(1937-09-10) The Astounding Apparition of Bannon Bates
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Summary: At 10 o'clock at night, the Auror Bannon Bates suddenly apparates in the middle of Hogsmeade station, covered in injuries and filled with broken bones. Thankfully, two healers (Donner and Ranjali) are on hand to get him patched up, and just as the man is insisting that he get to Fawley Farm immediately, Audrey Taylor arrives in a wagon, which she offers to the three.
Date: 09 September, 1937
Location: Hogsmeade
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At ten o'clock in the evening, there's only one thing left to do in Hogsmeade… Get off a train, or wait for the last train to London. There is still a minute amount hustle and bustle even this late hour, as a train is just unloading into Hogsmeade station. Why anyone would choose this form of transportation to arrive at Hogsmeade, one will never know, though arrive they do! Things seem to go fairly well as people disembark with their luggage just as they should.

Until all hell breaks loose.

With a loud bang that sends people scattering, the figure of a main in a decent looking suit apparates about ten feet above the platform, horizontally. He seems to do so with a fair amount of momentum if the rate in which he hits the platform is to be any indication. He lands with a loud 'ooof!' which knocks the air completely out of him. It doesn't seem to bother him much because the fall has knocked the consciousness out of him as well. There is a sort of smoke rising off of the burnt threads of the man's clothing.

On closer inspection, one may note that the once decent suit is now torn in some places, especially the jacket, though he has a nasty cut across his torso which has ripped his shirt and vest. In his right hand is an ornate walking stick. His left hand holds a wand (oak, 8 and 3/4 inches long, unicorn hair core, surprisingly supple.)
He has seen some better days.

His face is easily recognizable. Sandy blond hair, moustache, and a bowler hat that managed to stay intact inspite of all he has been through, he has seen his share of the front page in the Daily Prophet. This man is the Auror with the rediculously long name: Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates.

Ranjali was with the group awaiting the last train, a small bundle of paper-wrapped packages in her arms. Most of these are dropped in her surprise at the noise, and the rest join them in scattering on the ground as events continue to escalate. Then she's running, sprinting as fast as her Very Nice Heels will allow and dropping to her knees beside the man. "Stand back please, everyone." She says with a forceful calm, glancing up at the crowd, "I'm a healer, and I am going to need space."

Remaining unconscious for the moment, Bannon mumbles something along of the lines of 'barn' or 'farm', but it is ultimately indistinguishable from the racket going on around him. The smoke coming off of his clothing smells strangely of sulphur and brimstone, as well as still being hot to the touch. It is very likely that Bannon apparated out of whatever he was in just before being burnt to a crisp. Further examination will reveal the laceration on his torso bleeding profusely, painting his shirt and vest in crimson. His arm is broken and he has a collapsed lung, but he saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.
Or not.

He begins to rouse as Ranjani tells everyone to stand back, his eyes snapping open and looking towards her in what can only be described as the calmest expression of abject terror that a man can display. He tries to inch away from the healer, but is ultimately unsuccessful as his eyes roll into the back of his head and a scream attempts to escape his lips, cut off by the lack of being able to pull oxygen into his lungs.

Ranjali flinches back from the terror, eyes going wide. They fill almost instantly with compassion and deep sadness. "Please," This time her voice is much softer. She looks up at the people murmuring at eachother and murmuring (or in some cases, shouting in fear and excitement). "This man needs space and quiet. No, will someone please inform the conductor that I will need speace for him on the train? And I will also need by packages collected." She pulls out her wand without waiting for an reply from anyone and murmurs, "Vulnera Sanentur." The wand is pointed at the lacerations, which as the tip passes them begin to close.

Bannon's icy blue eyes fall on Ranjani for a moment, and he nods his head quickly. He continues looking around, getting his bearings back by the moment. He has stopped thrashing, but he is still taking his breaths in short gasps. Between those short gasps, he begins asking questions, "Where — am — ?" He doesn't get the last part out as he grits his teeth in response to a sharp knife of pain going through his torso as the wound begins to heal there. He opens his eyes a moment later, shaking his head, "No — train." He takes another ragged gasp, struggling to pull air into himself, "Fawley — Farm — Go. Danger — Ministry." He glares towards Ranjani, "Warn." He lays his head back, crushing the brim of his bowler which remains resolutely in place.

"Y-yes, of course." Ranjali nods, her voice adopting its former calm after only a slight hesitation. But first, there is more to attend to here. Gently, her hands trail down his now healed chest, and once they find the likely spot of the broken rib her wand is brought up again, the tip hovering over the spot as she murmurs clearly, "Brakium Emendo." That done, she looks back up at the crowd, "Nevermind the train-oh, thank you." She smiles at a young man who shows up with her packages in hand, "I need to get to Fawley Farm." And considering his condition, Aparating there might not be in his best interests…

Unnoticed, due to the incident on the platform, a horse-drawn wagon approaches the station, driven by an elderly gentleman. The wagon is empty, but in the seat beside him is a single passenger, feminine in form, but she has a thick coat pulled tightly around her, and her head is wrapped in a woolen shawl. At the sight of the crowd, she cranes her neck to try to peer through and see what the commotion is. Once the wagon comes to a halt, she stands up on it to get a better view. "There's a man," she says to the driver. "It looks like he may be hurt." She climbs down and starts to make her way up to the platform to investigate.

Closing his eyes with a grimace, Bannon's reaction indicates that Ranjali has found the broken rib. He opens his eyes to look at the wand as it moves across his torso at the direction of Ranjali. His breathing begins to ease from the labored panting to the deep breaths of a man sucking down oxygen for dear life. He breathing slows after a moment, and he tilts his head to look towards Ranjali, "Thank you." He drops his head back to the ground, "I need to get to the Fawley farm. I need to send a message to the Minstry of Magic. They'll have the tools I need to do it there." He looks towards the wand in his right hand, then replaces it in the sheath on the walking stick. He bends forward, attempting to stand, "My name is Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates… and you are?" He looks towards Aubrey, nodding his head towards her before he looks back to Ranjali.

"Yes. I understand. My name is Ranjali, and I will get you to the Farm as soon as I can." Ranjali lifts herself onto her feet, reaching out to offer Bannon her shoulder and help him get up. Her arm is slipping around his back to steady him when she glances back to see what he was looking at, and nearly falls over! She wobbles dangerously, managing only just barely to keep from knocking them both over by quickly reaching out to steady herself with her free hand. "M-Wiss Taylor! Whatever are you doing here?"

Audrey gives a little gasp at the sight of the injured man…well, previously injured. But the greater shock comes when she spots Ranjali tending to him. What are the odds? "Ranjali?" She gives an awkward smile, then pulls her shawl a little further around her face to better hide it from the gathered crowd. "My goodness…I couldn't help but overhear. I…I have a wagon." She gestures over the crowd to where her driver waits. "I'm sure Oscar wouldn't mind taking you to the Fawley Farm."

When the commotion starts, Donner is torn between attending to whoever he is meeting at the train station and the injured man. Before he can make a decision, a brown haired teenage girl steps off the train, craning her neck to see what all the commotion is about. Donner grabs her by the arm and flings her into a bench out of the way. "Sit!" he commands, and strides towards Ranjali and Bannon. "Prognosis, Winterthorne?" he asks, swopping in to support both of them on the other side of Bannon.

Slowly and carefully, Bannon works his way to his feet with the help of Ranjali, "Pleasure to make your acquaintence, Miss Ranjali. Your presence here was most opportune." His eyes catch Donner throws the girl to the bench, his eyebrow raising a franction of an inch. He is grabbed on the otherside by Donner, who proceeds to ask for a prognosis, "Acute rudeness, but my name isn't Winterthorne."

Ranjali looks to Donner, relief on her face despite the raised eyebrows and glance toward the brunette. "He'll live." She says, unable to hide the smirk for Bannon's comment. "Though you should look at that arm. It may be broken." She gestures to the arm on Donner's side, then turns to Audrey again. "That would be wonderful, thank you." Her tone shifts as she speaks to the singer, and is that a faint blush?

Audrey smiles sympathetically and beckons the trio to follow her. "This way." She leads them down from the platform, to the simple wagon by the road. The old, thick-bearded man lifts his bushy brow in surprise at Audrey's new companions. "Oscar," she says, "This is Ranjali. Her friends need to get to the Fawley Farm right away." She looks up at him pleadingly with those big, green eyes. Who could say no?

Oscar nods, though his face is still lined with confusion. "Of course, Audrey," he says in a croaky voice. "Of course. Climb on up in back, everyone. I'll have y' to the Fawley Farm in no time at all."

"Then perhaps I was not addressing you, sir," Donner says coldly as he feels for the break in Bannon's arm. He nods once and pronounces, "Broken," touching the point of break with the tip of his wand. He speaks an incantation to knit the bones back together. When invited on to the wagon, Donner's cold competence fades. "Is, ah, there room for one more? I was picking up my sister," he says a little sheepishly. A jerk of his head indicates the girl he instructed to sit and stay.

Bannon growls as Donner finds the break in his arm, "No you certainly weren't, sir!" When the wand passes over his arm, he moves his fingers to restore feeling into them. He nods his head, continuing in a far milder tone, "Thank you, sir." He looks towards Oscar, "Your haste to the Fawley farm would be most appreciated, good driver." He then nods to Audrey, "And thank you for allowing me use of your carriage, Miss. It is highly appreciated." He grits his teeth, still working against much of the fatigue of his ordeal. At least he isn't smoking anymore, and thats a good sign.

Ranjali falls silent again. She gives the gravelly-voiced Oscar a nod before moving to assist Donner into the carriage. Only a glance is spared for Audrey, her eyes questioning as Donner makes his request. Then she's looking at the sister of her coworker, smiling, and thinking that she should definitely meet this young woman soon.

Oscar nods repeatedly, "Aye, it's no worry. Go then," he says to Donner, "Fetch y' sister. It may be a tight fit back there, but hold one tight and hopefully no one'll fall out."

Audrey climbs up onto the driver's bench beside Oscar, leaning over to kiss his scruffy cheek. "Thank you, Oscar." She looks back to the others as they climb in, taking the momentary delay to speak to Ranjali. "This is strange luck, isn't it? Though…please don't mention to anyone that I was here?" She gives them all a hopeful smile.
Bannon gives you a cookie.

When Bannon is safely seated on the wagon, Donner walks back to the bench to collect his sister. They converse quietly for a moment, the girl louder than Donner and doing all kinds of sassy teenage girl things, like flipping her hair and buffing her nails. Donner has a patient smile fixed on his face and when the girl seems to have most of the attitude out of her system, he leads her to the wagon and helps her in. "Thank you for your patience. This is my sister, Posey."

Bannon is loaded up into the wagon, landing in the seat with a sigh. He quickly checks his pockets, still working the feeling back into his arm. He looks towards Ranjali, "Thank you again…" He then looks towards Posey as she enters the wagon, "Hello, Miss Posey." He tucks his walking stick between his knees, his wand within easy reach as he glances around himself and takes his own situation into account. Then, of all things, he laughs. The laughter is not obnoxiously loud, merely the laughter of delight in having survived an extreme situation. Bannon reaches up, rubbing an eye and then saying, "Please excuse me. Today was too much."

Ranjali makes certain that Bannon is comfortable, then squeezes in next to him to leave room on the opposite seat for Donner and his sister. "Hello Posey," She speaks with a quite voice, her smile warm, and reaches across to help the girl inside, "I am Ranjali, and I work with Donner at St. Mungo's." Her glance flickers to Donner, an almost triumphant smile flashing across on her face. As she settles back into her seat, reaching up to pat her hair back into place and blushing softly when she realises what a dissaray she is in, she glances worriedly at Bannon. Could it be shock?

With introductions happening, Audrey gives a little wave. "I'm Audrey." For once, she isn't announcing herself as the rising star, Audrey Taylor, with a sparkle in her smile. She is obviously trying to be incognito, though as Ranjali has demonstrated, she isn't entirely unrecognizable.

After everyone is loaded up, Oscar gives the reins a whip, and the shaggy horse hitched to the wagon starts to move, pulling them along as an increasingly faster pace. Oscar's advice to hang on proved good, as the speedy ride gets bumpy. But it sounded like an emergency!

After dropping Banner at the farm with a stern warning that if he did not come by St. Mungo's for a proper check up she would cheerfully hunt him down, Ranjali returned to the coach with Audrey, Donner, and Posey. The shift in her demeanor, once her patient is gone, is an odd one. Donner, for example, has never seen her as flustered as she is when she looks shyly to Audrey to say, "I…I cannot thank you enough Miss Taylor, for offering us this ride. Truly, you arrival was most… opportune."

Audrey reaches back to squeeze Ranjali's hand, personal familiarity coming easily to her. "Of course, darling. But don't thank me. It's Oscar who deserves the credit." She gives the driver an encouraging rub of the shoulder as he coaxes the horse onward, taking them back toward Hogsmeade proper. "So…we've probably missed the last train. Please, let me put you up at the Three Broomsticks. That is, if you were leaving town." She arches a scultped eyebrow inquisitively.

Donner sits as stiffly and hangs on as tightly as if the carriage was still tightly packed and speeding. Ranjali's manner is odd to him, his brow crinkles. Well it takes him a while to come down from the excitement of snatching a soul back from the brink of death. Maybe this is just how she deals with it. Posey, being a teenage girl and possessing powers of observation Donner knows not, looks between the two women with a /very/ knowing twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, ah, well… " Ranjali wavers, about to insist that such hospitality is not needed. "I was actually… well, yes, that woud be lovely." Never refuse the hospitality of a beautiful woman! That's what her father would say! Ok, well, he'd probably actually say something about family honor and performers or somesuch. But that's what Ranjali is going to /pretend/ her father would say. "Forgive me, in all the exitement I wasn't able to ask more politely. What brings you to Hogsmeade tonight?"

Audrey's eyes shift to Oscar, then she lowers her gaze, smiling conspiratorially. "I'm visiting friends. Now, before you think I'm ashamed of them for asking that you not reveal I was here, please understand it is simply for the sake of their privacy." Oscar gives a chuckle, but says nothing. "So it's settled, then. We'll stay at the Three Broomsticks." She turns her gaze to Donner and Posey, "Will you join us? Or do you have other plans here?"

"Oh yes, thank you! That sounds lovely!" Posey agrees without consulting Donner, but since he's locked into the answer he smiles a little and nods. "We were just going to eat at home, but the steaks will keep."

"Forgive me, of course." Ranjali frowns at her lap, "I won't say a thing, you have my word." She glances up, putting a smile back on her face, then turns to Posey. For the res of the ride she offers polite conversation, asking the girl a number of questions both about herself and about Donner, while continuing to glance at Audrey and Oscar as though she still cannot believe the singer is there.

It doesn't take long for the group to arrive at the Three Broomsticks, where they are ushered in and each led to a room to rest and refresh themselves before dinner.

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