(1937-09-07) Walking through the Park One Day
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Summary: A lovely evening at Hyde Park finds the paths of Jack, Annie and Hadrian crossing.
Date: 09-07-1937
Location: Hyde Park, London
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Hyde Park at sunset. It's busy, even for the time of year. Couples walk hand and hand down the paths, and others ride their bicycles along those same paths, avoiding the lovers. Jack sits upon the edge of a fountain, a cigarette in hand, his legs hanging off the edge. Dark eyes look over the expanse before him, his gaze flickering from couple to couple, and he exhales quietly, his jaw shifting to the side in thought..

Since it's such a lovely night, and the only thing waiting for her in Hogsmeade is an empty cottage, Annie put off going directly home after work and wandered over to the park instead. While she may be alone here, it's not /as/ alone as the cottage. She follows no set path, instead sort of just meandering here and there, stopping to pick an autumn flower. "Comin' through!" Annie skitters aside to barely miss getting run over by a young boy on a bicycle, and she laughs as a yelled "Sorry" drifts back, although he doesn't miss a beat in his furious pedaling.

Some people, it would seem, have been doing some kind of exercise, at least. Since Hadrian's making his way in from the part of the park where the Serpentine is, wearing a fresh set of clothing and looking like he's just been in the water or something like that. He's singing a bit softly to himself as he sidesteps one of those bicycles, heading in the general direction of that fountain where Jack has placed himself, without really knowing where he's walking.

Near accidents always gain attention, and Jack turns his lidded gaze around. He takes a drag off the cigarette and stubs it out with a finger such that he can relight it should he need to. Once it's out, he puts it back in the carton and looks to slide off the marble/granite ledge. "Oi.." but before anything else can escape, he catches the sight of Hadrian. His brows rise, and there's a rise in him that really makes him want to run over to gain an autograph. Quidditch! Better than footballers or rugby players.. and he has to squelch that whole side. But it's not easy..

Annie's attention drifts from the boy on the bike to the flower in her hand. She seems not to have heard Jack's voice, but spends a moment lost in thought. When she looks up, it's to see a familiar face about to pass by near her. Say hello? Well it's not likely he'd remember her, they've only met the once. Keep quiet then. No! Say hello! And the man is almost past her as she says, "Evenin', Mr. Higgs." She doesn't yell it, and in the general din of the park, her words might be missed entirely.

Hadrian continues with his singing for a little while, before he pauses, in the middle of one of the lines. Did someone mention his name? Turning to look around, he sees Annie, and offers her a bit of a nod and a smile. "Hello, Miss… Tyler, wasn't it? How are you on this fine evening?" Looking around for a few moments longer, he sees Jack as well, offering the man a bit of a nod, before he looks back to the woman now.

Jack frowns for a moment and considers the cigarette that he's just placed back into the box with the others, and he pulls it out again, and relights it, cupping a hand from the elements. Waving the match, he flicks it back into the fountain behind him before he slides off the ledge. His path is towards the quidditch player now, and he's got the cigarette pack out still. "Oi.." and he spares the glance for Annie before his attention comes back around, and he holds out the cigarette pack, "Might I?" … have an autograph..

It's a surprise to her that her name is remembered even that closely, and Annie supplies, "Taylor." Her head tilts back a bit as she smiles up at the tall man. "I'm very well, and yourself?" And then there were three. As Jack steps up Annie's eyes shift to him and her smile withers. It's not exactly a hostile look, and only lasts a moment before her attention turns away from him completely. She crosses her arms, sniffing the flower, and politely says nothing.

"That's good to hear, Miss Taylor," Hadrian offers with a bit of a smile, before he adds, "I'm rather well. It was a lovely evening for a swim," he offers, before he looks over to Jack as the man holds out the cigarette pack. "Thank you, but I don't smoke," he offers him after a few moments of pause.

Jack grins broadly at Annie's sniffed .. petulance at his presence before his attention moves to Hadrian fully, though he does cast the occasional glance towards the girl. Shaking his head, he sweeps his gaze down and back up again, his tones holding a chuckle, "S'good.. but I'm asking for your signature. Autograph. My da and I used to watch your games.."

Annie doesn't even spare another glance for the young man, bringing her eyes up from the flower to rest on the Quidditch player during the exchange between the two men. Oh, and there's a very cute little dog just over there, I wonder what kind it is. Maybe I'll get a cat. Her expression remains neutral and she lets her attention half drift.

Hadrian nods a bit as he hears the explanation, offering a bit of a grin. "That's something I can do. Got anything to write with?" he asks, before he adds, "And I hope you liked the games you saw, Mister…?" Waiting for the name now. He also looks over to Annie, offering her a bit of a smile.

"Dodderidge. Jack Dodderidge, Mister Higgs. Soon to be official 'Leading Aircraftsman'.. so," and Jack leans and pulls a fountainpen from an inside pocket. "But.. 'Jack' is fine, thanks." He grins broadly, and nods his head, "Was a good time, all said. You did some serious flyin' there. Thought a couple times you were a goner." Glancing towards Annie, dark eyes gleam with amusement at her fuss. Only hurts herself! (And makes him highly amused!)

Annie's attention comes back quickly enough as Hadrian's attention shifts, her lips curving to return his smile. It occurs to her that this must happen to him rather often and he's very graceful about it. He seems a rather nice man, no matter what the papers all said. Not that she looked him up after they met, even though it would have been easy at the library and all. Well, maybe she looked a bit. In her spare time.

"Leading Aircraftman?" Hadrian sounds a bit interested now. "Going to join the flying folks of the Muggle world?" Sounding a little curious, before he takes the offered pen, and writes down the signature now. Handing both the pen and the autograph back, he offers a bit of a smile. "It sure looked like that a few times, that's true. But there's nothing that can't be solved with good reflexes and an excellent pair of Beaters to protect you."

The information could have gone one way or the other, and Jack exhales after holding that breath in his throat. "Aieght.. goin' to go against the Jerries, if they don't put a halt to their nonsense." It's the only way he'd see flight, and he takes the cigarette pack and the pen back with a pleased grin. "Can't do aught.. what, wif a broom and such." It's a quick little interlude, however, and he returns to Hadrian's game prowess. "I was there when that damned game lasted a couple'a weeks. I swear, I don't know how you lot managed to keep playing. I was dead in the seats." He glances back to Annie, his brows rising before his eyes narrow. He knows the look, or imagines he does, as she looks at the famous (to him, to them?) player. "A bit'a good flyin'.." he follows up slowly and quietly.

The dimples remain in Annie's cheeks as the men have their exchange, and her eyes linger on the older of the pair. She even manages to hold that smile as she glances over to Jack, or at least a pleasant semblance of it, and then lets her gaze drift again. That wasn't so bad. She takes a deep breath of the cooling air, content to be patient and enjoy the evening.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that, unable to hold back a bit of a smile as he hears that part about the long game. "Yes, that was a hard one, I think I slept for a few days after it." Looking over to Annie again, he offers another smile. "How about you, Miss Taylor? Do you go to see any of the Quidditch games?"

Jack puts his pack of cigarettes back into a pocket before thrusting his hands into his pants pockets. "Don't blame you, not in the least," and the smile remains easy, dark eyes echoing the mirth. "Wanted to play when I was a tyke.." He chuckles and looks down, shaking his head. Dreams long past, laid out in front of a stranger- one that has really made a name for himself both on the pitch and off! As Hadrian calls out to Annie, the smile is brought around to her. "Yes, Miss Taylor," and the words come slowly, drawn out and enunciated, "Go to any of the games?"

Blue eyes pass over Jack, acknowledging but not lingering, and light on Hadrian's face. There's a slight apologetic note in her voice as she admits, "I've never been to a professional game, but I did play on the Ravenclaw team for a few years. I'm afraid I find it a bit more fun to play than it is to watch, although I don't hate being a spectator." Her shoulders rise and fall gently and, arms still folded, she lets the flower wave gently in the wind in her grasp.

Hadrian smiles a little bit, "Why didn't you do it, then?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. He then focuses on Annie again now, "Really? You haven't been to a professional game?" Nodding a bit at the rest of her words. "What position did you play?" he asks, sounding a bit curious.

At Hoggies, of course. Jack's head cants, dark eyes gleaming at Annie's 'confession' of her scholastic activities. "Uh huh.." He waits for the answer, his weight shifting from one foot to the other. He shakes his head quickly, and makes a *pop* sound with his lips, following it up with, "Never happen. S'why I'm flying with His Majesty's service." Which he is looking forward to..

Annie looks a bit shy about revealing, but she says, "Seeker. It worked out that, being a bit smallish, I wasn't bad at dodging around." Her smile does take a touch of humor, "Well, and the fact that it's not the safest place to be. I got put in infirmary more than once." A self depreciating laugh comes at recollection of this, and she thinks for the first time in a while how much it actually hurt to have the wind knocked out of you by a bad landing, or a bludger hit.

Hadrian grins a little bit as he hears that, "The best position, after all." Nodding a little bit at the mention of having been put in the infirmary. "Occupational hazard, that. Had a few of those trips myself, both back in school and later on." He nods a bit at Jack's words, offering him a grin. "Good luck with the flying there…"

Jack watches Annie as she hearkens back to school days, and he chuckles, easily imagining her laid flat by a particularly talented bludger. "Ah.." and he's got to make his apologies. "I.. should be off.." and he thumbs. "Thanks for the signature, and it was a pleasure, Mr. Higgs.." The smile draws broader, "I won't miss a game come the new season, unless I have no choice." A step back is taken, and he lifts a hand to tug at the brim of his hat towards Annie, "Looking lovely, as always.." and he turns to depart.

Annie inclines her head a measure at the compliment, even if she's not sure it's sincere. "Ta," she replies simply. Her eyes do linger on him now, no easily readable expression on her face. Attention returns to Hadrian, "Were you heading somewhere then?"

"I'm glad to hear that," Hadrian offers to Jack, with a bit of a smile. "I hope we will be able to bring you lots of entertainment. And you're welcome. Always glad to be able to make fans happy," he offers. "Take care." He pauses for a few moments at Annie's question, shrugging a little bit. "Nowhere in particular. I had been out for a bit of a swim, but aside from that, not really anywhere in particular."

Annie nods, and automatically reaches up to swipe a curl back from her face. "Same. It's such a lovely evenin' I didn't want to home straight away from work." Her grin returns and she asks, "How many broken bones then?" Seeker to Seeker.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that. "That's quite true," he offers, to the part about it being a lovely evening. At the other question, he grins a little bit. "Been quite a few. I guess I've lost count over the years. How about you?"

"I was lucky, I'm told," she says. "Six different ones, but one of them three times. I think a healthy dose of fear of the pain made me just that little bit quicker." Annie puts one hand on her ribs, "I tend to fancy breathing with nothing inside sticking at me." Ah, good times.

"Well, there's really nothing that motivates improvement like that as well as fear," Hadrian replies, with a bit of a chuckle. "And yes, breathing without anything like that sticking at you happens to be the most preferrable alternative."

Annie glances around, seeing the crowds thinning a bit as the evening grows later. Many of the families have left, getting the little ones safely tucked in for the night, and Annie's eyes return to Hadrian with something of a rueful cast. "I ought to be on my way home. It's been nice to see you again, Mr. Higgs," she says warmly.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that. "It was nice to see you again as well, Miss Taylor. And please, call me Hadrian," he offers, before he adds, "I hope we'll meet again."

"Annie then," she says, smiling. With a little wave of the flower she turns and continues on her way, away from the fountain. Her step is light, and she looks back briefly as she muses aloud, quietly, "Nice chap."

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