(1937-09-19) Hogwarts Pirate War 1937
Details for Hogwarts Pirate War 1937
Summary: For some good healthy venting of House Rivalry a Hogwarts Pirate war is hosted. ((Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!))
Date: September 17th, 1937
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts
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The shore of the Black Lake has been transported back in time to a 1700s port town. The town is all facades from The Arts club Drama department nestled in close to the Hogwarts Wall. Atop the wall large cannon's have been mounted and for once the charms on the walls are dispelled so that people can be atop that section of wall that drives out several yards into the water. Behind the Facades are trunks and barrels and boxes filled with candy, spun sugar jewels, foil covered chocolate coins, and many prop costume pieces to make the treasure look good and proper with crowns and pearls.

The Hufflepuff House are enacting the Town Patrons, with access to the cannon's on the wall above their town. Hidden within those treasures are several keys.

The Gryffindor House has a massive War Galleon gilden in Gold with Crimson sails, a rampant Lion as it's masthead. In the Gryffindor Hold there are barrels of Butterbeer and Chocolate Milk, also there are enchanted shovels and picks that are the only things that can be used to dig up any of the buried treasures.

The Slytherins have a much sleeker faster Schooner painted in green scales with silver cloth sails. A basilisk striking out from the ship acts as their masthead. In the Slytherin Hold there are Treasure Maps to places throughout the Grounds and within the Castle where treasure has been buried.

The Ravenclaw's ship is a rather unassuming Frigate with Blue Sails and a Bronze Eagle who's wings furl out and backwards to create the masthead and sides of the ship. Instead of one mast there are two found at the bow and aft of the ship. A very large box sits centrally on the main deck. Within their hold is scrolls and sheets of the decryption codes that make the Slytherin Maps make sense.

Everyone has been provided a costume of their choice for the event and the weapons available all look very real but they are harmless. But every weapon when it lands will leave either a smear of goopy staining sludge. Every House has their own colors. Gryffindor a bright red, Hufflepuff bright yellow, Ravenclaw bold blue, and a verdant green comes from the Slytherin House Weapons. Every Professor is involved in the War as well, padding out their Alumni Teams.

Noalan , of course, has picked a the most comfortable costume he could find. Washed out colors (favoring green), well broken in and some what baggy fabric and a pirate hat. A single cutlass is tucked into his sash along with two pistols. In no great hurry, he sits on the steps leading onto the schooners hold.

Standing on the poop deck of the Griffendor galleon, Wilfred is dressed in a smart red jacket. On his head he wears a large black Bicorne, the tips pointing toward the fron tand back. For weapons he has picked out a brace of pistols and a short dagger which are placed neatly in his belt. Wilfred peers out at the other ships as he adjusts his jacket to fit right.

Avery is sitting on the crate of scrolls wearing a blue striped shirt and some cut offs and her pirate hat set at a jaunty angle. She looks thoroughly unimpressed, holding a saber bigger than she is like a baseball bat. Well, somebody has to defend the treasure!

Phoebe perches on the town wall near one of the cannons. She's on the wall itself, her feet dangling over the edge, and she's dressed in a tavern-wench blouse and puffy pants with a pair of pistols on crossed bandoliers over her chest. One hand is over her eyes, shading them as she looks over each of the ships in turn. Who's going to make the first move, hmm?

Briar in a cinched up bodiced period gown has her hair up in a fashionable bouffant that's woven with living snapdragon and dancing orchids. Her fancy gown is brocaded with leaves and flowers. A parasol is rested over one shoulder as she strolls about the shore with a few of her Hufflepuff friends. They just appear to be the well to do members of the town out for a pleasant stroll along the beach.

Once again dressed in male clothes, Josie's looking every bit of a pirate, complete with sword and small telescope in her belt. As soon as the game's begun, she climbed up to the crow's nest of the Gryffindor ship, quite happily taking the position of lookout.

Since he's on the frigate, Cathal's dressed in a white poet shirt with brown vest. Unlike some he's not favoring a cutlass or sabre but rather a pair of small daggers. He's not sure what he should be doing right now. His blue eyes look out as he stands there trying to look at ease. Really he only did this because he thought it might work out well.

Idrissa is on the Ravenclaw ship, yay! Well that is what she thinks at least. Her hair is pulled back in three lose braids, she has a white blouse on with long sleeves which ruffle at her elbows and are tight about her wrists, over the blouse is a bodice that is tied close with a of leather cord, skirts and boots also seen upon her form. She has a cutlass at her side, a few daggers upon her belt, and a single pistol also seen. She peers up at Avery. "What do you see?" Is questioned with a curious tone as she rocks back on her heels while peering out.

Hephaesta is wearing a sensible short-sleeved shirt and vest, billowing pants (which just feel weird), and buccaneer boots. Her hair is mashed under a bandanna, keeping it out of her eyes. She emerges from below deck. "Everything appears to be in working order!" she calls out.

Lucian rides the rigging, leaning out toward the water, saber in hand. His loose black shirt billows in the breeze, partially baring his chest in classic swashbuckler style. A green and silver striped sash wraps around his waist, over simple brown leggings. He gestures with the saber toward the Gryffindor ship, then draws it menacingly across his neck.

Seeing Lucian's movement over on the Schooner, Wilfred grins and pulls out his dagger. Tossing it up, he lets it twirl around in the air before catching it and sliding it neatly back into his belt.

"I saw three ships come sailing in," hums Phoebe with a grin as she watches the goings-on. She reaches over to pat the top of the cannon next to her, but she's still just waiting… and keeping a bit of an eye on the older Hufflepuffs out for their ladylike stroll.

There's a real pirate on the Gryffindor ship, really. He's short…and he has an eyepatch that's not part of his costume, his magenta colored bandanna tied around his head and he's dressed…simply. That is a leather vest with no shirt and a pair of slacks, no shoes, belt around his waist with a small sword on one hip and a coil of rope worn across his body as he peers around with a squint before he raises his voice. "WHAT What is THIS? I DUN BE 'EARING ANY ROARING! ARE we or AREN'T WE LIONS?!" And he might be little but boy can he bellow. "We're gonna be gettin' the treasure so let 'em hear us!" Yes…this is Cillian, with a bottle of butter beer and he watches Lucian with a flashing smile, a mug of butter beer in one hand and he draws his sword as he lets out a…well its a sound that could be called a roar.

Akilina still has her right arm in a sling, it's been outfitted with a hook to look more thematic. A bucket dangles from the hook. In tattered blue pants, bare feet with a mop in the other hand the firstie known as Mouse is playing the part of a hook handed swabbie and so she tries to not get in the way as she mills about the Ravenclaw decks. Often the rocking of the boat has her clinging to the bucket in a way that looks like she might add to it's contents.

A war game - Artemis does not do war, be it real or a game. However, she /does/ do historic costumes. And so, the blonde haired girl has found a long, gorgeous dress that totally is not practical in a war scene - blue, poofy, and with a bustle. She picked up a pistol, but it's held awkwardly in hand as she hides behind the wall. "Won't it be a shame to dirty up these magnificent clothes?"

Lucian grins wickedly, seeing that he's gotten the attention of a few Gryffindors. He shimmies down the rigging, calling out to his crewmates. "Those Gryffindor pansies have the advantage in ship to ship combat! So close in and board 'em!"

"We should probably try and let the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams take each other out." Cathal says approaching towards those assembled on the Ravenclaw deck,"It would seem to make sense for them to try and take each other off." He says absently moving the daggers that he chose as if trying to assess how he should really be fighting with them. "Or we could try and bombard them…"

Hephaesta nods vehemently to Cathal. "Definitely. Stay back and let them go at each other. In fact…stay back as far as we can for now. We have something special planned. Spread the word."

Idrissa glances over to Cathal curiously before ohing softly at the side at bombarding them. "Well either works at the moment I think." She nods at what Hephaesta says and is off to tell the other Ravenclaws on deck what the plan is now it seems.

Avery doesn't actually seem terribly interested in who wins, but she's all for letting the idiots take each other out. "It sounds like the Slytherins are going to board Gryffindor.. Should be interesting. Maybe they'll wipe each other out and we can just…" she makes a walking gesture with her fingers. "and take whatever they've got."

Noalan watches one of his class mates in the rigging gesturing at someone or something he can't see from his position, he glances around the sparsely crewed ship and stands up, surveying the battle lines. He takes a moment to adjust his hat before moving back to the schooners wheel. Well, someone has to steer, "Aye aye captain!" He shouts back, taking ahold of the wheel and giving it some experimental turns to see how the ship responds. Of course, it looks to him like the Gryffindor's have the advantage in personal combat too.

Raising his head to look up the mast of the Galleon, Wilfred calls out to Josie, his voice just reaching, "What's it looking like from up there? Any movments that arn't obvious?" Looking back down, he sees the Slytherin schooner start to head in thier direction. Placing a hand on one of his pistols, he pulls it out and readies himself for the boarding.

On the Ravenclaw boat Akilina pipes up, "But then one of them will have two of the items. What if they sink the ships!? Then those items are going to be lost!" She remembers she's supposed to be talking like a pirate and quickly adds, "…to the briney deep, arrr."

Phoebe looks down at Artemis, and hmms. "It would be." She thinks for a moment, glancing out over the ships again. "So, what you should do if they get close is… run and hide. Maybe shriek? Just so they know you're not fighting." She nods sagely, because setting up a distraction is definitely a good plan.

Cillian on the Gryffindor ship, lowers his mug and his sword as he looks around his ship and sighs softly, making his way to the edge of the ship and peering over the edge with a thoughtful expression before he tosses back his drink.

"Fire the cannons, make ready for boarding, yaar!" Wilfred says, pushing through a clump of first years on the Gryffindor poop deck. Turning to the nearest cannon, Wilfred reinforces his words by firing it off. The shot goes wide and passes through the Slytherins sails.

Lucian sets about preparing the Slytherin boarding parties, making sure everying has grappling hooks ready. "When we're broadside, give them he-…" he spares a glance at Professor Slughorn, "Show them what Slytherins are made of! Two to a man! Double up on their defenders to take them down quickly!"

Hephaesta rolls her eyes at Avery. "Just be quiet if you're not going to help." But she doesn't expend much attention or energy on the other girl, instead going to the box in the middle of the deck, opening a panel in its side to inspect within.

Noalan is no sailor, but does his best to maneuver the unfamiliar ship. Speeding up and slowing down is completely beyond him, but he does try to avoid approaching the Gryffindor ships broad side. That least they have a nice sleek schooner and not a great lumbering Galleon. "Uh, brace, ye selves. I not be terribly good at this." He says, trying not to bring the ships along side the Gryffindor's and not the ship to pieces on them.

Wilfred crouches behind the railing on the Gryffindors poop, trying to load the cannon and keep an eye on the Slytherin schooner at the same time. Succeeding in his attempt for the most part (he only made a small mess of red stain on the deck), he turns the cannon to face the ever approaching schooner.

On the Gryffindor ship there comes a roar as once again the whole crew offers up their voices in a roar as the Galleon swings to maneuver the boat so that they can fire the cannons at the approaching Slytherin ship. With a wave of Dumbledore's hand the gold lion masthead comes to life and gives a roar and snap of his teeth as the Slytherin side of the boat erupts in cannon fire.

Artemis peeks out from behind the wall, looking at the red and green boats. "Ah! Be careful, don't damage the props!" She clears her throat, and glances up to Phoebe. "Oh, oh, um-Aye, arr, barnacles" Well, no one says she's terribly good at speaking like a pirate. She points at the Gryffindor ship. "Get that red ship! It's going to attack the green one." Oh! "Watch out Noalan!" Okay! She'll climb up onto the wall so that she can take one of the cannons.

Lucian moves to take cover as the Gryffindor ships opens fire. "Return fire!" he shouts. "Blast them out of the water!"

Well! Who is Phoebe to argue with instructions given by her senior? Nobody, that's who, and she was itching for an excuse to play with the cannon anyhow. "Aye aye!" she says to Artemis, and hops down off the Hufflepuff parapet to busy herself with the cannon. Load! Ready! Aim! "Fire!" she calls as she sets the fuse and the cannon speaks with a loud crack, shooting off a ball of yellow paint square for the Gryffindor ship!

Cillian looks towards the Slytherin ship after he comes back from below the decks where he had…well he had retrieved a shovel, tying/wrapping his rope around the shove and his body like the rope had been and he ducks when the shots are being fired and he whistles sharply. "Josie! Shots will fly and bullets sing, blades will flash and gleam, but creep and peek and splash of water, we'll see what comes to past!" He tries to get her attention before he's slipping towards the back of the ship when the action starts and he actually…jumps off the ship, diving into the water.

On the Shore, Briar reacts rather astonished and like any damsel of the era would. She theatrically faints into the arms of one of her Hufflepuff companions as the cannon's start to go off.

Josie stays in the Gryffindor crow's nest, for the time being, telescope to her eyes. She's not looking at the Slytherin ship, though, but the Ravenclaw ship, and Phae looking into a box. Her attention is brought back to the battle at hand, though, by Cillian's call to her. She wrinkles her nose as he dives into the water and says softly to herself, "Why is it always riddles?"

Idrissa curiously watches the other ships as the 'fighting' starts. She folds her arms in front of her a soft hum escaping her. A glance is offered back towards the other Ravenclaws on the ship to see what all they may be doing. She turns and moves on over towards the box and peers into it with Hephaesta. "What do you see?"

Hephaesta gives Idrissa a happy grin. "Just a little surprise. Alright. Tell everyone to tie themselves to a rope or something. We don't want anyone falling off. Also, pull all of our cannons back to make room. We won't be needing them just now."

Avery experiments with the edge of her sword, and then whacks at the deck boredly with it. Take that, you scurvy ship, you…She lifts her head at Hephaesta, seeming to tune back in. "Wait, what are we doing?" somebody's been daydreaming!

Noalan aims the ship as best he can, and once close he simply abandons the wheel. More interested in survival than the assault. He rolls for cover as the deck turns red, coming up with both a pistol in each hand. Noalan doesn't hear Artemis's call, but certainly sees the result of her commands, as the Hufflepuff cannons start firing on the Gryffindor ship. "Arg, it be a Serpent friendly port." He cheers, aiming and firing both pistols into the amassed Gryffindor ranks.

"Did it hit?" Artemis gasps after firing a surprising shot off at Gryffindor.

Colton who's manned a cannon aims for the Slytherin ship, but it splooshes just off the bow. He pulls the dagger out from between his teeth to ARRRR and pump his fist angrily with the dagger in it.

Standing on the deck of the Ravenclaw ship, Cathal says,"Perhaps it is time for us to begin dealing with the other houses?" He says in a very serious voice for the time being, his eyes look out towards the other houses.

The cannons on the tower fill the air with thunderous booms as no ship is spared and Hufflepuff proves it's a HUFFLEPUFF friendly port! Each of the ships are fired on. Professor Beery who's in a Foppish Gentleman's wig and military costume of black with gold buttons orders another bombardment up on the wall. The Gryffindor ship is positioned just perfectly and the Slytherin ship takes all the fire that was meant for the Lions.

Hephaesta nods in agreement with Cathal. "We're about to. Hold onto something." With that, she starts pulling pins free of the box on the deck. With each pin, a side of the box falls away, and at first it lookes a bit like a large blue pillow is expanding out of the space within. The balloon rapidly fills with air, rising up between the masts. Ropes that previously appeared to be extra rigging laying on the deck are actually attached to the balloon. Phae looks skyward as the balloon starts to take shape, a beaming grin on her face.

Idrissa nods to Hephaesta and runs about telling others on the Ravenclaw ship to hold on, along with moving the cannons out of the way. Once that is done she blinks while peering at the box, and looks at the balloon that is filling. "Woah.. What is that?"

There's a splash as Cillian hits the water and he surfaces with a gasp, treading water and coughing softly and taking a deep breath as he continues to tread water, looking around as he watches thoughtfully, wading and then he snorts some water and he dives back under the water.

Josie, in the Gryffindor crow's nest, lowers her telescope again and calls down to the rest of the crew on the deck below between cannon shots, "Phae's turning the Ravenclaw ship into a balloon!"

Avery does indeed grab something, over there on the Ravenclaw boat, since the Hufflepuffs are firing on them too and a glancing blow from a cannon ball makes the ship rock. When she sees the balloon she lets out a whoop, which is… kind of a surprise for the stoic girl. "Now /flying/ I can do."

On the Slytherin ship, Soleil comes up from below and is covered in Red and Yellow paint both. She stumbles around and then lays over one of the cannons that were rendered useless when they got covered in the paint themselves. "Avenge me!" She croaks to her Slytherin Crew and then plays dead with a little smirk quirked to one side of her paint splattered mouth.

Lucian, having spotted Cillian's dive, runs along the edge of the Slytherin ship to keep an eye on him. "You'll not be pulling one over on us," he mutters.

Wilfred paces the Gryffindor poop as he allows the group of enthusiastic first years near him take over firing the cannon. Hmmm, I wish the Slytherins would come and catch up with us already, I'm ready to fire some pistols. So thinking, Wilfred glances up with suprise at the Ravenclaw ship as it rises from the water. What!? I thought we wern't supposed to do magic in this fight?

Haha! Phoebe joins in the general Hufflepuff assault with enthusiasm, firing away! She's grinning as the crash of the cannons slow, just in time to see the Ravenclaw ship rising up into the air. She blinks, once, and then her grin widens. "Correction sah! Two ships sailing, one flying!" Who's she reporting to? Well, uh, who's in range to hear? She drops down and starts seeing if she can adjust a cannon to point UP.

It is not a good day for the Slytherin ship. Noalan moves to takes refuge in the hold as the green ship starts to turn yellow and red, only to have Soleil prove that there's no safty down there either. "Those scurvy dogs be having us in a cross fire." Noalan complains to the now dead Soleil. "Keel haul thyn tractors." His pirate speak isn't terribly good. Since they seem to be in the worst possible position fire wise, Nolan goes for the wheel again. Crouched, he begins cranking it around to pull away from the Gryffindor ship and head towards shore, aware of how terribly exposed he is.

Colton points to the balloon rising, "It's an AIRSHIP! ARRRR! AIM FER THE BALLOON Knock'r righ outta de skies! — WATCH OUT!" He hollers when the Ravenclaws are no longer distracting him enough and he sees that the Basilisk is heading right for them. The ship going unmanned for so long sent it ramming right into the Gryffindor ship. When the Slytherin boat RAMS into the Gryffindor ship the Basilisk explodes in Green Paint sending a Tsunami of the stuff onto Gryffindor's ship. Locked together in the sticky paint, the Planks and boards bang and clatter as the Slytherin's mount a boarding attack. YARRR! Colton removes some daggers from the cross bandoleers filled with daggers and pistols and starts throwing the daggers at the Snakes who dare to board their ship! "AVAST!"

Not on the ship during the collision course…Cillian just surfaces a little ways past the two ship, watching them with a slow shake of his head, treading water and diving back under as he swims towards the shore.

While busy gazing at the Ravenclaw ship from the Gryffindor poop, Wilfred is almost knocked from his feet by the collision. Regaining his balance, he flaunts one of his pistols and follows the general rush towards the middle of the ship to repel the boarders.

The cannon's are only able to point no more than 45 degrees upwards. Clever Ravenclaws. As the Ravenclaw ship takes air the Eagle headmast cries out and Professor Mopsus who's wearing TWO eyepatches that criss-cross over each eye waves his blunderbuss rifle he uses to double as his cane. "Ravenclaws, release and fire! Many Ravenclaw students roll cauldrons to the railings of the Freighter and it's like a waterfall of blue paint comes pouring down over the edge of the floating ship, acting as 'Hot Oil' would back in the day.

Artemis frowns, pursing her lips as she looks at the boats from the shore. "Oh dear, that can't be right." She takes aim again. It is ON! "I got friends on that boat!" So much for words. She completely flunks out on the cannon.

Following Cillian's progress, Lucian grins, seeing the young Firstie setting out on his own. He looks from the Gryffindor ship to Cillian, and back again. If the boarding party could use wands, he'd be a lot more help. So, off to tangle with the sneaky little pirate, instead. Taking a firm grip of his saber, he leaps, diving into the water, and racing after him.

Noalan manages a half turn on the wheel before the boats collide, and he's forced to cling to the wheel. Both his pistols go spinning away across the deck and he lets out a curse that is more sailor than old-timey pirate. "Bring it on ye mewling kittens, feel the bite of the mighty sea serpent." He challenges, pulling his cutlass from his sash. Matching brave words to actions he… quickly heads below decks to grab one of the treasure maps. Well, let them follow him if they want a fight.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…just keep swimming…Cillian has a song in his head as he swims along, just keep swim-He squints and peers towards a ship when he sees a splash and he just stares. "Oh…shite…" Then he tries to speed up.

Avery is guarding the Ravenclaw treasure! It's a very important (and thus far unnecessary) job. But the normally repressed little girl cackles wildly when the blue paint goes over the sides, raining down blue 'death' on those below. And now we know, the girl can smile.

Attacks from above are obvious, and Josie's left kind of vulnerable in the Gryffindor crow's nest. She looks up at the Ravenclaw ship, but as it's still out of her reach, she takes the other way out. Scrambling down out of the crow's nest, she grabs a rope, twists it around her arm for safety, and drawing her sword with her other hand, swings down to join the battle with the Slytherins. At least, if she can manage the acrobatic feat.

In the rush over at the Slytherin boarders, Wilfred nearly get squashed as some older Gryffindors rush over as well. Recovering himself, Wilfred comes up to a knot of Slytherins that are clambering over the side. Letting out a shot, he hits one of the Slytherins, then stops to pull out his other pistol.

Briar still in her companion's arms peeks open one eye and it goes wide when she sees Lucian leap off the side of the ship, but then she quickly closes it back up to pretend that she's still fainted. The group of sophisticates gasping and crying out for help seeing the Lion and Snake are swimming for the shore. But all of the guards are up on the wall doing their duty manning so the small group of powdered rich types are on their own. Le Gasp!

Lucian is a decent swimmer, regularly taking to the water for exercise and recreation. So it isn't so surprising that he is closing in on the young Gryffindor, Cillian. Coming up only for necessary breaths, he keeps underwater as much as he can to shield himself from possible fire.

Little Mouse Ravenclaw, Akilina gets a little over excited and just dumps her bucket over the edge and dirty mucky water splashes down on the Gryffindor and Slytherin ships below. "Sorry!" Is squeaked out down to them afterwards.

The water around Cillian and Lucian begins to get a bit choppier, like something from below is starting to rise to the surface.

Cillian is a little fish, yes! He's a fish as he swims and just surfaces to see where Lucian is and he gives a scream. "Wait! Wait dun be…gah wait! Yer twice me size ye slithery booger!" He tries to swim faster. "Well you might as we-" He pauses and then stares at Lucian as he turns slightly, treading water. "…THAT is rude mate! I mean awesome but oh my god man…did ye Fart?"

Hephaesta occupies herself with managing the balloon, and the blower mechanisms keeping it full of hot air. She smiles happily, hearing the cheers of her housemates as they rain cerulean doom down upon the other ships.

Noalan emerges from below deck, map in hand, a few moments after going below. He takes a moment to tuck it into his sash before heading for the Gryffindor ship. He does his best to skirt the battle, but ends up in a brief sword fight with a Gryffindor student, a fight that doesn't go very well for him. The Gryffindor student manages to score a slash that would have completely taken off his left arm below the elbow if the swords had been real. Noalan is forced to retreat several steps to care for his 'wound'.

Idrissa helps will getting cauldrons filled an so froth to be rained down upon the others. "This is so great Hephaesta." This said while she grins and peers down over the edge of the tip to see what all is still going on down there on the water.

Lucian pays no heed to Cillian's taunts (likely because he only heard "…rude ma-…on my go-…fart?"). But the churning of the water doesn't escape him, and finally he pauses, looking around with worry. "Bloody hell. Swim, you little prat! Get to shore!" It seems he has become less concerned with taking Cillian out of the fight, and more with getting them both to safety.

After pausing to look around, Wilfred sees that the fighting on the Gryffindor ship is nearly finished, the Slytherins are being pushed back! With this realization, Wilfred-a pistol in one hand, a dagger in the other- charges along with a small group to jump over onto the Slytherin ship. "GRIYFFINDOR!" Wilfred shouts, the party meets head to head with a group of a few Slytherins still fighting. Pointing his pistol to one side, Wilfred lets off a shot. Not looking to see if he hit or not, he leaps over against a Slytherin first year who is still standing. Dodging the Slytherin's slow cutlass, Wilfred darts in and stabs him in the stomach.

*Clank* *Cling* "Arrrr you slithering excuse for a snake!" echoes Christmas Jones as he fights with some Slytherin pirate up the stairs. Christmas is dressed in all black leather with a bad wig on his head. His mullet soaked from the dirty water from above. His attention focused on the sad excuse for a sword fight. However, he seems to be holding his own against the boy who is dressed as equally bad!

Avery can hear trouble. Or smell it. It's a gift. "Hephaesta," she says, moving to peer over the railing. "I think the kraken is awake. Might want to steer us towards the walls."

Artemis purses her lips as she steps away from the cannon. Instead, she stands on the shore, completely vulnerable, and calls out, "Okay, no one gets on this shore without a please! I'll force you pirates to show manners!"

"…well if it wasn't yer arse then…" A look to Lucian and Cillian is swimming as quickly as he can for that shore. "M' Cillian by the way, Cillian Mc'Coco! Nice to meetcha, just in case we be meetin' Davy Jones and all…yer really dashin' in yer get up…iffen I was a few years older, I'd probably ask for a last wish snog. Do ye wanna be me friend?" He swims though! Swimming. "Oh bloody 'ell, the toast will be all soggy now…" SWIMMING TIME.

From above it's easy to sea that a ship like shape of dark blue to black is in the water just under Lucian and Cillian. Then from the surface of the water does a massive skeleton dripping in seaweed and soon with it a wrecked ship surfaces soon behind it. If Cillian and Lucian don't swim fast enough they'll be shang-hai'd onto the Ghost Ship Crew as all of the Ghosts of the Castle but one (The Grey Lady) are shouting and waving about their ghostly weapons. The Bloody Baron acting as captain. Peeves cackling and lobbing 'cannonballs' that explode in silvery white paint. His beady eyes squint and he goes zipping up through the air, heading for the Ravenclaw Airship.

Noalan mocks tying off the wound, feeling silly for doing it even as he ties off the imaginary knot. "Gryffindor would have to have the most disturbing color." He mutters, taking up his cutlass again, just in time too as the Slytherin lines begin to break. Lan watches Wilfred take down one of his house mates and moves into avenge his fallen comrade, sweeping his longer weapon at the other 4th year in a wide ark to take full advantage of its length. "For the Basilisk!"

Avery lied! "False alarm!" she reports cheerfully and goes back to The Box. "Carry on."

Wilfred tries to dodge Noalans sweeping cutlass, but he just doesn't move fast enough. His leg, hanging out there trying to push off, gets hit by the opponents weapon. Wilfred starts hopping on his other foot as he backs up. Holding up his dagger from a bit further back now, he brings brings his arm back and flings his dagger at Noalan, at the same time shouting "And Gryffindor strikes back!"

Josie dodges a splash of from above and gets into a sword fight with a Slytherin first-year. She's laughing as the battle goes back and forth. More paint from Ravenclaw catches her then, splashing onto her leg. It takes her a moment to notice, but once she does she starts to limp as if injured.

Peeves tries lobbin some of his Ghostly cannon balls he's pulling out of a satchel but they woosh harmlessly by the swaying ship. With a bickering grumble he then moves to head for the top of the balloon. The airship has gotten so high in the sky that not even the Hufflepuff cannon's can angle upwards that much to aim at it. But Peeves working at some knots here and there that keep the balloon attached to might prove to be Ravenclaw's undoing…literally. The Ravenclaw ship has also drifted away from the mashed up vessels and is heading for the shore.

"Eat my steel you goodie two shoes excuse for a pirate!" replies the Slytherin 5th year! The cutlass swings left and Christmas is able to parry in the knick of time. The Gryffindor shifts his weight and riposte's against the Slytherin's cutlass and gets in close to hiss, "Get off my ship slug head!" The two going back and forth with no apparent winner in sight…yet!

Oh ya, daggers can be thrown can't they? Noalan stands there dumbly as Wilfreds thrown dagger takes him straight in the throat. He raise his hand to check if he was really hit, only to have his hand come away red. There is a moment of panic before, reminding himself that it's just the Gryffindor's red weapons. "ggrgrrgrrgr." He gurgles, before dropping slowly to the deck. Dam.

Lucian sees that something is rising from the depths, and frantically tries to swim away. As he and Cillian near the edge of the bluish shape, he shouts, "Get out of here!" and literally shoves Cillian, unfortunately forcing himself backward, and right into the deck of the rising ghost ship.

Hephaesta gasps as her beautiful balloon is being molested the the poltergeist! "Nooo! Stop him! We'll fall!" Hephaesta retrieves a pistol from a nearby Second Year, and takes aim. She's not the best shot, but it's all aerodynamics to her. Adjust for wind speed, distance, and…contact! But to what end? He's a spirit, after all!

Cillian was reaching towards Lucian when the…bluish ship starts rising. "C'mon mate, we c-" Then he's pushed away and he's reaching towards Lucian as he's out of harms way and Lucian is not…one hand extended as his head shakes, water spraying in slow motion. "Rooomeeeeeoooooo Noooooooooooooooooooo!" What! He didn't know his name! He just gasps for air and dives under the water, swimming for the shore and tears roll down his cheeks, its very dramatic. "He was one of me best mates! He just didn't know! WHY, WHY!" He crawls onto the shore on his knees, looking up towards the sky with his fists clenched at his sides. "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Then he chokes on some sand and coughs, bending over and coughing. Is that a small crab he just coughed up?

Idrissa blinks as she hears Hepaesta and looks around confused and then looks upwards. A eeee escapes her while she runs around a few times before looking upwards to see what happens if the a ghost is shot?… An how are they suppose to stop him if they can't use magic??

"Rise, Rise yon dead and swing yer cutlasses for yer new master The BLOODY BARON!" The captain of the ghost ship bellows and waves his hands and the likes of Soleil and Noalan's paint that covers bodies drains in hue turning into whispy silvery transparent 'paint' flagging those that were 'killed' in the different crews all now belong to the Ghost Ship crew now.

Wilfred smiles as he sees his dagger find its mark. Then, realizing that he doesn't have a weapon, he rushes over to where Noalan fell and retrieves his dagger, as well as a nearby pistol that remains loaded on deck. By the time he gets up, the fighting around him has ceased, and has moved further along on the Slytherin ship.

Noalan was just getting comfortable when the house ghost suddenly makes his pronouncement, "Such a pain." He says, but sounds pleased. Undead, Noalan rises, "Join ussssss. The depths huuuunger." He picks up his cutlass again and shambles slowly towards his killer.

The two 5th years have been battling for a bit with their cutlasses and their insults. As the battle explodes around them, Christmas is backing away from the Slytherin when the "Undead" begin to rises. He does not see the ropes behind him and he falls backwards onto his butt. The Slytherin taking full advantage of this brings the point of his cutlass to Christmas's throat. "Avast! You are mine! Surrender or die." Christmas flicks the back of his mullet over his shoulder and says, "I will never surrender to you Snakelips!"

Avery jumps up on top of the box and waves her giant saber at Peeves, like an ineffective … sword waver. "You there, get away!"

Wilfred was walking comftorably toward the remaining Slytherins that were still putting up a fight, when he hears Noalan getting up behind him. "You!?" Wilfred exclaims as he walks back, "I thought I dealt with you already?" Bringing up his newly aquired pistol, Wilfred points it at Noalan and pulls the trigger. The pistol makes a small *click*, but nothing else happens. "ARGH!" he exclaims as he tosses the pistol to the side, "I -thought- that was loaded!"

Cillian just looks up and stares at Artemis with an arch of an eyebrow, having heard her approaching before he even sees her and he's up with his sword drawn and pointed in the wrong direction for a moment due to water being in his good eye before turning to face her and her pistol and he looks her over before flashing a grin. "…of course I'll be 'elping ye defend the shore…I only came to ask ye for a token of favor…ye didn't ask for us to come and try to take yer goodies. I came because I 'eard this was a land ripe with beauties and booties and m' all for the both of 'em. I'll help ye, all I ask is a warm drink and a few tokens or samples of the riches we've come to plunder." He gestures towards the water. "Cuz lets face it…they're probably more screwed than a toad with scurvy…so what'll it be? Take me to yer king and I'll protect ye all!" He gives a bow.

Noalan drags the tip of the cutlass along the deck, making a slow scrape every time he shambles forward. He flinches when Wilfred pulls the trigger on him, then eases back into character when it fails to discharge, "Thisss one is no more. We serve the master now. Join usss. We are legion." He replies to Wilfred. Noalan ends his slow shamble abruptly, charging towards Wilfred, and bringing his blade around in a furious uppercut.

Phoebe leans over the wall, peering at Cillian as he negotiates, uhm, charms at, Artemis. "You'll get neither one if the ghosts take over!" she calls out, pointing at the spectral ship. Dead men have no use for trinkets!

Wilfred doesn't pull back from Noalan this time, instead he rushes forward-at least as much rushing as he can do on one leg-and blocks Noalan's slash. Turning the attack against Noalan, Wilfred pushes the cutlass to the side and stabs Noalan in the heart. Pulling the dagger back out, Wilfred says looking down at his opponent, "That's what you get for messing with me matey, twice."

Josie is still caught up in fighting the Slytherin first-year, despite the new threat of the dead rising. It's quite an even match, even with Josie's 'injury'. They even end up slipping on paint at the exact same time, toppling to the deck.

It's been an unfortunate event that Arian has not been able to participate actively in the fighting. But that's what happens when you wear a fake wooden hook and then poke yourself in the eye… He runs out from below decks as Peeves tries to attack the balloon. "Peeves, look!" he shouts, pointing off in a random direction. "The Bloody Baron is coming right at you!" Peeves immediately turns around and skitters a ways away from the ship. It's not until then that he looks around to see that Arian was lying. "Ooh, you cheeky little liar!" the ghost shouts, heading back to the ship and blowing a raspberry

Noalan staggers as his blade fails to strike, and is then driven to a complete halt by the weapon hitting him in the chest. For a moment he doesn't do anything, "Do I die again or not?" Can you kill an undead pirate? He solves this problem by once more letting himself fall easily to the deck and remain there, making himself comfortable.

Artemis blinks, and she ends up smiling brightly. "Well I'd say that's pretty good manners," she says, impressed. "I say that's only fair." She lowers the pistol and turns to look to the other Hufflepuffs. "Mister Pirate here is on our side now, show him your kindness!"

Still smiling down at Noalan, Wilfred gives a start, and sees the edge of a map protruding from Noalan's sash, "Oh, that's a swell thing ya got there, you wouldn't mind if I take that would you? No of course you wouldn't, you're dead!" with that, Wilfred leans down and pulls out the map from Noalan's sash and stuffs it on the inside of his red jacket. Now I just need the code and a key he thinks to himself as he hobbles along the deck.

Cillian blows a kiss to Phoebe when she comments and he nods to Artemis, glancing towards the 'sea' and he presses his lips in a firm line. "Take me to yer leader…its the ghosts yer gonna have to worry about…C'mon now." He's jogging, hoping Artemis takes him where he needs to go, and his sword is drawn.

As the scene unfolds, the two 5th years watch in awe. Christmas sees a chance to get the Slytherin but is not quick enough because his cutlass gets caught in the ropes. The Slytherin "stabs" him in the heart! Christmas lets out a blood curling scream and then "dies". However, a few moments later he begins to slowly moan as he begins to stand up slowly and takes up his cutlass again. He moans, "I am the Ghost of Christmas past!"

"Don't forget the please," Artemis scolds Cillian. "Take me to your leader, /please/." Holding onto the sides of her dress, she curtsies politely, as if making a statement. She smiles, and turns away again. "This way," she says and starts walking, looking for, well, assuming she's looking for Professor Beery.

The current has slowly taken the conjoined ships of Slytherin and Gryffindor to shore and the little bits of mischief Peeves has been up to with the Ravenclaw Airship sees it coming down to land on top of the wall and so the Hufflepuffs stationed there are able to board the marooned airship and visa versa. With the Gryffindor and Slytherin ships busted open in places from the 'ramming' there are barrels and crates that have washed up on shore. Only two of the Ghosts don't play by the rules. If they get splashed in paint they'll 'die' and stop their attacking. However the Bloody Baron just continues on fighting as the Ghost Ship runs around and the Ghosts pour over the edges and start to try to add everyone to their crew. Soon enough along the shore groups of Red, Green, Blue and Yellow are fighting along side each other against the onslaught of white. Peeves is the other 'Ghost' that keeps coming no matter how much paint he gets covered in.

Phoebe grins down to Cillian, and wiggles her fingers like the favor she isn't tossing him on account of she doesn't have one. As the Ravenclaw airship comes in for a crash-landing, she shouts, "Get the cannons!" to… well, the Ravenclaws. She's pretty sure they're allies now, and she darts back along the wall to try and bombard the ghosts and ghost-recruits!

Leaving Noalan where he lies, Wilfred hobbles over the the side of the slytherin ship to man one of their cannons. Well, they give green stains, but that can't be fixed. Turning one around, he fires it at the horde of ghosts.

An evil grin comes across his 'ghostly' face as he decides to board the Slytherin ship. Christmas slowly raises his cutlass and begins to advance towards Wilfred! He moans with his cutlass raised over his head, "We wish you a Merry Christmas!"

Avery still has her gigantic saber and has…somehow..managed to avoid being painted. That doesn't mean she's useful though. She just stands there with her hands on her hips, her hat still perched on her head, watching.

Cillian gives a little bow. "Ahh yes…take me to yer leader please!" He barks out a few orders. "Everybody ye can spare, with me! The rest need to be on the walls, keep the dead out…they 'ave no need for booty! Its yer souls they want!" He gestures around. "I need folks with me, we must guard the booty with our lives!" He raises his voice and his sword. "LION! SNAKE! RAVEN! BADGER! As our hearts still BEAT! WE WILL PROTECT THE SECRETS THE DEAD 'AVE NO NEED FOR!"

Once the ship went down, Hephaesta ran for safety! This was all more a science experiment than a battle to her, anyhow. Hours later, she will likely be discovered, crouched in a barrel below decks.

Wilfred looks around for another ball to load the cannon with. Finding one, he looks up to see Christmas coming towards him. Wilfred starts to think that Christmas is coming to help, but then notices the green paint splattered over him, he must be with the ghosts!. Using the first thing that comes to mind, he chucks the cannon ball over at Christmas, hitting him in the stomach.

"Blood and Ashes!" Exclaims Christmas's Ghost when the canon ball slams him in the stomach. The 5th year drops his cutlass and keels over holding his tummy. He lets out a few haggered breaths and drops to a knee to catch his breath.

Okay, the first tactic was only temporary. Arian needs something more permanent to try and get Peeves away from their ship. Even if they are down already, He wants that ghost away! He beings to run toward the cannon… but then his fake hook gets caught on the rigging and he falls down. Fail.

It's a trap! The socialite Hufflepuffs that are grouped around the fainted Briar tremble with fear, that is until they are being attacked out right, when that happens Briar springs awake from her faked faint and stands up and rips away the cover of cloth over her extreme hip 'bustles' to reveal an arsenal of weapons. She herself pulls a pistol out of her large bouffant and aims it at one of the ghosts. The gun goes off but the only thing that comes out of it is flower petals. "Bother!" Thankfully the rest of the Hufflepuff crowd have better luck with their guns and soon there's a blanket of shimmering transparent 'corpses' on the beach. The Slytherins took the worst hit, and there's only a handful of them still standing. Only one of their maps has survived the attack and it's been torn into pieces and Peeves seems to have somehow gotten a hold of the piece with the X on it. So the great Pirate Treasure Hunt is a wash for today…maybe next year! The Pirate War is soon turning into a Pirate Feast on the Hogwarts Shores as the Ghost Ship Sinks back into the water. Candy Booty, Chocolate Milk and Butterbeer for EVERYONE!

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