(1937-09-09) The Art of Creation
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Summary: A heated exchange about the intelligence of wizard creations sparks in the workshop.
Date: September 9, 1937
Location: Workshop, Hogwarts
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The door to the workshop swings open with a reluctant groan, making way for the small form of one Hephaesta Mulciber. Wearing Ravenclaw robes and a pair of very fancy spectacles, she hauls in a wooden box full of spare parts and doodads. Perched on the edge of the box, clicking and whirring an approximation of a "hoot," is a clockwork owl, as animated and lively as any living bird.

Tiffany doesn't actually need to be in the workshop at this point, She's not putting together machinery nor crafting any spells. The atmosphere of the place just seems conducive to thinking though. Perhaps it's the smell of charred wood from spells that failed catastrophically in the past, or maybe it's just the quiet, something about it just speaks to her. She sits, at one of the work benches, adorned school hat planted firmly on her head as her hand moves slowly over a piece of parchment. A couple more lay on the table next to her as well as a couple of books, open for reference. When the door to the workshop opens, she looks up momentarily to regard the shape silhouetted in the light from outside. "Hello." She says politely to the shape, only after recognizing it to be an older housemate.

Hephaesta sets the crate down on a table with a *THUNK* that echoes through the room. "Sorry," she whispers, as if this were a library, but she does give the younger girl a little wave. The mechanical owl twists its head to peer at Tiffany, which draws Hephaesta's attention as well, and her curiosity piques. "What are you working on?" she asks, still whispering.

Tiffany gives Hephaesta a look of incomprehension for a moment before tucking the quill she's using back into her school hat, narrowly avoiding sticking a yellow toad perched on the brim. "Hmm? Oh, it's ok." She says her gaze wandering from the box, to the owl. "Just enorcisms." She answers vaguely, "I love your owl. " Her eyes shift back to the crate, "Are you going to make another one?"

The owl sits upright as if in sudden surprise, earning a giggle from Hephaesta. "Don't worry, Gizmo. I'm not replacing you." She shakes her head at Tiffany, explaining. "I'm just trying to calibrate his homing mechanisms. I have to be sure they'll work before I test him on a long flight." As she speaks, she removes a variety of parts and tools from the crate.

Tiffany hops out of her seat, interest poring off her at the owls reaction to her statement. "Oh it can think for itself? How did you do that? Is it transfiguration, or machinery, or charms?" She edges closer to the older girl, "Or did you take the brain out of a real owl and house it in the mechanical one? It would be a great thing to do once your body died. I wonder if a human could figure out how to operate a birds body." Her tangent is brought back into line a little with the mention of calibration. "Oh, so it's mechanical then?"

Hephaesta giggles softly at Tiffany's questions. "It's a little of everything, but mostly artifice and charms. He's about as smart as a real owl, though he doesn't always act like one." She sits down, beckoning Gizmo closer so she can pick him up and lay him on his side. Taking her tools to him, she removes a few pieces from his back, exposing an extremely complex system of machinery within. She adjusts her goggles, fiddling with a dial on the side, and peers into the webwork of metal. "I'm Hephaesta Mulciber. You're Mordero, right?"

Tiffany edges closer to take a look into its mechanical interiors. "Oh, so it's a kind of thaumaturgical machina. Did you build it all by yourself?" Some people might ask why both making a clockwork owl when the real things already exist, work just fine, and are relatively cheap. No one likes those kind of people. "Tiffany Mordero, yes, and Hephaesta, like the god? I've also met a girl named after the Greek moon goddess. My name goes back to Grease, too, and the feast of Theophania." Her tangent growing with each sentence. "But that's a Christian celebration."

Hephaesta carefully removes a few pieces, examining them closely through her goggles, which give her own eyes an owl-like appearance. "I had a little help with some design ideas over the summer when I apprenticed at MacCurry Manufacturing." There is a touch of pride in her voice. "But I built him myself. He's a prototype, of course. If I get everything right, I'll bet I could replace real post owls entirely."

"Could it?" Tiffany asks, watching over the girls shoulder, fascinated as much by the art of the machinery as the engineering skill, "He'd have to fly really fast for that. Unless you find a way for him to time travel, then there could be multiple version of him existing at the same time." Tiffany says, combining that statement with the earlier one about not making another one. "Time travel could make the deliveries really fast I suppose. Of course, it might not be a good idea to have the person receive the letter before it was sent, but you could make it a close run thing."

Hephaesta stiffens suddenly, staring outward at nothing in particular. "Time travel? I hadn't though of that." But she shakes her head, "That sort of thing is way beyond me…for now. Anyhow, he can't fly faster, but I'm pretty sure he can fly longer. He doesn't need to rest like a regular owl would. Plus…look at this." Phae grins and turns Gizmo over, prying open a panel on the owl's chest. Where Tiffany may have expected to see more gears and pistons, there is nothing; just an empty black space. "He can carry much bigger and heavier loads, too."

Est saunters into the workshop, a canvas duffle bag slung over his shoulder. "Hello, ladies," he greets with a smile, "how are you this fine time of day?" The Hufflepuff shifts his bag to a workstation a fair distance away from Tiffany and Hephaesta, you never sat too close to someone working here if you had other options.

Gabrielle will quietly walk into the room, looking behind her, almost like she's trying to sneak in. She has her hair pulled back, and a small stack of books in her hands(one is obviously a sketch book).Her right forearm is smudged with ink. Her books all look….worn, with little pieces of paper sticking out of them

Tiffany it's her head to see, so much so that her ear ends up flat on the table to look inside. The corner of her hat bends ups sharply, only her hat pins and wand keeping it on her head. The Toad, croaks in irritation as it struggles not to fall off. "Using the Undetectable Extension Charm, and hover charms?" She asks, "Think you're still going to have trouble. Wizards still use scrolls and quills, big into tradition." She straightens back up. "You could also fill it full of explosives, of course, a flying machine full of explosives wouldn't be that useful. If you could make a mechanical mole or something, you could fill that with explosives and use it for mining…" She cuts off when a another student enters, "Hello."

Hephaesta sighs, shaking her head. "Everyone said Muggle machines and wizards couldn't mix. Well, last year Minister Gambol proved everyone wrong with the Hogwarts Express. This is the perfect time for this sort of thing. If I can just get it working right…" Gizmo lets out a clickity-click of objection to the notion that he doesn't work right. At the entrance of Est, she looks up, eyes magnified through her goggles. "Hullo." When Gabrielle comes in not long after him, Phae bites her lip nervously, but offers a little wave to her.

"A flying machine is plenty useful," Est says, conversationally. Of course he was eavesdropping, Est assumes anything said outloud is an invitation for his wise and valued opinion. Even if it is given in a voice like a dying rat. "Wizards like flying all over the place. Or you could use it as a signal," he adds. "Though explosives are somewhat overkill for that." As he speaks, the Hufflepuff takes out several wooden planks of varying shapes and sizes from his bag and lays them out on the table in a way that suggests they will form together as a box.

Gabrielle 's eyes will widen for a moment, then shift over to the bird.She does not acknowledge Heph's smile, but it's prolly due to the fact that she's not looked at anyone or anything else sense she's walked in. She'll take a seat, nearest the door, where she can face the group with the owl. she will slowly pull out a book and flip it open, but doesn't seem to be actually looking at it, as it's upside down .

Tiffany nods slowly, not terribly convinced. "But, if you're going to modernize, why not make a flue network package delivery system? Or a box that apparatus right to its recipient, like a port key?" She asks. She looks up as Est speaks up, "A signal…? Or as a firework delivery system I guess. It could be expensive if the bird is lost in the process. Does Gizmo cost much to make?"

"Because that's no fun at all," Hephaesta replies. "Besides, tranport magic doesn't work like that. You'd need a wizard to use all of those methods, delivering things personally. We can already do that," she says in that tone children use to suggest such things should be obvious. "Besides, who wouldn't want a clockwork owl?" She gives Gizmo a grin as the little machine chirps in approval.

There wasn't any real destination in mind when Gage slipped into the workshop. It was actually just the most convenient at the time. But the youth only starts to step further in when he freezes, frowning as he notices the room already occupied. Without a word he starts to turn to leave, hoping no one notices, but upon noticing a certain face he stops. Gage bites his lower lip as he locks his dark blue eyes on Tiffany, shifting uncomfortably on his feet. Then he hears something spoken and he looks to Hephaesta. "Who wouldn't want an actual owl?" His input surprises even himself as he hangs back at the door.

Est slides the sides of the box into grooves on the base. In fact all of the pieces are made to fit neatly together and when he's done a stroke of his wand erases the seams. "I am with our Ravenclaw companion, I am much in favor of the intuition of owls. A wizard is smarter than a painting."

Gabrielle 's head will snap up when Est talks,"What? Why would you say that?" she sounds almost insulted.

"It is pretty." Tiffany admits, both the clockwork and the modeling itself. Her attention is once more pulled away from the owl when a familiar voice speaks, "Oh, hi Plum. Are you here to help me figure out how to enorcise a ghost?"

Hephaesta rolls her eyes, which looks truly comical when they are magnified. "Living owls poop everywhere. They need to be fed. They get tired. Gizmo doesn't have to worry about any of that," she states defensively, "And he's already as smart as an owl. Any intuition he doesn't have can be developed. He's still an early version." She gives Tiffany a grateful smile for the compliment.

Gage looks onto Tiffany when she notices him, but it takes a long, silent stare before he says anything. Glancing shortly at everyone else in the room, and then back to Tiffany, he finally relents, curiosity getting the better of him. "Do what a ghost?" There's a look of annoyance as he shoots a look back onto Hephaesta, and he snorts. "It's called taking care of them," he says in a low, grumpy response. "They're more fun when they're alive." He shifts and looks to the wall.

"Well I am, aren't I?" Est looks will give you interesting, but I do not know I'll agree to 'fun,'" says Est, who has been bitten by a temperamental owl more than once in his life.

"Well I am, aren't I?" Est looks confused and disproportionally upset that he's offended someone. "I mean, we have a picture of my Uncle James at home, and he only ate a dragon egg once and the painting never shuts up about it. Although, he was rather fond of that story when he was alive… he had it with hollendaise sauce." He taps the little wooden box rhythmically with his wand. It almost sounds like the beat to a popular Wireless song. "I will give you interesting, but I do not know I'll agree to 'fun,'" says Est on the subject of owls, who has been bitten by a temperamental owl more than once in his life.

Gabrielle cheeks will flush slightly, she's obviously not ok with Est's explanation."He probably only talks to you about the egg because it's all your family cares about!"she'll slam her book closed."Do you know how lucky you are to have that?" She's not very clear on what part is lucky. "Hephaesta!Don't make bombs!" she's not so much yelling at her as mortified that it was even suggested. She'll quickly start gathering her books, all mismatched and threatening to fall out of her hands.

"Enorcise, opposite of exorcise. Bind a ghost to something. I was thinking one of the enchanted suits of armor. To try to figure out Spirit binding." Tiffany explains to Gage, aka, Plum, aka, Mr. Tree. "We'll need to find a volunteer to try it on. Since they can't really die again, it probably won't be hard to find one." Having been diverted to a different topic, she's completely forgotten anyone else was in the room, and what was being talked about before. So the sudden shouting takes her completely by surprise, "Who has a bomb?"

Hephaesta grumbles, shaking her head. "There's no bomb. I'm not making bombs, Gabrielle. I would never." Flustered and overwhelmed, she starts packing up her box. "I…have to go," she says apologetically to Tiffany. Allowing Gizmo to hop up onto the edge of the box again, she lifts it and starts for the door, shooting a disapproving look toward Gage on her way.

"I care about more than eggs for breakfast," Est squeeks. His whole being radiates waves of forlornment as he watches Gabrielle, shoulders slumped, arms limp. "No, wait, it's not like that!" He springs from his station and rushes over to Gabrielle, laying a hand on her books in an attempt to get her to slow down and listen to him. "We value him, honest! My favorite uncle! I mean it's still hanging up, isn't it?"

Gage stares silently at the wall until the shouting starts. Eyebrows furrowed, he looks toward Gabrielle without a word, a silent question in his eyes as he looks to Est. Then his dark blue eyes are back on Tiffany, staring at her. Okay - no more questions for her until later. A quick look is given to Hephaesta and then away, stepping aside from the door so that she can pass.

Gabrielle 's hands will slip as soon as Est tries to stop her and her books go flying to the ground, little scraps of paper flying up from the pages.It's clear they are all small sketches and doodles."Oh!" She sounds more upset than angry at this point,"I knew I should have stayed in the dorm!" she'll bend down to start trying to gather everything in a pile.

Tiffany gives Hephaesta a confused look, as if she momentarily forgot who she was before nodding. The general increase in volume in the room seems to have flustered her. Even the Yellow toad on her hat crawls around the brim to hide amongst the feathers of the quills suck into her hat. "The uncle has Painted Egg bombs?" So many heated emotions, she's lost.

Hephaesta gives Gabrielle a sympathetic look, but slows only for a moment before slipping out.

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