(1937-09-09) The Natrix Opening
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Summary: The Natrix Dance Hall has its grand opening, attracting wizards and Muggles alike.
Date: September 9, 1937
Location: The Natrix Dance Hall
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The Natrix Dance Hall, London

Formerly a restaurant and bar alone since 1850, this building has been remodeled and updated to also include a large dance floor and bandstand and stage. The restaurant still lives in that the white linen draped round tables positioned around the dance floor are catered to the best Saltimbocca dishes in England. The other regular Italian food fare is also deliciously found on the menus in the center of the table that are crystal plaques engraved and frosted so the lettering sparkles in the dim light making the script easier to read. Silver is used liberal in the decoration, the table legs, the chair legs and backs besides the green tapestry cushions are all silver. The styling beyond that is all very modern art deco. Greens and silvers prevailing. The live orchestra always always has a finger on the pulse of the crowd, they pick up tempo or slow things down with amazing empathy.

Spotlights whirl and spin and illuminate the overcast London summer night. The live band can heard from the stage inside, and if the lights didn't draw people, the music does! Wolfgang Montague, who's quite the hot ticket on the airwaves both Muggle and Wizard has taken his Grandfather's famous Italian Restaurant and given it his own spin as a Nightclub and Dance Hall. The sidewalk is packed and goons that look like they might be part giant and or troll blood is working the front door. Green velvet ropes and silver posts zig-zag along the sidewalk in a maze that keeps the line organized. Through the art deco glass doorway is Wolfgang himself stationed by the Host/Hostess Podium greeting everyone that makes it past the goons inside. He reaches for hands, gives hugs, poses for pictures and looks to be enjoying himself as his dream is coming true before his eyes. "Welcome. Welcome. Hey hey, Maggie, see that my very good friend here gets a close seat to the dance floor." He winks to 'his friend' "Tear it up tonight."

Lights, music, what's not for a young witch to enjoy? Josefa has turned out in a red dress, her curled hair pinned back neatly and her makeup perfect. She looks quite proper and lovely as she makes her way into the club from the line. Inside it's loud, and both bright and dark at the same time. Quite a bit different than the Muggle Liaison is used to. She hesitates briefly, overwhelmed, and then braces herself and steps forward boldly.

Audrey Taylor, the rising starlet of stage and song, sits in her dressing room, the orchestra's swing number booming through the walls. Applying a few final touches of eyeliner, she speaks to the lightbulb-rimmed mirror. "Every eye is on you. They love you. You're a star." She takes a deep breath, rising as she repeats, "You're a star." Casting off her robe, she glides over to a rack of gowns, fingering through the rows of elegant, sequined cloth.

It has been a very, very long time since Ranjali has gone out like this. It took another healer from St. Mungo's wearing her down all month to accompany her before she'd even been willing to consider the idea. Now that she's here though, the excitement is starting to catch on, and she's even smiling with delight at the music and the lights. Nervously adjusting her deep blue saree, which she is still hesitant about wearing, she stands in line with her coworker, letting the woman jabber excitedly away with some wizard next to her.

Simon steps in through the door with nary a fuss. No doorman in their right mind would dare refuse entrance to a member of the military. Especially not one as well put together as Simon. He approaches Wolfgang and gives the man a polite greeting and a firm handshake before disregarding the man completely and making a B-line to the bar where he orders up a Jack and coke, turning his attention toward the stage with the natural smirk resting on his lips.

Wolfgang's goons most /definitely/ let Josefa by with a 'how you doin' smile and a little doorman bow as one of them even is gentlemanly enough to open up the door for the young witch. When Josefa is by him he gives a musical little whistle a few notes of 'It Don't Mean a Thing'. This seem to be a signal of some sort as Wolfgang turns his attention to the door and is all charm and turning on his best warm and welcoming greeting towards Josefa who he steps up to shake hands with to greet her.

"Welcome, you look amazing tonight. So swinging for you to come. I'm Wolfgang Montague, welcome to the Natrix, if there is anything at all that I can do to make your visit even more delightful, you don't hesitate Doll." He snaps his fingers a few times and the Host comes forward and gestures to lead Josefa to one of the tables by the dance floor. So when the pictures start getting taken, it'll be a picture filled with pretty dames and dashing gents.

The Goons seem to be up for allowing Ranjali in, but the fellow that her Healer friend is chatting with doesn't seem to make their cut and meaty hands bar the way for his entrance and gesture for the ladies to make their way in.

Josefa smiles prettily at Wolfgang, a wee bit flustered to have the attention of such a good looking man. "Oh, it's nice to meet you, Mister Montague. Jo Loucks," she adds, remembering to give her name in return. And then she's being led away towards the tables. She claims one and gets a drink for herself and then settles back.

Audrey lingers backstage, peering out through the curtains at the gathering crowd. A broad grin stretches across her features. What an opening night this will be. "There had better be some reporters out there," she mumbles.

While her coworker says her goodbyes to the wizard, Ranjali nods her thanks to the goons and slips inside. Leaving her friend to her own devices, she too heads to the bar, where she orders a glass of red currant rum before turning to look around with fascination.

Simon happily accepts his drink and takes a sip, peering out at the surroundings over the rim of his glass. He spies Josefa and eyes her for a moment as she talks to Wolfgang. There's something about that guy that Simon doesn't like. Too nice.

Wolfgang sneaks in a kiss to Josefa's knuckles, looking up into her eyes with a sly little smile, "Enjoy, Miss Jo Loucks. I hope you might reserve a dance for me at some point tonight." Then he's looking towards the doors again and spots the woman in the sari enter and he gives her a smile and a nod of the head, "Welcome, have a good time tonight." Is all he's able to offer before a younger woman is entangling her arms around his neck and yanking him down to her height to kiss his cheek and pose for a picture with her.

Within the club waiters are bringing out trays of delicious Italian hor dourves. These little treats are on the house and are to give people a sample of some of the better house specials. A menu is in the middle of every table. It's a good thing Wolf had that one person before sitting close to the dance floor because they are already on the dancefloor 'tearing it up' as instructed by Wolfgang.

Josefa notices Simon looking at her from by the bar and offers him a smile, the sort of smile a woman might give a man she finds visually pleasing and wouldn't mind making the acquaintance of.

Ranjali chuckles as Wolfgang is assaulted, and nods politely on her way past him. She's still looking quite amused when her drink arrives. The passing offerings are accepted with nods of thanks to the waiters. She spots Josefa as well, and gives the woman a thoughtful glance, as though she finds her familiar somehow.

Simon flashes a smile to Josefa and gestures her over to him with a jerk of his head. He turns around and spies the bartender, ordering a drink for the lady for when she arrives.

The club is filling up and the sidewalk is emptying out. As Wolfgang makes his way through the club towards the stage he is jiving and snapping. Snapping his fingers along to the music until he gets to the dancefloor. Once he gets there it's either well planned out, or it's just Wolfgang proving to be one smooth criminal. He stroll-dances down the middle of the dancefloor and nearly every woman that he passes by gets swept up for a few moments of swing dancing, before he'll flip them up over his head, or slide them down his side and outstretched leg. Seamlessly and without missing a beat he returns the girls he dances with to their previous partner as he continues to moves on. Then once within a few feet of the stage he starts to make a dance like rush for it, ending it in a nearly gymnastic leap up onto the stage before he steps up to the microphone. "Welcome and thank you for coming one and all, to the first opening night of the Natrix Club!" Pause for fanfare. "Now, I have the distinct honor and privilege to give to you, London's very own Luck Star on the rise, Miss Audrey Taylor!" He claps and is grinning as he turns to the side of the stage to reach out a hand towards Audrey waiting in the wings.

Josefa rises from her seat, which was a very boring place to be anyway, and heads towards the bar to join Simon. "Hello," she greets, trying to be heard over the noise. Her attention turns politely when the club owner grabs the microphone and claps with everyone else when is appropriate. "This is sure swell, isn't it?" she adds enthusiastically.

Suddenly, the lights over the stage and dance floor go dark, with only two spotlights remaining — one on Wolfgang, and the other at the edge of the stage. In this darkness, over the dull murmurings from the crowd, a sultry voice rings out in song, soon joined by the band in a slow bluesy tune: "You had plenty money, 1922…You let other women make a fool of you…" The blonde-haired starlet finally appears, a sparkling silver gown clinging to her form and daringly baring her shoulders. The spotlight follows her as she crosses the stage toward Wolfgang. "Why don't you do right…like some other men do?" The lazy strumming of a bass trails her footsteps over to the club owner, upon whose chest she places a gloved hand, and then playfully shoves away. "Get out of here…get me some money too."

Ranjali claps, her face showing that she's enjoying all of this immensely, despite her intentions. She's smiling and generally just enjoying the show when Audrey steps onto the stage. That's when she goes very still, her eyes glued to the starlet, her lips forming a tiny 'o' of surprise. She may have heard some of Audrey's music and seen her picture in the papers, but seeing and hearing her in person is quite a different thing altogether.


Wolfgang gives a look to the audience like he's been touched by an angel, looking crushed when he's shoved. Theatrically he spins and smoothly goes to his knees and spins the rest of the way to face her once again and his empty hand flicks up and a fan of pounds appears in his hand and he fans himself a moment before offering the money up to the Starlet. Staying on one knee his other foot is used to smoothly slide himself after her the next verse has him rising up to stand a little behind her as he pulls out a necklace from his sleeve that is something that belongs on the Queen of England's neck in all the glittering diamonds and emeralds that he moves to fasten about her swan like neck and slowly moves in to kiss her cheek. All apart of the act.

Simon smiles at the woman and offers her the dry martini that he had ordered, "Indeed." He perks up as the club owner starts addressing everyone and offers a slow clap at the announcement that Audrey Taylor will be performing, though he fights the urge to say 'Who?' His attention returns to Josefa and he says, "So, you're from around here?" He'll half-listen to her while watching the performance.

Josefa takes the offered drink with a smile. "What a gentleman," she says with a laugh, taking the martini and raising it up in a light toast to him. "I love Audrey Taylor," she confides to the handsome man beside her, and quiets somewhat to listen. Of course, the show on stage is a bit cheesy and she finds a moment to reply, "I just moved into town to be closer to work. I grew up in Ireland."

Audrey takes the stack of money from Wolfgang, then casually tosses it over her shoulder, letting it flutter to the stage behind her. She struts in circles around him, trailing her fingers along his shoulders as she continues to sing: "You're sittin' there and wonderin' what it's all about…You ain't got no money, they will put you out…" She leans back into him as he clasps the necklace, her hand caressing his cheek. "Why don't you do right, like some other men do?" But it isn't to be, and she pulls away before he can land the kiss. "Get out of here, get me some money too…"

Ranjali watches the performance as though to look away would be painful. Her hand flutters to her throat as Wolfgang places the necklace around Audrey's, and she even smiles a little in amusement as he is continually pushed away. Mostly, though, her focus remains on the singer, her eyes shining with the light of a brand new fan.

Wolfgang looks crushed and he puts his hands up over his heart as if to protect it from being broken. Stumbling back he comes to rest with his back against the side of the stage, allowing Audrey the spotlight. The man can give a good snap to the music though as his head moves to the music and his arm sways as it ends in a snap. He is obviously a fan of the woman himself.

Simon takes a sip from his cocktail and says, quiet enough for it to stay between him and Josefa, "I've actually never heard of her. Paperwork tends to keep me away from who's the latest sensation where." He smirks at the little show and says, "Silly boy. He's going at it all wrong. He's supposed to buy her a drink first." That devilish smirk remains well-rooted on his lips as he says that.

Audrey descends the steps from the stage, mingling with the nearest members of the audience. "If you had prepared twenty years ago…" Audrey croons, pointing to several captivated young men in turn, "You wouldn't be a-wanderin' from door to door…" Walking behind one of the men, she turns around, pressing her back against his, and slowly sliding down against him, accentuating her curves in that painted-on dress. "Why don't you do right, like some other men do?…Get out of here, get me some money too…" Slowly she rises up, pushing the slack-jawed man gently away as she tells him to get out of here.

Josefa chuckles at Simon. "Oh, is that your game then?" she teases, sipping her martini. "What kind of paperwork are you filing that keeps your head so buried?"

Wolfgang mills off of the stage himself when Audrey steps down, he however goes the opposite direction she does and does as all good hosts do and check on his guests.

Simon smirks at Josefa and says, "It seems you've found me out. A pity. I had so many more lines to try." He smirks and sets his empty glass down on the bar, twirling it around idly as he says, "Oh, I'm a Lieutenant in His Majesty's Army. Lots of paperwork comes with being in charge."

Blowing a few kisses toward the crowd, one of them even sent in Ranjali's general direction, Audrey ascends the stage once more. "I fell for your jivin' and I took you in…Now all you got to offer me's a drink of gin." She waves a hand dismissively toward no one in particular. "Why don't you do right, like some other men do? Get out of here, get me some money too." Keeping her back to the crowd — showing off her bare shoulders and figure — she turns her head in profile as she belts out the last lines of the song: "Why don't you do riiiight…" Beat, and the music stops. "Like some other meeeen…doooooooo…" And the music picks up to carry her out as the curtain drops, hiding her from view.

Ranjali nearly faints in her seat, watching Audrey's flirtatious antics. Her father would have called that entire performance utterly indecent. Ranjali, however, couldn't have loved it more. Her cheeks flush nearly scarlet at the blown kiss, and though she wants so very much to look shyly away, she waits until the curtain has touched the floor before turning her attention to her drink and sighing dreamily.

The slicked back locks of the Redheaded Irish Photojournalist from the Daily Prophet moves to get on the dance floor to get just the right angle of the final note. Waiting for her to be done and just before the curtains close Tim Moody catching the Starlet basking in the fanfare with a flash and a soft *pop* from his flashbulb. Then he rather vanishes when the dance floor is swarmed as the lights come back up and the band starts up a very lively song.

Josefa laughs. "Perhaps you'll have time to try a few more," looks pleasantly vacant when Simon announces his rank. "I admit that doesn't mean much to me." Her face is rather apologetic. "Lieutenant is a high rank?"

The door to the outside world opens, and a tall, thin man walks in from the drizzle. He stands in the doorframe briefly to allow his eyes to adjust, then heads immediately towards the bar, his eyes briefly flitting to Audrey as she finishes up her act. Smiling crookedly, he claps his hands together enthusiastically, then orders a vodka martini when he gets the attention of the tender.

Josefa laughs. "Perhaps you'll have time to try a few more on me or somebody else tonight." Another sip of her martini is taken as he tells her what he does and then looks pleasantly vacant when Simon announces his rank. "I admit that doesn't mean much to me." Her face is rather apologetic. "Lieutenant is a high rank?"

Wolfgang slides up with an nod to the bartender. "Tony, little bit of liquid courage." He notes the couple at the bar next to him. "Lieutenant and" He overheard. "Miss Jo Loucks." He smiles to Josefa but makes no further attempt to woe her away from Simon. "I do hope you two are having a wonderful time?"

Backstage, Audrey puts a hand to her chest, smiling broadly and reminding herself to breathe. The sound of the club patrons' applause washes over her, invigorating her. Gleefully, she hurries back to her dressing room to tidy herself up before going out to meet her fans.

Ranjali remains at the bar, sipping her drink as she quietly replays the entire song in her mind. Its not until the applause starts to die down a little that she realizes she'd been too flustered herself to join in, and frowns at herself for her rudeness.

Simon smirks at her and says, "Perhaps." He chuckles softly and says, "Well, it means I'm an officer. I'm the man on the field in charge of making sure the soldiers are pointing their rifles in the right direction." He lays the money down on the bar for the two drinks and enough so that she could have another if she were so inclined, "Well, I'm adraid I really must be going." He offers Wolfgang another handshake and says, "I had a wonderful evening conversing with Miss Loucks here, but as I said, the King is in need of my signature on requisition forms and the like." He adds, "Make sure to tell Miss Taylor that she's got a fan in the Army." He flashes that charming smile to Josefa and says, "See you soon, Miss Loucks." With that he turns and heads towards the door.

Josefa smiles at the charming man at the bar — two charming, good looking men, what a lucky lass! — and nods her head. "Quite a lovely time, yes. That was quite the performance up there." And then Simon is making his goodnights and she looks faintly disappointed but nods pleasantly to the Muggle man. "Yes, good night." she sighs quietly and shakes her head in his wake. "Poor Muggle, didn't know what he was into," she says to Wolfgang, giving him a grin over the rim of her martini glass.

Tucking his cane under an arm, Magnus snags his vodka and pays up. "Bartender," He drawls, raising his voice a bit. "Why don't you put that fine gentleman's drink on my tab, please?" His eyes skim the rest of the bar, and his smile widens. Well, he did just get back to London… and why not? "Make that a round for the bar, monsieur."

Wolfgang takes up the drink that is put on the bar beside him after he says his grateful good-byes to Simon, "I think, Miss Taylor has a fan in every nook and cranny in this world. But I will tell her." Then he offers to clink his glass with Josefa's while chuckling at her comment. "Well certainly can't blame the guy. I'd jump in head first if I was in his position too." He gives the witch a wink over the edge of his own short class and then as he swallows he points. "Just so you know… you're very welcome to be up in our VIP lounge. It's less of a mixed crowd up there, if you know what I mean. Not as entertaining though."

Backstage, "M.m.m.Miss? Cah-ca-can Ah huh-have a m.m.m.m.moment?" The stammering Irish photog is waiting by the door to the dressing room. He has a card out offering it to her with his name and on the official stationary of the Daily Prophet. So she doesn't think he's just another shutterbug after some unflattering candid shot.

Wolfgang turns to lift his glass in a toast that there is someone being so generous as to buy everyone at the bar a drink, "Well that's a very nice gesture for an opening night. Cheers." He then offers to shake Magnus' hand. "Wolfgang Montague, this lovely lady next to me is Miss Jo Loucks. Welcome to the Natrix. Glad to have such a generous customer."

Audrey's sing-song voice emanated from beyond the dressing room door. "Just a mooooment!" But it is only moments later that she appears, still poured into that silver gown, but now with her makeup freshly applied, sweat from the hot spotlights dabbed away. She smiles at the awkward Irishman, her eyes shining a bit brighter when she sees his card. "Well, Mr. Moody, of course you may have an autograph." He did ask for an autograph, right? "Do you have a pen?" she asks as she beckons him to follow her out toward the club proper.

Josefa tips her head thoughtfully. "Oh, the crowd's just fine," she responds to Wolf. Now she has two free drinks on her tab! Lucky girl. "Oh my, I'll be needing an escort home if I try to drink all these." No, not that she minds a bit. She nods to Magnus in appreciation. "It's nice to meet you," she adds as she's introduced.

Ranjali, startled, offers a polite if hesitant nod of thanks in Magnus' direction. She smiles at the man, and the others near him, then turns once again in her chair to watch the people beginning to get up and dance again.

After reaching out to clasp Wolfgang's hand in a firm shake, Magnus returns Ranjali's nod and then bows slightly to Josefa. "Thank you kindly, Mr. Montague. Magnus Troy, at your service. Just back to London, and it's always been a generous town to me, so why not return the favor?" The man grins cheerily and takes a long drink of the vodka. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Loucks."

Audrey emerges from a staff door with the photographer in tow, "Why, of course we could arrange a shoot. You'll have to get in touch with my agent, though. But don't you worry, I'll tell him." She gives Tim a broad smile, but is soon swept into the tide of admirers congratulating her on her performance. "Yes, thank you…You're too kind…Oh, you cheeky man!…Thank you…Thank you…"

Once more, Ranjali's eyes are drawn to the singer's presence. Its not hard to miss her entrance, though as the fans crowd in it does get more difficult to see her passing through. After a moment she swallows, gathering her courage to ask the bartender, "Will she be singing here again after tonight?'

Wolfgang snaps his fingers at the bartender again to get his attention, "Tony, get Miss Loucks a limo ride home when the time comes. Make sure the driver sees her safely home. Or there'll be hell, Capisce?" Tony nods and smiles to Josefa, "Sure thing boss." Wolfgang then gestures to Magnus, "And make sure Mr. Troy here one on the house from us to him." The bartender with a nod puts down a coiled silver snake figurine. Worth about as much as a good drink at the bar would cost. "Keep the figure or turn it in for a drink on the house Mr. Troy. Hope to see you out on the dance floor." A big smile is offered to Magnus and he pats the man's shoulder in a friendly way and then tuns back to Josefa and tilts his head towards the dancefloor. "Ever jitter bugged?" Hearing the question about Audrey and noticing the blank 'urrrrhhh' expression on the not so brightest bulb 'Tonys' face he answers, "Yes. So come back often! We'll have Audrey Taylor, and many more stars."

Raising his grey eyes to the bustle caused by the singer's reappearance, Magnus allows his gaze to settle there for a moment. He offers Wolfgang another amicable smile and then leans back on the bar with his elbows. The figurine is snatched up and turned over appreciatively before it is tucked away in a pocket. Casually, he leans towards Ranjali just a bit. "Very fetching, isn't she? Do you know her?"

Josefa looks a wee bit… terrified. "I don't think that's a good idea, Mister Montague. I live up in Hoxton." In other words, there'd be trouble at her doorstep in no time. As far as dancing she chuckles and nods. "But of course. I keep up with all of the current trends for work. Makes me relatable." She finishes her drink and leaves the empty martini glass on the bar.

Ranjali smiles a dazzlingly grateful smile at Wolfgang, "I will, definitely!" Magnus' question earns him a blush and a worried look. "No, this is the first time I've seen her." She admits, picking up her glass. "Do you?"

As much as Audrey adores the adulation of her audience, her throat is parched from the heat of the spotlights, and she wants a drink! She manages to extricate herself from the crowd, and saunters over to the bar. She flashes Tony a white-toothed smile. "Anthony, sweetie, could I get my usual?"

The thick barman nods, "Half glass of whiskey, right?"

Audrey nods with a wink. "Single-malt."

Magnus chuckles and favors his vodka for a moment before shaking his head. "Oh, no. Not yet, anyhow." He sips thoughtfully and then leans over just a bit further so he can keep his voice down. "Magnus Troy, mademoiselle. Might I ask your name?"

The club's opening night is proving to be quite the HOP! The Dance floor is packed. Gentlemen and ladies both getting spun, flipped, slide, tossed. In fact one petite little thing is flying over the heads of a few couples going from one dance partner to another that was waiting for her at the other end. Then comes the time cheers as the Big Band rises and quiets down at a lively pace. Josefa, Wolfgang, Magnus, Ranjali, in that order are at the bar enjoying a round on the house that's just been placed by Magnus. Wolfgang seems to be trying to coax Josefa out onto the dance floor and Magnus and Ranjali are discussing Audrey who's just performed 'Why Don't You Do Right' to great success is re-joining the club at large. Tim is sort of following after her stammering as he's trying to get her to have a photo shoot with him.

Wolfgang chuckles and doesn't seem phased by the mention of Hoxton. "Shore knows my cars. There won't be trouble." His tone indicates that there really is no worry about a fuss. Honor among thieves, or more like, small town slum boss knows better than to mess with the West End la famiglia that is the Montagues. "I don't think you need to know how to dance to be 'relatable' doll." He winks at Josefa and offers her his hand with intent on getting her on that dance floor for a wild swing time.

The door opens and Janus sweeps in, a bit more than fashionably late for the opening but still fashionably dressed to the nines. He's not normally known for restaurant or venue reviews, but as a prominent journalist his arrival is still met with a bit of murmuring and notice from the staff. He waves to those he knows, pausing particularly for anyone of special social note, and then makes his way over to where he spies Ranjali. Drawing near, he offers both hands and goes to kiss her lightly on each cheek in rather mainland European style greeting. This done, he waves a hand cheerily to signal the barkeep and says, "Well! Leave it to me to arrive unforgivably late, of course, but do tell — what have I missed?"

"Ranjali Winterthorne. Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. Troy." Ranjali's smile is tinted with amusement. She's shifting to stare like a moonstruck teenager at Audrey again when Janus enters, saving her from further embarrassing herself. "Janus!" She greets the man with a bright smile, taking the hands offered as she returns the greeting. "Only the most spectacular performance I have seen in this country!" She jokes. She gestures to Magnus then, adding, "Magnus Troy, Janus Arkham."

Josefa accepts his reassurance, though she still looks uneasy. However, she's not exactly up and up with mobster life in London. "You'd be surprised what Muggles care about when you're asking to take their babies away for 9 months out of the year." She lays her hand in his, a nice ornament on his arm as she allows him to lead her to the dance floor.

Poor Ranjali may not be entirely saved yet, for the moment Janus' name is spoken aloud, Audrey's attention turns to him and those near him. The elegant singer glides a bit closer, placing a gently hand on the man's arm to get his attention. "Did I overhear correctly? You are Janus Arkham? The writer?"

"A beautiful name for a beautiful young lady, Miss Winterthorne. The pleasure is all mine." Magnus's smile reflects Ranjali's amusement, although his attention is soon taken up by the appearance of Janus. The tall, thin man seems momentarily transfixed, his eyes lingering on the journalist… appraisingly? Once introductions are made, he places a hand at his waist and executes a half-bow. "Good evening, Mr. Arkham. I applaud your sense of fashion." He smiles, then turns to look at Audrey as she makes her way over.

Ranjali goes still, eyes widening. The small smount of courage that had come with Janus' arrival retreats again, and at first she's able only to nod in an attempt at answering the question the woman poses. "Y-yes he is," She finally manages to stammer quietly, slowly setting down her glass.

Janus returns the bow with a bright smile, laughing lightly. "Well, well! Anyone to whom my dearest lady introduces me is quite a pleasure to make acquaintance." The compliment draws a further beaming chuckle from Janus, who inclines his head and says, "Well, well — coming from you, Mister Troy, I am quite flattered for the compliment. You clearly have an impeccable sense of fashion, sir." He then gets quite a foxy look on his face, leaning toward Ranjali. "Ah, I see! Quite the lovely creature, indeed. Should I seek an introduction for you, then?"

Audrey flashes Ranjali a grateful smile, which she then shines on Janus. "Mr. Arkham, I think you have such a lovely way with words." She offers a hand to him, palm down. "Audrey Taylor, if you'll excuse my boldness."

Tim feels an immediate kinship with Ranjali, he's not the only one that stammers when faced with an extremely beautiful person, score!

Evidently pleased in turn, Magnus's smile widens considerably, and he peers appreciatively at Janus from over the rim of his martini glass. "You are far too kind, Mister Arkham. But please, call me Magnus. The Germans were so fond of using 'Herr Troy' that I've nearly forgotten my given name." He grins, then watches, bemused, at the little exchange between the others. He doesn't seem inclined to interrupt any of them, but he does nod towards Audrey during a pause in conversation. "You have an amazing stage presence, Miss Taylor."

Giving Janus a warming look, Ranjali takes a breath and sits up straighter in her seat, trying to regain some composure. Now she's able to offer Audrey a smile without fear of fainting, though there's still a residual blush on her cheeks. Nodding with Magnus' comments, she adds, "That was a truly… amazing performance. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it."

Janus turns with mild surprise to Audrey, offering her a polite bow in greeting. "Ah! My good lady, any virtue seen in my humble scribblings must surely have been a blessing of pity from Thalia — or, perhaps more likely, Melpomene. Yet, I'm told it is you who carry the gift of the Muses this night — Euterpe, perhaps?" He offers a quick wink, then extends a hand toward Ranjali. "May I present my dearest friend, Ranjali Winterthorne? She is not only a lady of supreme quality but also a healer of the first order."

He nods to Magnus as well, adding, "Indeed! This, of course, is Magnus Troy — a gentleman that I have only just met, though I am certain he shall make excellent company." He also takes the opportunity to catch the attention of the bartender, ordering himself a stinger.

In the background, much more subdued a performance that the kick start to the heart and loins Audrey gave… Wolfgang has taken to the stage after an exhilarating few minutes of dance with Josefa. He makes sure she has a perfect seat and some drink is placed before her. The lights don't dim as much as they did for the opening act, as slow dancing is encouraged during the the song that he croons into the microphone. Them hazel puppy dog eyes looking over the top of the mic as he serenades for the most part to Josefa. Though his eyes do wander and give each and ever lady in the room a moment of singing the song, "The Way You Look Tonight" just for them.

Audrey's hand goes to her breast in a show of appreciation for the compliments. "Oh, you are all lovely. Thank you. I cannot tell you how it delights me to know I've touched my audience. It truly is a pleasure to meet you all. Mr. Troy, Mr. Arkham, Miss Winterthorne." She offers her hand to each in turn. No question, she is drinking in the attention like wine.

Ranjali's blush darkens again the instant her hand touches Audrey's. But her hand doesn't tremble, possibly due to sheer force of will, and she manages a polite shake before releasing the singer's hand and setting her own in her lap. "A-and you as well, Miss Taylor. I am immensely grateful that I was brought here tonight, to see your performance."

Magnus takes the proferred hand and raises it to briefly brush his lips against it, then grins around at his erstwhile companions. "I must say, I didn't expect to find myself in such excellent company. Tell me, have any of you ever tried a French 75?" He motions at the bartender without waiting for very long to get a reply, and promptly orders three of them. "They're quite popular on the continent - and they're said to calm the nerves. A lovely drink, overall." He winks one slate-grey eye shut at Ranjali, though it's probably too quick for the others to see. "Mister Arkham, may I ask what type of writing you do?"
Ranjali has reconnected.

Janus spares only a glance for the performer taking stage — he seems charming, of course, but one does not wish to offend one's present company with inattention. He takes Audrey's hand, offering a quite gallant but strictly polite kiss to the back of it before letting go. He nods along with Ranjali's compliments, then turns his attention to Magnus. "Ah, the French 75 is a delight. I quite enjoy them — a good cocktail should be refreshing, I think." At the question on writing he offers a thoughtful smile. "Ah, the question — yes? I suppose that depends upon what I am called to write. I have had some success with my first memoir, and as I contemplate what shall constitute my next major endeavor I have found myself quite happy writing for the Daily Prophet — and, of course, other little tidbits here and there as they present themselves."

Audrey arches an eyebrow at the offered drink. But, as her own drink was forgotten the moment she came over to meet the journalist, she accepts with a smile. "I cannot say I've ever had one. But, there is a first time for everything, hm?" She laughs softly. "So, Miss Winterthorne — may I call you Ranjali? That is such a beautiful name. Mr. Arkham said that you are a healer. What sort? Are you a nurse here in London?"

"N-not a nurse, no." Ranjali's blush intensifies as the attention is turned on her. She's so flustered she even forgets to answer Magnus' question! "I am employed… a-at St. Mungo's, on the fourth floor." She glances at Audrey curiously, uncertain if she will even know what St. Mungo's /is/.

Since Magnus hasn't ordered one of the drinks for himself, he continues to sip at his martini. "I agree completely. Clearly, you're a man of excellent taste." He pauses to listen to the crooning of their host briefly, although when Janus answers his question, his attention returns to the conversation. "A novelist and a journalist - very impressive, Mister Arkham. I shall have to obtain a copy of your memoir - I do need something interesting to read, and I'm sure it will more than meet the criteria." Casually, he picks up the two extra drinks, once they are served, and hands one each to Janus and Ranjali. Then, he raises his own glass and smiles at the other three. "Might I propose a toast, then? To fortunate meetings."

Audrey looks momentarily surprised at the mention of St. Mungo's, but it was a Daily Prophet reporter than introduced Ranjali. "That's wonderful. I've not been to St. Mungo's since…well, since I was a child." There is a brief flicker across her features, but she quickly recovers. "I'm afraid I don't know what is on the fourth floor. What sort of work do you do there?"

Ranjali, who has to her immense shame been watching Audrey as much as propriety admits, does not miss the flicker. She says nothing, though, just smiles a little and replies, glad to be able to share the truth of her position, "Spell damage, mainly." Then she pries her eyes away to smile and accept the drink, lifting it and echoing, "Fortunate meetings."

Janus accepts the drink, lifting it in toast, and smilingly echoes Magnus's words, "To fortunate meetings." He then takes a sip, nodding his approval, before turning to glance between Ranjali and Audrey with a small, knowing smile. "She really is far too humble, so you know! Ranjali is one of St. Mungo's very finest — a true paragon of her field, if I may say!" Back to Magnus, he says, "I must caution you, though. The book is hardly light, pleasant reading. I'm afraid it's rather somber in tone. It concerns my travels throughout the continent in the wake of the Great War."

Audrey lifts her own glass to the toast. "Fortunate meetings." Taking a sip of the drink, her eyes lift and she nods appreciatively. "Lovely!" But suddenly, the starlet is taken by the arm by a well-dressed man. She frowns, "Not now, Edwin…" but she sighs, relenting at the man's insistence. She pouts toward Ranjali and the men, "My manager. Apparently I need to meet some terribly important people." She gives them an apologetic smile, and even reaches to touch Ranjali's hand in a friendly gesture as she is dragged away. "I'll see you around!"

After taking a sip of his vodka while the others repeat the toast, Magnus smiles and nods to Audrey as she departs. "Au revoir, Miss Taylor." He glances down at his glass, and noting that it's nearly gone, finishes it off in a long drink. "You don't say? Why - I think perhaps we'd have many things to discuss, Mr. Arkham. I spent the years after my graduation in France - that was at the apex of the war - and also Germany, though that came much later. I do wonder what kind of stories you could tell about the continent?" He smiles, clearly interested in hearing more, although his wristwatch suddenly produces and alarming chime. Frowning, he shakes his head. "Oh - I'm afraid I have to make a stop before I return home. Miss Winterthorne, so glad to meet you - I admire your profession very much, by the way, especially because I haven't the constitution for it myself." He chuckles and leans over to give her a very Parisian air-kiss, then straightens and bows once more to Janus. "And I must also thank you for introducing me to your most interesting friend. Mr. Arkham, I do hope we meet again soon." Eyes twinkling congenially, he nods tot he both of them, and then turns to head towards the exit.

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