(1937-09-15) The Meddling Wench, Part 2
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Summary: Elly proves that no one is safe from her very well-meaning meddling at the Leaky Cauldron. Part 2!
Date: September 15th, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Looking at Keenan for a moment as he takes another mouthful of beer, sloan grunts. "Drink it, don't breathe it. stuff can be deadly Aye?" As he finishes his beer, The man seems to decide that he could deal with company now and slides a few stools closer to His friend. "How you been anyways?"

Elly refreshes Sloan's beer and gives Keenan something a bit lighter that he usually enjoys. She then puts her hands on her hips as she stands before Hadrian, "That bloke she's going to go see, could be ye ya know? I love ye, yeh know tha, but ye gotta do something more than sit on tha stool an drown yerself."

At the compliment directed to his sister from the other end of the bar, Keenan turns once more, feeling like he's watching a muggle tennis match. Green eyes turn a little a little flinty as they take another assessment of the Quidditch player, but since Niamh scurries off he decides he'll let the matter rest for now. He reluctantly lets go of his bottle when Elly puts a drink in front of him, taking a look at it. Shrugging, he picks it up and raises it to his friend. "May ye live a hundred years, and an extra one to repent," although he does give Elly a look over the glass after he takes a sip to complete the toast. "Hey, I love my mate like ma brother. Doesn't mean I want him ta /be/ my brother."

Hadrian watches Niamh head off for a few moments, then looking back to his drink. Pausing for a few moments as he notices Keenan's expression, he just offers the man a bit of a smile and a shrug, before he drains the rest of his drink. Blinking a few times as he hears Elly's words. "I suppose ot could be," he replies, before he pauses at the rest of the words. "I'm not drowning myself," he protests, holding out his glass for a few moments. "One more, please?"

It's always something for a Malfoy. Half business, half family issues, the somewhat shadowy figure that had tugged Eddie away from her much needed drink has finally disappeared into the back, or maybe the shadows themselves, and the emerald clad bombshell makes her way back towards the bar with a sigh, a huff, and a slightly overdramatic roll of her eyes. "Some nights I'd pay half my fortune just to have someone strangle my entire family." She half growls, meant just for her friends' ears, but that was probably a bit louder than is proper. "More firewhiskey, the tab is still open, yes? Keep the bloody glasses full and your tip will be twice over worth it!"

Elly scoffs as she bends over and then rights up to place the (pointing) arrow shaped vial of Pep-Up Potion before Hadrian. "I was speaking more generally!" She pokes her tongue out at the irishman before winking at him. "The both of ye actually." She points to Sloan too now, "Comin' to the pub is supposed to be a social thing. All the both of ye do is dunk yer heads in yer drinks. At least Sloan has Knocker…which is saying something about ye Hadrian. Why don't ye bring your mates in sometimes? Do less drinking and more socializing. Even if it is with Nia, who deserves to find someone that'll make her happy." Now she eyeballs Keenan, the meddling wench, but at least she means it with love and care.

Raising an eyebrow, Sloan grunts. "Elly. I comes here tae drink. I does it here b'cause th'rats at me own place get a might touchy if'n I break our habitation agreement, aye? that being I am there for the wee hours of the mornin' and am out b'fore the sun goes down. when th' rats save enough to move into better lodgings, I will drink at home."

As the emerald whirlwind returns, Keenan blows out a breath which ends on a smirk. "Speaking of things dressed in silk," he mutters in an aside to Sloan. Elly's look is met with a chuckle, "Elly, ma lass, ye're going to have to work harder than that ta get ma goat. Niamh's been giving me worse looks from tha time we were wee things running around tha cottage." He takes another sip. "Aye, she does deserve ta be happy. Long's I say tha man is good enough for her. I'm not letting just any man at her, ye can be sure on it."

Hadrian pauses for a few more times at Elly's words, looking rather unsure of what to say now. "Is that no on the matter of another drink, then?" he asks,, after a few moments of pause,

Hadrian pauses for a few more times at Elly's words, looking rather unsure of what to say now. "Is that no on the matter of another drink, then?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Blinking a few times as he looks around for a few moments, his gaze pauses on Keenan at the man's words. He looks like he's about to say something, but goes quiet again for a long while. "Dear Elly, could I have another drink? Please?"

Edwarlinda comes back up behind Keenan, one hand reaching out and mussing up his hair as thoroughly as she possibly can. Drive by tossling! "That's for calling me Lindy earlier, you cad." She half growls out to him, though it's clearly meant with a good heart, even as she says it. She had at least one drink during her little disappearing act and her cheeks are flushed with the happiness of the night. Still, she leans against the bar and smiles, flashing a look over to Sloan, "You really are always the sourest of sods, you know. Even outside of the office!" And, finally, she takes in Hadrian. Her smile grows a bit more, half leaning around the bar so she can be closer to the Seeker there. "Mm…Did you get my drink, dear Mr. Higgs? Here… I'll have what he's having, madame, not the firewhiskey. Firewhiskey is so… entirely passe`. For the top of the evening! Not the bottom."

Taking another pull of his beer, Sloan raises an eyebrow at Edwarlinda. "Aye. ye say that now, but when the chips're down an ye need someone given a right proper kickin' it's this sour sod that's gonna be pullin' on his wellies and stompin a mud puddle in some other sod's backside, aye?" rolling his shoulder, he adds. "Ye look good Eddie. Green be yer color."

Elly points to the stairs, "Room tree, all yers loverly." Is said to Sloan. "Give me yer keys an' I'll 'elp yer friends along their own way." To Hadrian she pointes to the Sobering Potion before him, "That's a drink love. Drink up." That pointing finger swing back to aim at Keenan, "This isn't the middle ages Keenan O'Shea. Ye would probably be an Uncle by now if ye didn't shove your scruffy ginger noggin into her business e'ry five seconds. Why don't ye worry bout your love life. Hmmm?" Then all alcohol that's before the ginger is slide away and cleared out before him, "How's that for a goat?"

Keenan doesn't flinch when he's ruffled, and raises an eyebrow. "Nah, a cad is a fellow who steals a kiss an' doesn't call in the morning. Oh, wait…" he winks to Edwarlinda, "an' no, he didn't. I did, even though ye were after saying the first round was on you." The grumbling seems a good natured, perhaps oft repeated littany. He finishes his drink and pushes back from the table. "I am an Uncle," he says cheerfully. "Padraig's got two wee ones of his own already, and Seamus has one on the way. Not my fault there's not a lad good enough for my sister to show his face, yet." He tosses his money to cover his own, what Eddie already 'bought' for him, and Sloan's beer. "Ye told me ta take her out, ye can keep an eye on her," he claps his black Irish friend on the shoulder before he heads to the door for his robes.

"That's not a drink, it's the ruin of a good night of fun," Hadrian remarks, but he still drinks that sobering potion now, shaking his head a little. As Edwarlinda moves over, he offers her a bit of a grin. "I did. Thank you," he replies, after a few moments of pause, trying to remember her name. "Miss Malfoy, isn't it?" he finally offers.

"My chips are never down, dear Sloan. But the thought is remarkably kind. And yes, I will say that in the field, you are undoubtedly the one I wish at my back when things get… Truly rough." Though his commentary about her outfit actually draws a bit more colour to the 30-something woman's cheeks. Eddie isn't used to compliments from the man. She bows her head elegantly to him, "I… I try." It's the most humble thing she's said in months! And then Keenan is putting money down on the bar and she scoffs, swatting his hand away. It's a familiar old battle. "Keenan. Don't be silly. Take your money, I've got this!" She grumbles at him and huffs, but she'll just pay the next time if he doesn't take it. "Be safe, I can get myself home. Or to wherever I please, thank you very much!" One last, fond ruffle to his hair and she now fully turns her svelte frame towards Hadrian and Sloan. Keenan might be tired, but she is wide awake and ready for a night of it. And then, finally, Eddie's ice blue eyes are fully with Hadrian. She offers one of her slender palms, face down of course, to be kissed upon the knuckles, "Aye. Eddie Malfoy, to be exact. Auror, entertainer, a lovely night's company and all around fantastic lady to know."

Looking around the bar, Sloan offers a slight smile to Elly and shakes his head. "Nae. it';s small and it's smelly, and it's less than a shack on the wharf, but it's mine, rats an' all lass. I'll keep it as is, but thankin ye all the same." Seeing Keenan or someone has paid for his beer, he touches his forelock to Elly and heads out the door once more.

Hadrian smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Malfoy. I'm Hadrian Higgs, Seeker, entertaining person, and all that stuff. Oh, and if Elly here tries to tell you I'm a common drunkard, that's not true. I'm more of an uncommon one." Offering a grin to Elly. "Since I was a good boy and drank that potion, could I have another drink now, please?"

Elly gives Sloan a warm smile and an adoring little wink. Then she clears what he's left behind and rubs down the bar. Things have started to empty out pretty quickly all over the pub so she bustles about cleaning up the tables and then she comes back to the bar and puts the bucket of empties into the sink. Then she turns about, reaches under the bar, looks down to hide the spell she casts to make a bottle of butterbeer look and taste like beer, but have absolutely no intoxicating affects and sets that down in front of Hadrian and points at him, "Socialize."

Edwarlinda cocks a single brow in Elly's direction, "And… a drink for myself, dear lady? Or shall I be the one left to pick up this poor sod and get him home?" Indeed, it seems the boys have left Eddie to her own devices tonight, as dangerous as that might be. She looks back to Hadrian with that flashing smile, bowing her head as he kisses the back of her hand and she gives a squeeze to his fingertips before letting go. "Well, Hadrian, it is a pleasure, I must say. Though we are both looking entirely too sober for a Saturday night! You do not have a match tomorrow, do you? I would hate to be a bad example. Perhaps a… naughty one. A risky one! But not a bad one." Eddie's proper, upperclass tone exclaims, a bit of husky laughter on the end of it all.

"No, no match tomorrow, I think…" Hadrian offers, before he adds, "But of course, if you want to pick me up and get me home, I'm not going to complain, after all." It's offered a bit lightly, before he takes a sip from the bottle. "Ah, good."
Audrey arrives from the Charing Cross.
Audrey has arrived.

Elly smiles to Eddie, "Course loverly, what can I get ye now?" Is asked as she comes back around after settling the check with some of the last people to leave as it's starting to grow rather quiet in the growing late hour.

Edwarlinda makes a small sound in her throat, thoughtful and a touch frustrated that she might actually have to make a decision. "Ah… I guess firewhiskey. A double, with some water and ice, please. Might as well keep the old standby." She flashes Elly a warm smile and reaches into her pocket, pulling out more than enough coins for the drink and a very generous tip. Since Elly has been putting up with her most of the night. Then her pale eyed attention is back on Hadrian, shifting her frame so she's leaning against the bar rather languidly. She is a woman quite comfortable in her own frame, even if age might be showing around the edges. "Really? It is that easy to take a Quidditch star home? You don't enjoy the chase… the tease? Or you're perhaps just used to so many adoring fans kissing your… Broomstick… that you just assume you shall have your pick?"

"Hey, I'm allowed to try, right?" Hadrian offers with a bit of a grin, as he takes another sip of the drink. "Not that I expect things to be that easy, of course." He chuckles a little, taking another sip from the liquid.

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