(1937-09-15) Whiskey in the Morning
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Summary: Edwarlinda gets Annie and Donner drunk. Donner dies of mortification.
Date: Sep 15, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron London
Sat Sep 15, 1937 ((Sat Sep 15 15:41:56 2012)) (E,4 NE)

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and raining.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Not actually having gotten entirely sauced last night, nor actually having to be at work today, one of the more frustrating parts of Eddie's life is the fact that her BRAIN still wakes her up at o'dark o'clock even on Saturday mornings. Even when she doesn't have to BE at the ministry. Even when there is no lovely man in her bed. So, instead of moping alone around the manse, Eddie's drug herself awake and down to the most likely place to see people she can tolerate — the Cauldron. She's not in work clothes today, so a stunning sundress of cream lace clings to her curves in all the right ways and she's half hiding herself beneath a ridiculously large brimmed hat. In front of her, at the bar, is a large pot of tea and a glass of fire whiskey. She seems to be alternating gulps of them for breakfast.

The creak and groan of the moving stones that guard the entrance to Diagon Alley heralds the arrival of a rather small librarian. Even if one didn't know her to be that by trade, one might guess it because of the stack of books Annie precariously balances as she steps in and attempts to tuck her wand away. As she tries to slip the wand into a pocket sewn into the seam of her skirt, the books nearly defy gravity, until, inevitably, the top book slides off just as the wand slides home, and it lands on the floor with a solid *slap*. As she begins to move to retrieve it, the second book joins it's fellow, *thunk*. Before this can become a full on avalanche of leather and paper, Annie stoops, and sets the rest of the wobbly pile on the floor. She smiles at the catastrophe averted, and begins to gather them up.

Edwarlinda is suddenly very happy she's not hung over, as the smacking drop of the books onto the floor makes her wince once, then twice… She waits for thrice, but it never comes. Taking another shot of her firewhiskey with a quick gulp, finishing off that glass, she smoothly turns around in her chair and slips a wand out of god-knows-where to flick in the direction of Annie's books. Before the girl can even lean over, both books properly fly back into their place on top of the stack. She arches a skeptical, pale brow in the girl's direction. "…Long day of work, my dear?" Eddie asks, her voice as properly high class British as possible, with a touch of husky amusement behind it all.

It's not often Donner's days off correspond with the weekend, so when they do he likes to take the opportunity to at least be in the presence of people who don't smell of hospital. Though perhaps the smell of stale beer isn't much of an improvement. Donner enters through the Diagon Alley side shortly after Annie. "Ah, excuse me," he says, trying to edge around the librarian.

Blue eyes turn and a bright smile flashes at Edwarlinda at her assistance. "Ta," Annie chirps, straightening and hefting the books again. "I should have charmed them before I left. Always forget." As Donner enters she steps toward the bar and sets the books onto an empty stool near to the blonde witch, looking to the man apologetically, "Cor no, I'm in the way." As she looks back to Edwarlinda a smile is ready on her lips, "I popped over to pick up this order for the library, the regular delivery isn't made on Saturdays and Klio wanted them for waiting patrons," she explains, perhaps unnecessarily, but she is a friendly sort, most of the time.

"And… so you brought them here. Because this is the library." Eddie states dead pan flat, an amused smirk dancing across her ever red lips. She lets a husky chuckle escape a few heartbeats later to show the young thing that she's joking. Mostly. And then, suddenly, the whole stack of books is being charmed to fly not off the table, but over to the bar, to the stool two down from Eddie. Apparently, the girl has had a spot marked for her already. "I dislike sitting alone, and since you did me the favour of QUITE waking me up this time of the morning, you get to keep me company. Keep! Whatever the girl wants, my bill, you know the usual!" Eddie waves it off casually, like buying drinks was pretty much all she came here to do. Which might be true. "You two, young man. Sit, sit, we'll have a party of some sort!" She calls over to Donner.

For a moment Donner seems torn, his eyes flick quickly over to an empty booth tucked back in the corner of the bar, but after a beat he nods and smiles tightly. "If someone else is buying, I guess it's hard to turn them down," he murmurs to Annie before crossing to the bar to sit on the opposite side of Edwarlina. "Good morning."

Annie laughs easily at the light tease from the stunning witch, shaking her head, "More through, since we wouldn't normally stop. But I would love a cuppa tea." An easy smile goes to Donner, and Annie moves a moment after him, slipping onto her own offered stool. "I thought a walk in the rain would be nice, so I decided to take the long way back. I'm off that way," she motions toward the door to Muggle London, "To the London Library." As she pauses for breath she pops her hand out toward the woman, then offers an introduction, "Annie Taylor." A shift of her eyes includes the wizard in her words.

"Exactly! And, dearies, I am buying! So, sit, relax, no one is working right this moment, we much as well have a proper good time!" Eddie laughs warmly and turns back to the bartender, "Get them both my usual, and make certain no glass is ever empty." Several coins are quickly laid out on the bar as payment ahead, and it very much seens that the money doesn't matter one jot to the elegant witch. Quick enough, a pot of tea and a shot of firewhiskey is put in front of both Annie and Donner. It seems that is the usual. Once Eddie is certain everyone's gotten their drinks, she sticks her hand happily into Annie's, whether Annie had plans on shaking or not. "Eddie Malfoy! 'sgood to meet you, Annie-girl… And who is the shy one over there looking to escape our amazing company? I see you looking at the booths, boy, don't think I don't!" She winks at him.

Donner eyes the tea and firewhiskey skeptically. He had been planning on eggs… "Ah, Donner Jones. A pleasure." Donner lifts the shot in toast, tipping it to both of the witches in turn. "Em, well, cheers!" In a swift motion - with eyes squinted shut, he does not plan to enjoy this - he downs the firewhiskey and quickly chases with the tea

Annie indeed had intended to shake the woman's hand, and does so lightly, but with a grip and not like a fish has just been plopped into Eddie's hand. "It's very kind, Miss Malfoy," she says, her hand raising to comb lightly at her reddish mop. She is a little damp around the edges, and feels like a mouse next to the gorgeous Malfoy. But she doesn't look uncomfortable for it, she finds it rather an amusing fact. A smile goes to Donner as she leans forward, "Mr. Jones." As it's set down, the young witch looks at the teapot and shot of firewhiskey. Annie reaches for the teapot and pours out a cup.

"There's a good man." Eddie murmurs warmly, scooping up her second shot in turn, so she can toast with Donner, "To your heath! Come on, my little mouse, drink up! It'll put some proper heat in those lovely cheeks of yours!" Eddie nods encouragingly towards Annie's shot of firewhiskey, but she isn't going to hesitate any longer. Mirroring Donner's gestures, she knocks back her second shot of the day and only coughs a little as it burns down her throat — almost literally. Firewhiskey is certainly a morning wake up call. "Agh! That'll put hair on your chest." She huskily growls out, finally moving to actually sip at a bit of her tea. It's not a chaser if she pauses between drinks, right? "You two know each other? Snogged before? You're about the right age. Young love…" She sighs over dramatically, "Makes the rest of us feel old!"

That moment when firewhiskey first hits the back of your throat at nine o' clock in the morning is always a startling experience. The addition of accusations that he has /snogged/ a /stranger/ is frankly more than Donner's delicate system can handle. He spits firewhiskey all over the bar. "I am sure I have never!" There is rather more terror in Donner's expression than is really called for in matters of youthful snogging while he splutters had coughs.

Annie's brows lift at the woman's inquiry, and although a light blush does rise to her cheeks, she's more amused than embarrassed by the speculation. Before she can offer any information, Donner…. well, simply explodes. The girl's eyes widen as she leans again to look around Eddie at the man. His expression is just so absolutely horrified, that she can't help but mumble, "Well, it wouldn't have been /that/ bad." She has to press her lips together and bite them to keep a laugh from escaping.

Eddie stares at the young man, not even in the least phased as he spits his drink just everywhere. She gives him two emotionless blinks before flatly stating, "Well, apparently you never. You just spit good firewhiskey everywhere. Do you not have balls, young man?" The deadpan skepticism in her voice is almost mocking in and of itself. She then looks back to the girl and smiles a bit more, nodding towards the firewhiskey. "Come now, luv, show him up. I'm certain you can do better than that. And no, you would have been wonderful to snog, I'm certain. You just need to find some slightly more experienced…" She gives a sly look in the man's direction. "Lips."

"Well I don't mean, that is to say, I… I am sure /you/…" Oh dear. It seems the firewhiskey has fried Donner's speech circuitry. He lapses into mutely opening and closing his mouth like a cold, pasty fish. A cold, pasty fish looking into the cooking pot and glimpsing his own mortality. In a defiant, desperate gesture, he grabs another shot - for the bartender has been keeping to his duty - and knocks it back without taking his eyes off Edwarlinda. The effort to assert his manly masculinity is somewhat hurt by a tiny cough and a full body shiver as the liquour goes down. The shot glass makes a "tink!" when Donner sets it firmly back on the bar, eyes wide and jaw clenched.

A shocked "Oh!" squeaks from Annie as her hand covers her mouth, and turns to a giggle as the woman so succinctly states her mind. The 'womanly advice' leaves Annie at a total momentary loss, so hey, why not just tip that shot back? Her movements come almost in tandem with Donner's, and the pair down the shots simultaneously. Annie's reaction is slightly different, as the girl winces initially, before her face relaxes. That wasn't so bad. And then she hiccups and twin puffs of smoke shoot from her nose. Again she giggles, again she moves almost simultaneously with Donner and puts the shotglass down.

Well then, both her little prodigees are drinking and the world is seeming more than well. She nods in approval to both of them, "Much better, young man. There *may* be hope for you yet. Though…" Edwarlinda arches a pale brow at Annie and just grins even wider, "I think they lady has proven herself quite well alright. I do hope you weren't going into that muggle library to work, dearie. This isn't a day for work, it's a day for rest! And drinking. And perhaps young love. Though, with the regaining of his manly bits, I do think our friend across the bar has now lost his tongue!" She laughs in happy amusement and makes a little circle with her finger at the bartender. Another round, it seems.

Steam roils out of Donner's nose and ears. He carefully pours himself a cuppa. It is an act that is taking a lot of concentration. Eddie's approval was not on his shopping list this morning, but it would probably be more troublesome to try for a refund. Not one for witty comebacks in the best of circumstances, mortification and tipsyness keep Donner's jaw clenched shut.

Watery eyes is the only apparently lingering effect the drink has on Annie, although she does stifle another hiccup. "Cor, work. I do have to get back, Klio will wonder what I've gotten up to." As she speaks, Annie slips from the bar stool, pulling out her wand and saying a quick charm on the books to keep them stable and lighten them. That done before she can forget again, her attention falls fully on their gracious hostess. "Thank you again, Miss Malfoy, I do hope to see you again." It's clear from the look on the girl's face that it would delight her, indeed. Her high humor softens a bit as she looks to Donner, a friendly cast to her smile. "Mr. Jones, it's been a pleasure." She gathers up the books easily and turns to make her way out the door, to London beyond.

A slight disapproving sound escapes the Malfoy's lips as Annie says she must depart, but Eddie does understand professional obligations. She bows her head in the woman's direction, "Ta then, dearie. You must come by sometime when you are not off to work. Or, Annie Taylor, yes? I shall be certain to owl you the next time I'm hosting a party. You'd simply be fabulous in attendance. Perhaps you can do a poetry reading, or a performance from one of your books!" Eddie giggles at the thought, absolutely delighted. Another friend who will, no doubt, make her parents furious. With that farewell, Eddie leans over and scoops up Annie's second glass from the bar, knocking it back herself. With this much firewhiskey? Eddie is just consistently, slowly smoldering. Perhaps it's what gives her voice that smokey tone! Now, poor Mr. Jones has her blue eyed attention all to himself. She scoots a bit closer in the stool, leaning over the bar in a way that is meant to show every curve she can beneath that sundress. "Mm… Jones. Your surname, at least. I did not get your first name, my little dragon?"

Donner is so absorbed in pouring tea without spilling that he does not notice Annie's exit until she addresses him and is walking out the door. "Goodbye," he says, in the deliberate tone of one trying to keep their head on when it wants to be floating away on a sea of bubbles. As his eyes swing back to the bar, the terrible realization he is left alone with this most horrid woman creeps over him like the persistant smoke she gives off. "D-Donner." He is sweating and flushed, and it probably cannot be blamed solely on the firewhiskey.

"Donner. Jones. Hmm…Jones. Aren't you that strange little family, half of them aren't even strong enough to be witches or wizards, I've heard? Did you get the good blood, then, hmm? Interesting." Eddie's eyes narrow at him thoughtfully, her head tilting to the side, a few errant curls of platinum blonde falling across the flush of her cheeks. She's not exactly directly next to him, but she's certainly leaning close, the smoke of the whiskey twisting between them. "And the lady is quite nice… I suspect you are one who severely *needs* some snogging. So tense. So worried. A bit more whiskey and you will remember how to breathe."

"My family is none of your concern!" Donner all but yells. His hand shakes, sloshing tea over the edge of the cup. "They are good people who- work hard and, assspire." This stirring speech is slurred and directed to a point above Eddie's left shoulder. Donner recoils from her continued tresspass into his personal space, unbalancing him from the stool. He stumbles to his feet, a hand on the bar for balance. "Good day!" Donner makes for the door, concentrating very hard on keeping his shit together.

Eddie stares at the seemingly outraged exit, both brows arched to the ceiling. She smirks deeply, gives a quiet, little laugh to herself, shrugs and turns back to the bartender. "Men." Is all she comments, before taking a sip of her tea.

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