(1937-09-18) No Angels
Details for No Angels
Summary: Wolfgang and Gideon have a little parley.
Date: September 18, 1937
Location: Wolfgang's Office
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Gideon takes a few long steps into Wolfgang Montague's office, pausing to look over his shoulder and make sure the club owner is shutting the door…without his hired muscle coming in. In private, Sweeney's physical advantage isn't as much of an advantage. For the moment, the Hit Wizard remains standing, watching Wolfgang, waiting for the expected barrage of insincere pleasantries and false civilities.

Wolfgang moves over to sit down in his seat. He pours himself a drink that looks a great deal like Disaranno from a decanter, he fills another crystal short glass and slides it to the Gideon side of his desk as he settles down behind the Art Deco solidly built desk that if scrutinized closely have ancient runes carved into the geometric patterns. "Now. How about we start this off with something along the lines of, I am not my father. I am trying to run a good clean, fun establishment that would make my Mother proud. So you and my father can do what ever you like to one another. But I must protest you dragging me, and my mother into this little war of yours. I had hoped you could have seen the boons in what a truce between us could mean. So now, I hope your ginger feathers got ruffled because I was about to dance with your Dame, had I known, I would have focused on her friend. So you see Inspector, why don't we just settle down and talk, man to man, don't bring the shadow of my father into this office. He's not welcome here."

Gideon barks a laugh, settling his hard grey eyes on the son of his enemy. "Save your speeches for more gullible Hit Wizards, Montague. Any chance I might believe you're clean was lost the moment you hired on that meat golem out there. I dinnae give a fire crab's soot-stained arse if you're in bed with your father. What I do care about is that you're still spreading Montague filth around my town."

Wolfgang takes a drink of his Italian liquor and sets the glass down. "Now now Inspector. There's no need to resort to name calling. Calm yourself, have a drink, I hear it does wonders for your nerves. Take a deep breath and maybe you might make a bit more sense, because truly, I would like to come to an understanding. Which we can't do if you're not speaking the King's English. Sweeney was a 'gift' from my father if you get my meaning. He's going to take a bit more house training than the rest of my employees. But I assure you, it's on my list of things to do."

"I know exactly what sort of relationship Mr. Sweeney has with your father." Gideon's arms remain in his jacket pockets, the drink untouched. "So if you actually believe Piero is unwelcome here, you've overlooked a very large, ham-fisted flaw in your plan to keep him away." He moves closer now, and like he owns the place, half-sits on the edge of Wolfgang's very expensive desk. "Let's say I give you the benefit of the doubt. We both know that doesn't mean you're not a criminal. Let's not pretend you're an angel." He leans in a bit, a classic technique of subtle intimidation — make yourself larger than your subject, and loom. "I don't have to make trouble for you. But it means that you need to stay off of my list of concerns. Somehow I doubt that's going to happen with that mammoth out there working for you."

Wolfgang doesn't seem to mind the Hit Wizard parking his ass on the piece of furniture that's worth more than all the money the Hit Wizard's ever personally seen. "No one's claiming divine grace here. But filth, now that's just harsh and untrue. There's no overlooking Sweeney. That is a fact Jack. I'll tell you what, you make out this list of concerns. I'll see what I can do about shortening that list where and how I can… you've got enemies that are my enemies too after all. The enemy of my enemy is my friend as the saying goes. For my aid in pruning this list, you keep me, my mother, and my place off of it. Cause I don't want to be on it as much as you don't want me to be on it."

Gideon sneers in disgust at Wolfgang. "This isn't a negotiation, Montague." He spits out the name like a curse word. "You keep your nose clean, and your operations quiet and victimless, or I'll be so far down your throat that your liver will know me on a first name basis." He stands upright, moving toward the door. "Dinnae ever presume that we could be friends. You're beneath me, no matter how many tailored suits you wear, or stacks of quid you throw around."

Wolfgang shakes his head, "I don't presume. Even I couldn't be friends with the son of the man who I thought cost me everything. You have my regards, and my mother's for what it's worth, which I'm aware isn't much. I won't say any more, I don't mean to anger or insult. But a mutually beneficial arrangement of truce, that was all that was on the table." He take a drink to finish off his glass and then takes up Gideon's glass and he toasts the glass to the Hit Wizard, takes a small drink and then tosses the crystal glass into the fireplace in a completion of his toast. "Salute, Inspector."

Gideon stops at the door, turning at the last moment. "One more thing. You met a woman, recently. You may or may not remember her, among your many dames. Her name is Josefa Loucks. She works for the Ministry. Do not trouble her. Do you understand?"

Wolfgang steps right up to swing open the door for Gideon. "Of course I remember Miss Loucks. Very lovely young lady. Excellent dancer and conversationalist. I assure you Inspector, that her well being is as high on my list as it is yours. It's so nice to know she has such a good neighbor looking after her. Don't worry about her safety in that neighborhood. Shore knows to steer clear of involving her in anything unseemly. Do have a peaceful rest of your day, Inspector."

Gideon says no more, simply leaving Wolfgang with a warning glare as he departs. He is confident that his reputation is well known to the younger Montague. If Gideon didn't have a history of bending (and breaking) the rules to see justice done, he might have been Deputy Commissioner by now. But he cannot be bought — not with money, favors, or rank. All he has is his relentless quest.

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