(1937-09-14) Scribbles
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Summary: Afternoon at the Cauldron sees the paths of Elijah, Kaylee and Veruca crossing.
Date: 09-14-1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron London
Fri Sep 14, 1937 ((Fri Sep 14 16:21:28 2012)) (E,4 NE)

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and drizzling.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Early afternoon and some people are milling about in Diagon Alley. Kaylee has been the tavern for a short while now looking over a pad of parchment where she has a bunch of notes scribbled down. A soft hum escapes her while she taps her quill against the table a few times. There are a few other people milling around the tavern at the moment, an Kaylee is sitting over on a table on her own.

Elijah sits quietly in the back corner of the Leaky Cauldron, scribbling madly at a piece of paper. He looks up every now and then, tongue hanging half-way out of his mouth as he concentrates. Looks like he's back to plain ol' Elijah, as his hair is all over the place, showing of the grey streaks that shoot across his temples.

The door from the London street opens, admitting a tall, slender witch into shelter from the drizzle dampening the city. Veruca pauses only long enough to pat her hair, although not a strand was out of place, nor does it seem wet from the rain. Her eyes take in those already gathered, resting for a moment on the inspector before moving on smoothly. That is the only sign of recognition displayed outwardly. Measured steps take Rue to the bar, where she sets her purse as she motions for the bartender's attention.

Kaylee glances upwards lightly and peers over towards Elijah curiously watching him a moment. She looks amused for a moment. "So, you working on that mystery novel?" This questioned with a curious tone. Her pale turns towards the new person whom gets a slight nod and then her attention is back on Elijah.

Elijah looks up from his paper and holds it up, revealing that it is, infact just a series of lines and circles, "No. I'm just scribbling on some paper." He balls the paper up and throws it off somewhere as Elly walks over with a pitcher of milk to refill his glass. She ruffles the inspector's hair before she leaves, leading Elijah to try and 'fix' it back.

Veruca slides smoothly onto a stool to sit at the bar, producing a copy of the Daily Prophet from her purse as another server moves off, her order taken. Her legs cross, right over left, as she opens the paper, folds it back, and begins to read an article. Despite outward disinterest, she makes some efforts to keep tabs on a nearby conversation or two.

Kaylee offers a smile to Elly and nods before she looks back to Elijah, she is pondering though. "So you do art as well then?" She questions curiously while laying her quill down upon her pad of paper.

Elijah furrows his brow at Kaylee and says, "What? No. I just felt like scribbling. Doodling, if you will. Helps relieve stress." He looks over to where Veruca is sitting and gives her a quick smile before going back to his doodles.

Having chanced to look over at the inspector, Veruca inclines her head at his smile, before her interest slips right back to the newspaper. The article she's reading is about quidditch, complete with a picture of a smiling athlete, flexing muscles as he flies through the shot, flashing pearly whites at the photographer. She doesn't look much of a sports fan, but you never can tell. After a few moments, a glance is spared toward Kaylee, lingering before a blink changes Rue's focus.

Kaylee ahs softly and nods, she still smiles. "Well nothing wrong with that. It does help relieve some stress I have to agree with you there." This said with a soft tone.

Elijah picks up his glass of milk and gulps it all down in one go, setting it back down and wiping his mouth with his sleeve, "Mmmm. Indeed. Strange how everyday routines can be the most fantastic coping mechanisms."

As Veruca reads the same sentence for a third time, she finally just slaps the newspaper down onto the bartop, muttering "It's a daft game anyway." to herself. Elly approaches her, concern in her eyes, and exchanges low words with the dark haired former Slytherin. Keen ears might pick up "under the weather" and "get a check-up" in the soft murmurs, before Veruca says "Might as well have that in a bag. The boss will be expecting me back anyway, so I shouldn't tarry." Elly nods, looking not at all eased by their conversation, and moves away to see to packing up Veruca's order.

Kaylee hums softly and nods. "It is strange how some things like that work out I do suppose." Her pale gaze lifts upwards towards Veruca and Elly but she soon turns her attention back to her own scribbling of notes. Her hand slides around her cup of tea and she picks it up taking a sip from it. "Some paint, or do other such things as well." Seems she is just making idle chitchat with Elijah now.

Elijah has the keenest ears in all the land and he looks over at Veruca with a bit of a worried look on his face, as if to say 'what's wrong?' He just nods in reply to Kaylee as she continues to talk to him.

Unfortunately, Veruca misses the inspector's well intended concern, so intent is she on getting a cigarette from her cigarette case. She can be a very single minded witch at times, but it hardly seems a task to warrent such concentration. Holding it between two fingers she searches for her lighter, when a flame flares in front of her, drawing her attention up. It's a young wizard, flashing her a broad smile. A moment's pause, then Veruca leans in only enough to touch flame to fag, drawing a breath in as the end burns bright red for a moment. She barely looks at the man, putting out the most brief "Ta." and looking to see what's keeping Elly. Clearly dismissed, the man falters a moment, then slides into the stool next to hers. "You look like you could use company," he says in a broad Scottish accent.

Kaylee glances up and catches the look between Elijah and Veruca, or well the look from Elijah towards her at least. She ponders a moment and shrugs before going back to her work. The new person is caught sight over over there next to Veruca but she doesn't think anything of it.

Elijah is now seated on the stool to the other side of Veruca. It's easy to move silently when nobody's watching you, but your watching everyone. He pokes his head around Ru and peers at the Scottish man, his eyes summing him up.

As silently and swiftly as he moves, Veruca has no idea that Elijah has taken the next stool, and her eyes remain level on her scottish 'companion'. She even replies with a civil tone. "And you look perfectly healthy. I'm sure you would like it to stay that way." The man's eyes narrow, giving him something of a piggish look, until he realizes that the pair are no longer 'alone' at the bar. Whatever bluster he might have produced leaves him like air from a popped balloon, and he is immediately contrite. "Beg pardon, miss… no offense." Perhaps he has recognized the inspector. Or he merely does enjoy his health. Whichever, he is gone almost as fast as Elijah appeared. Veruca turns her head to look for Elly again, just wanting to be shut of the place, and nearly drops her cigarette as she nearly bumps noses with Elijah, a startled 'oh!' escaping her.

Kaylee lifts her gaze up slightly as she watches Elijah's movement towards the bar, unlike Veruca she at least did notice that. She looks amused as the other man makes his leave, a soft chuckle escaping her. Well this is a bit amusing. Her cup is picked up once more, another sip taken from it to finsh the tea within. She'll just keep to her seat it seems.

Elijah pulls his head back as Veruca turns around, looking equally startled. He straightens his coat and dips his head, saying, "I do apologize. But I saw that you were exchanging words with James Buchanan. Right creep he is. Had to make sure he wasn't planning anything untoward."

For the briefest moment, Veruca might actually look flustered. Then her jaw tightens a measure, chin lifts slightly, but the steel doesn't quite come back to her eyes. "No apology necessary, Inspector. Your attention to the well being of the populace is quite appreciated." Her dark eyes dart away, almost desperately seeking Elly. Nope, no Elly, so Veruca remarks, "I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation." Her eyes fall upon Kaylee, and a nod is given.

"Wasn't much of a conversation. Merely using words to pass some time." Kaylee offers without even looking up at the pair, a faint shrug is seen. "You two know one another I'm just the odd duck out." This said with an amused tone.

Elijah looks over at the other woman and says, "You're Abigail O'Dwyer, Regulation and Coltrol of Magical Creatures. You drink a lot." Seems Elijah does know her. He turns his eyes back to Veruca and says, "You're under the weather?" He tilts his head at her.

What he lacks in subtletly, Elijah makes up in….. nope, got nothing. It never fails to amuse Veruca, his precise memory and lack of social finesse, but she catches the smile before it forms, taking a drag on her cigarette. She shakes her head briefly, wondering if there is anything on this green earth that escapes this man. "It's nothing," she offers as a simple reply.

Kaylee smirks at the choice of words and sends a faint glance towards Elijah. "Really… Of all things ta say I do you pick that? Lovely." May drink a lot but he forgot to add in that she can handle her drink thank you.

Elijah peers at her and says, "It's something. Now, tell me." His eyes won't move from her until she says what's wrong. He's latched onto the idea of someting hurting Veruca and he doesn't like it. She's nice to him.

Veruca avoids meeting Elijah's eyes, and goes for the one thing that always shuts a man up. Her voice lowers and she replies to his insistence, "It's a bit of a personal matter, Inspector Lovegood." Then to make sure he gets it, she adds, "A female matter." There, that should do it. Men run screaming from 'female matters'. She can feel the wizard's eyes upon her, and shifts her gaze to Kaylee once more.

Kaylee lifts a brow while she watches Elijah and tilts her head. "Inspector I hardnly think she is one of your cases. Shouldn't be questioning things of a personal matter." Her pale gaze turns to Veruca. At least she attempted to help. Though the ranger gets the feeling it won't do her any good, this is Elijah after all.

Elijah continues to peer at the woman, but sees that it's a bit more personal than he would like to discuss in public and gives her arm a comforting squeeze with a simple, "Okay. I'm sorry." He just stands up and brushes any wrinkles out of his coat saying, "I'll leave."

The interjection to the matter by Kaylee earns the other witch a very rare and brief flash of gratefulness from Veruca. The touch from Elijah draws her back, and Veruca looks to him, for a moment almost speaking up and telling him not to go. But finally, one of the servers, not Elly thankfully because she would surely have something to add and it would likely not be to Veruca's benefit, brings a take-away sack and leaves it on the counter. She stands hastily, brushing against Elijah as she drops some coins on the counter and snatches up the sack. "My apologies for dashing away." But that's just what she's going to do. She addresses the other woman, "Miss O'Dwyer," before moving to step away toward the outer door.

Kaylee ahs softly as she watches Elijah turn to leave and then Veruca. A nod is sent towards her. "I do hope you have a better day miss." This said softly while she glances back to Elijah a moment. "You can stay you know?" Or well follow after the fleeing Veruca. An thatis her attempt to be nice.

Elijah is gone shortly after Kaylee attempt to stay him. He slips easily out of the door and merges with a crowd as he usually does, disappearing from view shortly after he's gone.

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