(1937-09-16) Hungover the Day After
Details for Hungover the Day After
Summary: Annie and Donner seek treatment after Edwarlinda gets them drunk.
Date: Sep 16, 1937
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It's been drizzling steadily on London for two days now, which, all in all, really isn't anything new or exciting to denizens of the city. It just means everyone huddles under umbrellas, stepping lightly to avoid puddles, and the city's parks are happy. Of course, not everyone huddles under an umbrella. Annie doesn't really mind the rain, and it's so light it's barely an inconvenience. So, she's a bit damp around the edges again and she pulls open the hospital's door barely enough to slip through. Thankfully, she never has much need for a healer's services since she stopped playing Quidditch upon graduation from Hogwart's. But this rather gloomy Sunday afternoon sees her stepping inside, looking around to take in the bustle.

The waiting room is lightly attended this afternoon. A few wizards slowly changing color, a young boy with a wand up his nose that was intermittantly shooting different colored sparks out of the other nostril, and a witch with a daisy growing out of her head. And Donner, who sits bent over with his head in his hands, moaning occasionally to himself. He looks up when the door opens and, seeing who it is, groans and tries to shrink deeper into the waiting room chair.

Blue eyes take in each waiting person in turn, the daisy bringing a smile to Annie's lips because it's her favorite flower, even if it is growing from a rather odd place. Despite his attempt to hide, Donner is pretty much right there, and Annie's smile fades into a look touched with concern. Her lingering headache from yesterday doesn't seem as bad as his, if that's indeed what has him here. Before looking for hospital staff to talk to, her steps take her quietly toward Donner. "Mr. Jones?" she asks, when near.

"Hello, Miss Taylor," Donner says without looking up. For a moment he rallies his courage and with a bit of a sigh manages some eye contact and a rather weak smile. "That is powerful stuff they serve at the Leaky Cauldron, eh?"

Yes, Annie's smile is undoubtedly stronger than Donner's, and she slips into the seat next to him without waiting for something so formal as an invitation. "Then you are feeling it still as well," she says, their shared problem somewhat amusing to her. "I've not got such a terrible headache, but it just won't go away. And one of my friends said that Mungo's ought to fix me up in no time."

Donner nods, "There's a potion. I'd have brewed it myself, but, well," he rubs his forehead with the heel of his palm, "my head feels like it's the one that bubbling." Donner pauses and adjusts his position in the chair a couple dozen times before blurting out, "I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to imply- well, imply anything about, um, yourself. Only… well, that's not a topic for breakfast." Merlin, if only this headache was enough to strike him dead on the spot.

"It sounds much worse than mine," she says sympathetically. Annie watches the man fiddle, wondering if there's more bothering him than just the headache, and her suspicion is proven right with his words. With a gentle smile she lays one hand softly on his arm. "No apology necessary. It was a rather bold question to come right out and ask." That touch of amusement is in her voice again, and her hand drifts away from him. "I was rather shocked by it myself, but was lucky enough to not have a mouth full of firewhiskey at the wrong moment."

Donner grins and makes an exhaling sound that might have been a laugh of sorts. "That was rather poor timing wasn't it?" A witch in lime robes pokes her head out from a door to the back. "Donner Jones? Here you go." Donner stands up, wavers a little as the blood in his brain and body sloshes around. "Thanks Lucille. Can you take it out of my paycheck? Right, see you Monday." He collects a beaker and paperwork from the healer. "It was nice to see you again, Miss Taylor." Just holding the hangover potion is improving Donner's mood it seems.

Annie remains seated as Donner collects his remedy, and she smiles up at him. "It was nice bumping into you as well, Mr. Jones." She nods to the beaker in his hand, "I hope that works a treat for you. I'll have to talk to someone about getting something for myself now." She stands as she says this, readying to move to the desk to talk to whoever happens to be around.

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