(1937-09-17) Swords and Armour
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Summary: Cillian and Josie meet up in the Armour Gallery for some chat and swordplay.
Date: September 17th, 1937
Location: Armour Gallery
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This is not a place that many tons of students come very often so its a perfect place for Cillian to sneak off to after his homework is done. Of course he always leaves notes in the form of riddles for those who might be looking for him but he has his special chocolate mix…(with the chocolate and pepper and honey and such all spicy and sweet and special and warm) in a tea pot beside his tea cups on a table and a few sandwiches but he's busy in the middle of the room…wearing no shoes and his hair kept out of his eyes by his magenta bandana as he swings around one of those prop swords, that look hella real that he got not long after the school season started, its twin resting near the chocolate on the table.

Josie peeks into the room, and she grins, "Finally I figured out one of those riddles! You should make them easier," she adds, as she steps in. "'Course, didn't know about this room until the other day." She pauses to look up at one of the suits of armour, for just a moment, and asks, "Think real people used to wear these?"

Cillian jumps a bit when he hears Josie's voice, just barely missing one of the armor suits with his sword and he stumbles forward a bit. "Ah! Josie! I was wonderin' when ye'd crack one of them." Then he flashes a grin. "Easier? Bah…where's the fun in that…" He turns in a circle, lowering his sword and gesturing with his free hand. "Isn't it wonderful? I mean…ah…yeah. Probably. Tink maybe more muggles an' the like though…no magical protection so they'd have to come up wit somethin'."

Josie nods quickly with a grin, "It's great! Well, the astronomy tower's my favourite place in the school, but I like being really high up. This is still great." She grins and she reaches to pick up the other sword, swinging it around a little.

Cillian flashes a grin. "Sometimes the sky whispers and the stars sing…one day I'll be able to understand what they mean." He nods slowly. "He gestures towards one suit of medieval armor that's a bit scratched up. "That's Bob." He gestures towards a spikey one. "That's Lillith, but they tink 'her name is Bryon, dun be tellin' anybody." He winks his good eye and chuckles when she picks up the sword. "Do ye know anyting about swords?"

Josie grins and says, to the suits, "Hi Bob, hi Lillith." Then she looks to Cillian again and shakes her head, "Nope. I know knives. Nobody used swords, though, just knives and guns, and nobody'd ever give me a gun. But I hate knives, so I stayed out of fights."

Cillian's eyebrow raises a bit as he tilts his head to the side. "Well, in the pubs all ye really see are alot of chairs and smashed bottles…but knives would be 'orrible in such a brawl." He sighs and shakes his head. "C'mon then, raise yer sword…pirates always 'ave their swords and while we've got wands…they aren't as shiny and uh…swingy."

Josie nods and says softly, "Knives are horrible." Then she nods quickly and brightens again, raising the sword in front of her, sword held like she's seen in illustrations of Captain Hook.

The little pirate captain raises his own sword and blinks as he watches Josie with a small smile. Cillian taps his own sword against Josie's and arches an eyebrow. "Well pirates 'ave swords…maybe one day we'll 'ave our own…what would yer name for yer sword be?"

Josie grins and taps their swords together again, but then she steps back and shrugs a bit, "I dunno. Swords have names? What kind of names do they have? Mum used to read me Peter Pan when I was really little, but I don't remember any swords having names."

"Until ye name yer sword…it has no life and how could ye summon sometin' that has no name?" Cillian shrugs helplessly, countering the tap playfully with a little lunge. "Cuz there are thousands and millions of swords in the world but with a name, yours becomes really special."

Josie ohs, and then nods a little bit. She thinks, and then says, "Protectorus?" She shakes her head and says, "I'll have to think about it. Took me weeks to name Sain, and that name wasn't even my idea, it was Camilla's." She laughs, though, and tries to knock aside before lunging in at him in return.

Cillian's sword is knocked aside before he counter lounges and grins. "Alright, alright…we'll take o' bit of time at it, m' sure…gettin' the names right…gotta make sure we do this ting right after all."

Josie continues to grin as their sword fight continues. She really has no clue what she's doing, she's mainly imitating Cillian's moves. She knows enough to parry, at least, however.

Cillian gives a little twirl and giggles as he continues to testing little lunges and taps. "Move yer feet, that's what it says in the books…gotta move about and…err…well do what feels natural."

Josie thinks about that a moment as she parries a couple blows. Then, as Cillian comes in again, she twirls, then tucks into a quick roll to try to come up behind him.

The young man has an expression of 'where the hell did she go…' when Cillian turns backwards quickly to see the girl behind him, stumbling back a few steps before he gives a happy bounce. "…oi! Exactly…"

Josie gives a bright, proud grin as she so surprises Cillian, and asks, "Did I tell you my mum was an acrobat? She taught me a lot." She bows then giggles a little.

Cillian's eyebrow raises at that information and he lowers his sword in an elegant and deep bow. "That explains bein' agile then…me Commander, ye'll give the seamonsters and figments a run for their money when we run a fowl of 'em. Indeed, somebody I'd want watchin' me back." A pause. "Or me front, I'm flexible like that."

Josie nods quickly with a grin and then giggles again, but she says more seriously, "I'll be happy to watch your back. I'm not scared of any sea monsters!"

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