(1937-09-09) Shift Change
Details for Shift Change
Summary: Ranjali and Donner cross paths between shifts
Date: September 9, 1937
Location: Visitor's Tearoom, St Mungo's
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Visitor's Tearoom London
Sun Sep 09, 1937 ((Sun Sep 09 00:13:17 2012)) (F,3 NE - VT)

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and raining.

St. Mungo's Tearoom has been set up to be as relaxing and soothing a setting as possible. The walls are painted a soft pastel yellow reminiscent of buttercup blooms and the floor has a nice mosaic with butterflies of all colors and sizes gently drifting over a waving sea of grass. White wicker table and chair sets dot the middle area of the room, each and everyone of them decorated with crisp sky blue table cloths and a small vase with one ever-blooming flower cheerfully peeking out of it. Along the walls are white wicker sofas and loveseats supplied with a multitude of floral and sky blue cushions. The only exception to this is the small bar where one can order any kind of tea or coffee under the sun and even some varieties Muggles have never heard of. Regardless of the weather outside the two large picture windows in the room show a pastoral scene that's a perfect match to the mosaic on the floor and always provide the room with warm, soothing sunlight for illumination.

Contents: Donner Ranjali

Exits: [O] Condemned Store / St. Mung

After a particularly long shift downstairs, Ranjali decided to take a short break in the tea shop before heading home for the night. She slipped into the shop in her usual quiet way, smiling politely and nodding to a few of the visitors on her way to the bar to order a pot of Lady Londonberry tea. Tea ordered, she now searches for a place to sit, fingers tapping idly against the book tucked under one arm.

Donner's shift ended hours ago, but he appears to not have moved since then. He is entrenched at one of the wicker tables with a large book, opened to a chapter at the beginning. One tea cup is letting off grey-blue steam, another sits empty next to it. The young man is taking notes from the book on to a long scroll of parchment in a small, neat hand. He does not look up when Ranjali enters the tea shop; he is oblivious to anyone else in the room.

Ranjali notes the two cups with curiosity, at first deciding to leave Donner to his solitude. But a quick glance around assures her that there is no other table free that isn't surrounded by guests and patients. So, once her tea is handed to her across the bar, she steps over next to Donner and asks quietly, "Do you mind? I won't bother you if you'd rather read, this just looks like the only quiet spot."

Donner starts with a jerk that strikes out the line he's just written. His brows instantly go down in a scowl, but with a deliberate action he smoothes it into an expression that perhaps "pleasant" is too generous a description, but "polite neutrality" might fit, if one is giving the benefit of the doubt. "Fine," Donner says, belatedly gesturing towards the empty chair to make an actual invitation more than just a nicety. He evens scoots his materials so they are all on one half of the table.

Ranjali nods her thanks and steeles into a free chair, a tiny pause the only reaction to his curt answer. "This isn't somewhere I would expect to find you for any length of time." She says softly while pouring her tea, "Perhaps you had a date?" She glances at the empty cup.

"A date? What- no!" Donner is confused, and slightly terrified, by the idea. "No, that, I just- I just finished that one." He frowns suddenly and looks at his pocket watch. "Oh, I guess I lost track of time. I only meant to sit down for a little while." His tone carries a note of apology and he nervously ruffles the page corners. "Em, long shift?" Donner says , a forced attempt at small talk.

Smiling in amusement, Ranjali nods. "Quite. Nearly a whole team of amateur quidditch players were brought in after breaking into a jinxing fight during practice." There's a small sigh of residual annoyance, "it was quite a mess."

"Oooh, lucky," Donner says with all seriousness. "I do love quidditch injuries. Nothing breaks a bone like a bludger, don't you think?" He chews a thumbnail thoughtfully. "Ah, well, since it is so late, I better get home. I'm on call tomorrow." He hurridly stands up with a swish of his wand sends his things into a satchel tucked under the table. "It was good to see you," Donner says with a tight smile.

Ranjali's amused smile remains in place, "Indeed." She makes no other comment on her opinion of quidditch injuries, instead nodding as he gets up, "Thank you again for allowing me to intrude on your privacy. Have a good evening." She opens her book then, picking up her tea for a sip.

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