(1937-09-15) Not Tricks, ILLUSIONS
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Summary: Arian tries to apologize to Ria, but ends up agreeing to something uncertain
Date: September 15, 1937
Location: Rooftop, Hogwarts
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Roof Hogwarts Castle
Sat Sep 15, 1937 ((Sat Sep 15 19:23:14 2012)) (Roof)

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and raining.

The ramparts of Hogwarts Castle are massive and provide an uninterrupted pathway all along the outside of the castle as well as giving any visitor an amazing view of the surrounding grounds, Hogwarts Lake, the Forbidden Forest and even Hogsmeade. The view is only interrupted by some of the taller towers of the castle like the Astronomy Tower or the Owlery. The ramparts themselves have chest height walls to either side creating a six foot wide corridor. Every two feet or so crenellations rise up another three feet making the walls almost eight feet tall at those points. Strong winds tend to blow along the ramparts frequently making it a particularly uncomfortable place to be at during the winter but making it nice and cool during the hottest days of summer.

It's the weekend, and, as usual, the students are out and about around the castle. The weather's been beautiful, so many are outside. Some (mostly Ravenclaws) are in the library. And others are wandering about. As for Arian, he's decided to get away from it all. After all, he's exhausted from the work that Pringle's had him doing the past week, and he doesn't feel like dealing with the constant glares that everyone feels are warranted. So he's found a spot up on the roof of Hogwarts. He's taken a seat along the walkway, his bookbag beside him, and a few choice items laid out by his feet: a deck of cards, a bouquet of wooden flowers, and a small bag, whose contents cannot be seen. In his hands, the young Ravenclaw is twirling four red balls in a circle, juggling idly and enjoying the peace.

Ria has ditched her school uniform this weekend for a green gingham sundress, but even though her outfit is devoid of academia, her mind isn't. Her shoes make a patting noise as she climbs up the stairs slowly, one by one. One would think she's a Ravenclaw with the way she has a book open before her, not paying too much attention to where she's going. But she does have the strange habit of murmuring as she reads, and that too echoes off the staircase walls. Once she reaches the top of the stairs, she spots the juggler and suddenly her eyes narrow with fierce intensity.

It's the murmuring that first tips Arian off to the fact that he might not be alone. He casts a quick glance over to the stairs, letting the balls drop safely into his hands. When Ria appears, the boy gulps visibly; his eyes widen. Another glance around is thrown, and he's now disappointed to find that he's alone. Arian reaches for the bag next to him as he scrambles to his feet. After all, it'll be a lot harder for Ria to kick him in the face if he's standing. He does not move any more than that though. Perhaps he's hoping the girl will simply pass him by without any trouble.

With her polished fingers (which look newly polished today, perhaps its a weekend ritual?), Ria gently places a book mark to keep her page before she shuts the book and steps a bit forward. She crosses her arms and looks the boy up and down, simply covering him with her intense glare for a few tense seconds. "I suspect you've wrapped up your weak of detention then?" she asks sternly.

Okay, she's talking to him, and he hasn't died yet. Arian takes that as a good sign. He opens his mouth to say something, but at first his voice refuses to work; his lips simply move without making any noise. Clearing his throat, he finally manages to speak. "Yeah, it's… done," he says. It was perfectly miserable, too, but Arian doubts that would do anything to make Ria feel any better, so he just falls silent. His eyes dart around for a moment, then they fall on the bag he's holding in his hand. He extends it to Ria. "H… here.. These are for you." Inside are a number of chocolate frogs, pasties, and other treats that Arian had saved from Honeydukes. It's not much, but it's the best he has in terms of a peace offering.

Ria savors on the idea of his misery, which is apparent in the way her mouth curves and the outer corners of her eyes pinch into a sneer. When he first offers forward the bag, her first instinct is to crane her head back and take a defensive stance as if he were about to pull a gun on her. However, her eyes still narrow at the back before she plucks it out of his hand and holds in the tips of her fingers at a distance like it were going to explode. Eyeing the bag and then Arian she asks with skepticism, "What is this?"

Arian slowly lets his arm drop as Ria snatches the bag away from him. "It's… chocolate.. and other things. I got it from Honeydukes." The boy's hands are practically shaking, and he continually licks his lips nervously. He's not sure what else he can offer explanation. He simply hopes she likes it. Girls like sweets, right. "I… w-wanted you to h-have it," he stammers. "As a way to ap…apolo.. gize."

The stammering. The shaking. This kid's truly afraid. How wonderful. Ria slowly opens the bag to see if the contents were exactly what he said they were. And thoughtfully, she picks up a golden wrapped chocolate snitch between her thumb and pointer finger. "How…cute," she says dryly and looks back to Arian. After another inspection of him, her sneer turns into a sweeter version of a smile and she blinks once before politely asking, "What's your name darling?"

Arian continues to shake nervously as she inspects the bag, praying that she doesn't throw them at him. Or place them somewhere where they aren't meant to be placed… Then, Ria's mood seems to change instantly, and Arian isn't sure what to do. Is that a SMILE? It is! But what really makes it strange is the fact that it isn't a cruel one. And did she just call him 'darling'? Arian isn't sure what the hell is going on now. He looks around the roof to see if a professor had suddenly appeared, but they're still alone. "A-Arian," he finally manages to get out.

"Ah, Arian. Good name," Ria nods. Perhaps she's saying it only because it's one letter off from 'Aria.' Either way, she continues, "Well you know Arian, you stained my best uniform set. My mother had that specially sewn for me from materials she wore as a young girl at Hogwarts." Her brows curve upward in a truly hurt expression and she looks down forlornly at her shiny shoes. "You have a mother right? Wouldn't she be upset if you messed up her favorite sweater or her favorite skirt?"

Arian isn't really sure what to say as Ria begins to go on about her mother and the clothes he managed to ruin, so he simply nods continuously. When Ria brings up mothers, though, Arian's expression turns to genuine shame. After all, Arian doesn't have a lot in the way of family other than her. "I… I'm really sorry," he stutters. "I didn't mean to ruin your clothes. I was just…" There he falls silent suddenly. Nope, better to just leave it at that!

Ria hmms glumly and says, "You may have not meant it, but it's what happened." She gives him a nod of pity. "I was so upset Arian, that I was plotting ways revenge myself in your sleep. I have a good friend in Ravenclaw who was willing to do me that favor." The words come out so casually and what exactly she was plotting remains heavily ambiguous. "But since you gave me this thoughtful gift in apology, I realize that there's another way you can help me feel better about all this." And slowly she begins to peel the gold wrapping of the snitch with her delicate hands as she continues talking. "You see, I'm working on a project for Halloween, you see. A haunted house. Something fun for all us students. You like Halloween, don't you Arian?"

Arian goes white as a sheet when Ria mentions revenge, and he's near the point of thanking her for sparing him. To be honest, he's really just happy to still have all of his limbs still intact now. Then, she turns the conversation toward helping her, and Arian's expression turns to one of intrigue. When she mentions a haunted house, a smile appears on his face. "A haunted house, eh?" he says. He begins waving his hands around. A red ball, one that he had been juggling earlier, appears in his hand, then just as suddenly disappears. Arian turns to the side and makes another flourish with his hands and.. something squirts out of the sleeves of his robe, drawing a scowl from the boy. "But still," he says, in a fake-mysterious voice, "where did the lighter fluid come from?" Voila!

Ria's eyes go wide and in panic she steps back to avoid the lighter fluid, which narrowly gets her. She's tempted drop kick him off the roof at that points, but with some considerable effort, she pulls herself together and instead lets out a strained but girlish sort of giggle. "Ahaha, yes a haunted house. We could certainly make use of your erm…magic tricks," she smiles yet her nose is scrunched up a bit in disgust.

Arian cringes as he sees the lighter fluid on Ria's dress. That was NOT what he wanted at all. He almost reaches out to try and scrub it out, but decides against it. After all, he'd still like to keep his hands, thank you very much. Instead, he just mutters a muted apology. To her comment, the Ravenclaw boy shakes his head. "Not tricks," he says. "ILLUSIONS." After a moment of consideration, he adds, "What exactly did you have in mind anyway?" He's still a little wary. How does he know this isn't some sort of trick?

The hand not holding the chocolate is tightening into a fist and Ria's nails dig into her palm so that they don't dig into Arian's neck. And when he corrects her she quirks a brow before replying, "Right. Illusions. We can use your…illusions." Clearing her throat and holding her chin up she continues, "I don't the parts written out yet, but I was hoping to make it an interactive play. Depending on what space I'm given, it will be like a maze of some sorts. "Would you be willing to play a part I need should the time come around? It would be -fun- and I'd have no hard feelings over the pudding or this….lighter fluid," she peers down at her dress but then looks up with a smile. Looking at him, she pops the chocolate into her mouth chewing at it softly before licking her lips slowly and waiting for his answer.

Arian narrows his eyes a little as she explains the idea of the house to him. It's an… intriguing idea, at least. But there's still something tugging at the back of his mind. That little voice saying, 'Don't do it! She's a psychopath!' Unfortunately, it's not yelling loud enough, because at last Arian nods, "Okay, I suppose that's not too much to ask…" He watches her eat the chocolate and smiles. "I'm glad you like the candy," he says, a bit of nerves sunddely returning to his voice. "I… I really didn't want you to be mad. I mean, I only threw stuff at you because.." Once again, he trails off though. "Nevermind, you said it didn't matter, so…"

With her lips still pressed together, Ria smiles and wonderfully pleased smile when Arian agrees to help. Closing her eyes, she takes her time licking the chocolate off her thumb, pointer and middle finger before smiling and saying, "I love the candy." She rolls up the opening to the bag though, and adds, "I'm glad you're on board then. It will be a delightful time. You won't regret it." Okay that last part might be a bit of a lie. Just a little white one. "You're right. It doesn't matter anymore now," her smile turns snaky as she reaches out to try and muss up the front part of his hair. Maybe its because Arian's sold his soul to her! Still, she tilts her head curiously, "Regardless, why did you throw it then if it wasn't to make me angry?"

There's a little ping of something from the back of Arian's mind as Ria says that he won't regret it. Oh, what has he gotten himself into? Quickly, he pushes the thought away. If he really IS in for something bad, he'll have to worry about it later. When the prefect reaches out to muss his hair, Arian leans back away at first, then stops and lets her. He feels like some kind of pet, but he doesn't mind for now. As for the question… the boy shrugs, looking away and shoving his hands in his pockets. "Because," he says softly, not daring to make eye contact with Ria as he talks, "you're so… you know, pretty… I thought that it wasn't fair that one person got to be so much better looking than everyone else…" There's not a laugh or any other kind of noise out of Arian; he may actually be serious there.

Ria blinks once, not expecting that answer. She's not entirely against hearing it though. There's a bit of a smug smile that appears not too long after. And she gives him one last gentle pet before saying, "Yes well … it's an understandable feeling. Just double think on an action before you do it. I can't help how I look, can I?" Tucking the bag and book under her arm, she says, "Well then, I shalll fill you in on the details in the next coming month. Its best if I go change now." She'll have to see if she can get the lighter fluid out of the gingham. And she turns to head back down the stairs but not before turning to give Arian a snaky smile and a wink, "It'll be fun working with you, Arian."

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