(1937-09-10) Quidditch Try-Outs
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Summary: Hooch Hosts a battery of tests to see who can make the cut for the Quidditch teams this year.
Date: September 9th 1937
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts
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Madam Hooch walks before Charlus Potter and Colton Higgins who each have a handle of the Quidditch Box. She gestures with her quill towards the center of the pitch and the two boys carry it there and set it down. Charlus then opens up the box and picks out the quaffle to just manhandle it as he listens and waits for the instructions to begin. "Alright Gryffindors, line yourselves up on the bench there in alphabetical order. When it is your turn, speak clearly and with purpose as to who you are and what position you would like to try out for. You may not get the position, you may not get on the team at all. But I will not allow you to quit and I expect to see all your faces next year. Well all besides yours Potter." Who is of course a 7th year. "Now, line up and announce."

Quidditch tryouts were one thing that Angelus was looking forward to. He's definite to show, all geared up and with his new broom. He chats with other Gryffindors calmly, despite his excitement, until the instructions. He sits patiently on the bench, waiting until it's his turn to speak. He stands up. "Angelus Eibon," he says with a touch of a smile. "Trying out for one of the Chasers." He sits back down, chin resting on his hand.

Hooch scratches the name and position down. "Broom, Type and if you do not have one, please venture to the locker room and acquire one of the school brooms and denote the number taken. Then take the the air, do four laps around, bob and weave through the hoops. And Merlin help you if a bludger gets you. They're in a particularly foul mood today."

Amelia doesn't have her own broom, first years aren't allowed them, of course, but she wouldn't know how to get her hands on one even if she was allowed to. So she really only planned on going to try outs to watch and get ready for next year, but when everyone else jostles into alphabetical order on the bench she lets herself gets shuffled into place. "Amelia McKinney. Keeper." Well, Hooch never asked for year…

Angelus bought a broom for his second year with confidence he'd make the team. His broom is one of the good ones, because he'd definitely get something to show off. He takes off into the air as soon as he's allowed, speeding off around the field. He completely misses one of the hoops and instead clips the side when he tries to veer in to try and make it. But he uses the spin to get back into control, leaning accordingly and sweeping through the next with ease, and onward to pass through the other. The whipping sound of a Bludger catches his attention, and his grip tightens on his broom as it shakes. His attempt to veer out of its path has him mostly being knocked off course, concentrating on re-gaining control before he's soon on the ground again, resisting the urge to wince at the little clip he got from the Bludger.

Amelia holds her breath after giving her name and desired position, but Hooch is apparently going to let her give it a go. She beams with pleasure and when it's her turn scampers off to the broomcloset. Amelia casts a quick eye over her choices, normally she'd like to make a more measured decision but she's afraid if she dallies too long Hooch will decide she doesn't need a turn. Poised to kick off, Amelia has the first inklings of a doubt, she has been on a broom a grand total of once after all, but to hell with it. She kicks off far too hard and rises like a shot. For a second she's wobbling and it looks like she might slide off. But the girl brings the broom in hand and stabilizes, going at a decent clip, if not as fast as one might like. Her weaving line through the hoops is textbook perfect, curving just enough to go around and no more. So concentrated on flying is she that the bludger is able to take her completely unaware and knock her clean off the broom.

Madam Hooch flicks her quill at the other Gryffindor hopefuls and they all go through the motions of weaving through the hoops and goals to a varying degrees of success. Then comes the shrill whistle while everyone is still up in the air. "Now I want everyone to each take a try at taking up a bat and striking a bludger, your target is to knock it through one of the hoops. Which ever of your choice. Begin!" She blows her whistle again after she flings up bats for the catching. Another part of the try-out! If someone can't see a bat being lobbed at them, they very well won't be able to see a snitch!

Angelus idly swings his legs under his broom while he watches others go through the course, either frowning lightly or smirking. He glances down at Madam Hooch when she explains the next task, nodding in confidence. He strays in the air, reaching out to catch the bat that he notices being tossed close to him, and frowns when he returns his empty hand to his broom. Ahem - distracted by one of the pretty girls trying out as well. That's totally what it was.

Amelia smiles as the bat lands solidly in her hand. She gives it a bit of a test swing; the shifting weight causes her broom to wobble.

Colton is chatting up the same pretty girl that Angelus was distracted by. But the flirtation is cut off short when a bludger knocks him up side the back of the head and he goes tumbling off his broom and is about three inches from the grass when his fall is slowed and he gently is sprawled out in the grass. He's still moving a little. "Up on your feet Higgins, that was barely a tap!" Hooch calls and Colton stands up and shakes out his head like a wet dog. "Yessim."

Colton tries to mount up on his broom again, but then realizes that he's facing the bristles. There's a piece of fluff in them, so he idly plucks it out as he ignores the stars and little birdies he's still seeing floating around his head.

Flying around on household cleaning supplies and having solid iron flying at your face somehow seemed a lot safer on the ground. Amelia weilds the bat in her left hand and when a bludger comes gunning her way she swings forward with more reflex than forethought. Instead of batting it through a goal hoop, it goes flying towards another student. "Sorry!"

Angelus turns his head in time to notice the Bludger and is quick to kick it into gear, dashing out of the way, angling his broom downward. He zips down quickly to grab himself a bat, sighing lightly and shaking his head, but shrugging and letting it go.

Colton finally gets his mind cleared and to prove that he's back in true Colton Form he does a barrel roll around Angelus and then he goes for the swing at the bludger Amelia sends flying but he misses it and if Angelus isn't careful he just might get knocked by the swishing bat. "Sorry!"

"Hey Higgins! I thought you were supposed to be the veteran at this!" Amelia calls, grinning. She's running through some of the drills Hooch had given the first years in their flying lesson last week.

After grabbing himself a bat Angelus flies back up. His mouth twitches lightly as he smirks at Colton showing off. He leans to one side and darts away to the left, and then climbs upward. He holds back any remark.

Hooch blows her whistle and then calls out, "Free Form! Show me what you have Gryffindors!" She blows the whistle again and throws out all of the balls from the box before she flies into the air to watch what things the students gravitate towards.

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