(1937-09-06) A Visit to the Library
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Summary: Simon stops in to the London Library to look for a book. Klio is filling in on the Muggle side, which is short-handed. Annie gets a special delivery. Somewhere in there, Simon actually checks out a book (and the librarians)!
Date: 09-06-1937
Location: London LIbrary
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Simon is almost never seen doing work. Today is no exception. The lieutenant wanders into the library and peers around, hands sliding into his pockets. At least he's actually wearing his uniform today and not a suit. That's an improvement. He twirls at his mustache and begins walking up and down the stacks, looking for something to flip through.

The hot and stormy weather has created quite the epidemic of Flu in several of the employees here. Annie whom usually works on this side has requested her friends help and thusly Klio has come out from the wizarding side of things and is having a bit of girl gossip time with Annie behind the front desk as they (mundanely) sort the books that have been turned in. "So… what did he 'say' then?" Klio is nice to say 'say' and not 'stammer'.

Standing a bit shorter than the green eyed librarian, Annie stifles a soft laugh. "He didn't really say that much. I think it was better for him.. easier.. keeping it short." She moves easily, well used to the routine of sorting through the books. It's actually something she very much likes doing, the repetition of it giving her time to set her mind wandering. Or have a bit of a chat. Her eyes clock the man in uniform, glancing around as she does in case anyone approaches the desk.

Simon pulls a book from the shelf and knocks some dust from the cover of it. He looks down at it and nods to himself. An eyebrow is raised and he does his best to eavesdrop on the conversation going on over at the desk. He offers that dashing smile of his to Klio to make-up for listening in on them and starts flipping through the book.

Klio gives a soft little smile to Annie, but when her attention is drawn by the flash of a smile all propriety returns. She gives Annie a 'we'll talk more later' glance before offering in a soft naturally whispery voice. "Can I help you find anything sir?"

The book pages whisper softly as Annie goes on with the task, letting Klio step up for the gentleman but keeping track of their conversation. While a typically sensible young woman, she's still just a young woman, and really, who doesn't fancy a man in uniform even a bit? He certainly cuts a fine figure, for an older man. Ah, girlish flights of fancy. The thought makes Annie smile, and she ducks her head at her own silliness.

Simon looks up from the book at the woman and says, "Oh, no. I'm just having a look around today." He holds up the copy of Les Miserables and says, "Thought I might read a bit about revolution." When the man speaks, it's with a cool, soft tone accented with a bit of his West Side posh upbringing.

Klio has a unique blend of posh scottish, welsh and the influence of living in London since she graduated in her tones as she ahhs softly and nods, "If you are looking for a more durable read, I would also suggest War and Peace? Annie, can you think of any suggestions for our soldier friend looking for a little rebellion in his life?" She knows her muggle books, but not the way Annie does.

Blue eyes raise, as does Annie's now tamed smile, first flashed at the soldier and then turning to light on Klio. "I was thinking War and Peace myself. It certainly is…. durable." On saying this she raises her hand, thumb and index fingers showing about three inches of space between them, indicating the book's thickness. "I'd be happy to fetch it for yeh," she offers helpfully, eyes back on Simon.

Simon 'mmm's and shakes his head, "Already read it, I'm afraid. I have no interest in re-reading the ramblings of a Russian." He taps the cover of the book in his hand, "I'll stick with this." He smiles to the two of them, obviously a man who knows what he wants.

Klio is married and has seen Annie's looks towards the soldier so she gestures towards Annie, "Very well, Annie will help you with the check out." Her movements are all very cool and proper but when she turns to face Annie she gives the younger woman a 'get'm!' little smile. Women of all blood purities have a secret language of facial expressions.

Annie colors lightly at the unspoken exchange from Klio, but she steps up easily, her smile more amused than predatory. One hand offers to relieve him of the book, as she asks quietly, "And do you have a borrower's card, sir?"

Simon hands the book off the Annie and leans against the counter, saying, "I'm afraid not, ma'am. Not very often that I come to a library. Though…now that I know the quality of workers around here, I might just show up more often."

Klio keeps her back to the two as they work on checking him out. A little smile at hearing the soldier's compliment. "Thank you for saying so." She replies only looking over her shoulder for a moment. Allowing Annie to take the greater portion of the compliment as Klio's sure that's how it was intended.

Again, that bit of color rises into Annie's cheeks, but she goes on smoothly. "Well," she says, stepping aside to open a drawer and take out a paper. "If you fill in a form," the paper is set down near a pen and inkwell, "I'll let yeh take it today." Her voice has lowered as if plotting with the man. "A man in service should never be denied enrichment of the mind." She smiles, showing her good humor.

Klio comes up to whisper to her friend, "Two out of three?"

Annie waits until Simon has stepped aside to fill in the form, and she turns at Klio's whisper. "Two out of three what?" She absently reaches up and pushes her hair back from her eyes.

Klio gives Annie a knowing little look and holds up three fingers and ticks them off, "The Ginger, The Cad, and now The Soldier." Though she looks very prim her eyes sparkle with friendly teasing delight. "Two out of three in under a week isn't bad. Are you wearing a new perfume?"

Annie laughs softly and waves a hand dismissively, "P'rhaps it's a full moon," she quips. She giggles again over "The Ginger, The Cad, and The Soldier. You always have such a way of saying things."

Klio stiffens regally at the compliment. "I do try." One of the clerks of a different part of the Library gives a soft *ahem*. "Miss Taylor. A package arrived for you in the back room." With that the clerk goes to vanish into the Occult Section.

A nod comes at the words, and Annie moves to step from behind the desk and follow. "I'm sure I won't be a tick," she says to Klio as she walks around and toward the occult section.

On the front desk of the Wizarding Portion of the Library is a package, a flat rectangle box that's about 11 inches by 8 inches and 2 inches thick. Covered in green parchment with a red piece of twine wrapped around it. In the knot of the twine is a little charm of a four leaf clover and another four leaf clover has been inked in the 'Return Address' spot of the package.

As Annie parts ways with the clerk she offers out a cheery, "Ta." Curiosity lights her eyes as she sees the package and steps up to it. Her fingers drift out to touch the charm lightly, before she lifts the package and steps aside to a table, out of the way, and lays it down. She plucks the knot out of the twine, studying the clover in her palm with a small smile on her lips. The charm is threaded back onto the twine for now, as she unbinds the wrapping to slip it away.

When the package is moved there is a wet sloshing inside. The paper is pulled away to reveal a shadow box frame. The frame itself could be familiar, celtic knot work carved into the dark wood, just like the jigsaw puzzled piece frames at the recently met photographer's residence. within the depths of the frame at the bottom is an inch high bit of concrete that's been pitted out towards the center and that pit is filled with murky water. Like a cross section of a puddle in the side walk. Magic has obviously been used because even though the water sloshes around, it does not splash over into the rest of the shadow box. Which is a good thing, because that wouldn't be very healthy for the three photographs that are mounted within.

The top left hand corner of the shadow box has a flapping piece of the end of the scarf that forced their introduction. The tassles of it tickle just above the moving picture of Annie climbing up the lamp post and tying it into a bow.
The middle picture that's set just over the sloshing puddle water is one of Annie doubling over in laughter with her foot in a puddle. The last picture on the right is a picture within a picture within a picture! A smaller wooden frame that's actually a door frame, the door swings open and shut often. At the base of the door picture frame ontop of the concrete a letter is angled with his address on the 'return to sender' spot.
The picture inside of the door is one of her looking over the pictures in wonder. Right where they were in real life is right beside her head, the picture of his parent. Perhaps notably acting differently than they were before, particularly his mother. Instead of waving at the Annie that's with her in the picture, she's waving at the Annie in the Library looking down at the shadow box.

It takes Annie a few moments to take in everything that comprises the gift that emerges from the wrapping. Her eyes linger on each detail in turn, fingers tracing lightly over the knotted frame, moving to lightly touch the piece of fabric and drift down until they brush over the return address on the envelope in the frame. "Cor…" she breathes lightly. This isn't just some picture thrown into a frame and sent along. It's amazing and leaves the young witch engrossed for several minutes. When she finally raises her head, it's to look around; but no, there's no shock of red hair visible anywhere.

There is a shock of red hair, but it's done up in a bun and belongs to Annie's co-worker. With a curious expression Klio comes over to Annie. "The soldier is taking his timing getting his form filled in. I suspect he may be stalling." She then peeks at what's distracted Annie so. "Was the package bad tidings?"

Annie steps aside readily so Klio can see the framed collage. "Quite the opposite," she replies, a delighted smile on her lips. "It's from The Ginger. They're of the day we met. That's his mum and da," the girl supplies. "Cor. It's just amazing."

Klio hmms in the way someone shrewdly viewing a piece of art for the first time would. "The composition is good. Certainly put a great deal of thought and effort forth. Hmm…there's no one in the picture of the picture." Sure enough Mrs. Moody has vanished from the picture and dragged her husband along with. "Do you think that's an attempt to spy on you?" She asks concerned that The Ginger might need to be renamed The Creeper. With her sense of romance, it's a wonder she ever got married. Of course, Annie's seen that she's a different woman around Michael. She goes from shrewd to adoringly happy in a blink.

A soft laugh comes from Annie, the opposite direction of their thoughts not as surprising to her as it once may have been. "He hardly seemed the masher type, Klio," she chides gently. "Though his mum may well report back that I've opened it. She seemed very keen on him having me in. Maybe he doesn't often." The young witch just can't stop smiling and re-examining every detail of the gift. "I don't know when I've ever gotten something this lovely."

Klio looks slightly apologetic, only slightly because she won't feel sorry for trying her best to look out for one of her only friends. "Perhaps he's trying to make up for his lack of communication skills. This does seem quite the effort. Though for now, there is The Soldier who is probably taking so very long in filling out his forms in hopes that it's you, not I, that further aides him in them." That's Klio speak for 'get back to work'.

An impish sparkle takes Annie's eye. "Aye mum," she says dutifully. Quickly the artwork is wrapped back up and Annie tucks it away in the staff room with her coat. As she returns she brushes her skirt down quickly with her hands, and accompanies Klio back to the Muggle side of the library.

Klio had left Simon to go fetch Annie after she deduced that Simon was perhaps taking his time with the paper work in order to deal with Annie and not the older married Librarian. So it is a few minutes later that Klio returns with Annie. Klio for her part simply returns to sorting the books with a pleasant enough shrewd smile towards the Lieutenant.

Annie trails close behind, her smile even more cheery than when she'd taken leave temporarily. She glances over to see how the soldier's progress goes, tucking back a fallen lock of hair absently with her hand.

Simon looks toward the back door and eyes the two of them. He's been leaning against the counter with the paperwork finished and tucked into his jacket pocket for some time. He smiles at them and says, "I thought I was going to have to call police to investigate where you two had run off to."

Klio gives one of those courtly sort of laughs. "We're well and fine no need to call the authorities." Her tone as playful as Klio can get which is still rather stiff with propriety.

Annie holds out her hand to take the form, "I am sorry to have kept yeh waiting. I'll get this sorted for you quick as a rabbit." It'll just take a minute or two for her to go through the necessary motions of checking the information is complete.

Simon smirks at Annie and slides his hands away into his pockets. He begins looking around again and smiles, "Lovely place, this is. Although, show me a library that isn't marvelous, and I'll take on the Krauts single-handedly."

Klio answers a bit grimly, "Try Germany." 'Filthy book burners.' is a strong opinionated undertone to her reply. "Soon they won't have need for libraries at all. Just Propoganda Galleries." She then realizes she's being an absolute kill joy, and ruining any pleasant first meeting The Soldier and Annie could have and looks a bit apologetic before excusing herself so she can take the books she's sorted to put them away on the shelves. This manually putting things back on the shelves is something new for the witch that usually sends the books to their homes with a wave of her wand.

A slender brow arches as no form is forthcoming, and Annie regards the man's smile for a moment. Her eyes slip to Klio, not unfamiliar nor out of agreement with her statement, and the other librarian's departure gives a moment of pause. Annie's attention returns to Simon and she says simply, "She loves books."

Simon slides the form from out of his breast pocket and unfolds it, handing it off to Annie. He turns back to look at Klio and says, "Well, me and the boys are damn well going to give them hell if they try to pull that around here." He straightens his jacket out and turns back to Annie with a nod.

Klio's voice manages to come some distance without being overly loud and disruptive. "You have my appreciation." Sort sort sort. Stack, sort, shift, slide, sort, shift, sort!

Stepping aside, Annie quickly scans the page, making sure everything is in order before she opens a ledger and makes a few quick notes. A date of return is jotted into the book itself, and the young woman offers it to Simon with a smile. "All ready, Lieutenant Moore. There should be a card for you by early next week. Shall we just hold it for your next visit, or would you like to be notified when it's ready?"

Simon smiles at her and happily takes the book, "Oh, I'm sure I'll be around. No need to bother the good people in the mail service." He offers her another smile and nods before turning to make his way out of the door.

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