(1937-09-15) The Meddling Wench
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Summary: Elly proves that no one is safe from her very well intentioned meddling at the Leaky Cauldron.
Date: September 15th, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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There's only so much a guy can take listening to a woman talk about needing a drink before he calls his best mate and says, 'get this girl drunk before she gets herself drunk and in trouble'. So, Sloan has passed Keenan the responsibility of making sure Edwarlinda gets good and drunk tonight, and doesn't wake up in the tabloids pictured with some loser in his bed. Opening the door, he lets the high born Malfoy woman enter before him, chuckling about something she just said.

Still sober, just out of the office, the moment they are passing the threshold of the Leaky Cauldron's doorway, Eddie is peeling out of her gray Auror's robes to reveal the flash of skin tight emerald green suit beneath. It's just BARELY acceptable for work, which means it's more than acceptable for the bar. She passes her robes off into Keenan's hands. "Hang these up for me and I'll get us the first round. Least I can do for you getting me out of that bloody PRISON." Being the MLE office. The pure blood huffs a bit, sweeping across the room straight for the bar, blue eyes demanding. "Keep!"

Every now and then, perhaps more 'now' than 'then', there comes a time when Hadrian Higgs finds himself wanting a drink. Or ten, or even more than that. Luck happens to be the fact that today is one of those days. He's seated at the bar, having a drink in front of him. He pauses a little as he hears the sound of the people entering, turning to look in that direction a bit slowly now. "Okay…" he mutters to himself, shaking his head a little as he looks back to his drink, and takes a sip from it.

Elly comes out of the kitchen with a tray full of food. "Be right with ye miss." Her cockney as warm and welcoming as her smile. The Pub is rather busy as it's a Saturday night. Even though it appears Elly is the only one working tonight at least on the floor for the moment she begs her pardon from the new arrivals and bustles to the tables to quickly deliver and refill their food and drinks. Magic aiding her in the frazzling load of work of doing this solo. So it's really not very long, probably at the same time Keenan arrives at the bar that she returns with a smile. "There now, what can Elly get ye?"

Keenan chuckles as he takes the robes thrown at him, and gives a whistle under his breath to the blonde who tosses her professional robes to him. "As ye wish, lass," he agrees, and turns to find a peg, which he hands his own green healer robes on next to hers. He's dressed a little less eye catching, in gray slacks and a white shirt that he unbuttons at the collar. He does indeed arrive at the bar at the same time as Elly, giving her a charming wink. "Whatever th'lass is wantin'll be fine with me."

Flashing, demanding blue eyes, already looking just a touch miffed that she's had to wait more than three seconds for a drink. She'll calm down once she's got one, or three, down her throat. "Uh… Firewhiskey. Two doubles. Keep them coming, it's the weekend, dearie." Eddie commands, shoulders straight and upright. She then catches sight of Hadrian across the bar and his curious eyes. She flashes him a red lipped grin and a casual little wink — pretty much as lovely as she looks in the papers. And as flashy. She then looks back to Keenan, at least not completely abandoning the man with whom she walked in the door. She smirks to him, "I really have to make every decision for us, don't I? Nothing ever changes." But as she says that, her smile twitches through that smirk.

Speaking about looking like one does in the papers, Hadrian looks mostly like he does in them too. Draining his own drink, he offers a bit of a grin in return to the woman as well, studying her rather carefully for a few moments now. Pausing a little as he glances to his glass. "If you wouldn't mind, I could need a refill too, it seems," he offers to Elly, with a bit of a smile.

Elly sweeps a hand about wand swaying like a conductor as shot glasses tap dances up from behind the bar to settle down before Keenan and Eddie. They all line up like soldiers in a row and while Elly is filling up Hadrian's drink by hand, a bottle comes out from it's place on the mirrored wall behind her and tips just right, pouring exactly a double into each shotglass leaving a wake of pretty blue harmless flames in the filled shots behind it. "To yer 'ealth!" One of the shots, an extra one she put down is lifted up and toasted to the pair and then to the rest of the pub before she tips it back. She sucks in a breath and then lifts her chin to exhale some smoke before giving them a smile and continuing to get back to work.

Keenan grins. "Well, lass, any time I try ta take tha reins ya go threatenin' ta bust ma pate in two. I know when ta back down." He lifts the first shot glass after it's been poured, toasting the barmaid before he clinks it towards Eddie's. "Weekend, Lindy-lass. Time ta let yer pretty hair down an' forget everythin' else."

The quickness of the barmistress, not just with her magic but with pouring a shot for herself, draws a wide grin from Eddie's red lips. "Aye, there's a smart woman. Cheers to the gods-be-damned-weekend!" And she lofts her glass into the air, knocking back both shots with the skill of an expert. She downs the burning whiskey, only slightly coughing and shaking her head free as it burns at her eyes. "…maybe… not… the best to start…with…" She rasps out with a little laugh, but she's still on her high heels and grinning like a banshee. Blue eyes flicker back over to the Quidditch star across the bar, "Eh, Key… that's not Hadrian Higgs over there, is it? Getting sauced with the rest of us peons!" She then looks down to herself. "Well, maybe you're a peon. Not me though!" She then nods to Elly, "Get the fancy pants player over there whatever the hell he wants. On me."

Hadrian pauses for a few moments as he hears his name mentioned now, turning slightly to look over at Eddie again, offering a bit of a smile. "My thanks," he offers, after a few moments of pause, adding a bit of a grin. "And yes, that's me. At least I was the last time I checked, whenever that was." Offering a grin and a chuckle.

Elly teases as she pours a firewhiskey for Hadrian, "The last time ye checked was when ye were gawkin at yerself in the mirror 'fore they came in." She points to the mirror behinds the lines of bottles on their shelves.

Keenan leans on a elbow so he can look further down the bar. "Ye'd know better'n me. I leave all the keepin' track of who's who to the experts." Her claim that he's a peon doesn't seem to phase him as he takes the second double and tosses it back, with less eye-watering that his companion. His eyes twinkle and he laughs aloud with a salute to Elly when she tells Hadrian the last time he checked himself out.

"Ah, that doesn't count. I was using it to see who was in the room," Hadrian comments a bit lightly at Elly's words, before he takes another sip from his drink. Looking over at Keenan for a few moments, offering a half-smile. "Well, she may or may not have a point here…" he admits, after a few moments of pause.

Elly is being waved for over at a table so to ease the sting of her recent teasing of the Lush Quidditch player she gives his cheek a soft kiss once she's on that side of the bar before she heads away to handle the needy customers.

His own work done for the day, Sloan makes his way into the Cauldron without the loomin of Knocker on his right, the Black irish Iron worker makes his way to his usual spot along the bar, a nod for those he recognizes in the place.

Keenan looks down to the bar, noticing that the shot glass has remained empty, and the bottle is there, and… he turns around. "Oh, ye foolish prat," he tells himself. "Sure, she'll buy tha drinks," he looks back up to Hadrian with a wry grin, and then turns to Sloan. "Ah, just in time, mate… got a bottle here that needs drinkin'."

Pausing for a few moments at that kiss on the cheek, Hadrian offers a smile in Elly's direction, before he looks back along the bar, offering a bit of a nod in Sloan's direction as well, before he takes another long sip of his drink now. "Ah… good…"

A rather 'dressed up to look dressed down' Nia enters the Cauldron. She doesn't look as if she'll be spending the evening in the establishment, but rather, making it a stop on her journey into the evening. Her hair is curled and styled, and there are touches of make-up here and there. She's even in heels! She heads to the bar immediately, a quiet request for a glass of wine (to fortify the nerves!). Once there, of course, she checks the compliment of patrons at bar and tables.
Hadrian is noticed first, and she gives the quidditch star a smile; seems she's still something of a fan girl! Of course, her brother and Sloan.. not people she really wants to see at this very moment…

Looking towards Keenan, Sloan grunts softly. "In a minute, aye? perhaps the Bairn'll join you." as he speaks, he motions towards Nia. "dressed up for it to be sure, aye?"

Elly coos softly as she comes back around to get Niamh her wine, "Ye look so very prettay tonigh Nia! Ye have a fella in the wings?" A wink is offered the other woman as the wine is filled to just the right level and settled down. Also when Sloan settles down there's his liquid usual before him on the bar in his usual spot.

Turning to follow Sloan's motion, he nods once, "T gabhar glasta i soda gabhar i gcna " ('A goat dressed in silk is still a goat') he grins to his mate, and winks to Niamh. "He better be worth it, though."

Looking around once more, as he hears the people greeting Niamh, Hadrian looks over to the woman, studying her rather carefully for now. Offering a bit of a smile as well, as he lifts his glass in a bit of a greeting, before he takes another sip from it. Still watching her for the moment though.

Aaaand, there it is. Nia curses herself for ever walking into the place now, but what is, is. Taking up her wine glass, and looking so very cosmopolitan, takes that first sip. She's reeling inside, as if her guts couldn't get more butterfly-y? "Thank you, Elly.. and aye.. after a fashion." Her tones are light, though they do hold a certain feminine conspiratorial tenor. The rest of it is more in her own defense than informational, "It's all on the up and up." Brows rise at her brother's words, and her eyes narrow, though they still hold that gleam of mischievousness. "Is minic a gheibhean beal oscailt diog dunta!" ('An open mouth often catches a closed fist') And it's said so lovingly, too!
Hadrian's lifted glass toast gains Nia's attention, and she smiles at the man, the expression a bit apologetic. It's Hadrian Higgs, after all! And she's due to leave soon! If she thought she had butterflies before? Well, her stomach flipped over. And what does she manage? "Evening." Lame.

Elly asks as she rubs down the bar cleaning up some empties and the like. "So who's the lucky fella Nia?" Big warm smile, sky blue eyes all sunny and warm with curiosity.

Watching the brother and sister for a moment, sloan just gives a soft grunt and looks back to his beer, a Nod To Elly for the service before he takes a mouthful. "Get a brother an' sister in the same room, and it best be a dark one too noist for them to hear one another, then perhaps all could be peaceful, aye?"

Keenan almost commits alcohol abuse as he comes near to spitting up his mouthful of firewhiskey at Niamh's rejoinder. Almost. He manages at the last moment to hold it all in, which ends up making him cough, although he holds his shot glass up in salute at his little sister. By the time he manages to regain his breath, Elly's asking her question, and he leans both elbows on the bar, looking around Sloan towards her. "Aye, Niamh," he chimes in. "Who's the lucky fella?" Sloan gets an elbow for his contribution to the conversation.

"Evening," is said, while offering another smile to Niamh, Hadrian pauses as he hears the conversation. "Whoever it is must be a rather lucky person," he offers, a bit lightly. Taking another sip of his drink now.

Nia smile and dips her head at the question posed by Elly. There's something of a glance given to the others before returning her attention to the 'Cauldron's proprietor. "I'd rather not say.. not right now, anyway?" Please understand, her tones plead.
Sloan is given a sweet smile, and she turns about to catch her brother almost drowning in his whiskey- literally. She smiles sweetly, and her brows rise theatrically. "Are you okay, Keen?" Oh, she knows.. and she raises her wine glass. "Not gonna say. Not yet. Still too early in the 'chase him off' stage. Man like that needs to be reeled in first and have him decide I'm a good catch."
Nia looks to Hadrian, and her mouth opens slightly, and in the compliment, those hazel eyes glitter with pleasure in the compliment. "Thank you." He really said that? *bounce*
Putting her wineglass down, even though it's not finished, Nia digs into her purse and sets out coin for the drink. "I should go.. I'll be back before sunrise."

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