(1937-09-18) Are We There Yeti?
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Summary: A group of Witches and Wizards from R.C.M.C. and M.A.C. set off to the Himalayas to deal with a group of stranded Muggles and a marauding yeti.
Date: September 18, 1937
Location: Various
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Guest Starring: Kieran Blackwell

Agent Hitchcock from the Department of Magical Transportation comes into the room where everyone has been gathered in. Wand out he is keeping what appears to be a battered and rather disgusting looking chamber pot that's not been cleaned by the looks of it. The agent settles the pot in the middle of the table in the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures confrence room. The Head of the RCMC pipes up finally, "Thank you all for coming. There is a group of British Muggles that are exploring the Himalayas. Unfortunately they have become under attack by a local yeti and have taken up hiding in a local village. You have been gathered to venture to this village and vanquish the Yeti and rescue the British Muggles that are trapped."

"Miss Blackwell from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts is going to handle the Muggle aspect of things. Her Memory Magic is something of legend and Britain is glad to have her in on this mission. Joining along with as well is Tim Moody, Photojournalist for the Daily Prophet and a few of his companions from the paper. We have others from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts as well as the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves as you get dressed in the items provided to you in the backpacks behind your chairs."

Kieran moves towards one the chairs and backpacks. Her brown hair has been pulled back into a French braid. She pats her long wool tailored jacket and locates a wand that is hidden in a pocket. She smiles charmingly as she pulls it out of a hidden pocket. "At your services, I am thinking hypothermia and a snow storm. Whiteout to be exact, but we will see." Her voice is brightened by her smile as are her eyes. "Blackwell at your service."

Not one to be very forthcoming or initiate conversation, Sophronia twists to take a pack from the back of her chair and open it. Her ponytail falls over her shoulder as she turns, and stays there as she rummages. She will wait until the introductions go around the circle and make it to her, or until someone otherwise prompts her specifically to give her name.

Kaylee was a bit surprised to get the message of the meeting and that it was something serious, and something that would require a trip more than likely. Her clothing at the moment is much different then what she normally wears to the office, a long sleeved knit like shirt, jean type pants and boots, a jacket resting over the arm of her chair. When it comes to going out and trip like she doesn't deal with clothing that may not be able to stand up to the job. Her pale gaze lifts towards the door opening and a slight nod is seen while she takes in what all is told. A soft hum escapes her while she stands to curiously explore the backpack upon her chair. "Kaylee O'Dwyer, Ranger with the R.C.M.C, pleasure to meet you all." This said while she looks to the others here for the introductions, before pulling out a few items to look them over from the pack.

The administrator of this mission strolls about the table and elbows Phronsie's chair to get her to make an introduction. "Liven up Prewett. Introduce yourself." He then points to the chamber pot. "Once everyone is introduced I will count to 10 and on 10 you will touch the portkey and be transported to the nearest location we could arrange for."

"I will be back, none need to see this body of mine but me." This is said with another sweet smile from Kieran. She goes to leave the room and she takes the backpack with her. Just as she is about to leave through the door, she looks over her shoulder as she calls out. "See you in a jiffy." There is even a skip to her step. Soon she is out of the door and out of sight.

Phronsie gives a dour look when she's told to liven up. "Sophie Prewett," she says quietly. "Specialize in Winged creatures, with Wind Jammer Estates." She tucks everything back into her pack, then straightens her sturdy robes so that she can pull it over her shoulders.

Kaylee glances over to Phronsie and offers her a smile before nodding at the talk of the chamber pot. So that is why it was brought! Very well. After seeing what all was in the pack, and pulling a few things on as she gets the feeling the place they are going to appear may be fairly cold she leans against the back of her chair and looks towards the administrator. "About how long has the group been at the village?"

Already mostly dressed in the many layers offered one can basically only see a mop of red hair, a stammer comes from behind the scarf that's already spun about the man's face. "Tim M.m.Moody." He is just sliding into the stiff outer hoodie provided and his hand waves once it's poked out of the sleeve. "Very good." The administrator says and then calls, "Miss Blackwell. When you're ready to grace us with your presence once again. They have been stranded for a week now." The administrator gestures to the dirty chamber pot. Once Miss Blackwell returns…"One - Two - Three - Four…" The countdown continues and most everyone scrambles to get a hold on the portkey. Once everyone is touching the nasty thing Agent Hitchcock waves his wand, taps it against the Portkey and then comes that hooked behind the navel and wrenched off feet, heels over head sense as the magic of the portkey hurls them through a magical wormhole and drops them on the side of a frozen mountain, amid blizzarding weather. Base of Mount Everest in the beginning of autumn. Wonderful idea.

Kieran returns, she is dressed and ready. The wool scarf is firmly in place as are her goggles, hat and leather fur lined mittens. The backpack is on her back. She is ready for the weather. She moves to touch the portkey and be transported to the world of the cold.

The snow and wind seem to howl around her. She grips her wand in her hand and she can feel the heat threatening to be leach out of her body by the that cold wind and snow. She shivers and takes a deep breath to calm herself. "Snow and Ice, next time I say we go to the tropics." She teases and most likely her voice drowned out by the sound of the wind.

Tim takes a minute to try to not throw up from the motion sickness of the port key. Covering that he's doubled over with searching through his pack he's brought to make sure that his camera is still operational. He has to remove his gloves to do so and works very quickly to make sure the lens didn't get cracked. He gives the thumb up before he puts the camera around his neck and slides the glove quickly back on.

Casting a warming spell on her robes, Sophie adjusts the goggles she found in her backpack on her face to keep her eyes clear to see. She glances around at the others as she lands, a gust swirling her robes around her legs, but not seeming to tangle at all.

Kaylee picks up her pack and pulls it on, a glance is sent towards the muffled voice of Tim and she nods to him. "Out there for a week most likely feels twice as long to them I'm sure." She follows along with the others touching the very icky looking portkey, making a face at the thought, and hoping it only looks that way because it is aged. The warm room is gone, and once at the other side of the magical wormhole bitter cold is what she feels once there. She was attempting to prepare herself for cold but this is a bit much! A few colorful words can be heard from her, faintly over the wind while she tries to get some snow out of glove. Once that is done her gaze flicks around the area. "…Lovely…"

Hitchcock takes the lead and starts walking up the mountain. It is a good day's walking through a blizzard before the group even reach some leveled ground enough to erect one small tent that is gratefully big enough on the inside to fit them all. This goes on for a couple of days until they finally reach a small village that's snowed in and if it weren't for Tim bumbling up and sliding ten feet down onto a chimney of one of the huts. Cue wince from all males in all the world.

And so starts the adventure, and it is turning out to be a rather cold one at that. Even under all the bits of clothing Kaylee is still quivering to some degree. She pulls her scarf upwards to cover her ears and face as she follows along. Her wand is then pulled from its place within her jacket and tucked into the sleeve in such a way that she can get too it quickly if needs be. Plenty of conversation brought up during the travel though the Ranger lets her gaze drift over the area checking everything out during the trip to see if anything may be around. As Tim takes the tumbling fall she blinks while peering after him, a soft eh escapes her. "I'm betting that didn't feel good."

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