(1937-09-17) The Thaw
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Summary: After following a story to get some shots of a Yeti, Tim makes a quick trip to Annie's cottage.
Date: 09-17-1937
Location: Little Cosy Cottage, 7 Cottage Way, Hogsmeade
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7 Cottage Way - Little Cosy Cottage (#1411R) Hogsmeade
Mon Sep 17, 1937 ((Mon Sep 17 23:02:40 2012)) (C,4 NW)

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and clear.

At the southernmost end of Cottage Way, set back enough from the road to provide an ample front garden, is a smallish house constructed of sturdy stone. The grass is neatly manicured, a bed of flowers nestles up to the stone walls nearly all the way around the structure, and it's not unusual for some of the more mundane creatures of the forest to be seen frolicking about the peaceful space.
A sturdy wooden front door opens into a modest and unassuming living space. One large room sports a fireplace large enough to dominate nearly the entire west wall, easily heating the space in colder weather. Before it is a comfortable looking sofa, on either side are not as comfortable looking but clearly antique and matching chairs. A spindly wooden table looks to have it's work cut out for it supporting a rather cumbersome Wizarding Radio under one of the windows that flank the front door. The simple accoutrements of a kitchen occupy space to the back of the room; kitchen sink, counter, ice box, and a gas cooker. Glass doors of the cabinets show a modest assortment of china for dining. The dining table is also small, looking perfectly fitting for the space, the wood gleaming with polish and the chairs all tucked under tidily. The decorations are rather sparse, and consist mainly of pictures of family, several of which show the same faces of an adorable, elderly couple. A door in the south wall, to the side of the sink, lets out to the back and a vegetable garden, a window above the sink giving a view out. Doors in the east wall lead to the water closet and a bedroom. In all it's a bit spartan, but has a comfortable feel for most who enter.

It has been rather a quiet time of a no show from Tim in the last several days. But in the news of the Daily Prophet yesterday there was a picture attached to a news article about sightings of Yeti's by Muggles in the Himalayas. In that picture it's through a window of a Himalayan hut, with a yeti walking through a village busting down doors and attacking Muggles. But it then also shows a R.C.M.C. team repelling it off with fire magic. In the picture it is very small, and one would need to know about it in order to recognize it, but tucked in the bottom frame of the window is two other pictures. One is of Tim's Parents cheering on their son as he braves a yeti attack. While the other is a still picture, a copy of the picture of Annie up on the lamp post tying up the scarf.
Then today after she's gotten home there's a bunch of activity from the photo on the mantle as Sarah is doing everything in her power to gain Annie's Attention and with her wand spells out, 'C-A-N H-E V-I-S-I-T?'

Every night Annie stands before the mantle, taking a moment to look at the shadowbox, but usually Tim's parents are absent. As she steps over tonight, having changed from her work clothes into an older, more comfortable dress and bare feet, she notices Sarah and her message. "Can he visit…" she murmurs, looking curiously. "Tim? But I've not heard from him in days." Maybe she's been sent along to ask for him? "Yes… yes, of course he can visit."

Sarah vanishes and not more than a few moments pass before the snap and crackle of the fire starts to herald that someone's coming through the Floo. Soon enough, there's a Tim in her fireplace, wrapped up looking like some Tibetan mountain man with the traditional jackets and pants and scarf wrapped around his face. He's still covered in snow and he gives a great shiver, knocking most of it off down into the fire.

Annie steps back as things start cookin' in the fireplace, her eyes widening in surprise as Tim appears in all his bundled glory. The fire sizzles, evaporating the snow as it drops, and Annie reaches to gently draw him out of the fireplace and into the living room proper. "Tim." Such a simple greeting, but the pleasure in her voice is clear, matching the smile on her lips.

Tim reaches up and pulls down the scarf to reveal that he's not shaven since she's last seen him either. "Hello there." He gives her a boyish smile and then takes the fingertip of his furry glove into his teeth so he can pull his hand free, they are pale and look stiff as he reaches into his jacket pocket to pull something out. But he keeps it hidden in his fist. "M.m.m.missed you." The stammer is more from his teeth chattering than his natural usual stutter.

Annie can't help but giggle softly at the fur on Tim's face. "Cor, I thought you were there to take pictures of a Yeti, not to be mistaken for one," she chides him softly. She steps back again, giving him more room, "Come in and unbundle, let the warm get at you. Would you like a cuppa?" She's ready to turn at the slightest indication that it would warm him.

Tim chuckles at her chiding and his green eyes sparkle playfully. "For tha, yee dinnae g.g.get yer p.pressie." The fisted item is moved pointedly back towards his jacket. But he does nod and his eyes light up at the thought of a cuppa! Real British Tea!

Annie speaks up in her own defense, "Well, I didn't say you weren't a rather handsome Yeti!" She indicates toward the sofa with a vague wave of her hand, "Take off your things and make yourself comfortable. I'll be back before you know I've gone." She spins and goes to the kitchen, pleased at this unexpected visit. Until she saw the picture in the paper she had thought perhaps the older man had grown tired of her. But her own image there in his photograph, pointed out by the eagle-eyed Klio, had brightened her day immeasurably yesterday. Still she didn't jump to conclusions…. maybe it had just been in his pocket. Things rattle pleasantly in the kitchen as she muses and gathers tea together.

Tim could be blushing at the complement, or it could just be the frostbite. He stiffly walks over to the couch and begins taking things off. It is literally seven layers later that he's finally in his regular clothes. He even has three layers of shoes on, the large fur lined boots. Rubber galoshes on under that, and finally some hiking boots on with thick wool socks. "Huh-how have ye b.been?" He lifts his voice while he takes a throw pillow from the couch and flips it over to the white back side and finally lays out the thing that he previously fisted. Then he sets the pillow down where she usually sits. Upon the pillow is a Tibetan necklace. A very simple one in comparison to most of the styles of the Traditional Tibetan culture. A blue stone that's smoothed into a tear like shape is flaked with little particals of gold and is capped at the top in silver that's engraved with cloud like shapes. It's on a string with a variety of other beads. He rather waits with baited breath to see if she likes it. He had the worst time picking it out. She knows how horrible he is shopping.

Making tea is always quicker with the aid of magic, although Annie does usually prefer the soothing calm that is part of the ritual of doing it the muggle way. But she doesn't want to make poor Tim wait, and as soon as everything is on the tray, Annie says a quick warming charm over the pot, and steam starts to rise from the spigot. She calls back to him, "I've been very well, thank you. Things have been going wonderfully at the library." With the tray in her hands she comes out, her attention on setting tea before Tim, so it takes her a moment of fussing before she turns to sit. She stops at once on seeing the necklace. "Oh Tim…. it's beautiful!" Delicately, she takes it in her fingers, letting the blue stone dangle and catch the light from the fire in it's golden specks. She doesn't move the pillow, but instead settles close next to Tim, her eyes watching the speckles dance.

Tim smiles into his tea as he takes quite the first gulp the moment it's set down. "Oh that's perfect. Th-" His thank you trails of when there's an Annie right next to him and he blushes again. Balancing his cup on his knee he reaches to help her with the necklace in getting it on. "Ravenclaw Blue. Reminded me of yee."

Annie releases the necklace to him, turning and lifting her hair at the back, so it doesn't tangle with the necklace. She still holds it so she can see it as he helps her, then lets it free to rest against her skin with her other necklace. She turns back to Tim, "How does it look?"

Tim looks at her, just taking her in for quite the quiet time of contemplation. Though it's obvious in his expression that he's speechless at her beauty and is trying to find the words finally he tells her, "Pulchritudinous." Without a stutter and begins to lean in to kiss her cheek.

As Tim studies her, Annie looks down again to admire the beautiful stone. The word he finds makes her smile, and as he leans in, she lifts her head to smile at him… and the kiss meant for her cheek falls upon her lips.

Tim waits for her to pull away when their lips meet. He swallows hard and his eyes flare wider at the mis-aimed kiss. But now that he's kissing her lips…he's certainly awkward, but he's not pulling away himself. Tim doesn't exactly prove to be the best kisser in all honesty. He's only ever kissed a girl once, on top of the fact that he's just only starting to truly thaw after a week on a frozen mountainside.

Annie looks surprised for a moment, until she sees Tim's eyes widen and her lips curl in a grin. She does return the kiss for a brief moment, before pulling back with a gleam in her eyes. "Cor, you're cold, Tim. Have more tea." She leans forward for her own cup, adding softly, "Then maybe try that again, on purpose." Sugar goes into her tea, gets a quick stir, and then she sits up and looks at him with an impish cast to her smile.

Tim gulps down the rest of his tea, he's holding the cup in a strange way that's rather barbaric, but he's Irish so no big surprise there! His hand is held in such a way that hides his furious blush from her as he drinks. He clears his throat as he drains the cup quickly and remarks, "Vera good tea, Annie. Never had anything so sweet either." His boysih sheepish grin makes another grand entrance at that.

Annie sips her own tea slowly, but she's not been freezing for days. "Would you like me to cast a couple warming charms on your things, Tim, before you have to go? They likely won't last very long, but at least it'll keep you toasty a bit longer." Without asking, she pours another cup of tea for him, in case he'll want it.

Tim looks a touch disappointed when she makes it sound like she's going to be ushering him out soon. "Aye, thanks. Would be grand." He drinks his second tea down. But as he does he tries to test to see if she's cross at him about the kiss and rests his free hand down over her free hand on her lap, very lightly and testing.

Annie lets her hand turn under his, fingers tucking between his as her palm presses warmly to his. Contrary to being cross about the kiss, she's concerned that he doesn't seem to want to do it again. She doesn't rush him out, but lingers over tea with him, and doesn't hurry about casting the spells on his things, all the while wondering. Finally, she has stretched it out as much as seems proper, and Annie helps Tim gather up his things. As she moves to get the small container of floo powder from the mantle, a movement in the shadowbox catches her eye. She peers more closely, sure she had just seen Tim's mother in the picture once more, but on closer look she's gone.

Tim merely packs away most of his layers on layers, just wearing the trench coat that she's warmed. When she looks back from the photo he's looking at her with that expression of his, like a man enthralled by a unique piece of art. "Tanks for lettin' me pop in so quick. Just 'ad to see yee…" One hand lifts up his now rather warm hand. "Yee ever forgive meh fer vanishin' on yee? Ah nae dreamed Ah was gonna be gone so long." There's a near audible gulp as he works up the courage and then begins leaning down while muttering. "Sorry if Ah'm a shite kisser. But Ah just cannae 'elp meself." And with that he tilts his head and gives her a rather purposeful kiss. His lips at first just a very light brush over hers. His grown out whiskers tickling over her chin and above her lips as he tries to learn while having at a very tender and attentive first real kiss with his favorite librarian.

The moment the kiss is broken he steps into the fireplace and the last thing she can see in the flare of the floo smoke is him mouthing either, "See yee…" or "Love yee…"

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