(1937-09-12) A Spark Of Sanity
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Summary: A morning in Diagon Alley sees Elijah and Veruca crossing paths.
Date: 09-12-1937
Location: South Craeft Alley
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South Craeft Alley Diagon Alley
Wed Sep 12, 1937 ((Wed Sep 12 14:15:18 2012)) (A,2)

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and fair.

Often considered part of Diagon Alley by the masses, Craeft Alley looks much the same as Diagon proper, with shops of all sizes often leaning against each other or leaning out over the walkway. Here in the Southern end of Craeft Alley, nearest the turnoff from Diagon, the only real difference is the walkway itself is a bit straighter, and then only a bit.

It's another warm, pleasant Summer day in the wizarding part of the world. Alone on the streets of Diagon Alley is Inspector Elijah Lovegood, who is looking particularly…normal. He's wearing a simple black suit and his hair is styled instead of thrown all over the place. He's not even jumping around or smelling people. How very strange.

A door opens, and Veruca steps out of a small bookshop, a small volume in her hand. Dark eyes take in her surroundings as she pauses, the dapper Inspector Lovegood garnering a momentary pause as her calculating gaze sweeps the wizard from head to toe.

Elijah looks quite…slowed down. His eyes aren't darting all over the place and when he speaks it's not going at a mile a minute like usual. He does look up as he hears a door open and looks over at the woman, "Oh, hello." That's all he says as he slides his hands into his pockets, just having a look around.

Veruca's head inclines in acknowledgment, placing the man's face to the articles she's seen in the Daily Prophet with him pictured. His name escapes her for the moment, but she's no doubt he's one of the squad of Magical Law Enforcers. Her low, smooth voice floats to him pleasantly, "Good morning."

Elijah perks up as he's addressed further and nods to the woman, "It's a lovely day, yes?" He hands move around in his pockets as his eyes slowly investigate his surroundings. Those dark, blue orbs finally rest on Veruca as he sums her up.

A polite smile curves red lips, not quite mirrored in her eyes but cordial. Her eyes move again, looking up to the sky as if assessing the state of the day and comparing it to his comment. "It is. Very mild for September." She notes his eyes shift to her and stands easily under his scrutiny. The frock she wears is nothing fancy, plain black and sliding over her curves comfortably. In modest heels she can look almost directly into the inspector's eyes, being just a shade shorter than him. Her jewelry is also understated, pearl earrings and a matching necklace.

Elijah nods and says, "Mmmm." It's essentially a grunt. The man licks at his lips as he looks away. Although, the Inspector doesn't look like he quite knows what he's looking around for.

Veruca is likely not quite as observant as the inspector is, but the quick travel of tongue over lips does not escape her attention. It makes her realize that, with the duties of her job, it's been too long since her last dalliance with her latest muggle toy. Mental note, fix that. To the gentleman before her, she floats a question, "Haven't I seen you in the pages of the Daily Prophet?"

Elijah looks over at Veruca, "It's possible. You seem to have eyes, so I'm assuming yes. Hrmm, that was rude. I apologize. Yeah, I'm Inspector Elijah Lovegood." He offers a hand to her.

Amusement actually flashes through Veruca's eyes, which the keen Inspector may catch. It even brings a bit more of a curve to her smile. His hand is taken, her own soft and warm and firm, for a woman. "Inspector Lovegood. Veruca Max. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Her grip may linger for a moment, but she releases the clasp. Blue eyes turn thoughtful as she regards him. "You recently were involved in finding that lost boy, if I recall correctly?"

Elijah offers the girl a smile and as she says her name something clicks in that brain of his and he says, "Veruca Max. Executive Assistant, Macnair Manufacturing." He inhales sharply and shakes his head, answering her question, "Uh, yeah…that was me."

A neat eyebrow arches ever so slightly as Elijah fills in her information. Interesting. It's his job to know things, and clearly he does that well. She files that away in her head. "My congratulations to your and your partner, then. It must be very satisfying to have helped the boy." She doesn't really care one way or the other, but she well knows the polite things to say.

Elijah shrugs at Veruca and says, "It was just another case. There's only two viable outcomes, and the better was was presented." He sighs and a cigarette appears in his hand as if he had summoned it. In reality he's just very quick, "I'm sorry for sizing you up. It's a habit. Gotta know everybody." A lighter appears in his hand and it puts the flame to the end of the cigarette, inhaling slowly.

"Not at all," Veruca says smoothly. "It is your job, after all, to size people up. Have your finger on the pulse of the community." The first tickle of smoke at her nose entices her to produce her own cigarette. Not nearly as deft as the wizard, Veruca goes through the motions of retrieving one from her small purse. It is held up near her lips, and she politely asks, "Would you mind?"

Elijah holds the lighter up to her cigarette and produces a flame, saying, "Mmm, it's still quite rude to present everything you know about a person right off the bat. Takes away all the mystery." He smirks, sliding his lighter away once her cigarette is lit.

With her eyes downcast to the tip of cigarette and flame, Veruca's hand raises to lightly rest on Elijah's, steadying it even if no steadying is necessary. Again, her touch lingers perhaps a moment long before sliding away, and she takes a deep first drag on the fag. "Well," she says lightly, "It may take away mystery, but at least I know that nothing seems to escape the attention of Inspector Lovegood." While everyone is likely on the man's radar, it's good to know.

Elijah smirks and takes a long drag from his cigarette, exhaling the smoke as he speaks, "Hrmm…you may be correct." He smirks a bit at the touch, but doesn't comment on it. "Seems I have an unfair advantage in most conversations, though."

Veruca nods at the wizard's words. "Perhaps unfair to those with which you converse, yes. Unless, of course, you are not adverse to leveling the ground and supplying information about yourself." Her head tilts slightly as she regards Elijah. "What other information do you tend to ferret away about people?"

Elijah smirks at Veruca and says, "Now, what did I say about ruining the mystery? I'm not going to go ahead and tell you what all I know about you. Wouldn't be fun." He tosses his cigarette down to the ground and snuffs it out, clearing his throat and beaming a smile at her.

There's that spark of amusement again in Veruca's eyes. Twice in one morning?? Unthinkable! Yet, it remains. "Playing it close to the vest. An admirable trait, and surely one that serves a man of your position well. How would you ever do you job if everyone knew what information you have about them." The fag raises again, Veruca's lips pressing around it as she inhales, pauses a beat, and slowly exhales. Deftly, she turns the subject. "And pray tell, Inspector Lovegood, what sees you out on such a fine morning?"

Elijah grins and looks around, still quite unsure what it is he's seeking, "I uh…don't really know. Just felt like walking around, and it's fair weather for doing so. So I did."

Veruca smokes her cigarette almost to the quick; a lesser witch would have singed lips. An easy flick sends it up into the air, where it disappears with a nearly inaudible pop. She eyes him with something of a smirk on her own lips. "Keeping an eye out and an ear to the ground? Yes, you don't seem like a man who would rest at his duty," she observes casually. "And it is a lovely morning for a bit of a wander."

Elijah shrugs and says, "I've been driving myself a bit crazy. Always…on the job. My partner made me realize that the other day. And uh…since then I've just kinda been…wandering around when I'm off-duty."

"Well, there are few things better than a walk to clear the mind." Of course, Veruca does know of one thing that is at least on a par with walking as mind-clearing goes. And, while the inspector is certainly handsome, she has strict rules about cavorting with wizards. Still, he looks quite fit. Pity. Definitely a pity. "There is a lovely Muggle park not far from here, if you've not already explored it. Hyde Park. It can be a very tranquil place to amble about."

Elijah scratches at the scruff on his jaw and says, "Oh yes, it's quite liberating to not be doing endless calculations all the time." He furrows his brow and nods to the woman, "Oh, yes. I've heard of the place. I think I might go there now." With that he turns and begins walking off.

Not much surprises Veruca, and Elijah's abrupt turn does not surprise her. Her eyes regard the man's back thoughtfully, with a slightly predatory flash now that he's turned away. A deep breath and she tucks such thoughts away tidily. She offers no goodbye to his back, letting the inspector amble on his way.

Elijah saunters away, humming as he goes. He does recognize his rudeness and turns around, walking backwards, "Just so you know, I don't know anything about you except for your name and title. Perhaps we could fill in the blanks sometime." He offers a smile and a wave, backing into a crowd of people and seemingly disappearing.

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