By her the fury in her eyes even though she is still adorable squishy Elly on the outside, it's a look that says that if he does give her the address, Muggle will be on the menu tomorrow.

Elijah peers at Gideon when he says that a potion helped him, "Mmm, we're going to have a talk about all that." He quirks his lip and Gideon begins talking about the father hitting young Dorian. Elihah is gone like a vapor before his partner can even get the rest of the sentence out of his mouth, leaving behind the trace of the words, "Come on."

Gideon nods firmly, stepping over to…where Elijah just was. "Damn it all, Lovegood!" He barks. "We cannae side-along if you slip off again!"

Elly looks like the basket is getting left behind and she calls back to the Kitchen, "Be back in a bit Mumsie!" She yanks off her apron and when Gideon talks about side-long apparating she hurries over to take ahold of his arm and gives a nod, "Right then, ready."

Elijah stands outside the Leaky Cauldron, cigarette already between his lips and shouts back into the door, "Well? What are you waiting for?" He taps his foot and peers aroundm examining every person and thing that comes inside his field of vision.

Gideon glowers at Elijah…which is largely indistinguishable from looking at Elijah. "Hogsmeade is it Scotland, Lovegood. We'll need to apparate…just the two of us." The last is directed at Elly, who seems all-too-ready for a side-along apparition. "This is Hit Wizard business, Elly."

Elly lofts up her eyebrows at Gideon, "Ye have a boy that's beaten by his Da and ye think he's not going to run at the very wif of either of ye? This here needs a woman's touch. Ye'll be there to protect me if anything goes wrong. But I can tell ye certain that what ye need on this is a Healer who knows Children who's not probably more manly looking than his Da that beats the tar out of him and made him run in the first place." She hugs his arm tighter, "I'm going. Side-long or on my own. Ye really don't think I know how to apparate to Harkiss Candy Shop?"

Elijah pops up behind the two of them, saying, in possibly the sternest, most serious voice he's ever used, "Elly. You know when you said people were intimidated by me and my line of work? Gideon and I are about to get to the point where it gets dangerous. We don't know who else is looking for this kid and we are sure as Hades not going to put your life in danger."

Gideon arches an eyebrow at Elijah. The nutjob is backing his play? Suddenly the wisdom of whether or not bring Elly is in question. "Look…I don't know that it'll be all that dangerous. But the fact is, Ogden will have our bollocks in a vise if we-…you know what? Forget it. You're coming with us. Grab hold, Elijah."

Elly lifts up her finger like a scolding mother at Elijah, "Don't ye start in on this too! I'm going, remember what else we talked about? Wider view. Using talents of those around ye. Ye have Oil and Vinegar…" She gestures to Eli on Oil and Gideon on Vinegar. Then herself, "Honey. Ye put together the proverb yourself. I'm going. I'm the answer to this riddle Inspector Lovegood, now grab hold. I can defend myself plenty well enough." She hugs Gideon's arm more tightly.

Elijah peers at Elly and says, "Who told you about my problem with conflagration!?" He peers over at Gideon and grumbles, taking hold of Elly's arm, saying, "I'm blaming it on you, Adamantus."

Gideon nods, apparently accepting Elijah's blame, and an instant later, there is a loud CRACK, and suddenly the world implodes, pushing in on itself, and there is a sensation of being squeezed through a straw.

East High Street, Hogsmeade

This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the eastern portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be. All of the buildings along High Street are very acute when it comes to their roofs. Each roof outfitted with one or more extremely tall brick chimneys that sometimes are twice the height as the actual building.

Elly blinks, "Adamantus?" *Pop* A second later in Hogsmeade - *Pop* gentle little blurp, "Adamantus?"

Elijah is instantly dizzy and stumbles around as the group gets to where they're going, "Great Scott! I hate that! I always have." He leans over, trying to keep himself from hurling, it seems.

Gideon furrows his brow at Elly, uncertain at what she's getting at. "What?" He shrugs and nudges Elijah's shoulder. "Pull yourself together. We've got work to do."

Elly asks curiously, "Is Gideon your first or last name?" She looks suddenly embarrassed that she's admitted to not knowing Gideon's actual name. He's always been just Gideon! From a pouch on her belt she pulls out a little vial that smells like mint and bends over to give it a wave under Elijah's nose. The contents when sniffed to give an immediate settling of post Apparation unwellness.

Elijah inhales deeply and stands up straight, dusting his jacket off and breathing a sigh of relief, "See? I told you I was famous, Gideon. People remember my name." He takes a few steps forward and has a look around.

Gideon spares a death glare for Elijah. It's no trouble, really. Elly gets a softer look. "My last name. Why would I put my first name after 'Inspector'?" He's a little shocked that she never put that together, but he has more important things on his mind. He starts striding down the street toward Harkiss' Candy shop.

Elly shrugs, "Don't some people?" In her mind it's a fluid thing, which name you'd pick to have people know you by. But she puts her hands out to try to halt them. "Gentlemen, if ye would wait and allow me to go first? I'm the bait, remember? He sees ye coming in glowering about, he'll know the gig is up and high tail it quick."

Elijah grumbles at Elly's orders and looks over at Gideon with a 'look what you did' kind of stare. He's soon remedied of his grumbliness as he spots a stray cat wandering the street and kneels down to call it over to him.

Gideon pinches the bridge of his nose. When did he go from harb-boiled detective to playing second fiddle to barmaids and lunatics? "Fine. But Lovegood was nae wrong. We dinnae fully know the trouble Dorian was in, or what he's gotten himself into since. The first sign of danger, you apparate out of there. Got it?"

Elly just gives a little nod and heads into the candy shop, just like she often does. A happy wave is given to Harkiss and his wife who are stocking the store before the first Hogsmeade Weekend hits. "Mister and Missus Harkiss! Good on ye dearies. Just here for a little sweet tooth satisfaction." She looks about the store hoping probably foolishly that the kid would be found with a pile of candy dipping it into the chocolate cauldron.

Elijah is always right. Especially about kitties! He idly scratches at the cats head as he watches Elly walk into the door, "It was a mistake bringing her here, Inspector. I'm not one to follow rules…but she doesn't belong here."

"You don't know Elly very well, Lovegood." Gideon shakes his head, watching the young lady through the shop window. "She'd have come whether we wanted her to or not. Better to make her an asset than an obstacle."

Inside the shop, Mrs. Harkiss bustles out and her jaw nearly hits the floor. "As my heart beats, is that you, Eloise Dooderidge?" The woman opens her arms to greet Elly with a warm embrace. "My goodness, aren't you a sight? Dear!" She calls to her husband, "Doesn't she just look like an angel? My goodness. Is it still Dooderidge? Surely some handsome, wealthy wizard has plucked you up by now."

Elijah looks up at Gideon and says, "It's still a ri-" Something catches the wizard's attention and he peers down at the ground, tilting his head at a peculiar set of footprints that seem to be going to the back door, "Adamantus, come here. Look." He points it out to his partner.

Gideon steps over to take a look, brushing his longcoat back and crouching down. He follows the trail of prints, nodding slowly. Rising, he beckons Elijah along, and steps quietly toward the back of the shop.

Elly was just trying to pick Gideon's pocket to get the picture of the boy when he wanders over to look at something. "No, I'm still looking. Looking for a sweet little man…" She holds her hand to about Dorian height. Shining black eyes." She frowns as she touches her face about her cheek in a sweeping circle pattern. Who loves his mum, and is a better man then his Dada. Ye seen anyone like that ye could introduce me to?"

Elijah stands up and brushes dirt off of his knees, taking a look around and following closely after Gideon with his head down and his hands stuffed into his jacket pockets. He presses an arm to Gideon's chest and kneels down next to the back door, checking around, saying, "Keep a look-out." He slides a lockpicking kit out of his coat and sets to work on the door. It takes him a few minutes to get it open, but it finally works. He turns the handle and jerks his head towards the door, "You first."

"Black eyes?" The candymaker's wife seems to catch her meaning, and her face is suddenly painted with worry. She shakes her head, "No, dear. I'm so sorry, I wish I had. I suppose he may have been about, but since the break-in we've been so distracted, I'm sure I could have missed him entirely." She gives Elly an apologetic frown, wringing her hands.

Gideon tilts his head at Elijah with a look of disbelief. "Alohomora," he says with notable sarcasm, enunciating the incantation for the Unlocking Charm as he goes to push the door open…but as soon as it starts to open, he pauses. "Wait…there was no locking charm on the door. Why isn't there a locking charm?" His brows knitting, his draws his wand, and steps inside, entering the back room where Harkiss creates his wondrous candies.

Elly continues to frown, she even gasps, "There's been a break-in? Gracious when did this happen? Is everyone alright? What was taken? Do ye think it could have been a tall man…" Her hand repeats the same low height of Darion. With piercing eyes?" She repeats the black eye gesture trying to get it across that her words are saying one thing rather on the boisterous side so the Hit Wizards can hear. "As far as my dream man is concerned. I don't blame ye for not remembering. But it's very important as ye can guess that I find him, and soon. Would ye please help me?"

Elijah raises an eyebrow at Gideon and says, "There's no fun in just waving a wand at everything, Gideon." He of course says this as he slides his wand out and has a look around, his cold eyes absorbing the scenery all at once. With a low voice he says, "See anything, Gid?"

Gideon scans the room. Though filled with various devices, mixers, molds, and machinery, it is fairly open. Without a word, Gideon nods toward a door leading to a storeroom, and he stands in position with his wand, waving his hand to shoo Elijah toward the door.

Mrs. Harkiss looks absolutely distraught now. "I'm so sorry, dear. I wish I could help. But don't you worry about us. It was just some stock that was taken. Nothing irreplaceable. Honestly, I'd say it was just some mischievous young devils up to no good."

Elly moves to open up her arms to wrap them around Mrs. Harkiss and give her a big loving squish. "Everything is going to be just fine. I have a couple of fine friends that can investigate the matter. They'd be happy to do it. Why I'm sure they'v heard about it and are looking into it right this second. Finest sort those two. Odd as Ulric's Malt Shop. But fine gents beneath it all. What candy got stolen? I hope it's not what I came here for."

Elijah nods and moves over to the storeroom door. He taps the wand lightly against the handle, causing a small light to flash and the handle to fall to the floor with a clang. Elijah just peers at Gideon with a 'what?' kinda look, then slides the door open with the back of his foot.

At first, there is nothing. Just a darkened storeroom filled with spare ingredients and boxes. Gideon directs his wand at the empty space, incanting, "Lumos liberatus," and a ball of light emerges from the tip of the wand, flying into the room and suddenly bursting with brilliance, illuminating the room.

Just then, one of the boxes of sugar squeals in surprise, and burps forth a dark-haired young boy, who tumbles out of the box, takes one look at Gideon, and scrambles frantically as fast and far away from the Hit Wizard as he can. He makes a bee-line for the door leading to the front part of the shop, where Elly and the Harkisses are conversing.

Elly steps away when Mrs. Harkiss is startled by the noise from the back. Elly for a split second tries to get a read on the Harkiss', to see if this is really a shock for them that the boy has probably been consisting on sugar for 11 days now. Elly waits till Dorian's down the Aisle some before stepping in the way, "Easy Dorian, easy! It's Elly, ye know old Elly now. No one's going to hurt ye, or Elly's jynx them solid. Now just calm down. Ye've had old Elly sick to death with worry." She opens her arms out to him, warm, welcoming and as Elly as ever.

Faced with this angelic creature offering succor, with the big scary man and the one with the crazy hair behind him, Dorian chooses the angel. Flying into Elly's arms, he clings tightly, sensing that here he is safe, here he can find comfort. But despite all he's been through, he does not cry.

Gideon steps in from the back room, wand lowered. He doesn't smile, but there is a softness; his version of utter relief. The boy is safe. The boy is safe. Nothing else matters right now. The boy is safe.

Elly shoots the boys in the back a look. They scared him half to death, just like she was afraid they'd do! Lucky she was hear to stop him from bolting again. She cuddles Dorian against her. Petting his hair and kissing the top of his head. Her gaze at Elijah is more 'so there' than it is at Gideon, after all it was Gid that relented and allowed her to come. "Here Dorian…" She pulls out a handful of money and places it in the boys hands. "Why don't ye go give this to Mr. and Mrs. Harkiss and apologize for sneaking into their stock, then we'll take ye back to the Cauldron and I'll make ye a nice warm cauldron cake exploding with caramel and cream. Just like ye like it, right?" She kisses the boy's unharmed cheek. Then ye can rest in a nice soft bed and ye can tell old Elly all about your adventure, aye?"

Gideon shakes his head. "Not back to London, Elly. Not yet. There's one place he'll be safer than at the Cauldron." He looks toward the shop's window, in the direction of the stately castle looming over the region.

Elly takes a deep breath and then beams at the boy, easily able to do what's best for the boy instead of doing what she'd like to do the most, which is snuggle him and take him back to the Leaky Cauldron and spoil him rotten. "Aye." She grins to Dorian and moves to scoop him up. "Did you know that every night for dessert Hogwart's Feast table is /filled/ with Harkiss Candy? Come on, I'll show you the trick to get into the Kitchen, ask for Dibbles. She's the sweetest House-Elf ye will ever meet."

Elijah spends the time that Elly and Gideon are discussing paying the people back and where the boy should go stuffing his pockets full of the candy that's littered around the back room. He quietly shows himself out of the door he came in and disappears down the street, a piece of taffy being munched on happily as he goes. Another job well done.

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