(1937-09-10) Library Business
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Summary: A working Annie is joined by Magnus, Kaylee and Dorothy, and Magnus is looking for a book. Elijah comes along, and somehow things end up with Elijah and Dorothy agreeing on something of a collaboration.
Date: 09-10-1937
Location: Wizarding Library, London
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Wizarding Library West End London
Mon Sep 10, 1937 ((Mon Sep 10 18:45:04 2012)) (D,4 NW - N)

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.

The Wizarding area of the Library is of course for wizards only and is hidden from muggle sight. Every imaginable book a wizard could want can be found here, or most likely acquired upon request. During the day many wizards mill about at the shelves or are seated at the available tables in the circular space in the center of the surrounding shelves that ladders and stairwells wind about for stories above the floor. A dome of iron and glass high above the stacks at the top of the tower of knowledge allows the day light in. Some windows can be found scattered amongst the shelves.

It's been a rather warm September, but there is a natural coolness inside of the London Library. Well, it's always been attributed to the stone from which the library is made, but, in truth, there has always been a small cooling charm maintained on both sides of the library. Heated days like this usually find both sides of the library a bit more crowded, with those who come out for a little respite mixed in with those on bookish quests.
Wearing her black 'work robe' over muggle street clothes, Annie is on duty this Monday afternoon. The young witch is occupied reshelving some books with practiced sweeps of her wand, the covers whispering against each other as a book slides back into it's home. Her eyes shift frequently from her task, checking that no one is wanting for assistance.

Having just finished up his work at Whitehall for the day, Magnus is still dressed formally. He's conceded his cape and suit jacket to the weather, though, since it's rather too warm outside to keep wearing them unless it's necessary; both garments are tucked under his left arm, leaving him in charcoal colored slacks and a white button-down. It takes him a moment of peering about to locate the Wizarding section, but once he does he heads quickly towards it. Noting Annie's robes, he smiles and raises a hand in a friendly wave. "Pardon me, miss - am I interrupting anything very urgent?"

Kaylee is not thinking to much on the weather at the moment, she has come to check on some research it seems, at least that is the idea she had why coming to the library. A slender hand lifts to push a bit of lose hair behind a ear as she moves along heading back towards the Wizarding section of the library without much thought. Her jacket is off, folded over her arm while a pad of parchment is tucked out of sight within her shoulder bag. Her pale gaze drifts over the room once she is there, humming a moment to herself before moving on towards a table to set her few things down so her hands are free.

Dorothy's familiar with the library, of course… or at least she thought she was. But it just so happens that she hasn't visited the building since she learned about the existence of magic. So, she's quite surprised to see this area newly revealed to her. Of course, she can't resist exploring the shelves; Diagon Alley's bookstores have a lot of variety, but it seems to her that a library would have books that aren't available in a store anymore.

In the midst of sending a book home, Annie's attention is caught by a man's voice, and she turns as the book seats itself on the shelf. As she turns to respond her eyes briefly linger on others who've arrived, a smile to Kaylee if the woman should notice, and mental note is made of the presence of Dorothy, one of Annie's favorite authors. But, duty always first, and her gaze completes it round to land on Magnus, taking in the tall wizard in a moment, a smile blooming on her lips. "Not at all, sir," she responds pleasantly, "How may I help?"

"Well," Magnus begins, offering a pleasant smile in return for Annie's quick response. "I'm actually looking for a specific book which has recently been recommended to me. I'm afraid I don't know the title, but perhaps you're familiar with the author - a Mr. Janus Arkham?" He sounds hopeful but also vaguely uncertain as to whether this request will be successful. When he notices Dorothy and Kaylee in his peripheral vision, he turns slightly to observe them, pausing to stare thoughtfully at the latter. "Ah - miss, haven't I seen you around the Ministry once or twice? Unless my memory's failing me."

Kaylee offers a warm smile and nods back to Annie, she turns a bit of parchment over eyeing a few scribbles across it that makes up her notes it seems. She lets her fingers tap upon the table a moment before she turns to move off towards the section of books that she is interested in. Or sure she can get plenty of information from work, but this she feels is more interesting as she tries to learn a bit more about certain areas before she has to go off to explore for the items she tends to look for. She catches sight of Dorothy and blinks a moment before offering her a smile and nods. Oh yes she knows her, mostly from children books that she has done, animals are something Kaylee is rather interested in after all. Though a voice catches her attention and she glances over towards it's owner, a soft oh escapes her and she nods. "Yes sir that is correct. I do work there" Perhaps she has seen him around before, but there are so many people there and names tend to escape her unless she works with a person rather often.

"Janus Arkham?" Dorothy asks, approaching them curiously. "There's a man in my neighborhood by that name, I believe," she says. "I wonder if he's the same person… I should find out. It'd certainly be nice to know another writer in the neighborhood." She thinks about this for a while. Not only might he be a writer… since they're asking here, he must be a wizard as well! All the things you miss…

Annie pauses a moment, taking a mental inventory of which of Mr. Arkham's books might be in and which might be checked out. As the man's attention is diverted and he addresses one of the nearby women, she decided it would be easier to just gather them. As Dorothy approaches, Annie is already working up a simple charm well known to librarians but little used by others, and after a moment books glide from their places and begin to settle on the nearest table. This task keeps her busy for a moment, letting the others talk.

Magnus nods to Kaylee, letting his eyes settle on her face while he tries to recall where he's seen her. "Ah, well, I think I must have seen you about the halls, then - I work in the International Department, but I think perhaps you must work elsewhere?" As the books begin to float away of their own accord, he turns to observe them curiously, obviously interested to see what the librarian is doing - but when Dorothy speaks he turns to address her, his lips curling into a genial smile at her words. "Oh - you don't say, madame? You say that Mr. Arkham is your neighbor? A most fortunate coincidence!" The man actually looks rather excited, as if he's suddenly had an idea, although it is followed by slight embarrassment. "Oh, where are my manners! I'm so sorry - Magnus Troy, ambassador, at your service." He extends a hand first to Dorothy and then to Kaylee, nodding and bowing slightly in turn to each of them.

Kaylee offers a smile and nods to Magnus "I see. I'm with RCMC, beast division actually." This said with a soft tone while she lets her arms fold losely in front of her. Her gaze turns over to Dorothy and she offers her a warm smile. "Hello, Mrs. Frost yes?" She questions softly, tone curious, her accent pure Irish. "I've read some of your work." This said softly to show why she would know the other's name person. She looks to Magnus and ahs osftly before offering a nod, hand lowering to take hold of his lightly for the shake. "Kaylee O'Dwyer." She doesn't go on to say what about she does as as she already said that.

After watching the books with a smile- magic can be so cute sometimes!- Dorothy accepts Magnus' hand with a light shake. "Dorothy Frost, it's a pleasure," she answers. "Ah, have you?" she asks Kaylee when she mentions having read her books. "I'm surprised that I have so many fans among witches and wizards, since I've been writing for Muggles until now. But of course, it's a good kind of surprise," she notes. "And you both work at… the Ministry of Magic, I take it?"

There's a tidy stack of several books on the table now, all of them authored by one Janus Arkham. Annie tucks away her wand and quickly sorts the books, putting all of the volumes of his memoirs in one stack, and anything else in a second. Apparently satisfied with this, she turns her attention, which had been half on the conversation in progress, fully to those gathered nearby. She notes the names they gave to the faces, and doesn't attempt to interrupt until there is a suitable lull.

"Miss Dwyer, Miss Frost, very pleased to meet you both," Magnus intones cheerily. "Correct, Miss Frost - quite correct." He peers curiously over to the newly arranged books, and smiles up at Annie. "Ah - those are Mr. Arkham's memoirs? I didn't realize he was such a prolific writer." Chuckling, he glances back at Dorothy. "Come to that, it seems that I've been coming across quite an unusual amount of authors lately - what kind of writing do you do, Miss Frost?" He thought he'd heard children's literature, but it seems an easy enough topic of conversation.

Kaylee smiles and nods to Dorothy. "Yes that is right." She offers at the bit on where she works. Her gaze turns back to Magnus. At the bit on what Borothy writes she will let the author herself do the talking to fill in Magnus it seems!

"I see… Very interesting. I write children's books sometimes, mysteries other times. And sometimes I write mysteries for children so I can do both at once," she explains. "After my current work is finished, I think I'll start writing books for a wizarding audience. But there's still so much I don't know."

Annie smiles at Magnus, "Well, these are what we currently have. There are several more checked out. He's very popular." She glances toward the books and back, "I thought if you couldn't remember it's name, maybe you would see it and jog your memory." She would have done the same service on the muggle side, but it would have taken much longer to accomplish. Again, she falls silent while the others talk, waiting attentively and patiently.

"Charming! I love mysteries," Magnus says, grinning a bit and reaching into a pocket to fish out a small pad of paper and ball-point. He scribbles something on the paper, folds it once in half, and then produces his wand from a small sheath tucked into his sleeve. Mumbling a charm, he taps the end of the wand on to the paper - it produces a kind of odd, squelching sound, like a boot being pulled out of very deep muck - and then extends the paper to Dorothy. "If it's not too much of an inconvenience, Miss Frost, might I bother you to give this to Mr. Arkham, if you happen to see him? Don't go out of your way, of course." When Annie speaks to him, he turns back to the books, and nods enthusiastically. "All I know is that it's a memoir - this looks just right." He peers down at the books again, then looks up at the librarian and blushes. "Oh, I'm being quite thoughtless today. So sorry - Magnus Troy. Thank you for your help."

Kaylee ahs softly while she looks back to Dorothy. "I'm sure whatever you write will be perfect to read. You'd be surprized how many in the wizarding audience are interesting in the muggle world, including the books that are written then." She looks amused for a moment. "I have to admit I loved the children stories while I was growing up, the animals stories are great."

Dorothy looks at the paper as she takes it. "I'll try," she says. "I'd actually like to talk to him in any case." She looks at Kaylee as she speaks. "Oh really? I'm glad to hear you say that. Though… You're a bit older than my daughter, and she's the one I originally started writing for. Still, I always say there's no age limit on enjoying a good story," she adds with a smile.

A bright smile flashes at Magnus, and Annie bobs her head in a nod. "It's my pleasure, Ambassador Troy," she says to the wizard, before her attention shifts to the words the ladies exchange. The young witch offers with polite hesitation, "I've read all your books as well, Mrs. Frost. They were in the library at the school I attended before Hogwarts." Since the ambassador has made his choice, a wave of the wand back in her hand has the books scattering back to their places.

Magnus reaches down for the memoir and tucks it under his arm along with the shirt and cape, looking quite pleased. "Excellent. Oh - could you perhaps also direct me to a copy of one of Miss Frost's novels? It would be good to have a little fiction to augment my reading material."

"Oh really?" Dorothy says to Annie with a smile. "That's good to hear. Do you have a particular favorite?" she asks. It might seem a silly question so many years later, but she is genuinely interested in what people who read her books as children think of them now that they've grown up.

Kaylee chuckles softly as she hears Dorothy. "Perhaps, but you see I have a thing for animals, the more magical the better. Still I loved reading about all types." This said with a soft tone. Perhaps one reason why she has the job that she does! It would be bad for someone to be in the beast division and not like the job after all. Hearing Magnus ask for a copy Dorothy's she smiles. "I do believe you will njoy any of her novels that you happen to come across."

"Certainly," Annie responds to Magnus. Her attention turns to Dorothy again, much more comfortable seeing the author on 'her turf' as it were, than out in the Leaky Cauldron. "Do you have a recommendation for the gentleman?" she asks, and quickly adds, "I could never choose a favorite. I still have my copies of them all," the young witch admits.

"Perfect. Thank you very much, young lady." Smiling, Magnus turns to Dorothy after Annie asks for a recommendation, content for the moment to wait to see what the author will say. "Ah - yes, please do me the honor of selecting something, Miss Frost! Preferably with plenty of drama and action, but - of course, anything will do." He grins and steeples his hands in front of his chest.

"Well, 'Incident at the Gold Lion Inn' is probably the most popular," Dorothy says, looking toward Magnus. "But I'd say my favorite is 'Beneath Death's Cloak," she adds.

Kaylee ponders the book name a moment and chuckles softly. "I did really like that one." She offers with a nod at the name. "Though I do have to agree with 'Beneath Death's Cloak." A glance is offered to Magnus. "Do try that one first."

The librarian seems to agree as well, because even as Magnus may be giving his answer, she is already casting her wand for the book. No search spell is needed, Annie knows exactly where the Dorothy Frost books are housed. The book that floats up is, indeed, 'Beneath Death's Cloak.'

Magnus takes the book happily, studies it, and then tucks it under his arm with the other. He's got quite a collection of objects there now, and he has to use both hands to keep everything from tumbling away at this point. "Well - thank you very much, once again. I have to be going, I'm afraid, but it's been very pleasant - good to meet you both, Miss Frost and Miss O'Dwyer. May you all have a wonderful evening." He manages a bow in spite of the armful of stuff, and then makes his way towards the library's exit.

Just before slipping out, he turns and smiles at Dorothy again. "Oh, and I do very much appreciate your help with that letter, Miss Frost!"

Kaylee grins slightly as Annie goes about getting the book in question. "Seems you know where they are by heart?" This questioned with an amused tone. Her attention turns over to Magnus and she nods to him. "It was a pleasure to meet you. I do hope you enjoy the book. I'm sure I'll see you around work sometime." Though it is a rather big plae so who knows.

Dorothy waves slightly toward Magnus as he leaves. "I'd sign the book, but it wouldn't be very nice of me to do that to library property," she comments.

Elijah appears, quite suddenly at one of the tables in the center of the library, biting at his lip as he he tosses a book back down to the table, saying, "The boss did it." and picks up another one, flipping it open "The butler did it." He soon tosses that book down and grabs a third book, "The mistress did it." He finishes his stack of books and crosses his arms, looking diappointed.

A moment before the Ambassador disappears, Annie deftly flicks her wand. A card pops out of each book and zips over to the desk, fluttering down to the surface to rest. Annie looks to Kaylee, feeling the kinship of a shared interest, and she laughs softly. "I do. They are rather new copies." Annie played a part of getting the books housed here, and it's not infrequent when one of them crosses the checkout desk. Remaining by the table with the two witches, Annie turns inquiring eyes to each in turn, "And is there anything I can help eith…." Her words cut off as Elijah appears on the next table, but once she realizes it's the Inspector, she's not quite so shocked. Some of the other patrons are looking over at the noise he creates, and Annie takes a step toward him, saying up in a voice that is soft but carries, "Afternoon, Inspector. Might I help you?"

Kaylee keeps her smile and nods to Annie, she turns while she is about to turn and catches sight of Elijah whom she watches curiously a moment. She smirks and shakes her head slightly. "Well, I suppose that is one way to read them. Rather boring way I have to share."

"I recognize you," Dorothy says after looking at Elijah for a while. "You're the Inspector, correct?" Indeed, that's what the others say. "Are you really figuring those out so quickly or are you just flipping to the back to see the summation?" She frowns a bit, agreeing with Kaylee that he seems to be missing the point.

Elijah slams his fists on the table and runs a hand back through his hair, saying, "There's just no good mysteries left. Everything's so predictable." He slides the books off onto the floor and lays his head down, pouting and idly ruffling his hair. He looks over at Dorothy, his face still pressed against the wooden surface. He speaks quite mumbly, "Yes…and it's not any fun."

Annie waves her wand, the charm for collecting up scattered books second nature, and as they lift she guides them to the table /away/ from the inspector. His mumble doesn't sound happy in the least, and she reaches out and almost lays her hand on his shoulder. But the reach stops short as she falters, not sure in the least how he would react to something like that, and her hand withdraws without landing.

Kaylee tilts her head while she curiously watches Elijah, pondering. Ah yes she does know this one, seen him around work before as well. "Then write some of your own?" Well it is a thought. Her gaze turns over to Dorothy. "Miss Frost here writes them as well. Perhaps look at something she has written?"

"Perhaps if you don't feel like writing a book of your own, you could help advise me on my next book," Dorothy says to Elijah. "I'm hoping to write a mystery involving magic, but I'd need some help making it interesting and fitting to the culture," she explains. Though she doesn't really like Elijah's attitude, she's sure his knowledge would be helpful.
You give Kaylee a cookie.

Elijah sighs and says, "You could've patted me on the shoulder. I'm not ravenous." He sits up and rubs at his chin, looking over at Kaylee, "How in the world would that help? If I wrote the story…I'd already know who did it. That's no fun at all." He looks over at Dorothy and sits there in silence for a few moments, peering at her before finally exclaiming, "Would I have to know the ending?"

Annie has the grace to color lightly at the inspector's words, and she regrets her reticence to offer the man a reassuring touch. But she hasn't figured out in the least how to approach the man, she's seen him in a different humour every time she's bumped into him. She stays silent, interested in the drift of the conversation, her eyes sliding from face to face as they each speak.

"I'd only need some basic elements, some possible ways wizards or witches could commit crimes, some ways other wizards or witches could solve them… For the suspects, culprit, and motive, I think I could work that out myself," Dorothy says. "You won't have to know the whole story."

Elijah taps on his chin and continues to peer at the woman, "I'll see about digging up some disclosed case files for you. Might be able to piece something together out of those." He hrmms softly and says, "This might very well be a great deal of fun."

"Oh, that's even better," Dorothy says with a smile. "Many Muggle mysteries are inspired to some extent by real crimes. Though, I hope I'd be able to put enough of a twist on them that the result would be surprising," she adds, folding her hands in front of herself.

Admittedly, Annie's gaze rests most on Elijah, but Kaylee's smile isn't missed, and Annie returns it, perhaps a bit sheepishly as she can still feel the heat in her cheeks. Her attention turns to the stack of the wizard's books, and she floats them over to the checkout desk to await reshelving.

Kaylee ahs softly while peering back at Elijah. "See, you are an Inspector. I'm sure you have dealt with plenty of crimes to have an idea on what to write about?" Well it's an idea.

Elijah is barely around long enough for the second round of responses to come to an end. He shouts as he's walking away, "I shall find you and bring you what you need, Miss Frost." He coat whips around behind him as he disappears out the door.

Annie just watches the man go, clearly befuddled by him. But she gathers her wits in an instant, and just shakes her head as she stands for a moment. "Cor," she says softly, "never a dull moment." Her gracious smile returns and she directs it to each of the ladies. "I'll just see to getting those books back in order, if you'll excuse me." The librarian steps away, and as she approaches the desk two other clerks are there, wanting to know what that just was. "Inspector Lovegood," she says simply, and that seems to be enough explanation, or all they will get, as her wand sets to work on those books.

Dorothy's about to ask how he'll find her, but he's gone too quickly. In any case, she imagines that since he's a magic-using policeman and she's a somewhat well-known author, it won't be too hard. "I admit… I'm flattered that everyone keeps calling me 'Miss'," she notes.

Kaylee glances after Elijah, she blinks and ahs a moment before chuckling. "Seems to have worked." A slight shake of her head is seen. She then glances after Annie and nods to her. "Have a good day." A smile is offered to Dorothy. "It was a pleasure to meet you miss." Though she turns to slp off to find the few books she had come to look for it seems.

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