(1937-09-19) Tell Her More About Her Eyes
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Summary: Niamh and Edwarlinda have a lunch date. Nothing good can come out of that, right? (And Sweeney high-tails it out!)
Date: 19 September 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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Leaky Cauldron London
Wed Sep 19, 1937 ((Wed Sep 19 16:17:00 2012)) (E,4 NE)

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and drizzling.

This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any modern muggle devices or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.


A brief owl was sent over to Niamh's shop that Eddie was going to the Cauldron for lunch around one and Niamh should join her. So, the pair both got in and settled down like old friends do, quick hugs and kisses exchanged. Eddie's much more herself today (or her work self, at least) in a deep burgundy suit beneath her gray Auror's robes and a sensible pair of heels. No fancy stockings. She must have taken a hang over potion because she's not looking half ill, though she does look tired, like she only slept half the night. It deepens the slight crow's feet around Eddie's eyes and all those little signs that the woman is closer to 40 than 30, though she'd never admit it. She takes a sip of her tea and sighs, "I know you had to leave last night, but that was a bloody mess…"

Nia welcomed the chance to get out for lunch, at the least, and a sign is on the Apothecary door 'out to lunch'. Always happy to see Eddie, the hugs and kisses are exchanged, and she keeps hold of her friend as they entered. Nia's dressed in a casual suit, her hair tied behind her, and a pair of low-heeled shoes. She's got a couple dye stains on her hands now, evident as she raises her cup of tea to take sips, now that they're seated. Her brows rise in the sighed general description of the evening, and putting her tea down, ducks her head and looks at her friend with concern, and a touch of ruefulness. "I don't think I should have been there a't'all. I was tossin' and turnin' all night, thinkin' about it." She reaches a hand, "Sorry I left you with those two louts. Tell me if I have to knock sense into Keen.."

"Shouldn't be there? Gods, you and Sloan… both of you bitching and bitching about not fitting in." Eddie grumbles, shaking her head and taking another good sip of her (unspiked) tea. "You fit just fine. No one really cares, it's a dance hall in muggle London! You fit in because I want you there. Keenan wants you there. And Sloan too! Bloody hell…" Eddie might be a bit prickly this morning, probably from lacking sleep herself. "Why…why were you tossing and turning though? What's on your mind, dear?" As her mind processes the end of that statement, Eddie's concern and protectiveness over the younger Niamh resurfaces far stronger than her frustration at being left alone there.

Nia chuckles at Eddie's grumbling; nothing new there, and she knows that it's just releasing some frustration. "It weren't you all.. I was there before with Sally Brown, you remember her? I'd been asked to go as her second, and .." Here, she bites her lip before pulling her tea back up, ".. I saw Inspector Gideon there." The one that she fancies. "I waved to him, and he completely ignored me.. as if he didn't see me, but I know he did. An' I'd gone out to his pub, he'd asked me to his pub, so I could listen to him sing. Oh, and we had such a nice night there, too. Sittin' on the couch.."

A sigh escapes her, and she shakes her head. "Then, when Sloan did his brilliant maneuver, it stung a bit more than it should have, I know. I know Sloan. Have known him. Da loves him as if he was his own born son." Taking a sip finally, she sets it down once again, "It's not a place for me, I think. Makes me feel like I've not washed all the slug-suckers off my hands."

Sweeney steps in through the door, straightening his coat. He peers around and his eyes rest on Niamh for a moment before he walks over to the bar, giving a nod to Elly who brings him a glass of scotch.

It's lunch hour, so the Cauldron is probably a touch busier for the day than it'll be later in the afternoon. At a table right down from the bar sits a pair of women, Niamh and Eddie, talking over tea and seemingly waiting for their food. They're both dressed in work clothes and have the look of a pair that are thoroughly comfortable with each other. Eddie listens to those words, her brows knitting even deeper as the younger woman talks about how Gideon ignored her. "Why… I could transfigure that man's lungs into a pair of gills, then he'll have to live under water with all the other slimy creatures!" That comes a somewhat familiar threat from Eddie, though she hasn't actually done it to someone in a few years. "And we put Sloan in a bad spot. It wasn't you, you know… he was totally miserable there no matter what. I shouldn't have drug him out, but… dammit, the man needs more than slums and dive bars that smell like fish!"

<FS3> Niamh rolls Awareness: Success.

Nia looks up at the entrance of Sweeney, but while he looks vaguely familiar, there isn't that 'ah ha' moment of recognizing him from the dance hall the other night. People out of their elements are sometimes really hard to identify! Hazel eyes do linger there for a moment, but it's obvious that there isn't that bell ringing, and she looks back to her friend, their conversation resuming. "No, I don't need him swimming with the fish." She pauses before a soft laugh comes, "Sounds like a Bogart movie." She takes her cup again, and offers a sympathetic smile to her friend. "He will do a nice Irish pub. I'm surprised he did go to the Natrix, though.. and him going there means a lot. You know that."

That comment draws a confused tilt to Eddie's head. "Why does it mean so much? I mean… I go to the Natrix and it doesn't mean that much, and I'm Eddie Malfoy!" Truly, while Eddie is nicer than most of her family, there are moments where there is NO DOUBT she is a Malfoy, as proud and arrogant as the rest of the bunch. "And fine, but if he breaks your heart, no promise that he won't at least be giving the fishes a visit, hmm?" The elegant blonde in her suit and Aurors robes completely misses Sweeney's entrance, but then she doesn't actually know the man from Adam anyway. So she keeps blue gray eyes focused on Niamh with that protective, red lipped smile.

Sweeney continues to check back over his shoulder at the two women, recognizing one of them as an Auror and mumbling softly to himself before taking a sip from his glass. He furrows his brow at the swimming with the fishes comment.

"Well, Sloan sure as hell didn't go there for me," Nia quips, those eyes taking on a shine. "And you yourself said he was uncomfortable an' in a bad spot. No man'd do that without cause.. and someone behind him that he wants t'make happy." Ergo.. means a lot! "But," and here, she deflates, "Don't ask me about men. I have the worst luck of 'em all. I must have a leech on the side of my head, or slug slime on my forehead or something." A chuckle does sound, and she ducks her head, "But I know Sloan. As loyal as they come, and always wanting to keep those he loves happy. Happy enough, anyway. A more solid Irishman you'll not meet." Now if she could only figure out a certain Scotsman? "But.. I won't be goin' back. Too much trouble, and it isn't me." She leans forward, the cup of tea cradled in hand, "Before you all showed, the owner came over to the table an' wanted me to dance. Me. I politely said no, as Sally really wanted to, but then the Inspector came in.. and we were both just given a tour of the place by the bandleader. It's just too.." and she raises her hands in a swishy gesture, "…too much?"

Edwarlinda considers those words, a slightly skeptical smile dancing across her lips at the thought of why Sloan went there in the first place. She then pauses, their lunches brought over by a waitress and the quick exchanges about if they need anything. Eddie shakes her head, but is seemingly thankful for the lull in conversation to organize her thoughts. "No… I mean, Sloan cares about me, just like you two, but it's like… Sisters and brothers. Nothing like that. And, of course, your brother and I danced around why we haven't ever done anything in a decade…again… And, of COURSE, we never did anything. Again." She then huffs, her eyes narrowing a bit more in Niamh, "You do NOT have a slugh on your head or slime or anything! You are lovely, young, brilliant, a catch for any guy. Men are simply too stupid to see it, or too intimidated by your beauty." Eddie then spins around, searching for any man who seems on his own. Poor Sweeney is caught in her gaze. She points at him and hooks a finger, "You! Come here! Look at this woman across from me! Isn't she lovely?"

Sweeney perks up as he's addressed by Eddie and decides to appease the woman. He walks over to her and takes a sip from his glass, looking at Niamh, "I'd say so." Most likely why Gideon's so interested in her.

"He'd not have come out for his sister, Eddie." Nia shrugs gently, "For his brother, aye.. Keen'd give him reason to come. But you were lovely last night. I was glad he was there for you. I swear, eyes were on you." And she's not the least bit jealous there, or envious. Well, okay.. a little envious. Men show Eddie their appreciation of her form in word, in (unwelcome sometimes!) deed, and in drinks!

Wait.. wait! Werent't they just talking about… Nia's eyes widen as Eddie calls out to Sweeney and beckons him over, and her face takes a full-on red colour in embarrassment. "Eddie.." She can't look at Sweeney now, and every time she tries to look up, she gets really embarrassed and ends up looking at her plate again. She does manage to mumble, "Ta much.. but ye didn't have t'.." before she's just very ready to sink under the table.

Yes, they were just talking about Eddie, but the Malfoy woman has a gift for changing the subject on the turn of a dime. She seems done with the conversation about herself and Sloan, no wish to focus on the things that bruise her ego, so now she's happily trying to fluff Niamh's! Or perhaps accidentally kill her ego in the process. Eddie looks back to her friend with a blink, noticing that embarrassed slouch, and she twitches her palm in an upwards direction, "Oh, Nia… come on now. Sit up straight. Show yourself! You have such a lovely frame!" And then she looks back to Sweeney with a wide, thankful smile, "What's your name, sir? This is my dear, close friend Niamh. She is single, and men are idiots. If you'd very much tell her the TRUTH about what you see when you look at her, I would happily buy your lunch!"

Sweeney wouldn't dare tell the truth about what he sees when he looks at Niamh, so he decides to lie, "Well, she's attractive. I wouldn't make a further assesment until I shared a conversation with her." He looks back to Eddie and says, "Sweeney."

This is so not fair! And.. and.. to be told.. everyone knows Nia won't be told. And, of course, when the Irish get their backs up, they.. well.. get their backs up, so she does end up sitting straighter in her seat, an 'if looks could kill' expression coming in, though in all honesty, this really isn't a 'make or break' for their frienship. It's just something that she'll laugh about later and swat her friend for. And the stories that'll be told about it! But for the moment? So not funny!

"Eddie.." she hisses softly, hazel eyes flickering back and forth. The truth? "See? Okay.. I'm convinced. No slug slime or leech-lips. Can we let it go now?" She looks back to Sweeney, and gives him a hard-won smile that really fights through her mortification. "Good Irish name.. an' y'don't have to answer to her. Really.. flattered, but.. she shouldn't'a bothered ye on your lunch."

"He could sit down and join us, then you two can share a conversation, and he can give the full write up afterwards? Hmm? Come now, Sweeney my boy, sit, relax! What could be better than having lunch with two stunning ladies? And having one of them PAY?" Eddie asks with that too sweet, crimsom lipped smile of a woman who is very much used to getting her way. And, of course, she is getting the fact that Niamh is about ready to die, but seeing that the girl isn't in tears or ready to strangle Eddie yet, it's entirely too amusing an activity not to continue.

Sweeney raises an eyebrow at Eddie, as the nearly fifty year old mobster is nobody's 'boy'. He shakes his head and says, "I'm afraid not. Merely stopped in for a drink. Should probably be heading back to work." With that he gives the two of them a nod and turns to head for the door.

"No, he.." and thankfully, like music to Nia's ears, Sweeney declines. "See, Eddie? We're disturbing his lunch break. Now he hasn't gotten enough time for a proper pint," or two.. or three.. "without a couple of ladies bothering him." She looks to the departing (unknown to her) mobster, and apologizes again, "Sorry.."

Turning about, she looks at Eddie, her expression turning absolutely aghast. "A full write-up? Why don't I offer up my measurements while I'm at it? Or what my dressing gown looks like?" Not that she wears a dressing gown, mind..

A slight touch of disappointment crosses Eddie's face as the man says he should be getting back to work, "Well, tell them to put your drink on Eddie's tab, yes?" The blonde insists with a glowing smile, completely oblivious to what the man's work might be. With that, she turns back to her friend and chuckles huskily at the woman's protests. "No, no.. don't tell ME your measurements, tell him! Though I can see them sitting right here and you're quite fit, my dear. And save the dressing gown speech for the second or third date, I think."

"Him? Who him? Gideon-him?" Nia looks at the departing Sweeney and points in his direction. "Him?" She shakes her head and sits back in her seat fully, realy to faceplant at the table. "An' I thought I needed a drink last night." Shaking her head, she has to search for the humour in all this or she'll never survive it! "Right. Dressing gown for the second or third date. Assuming Keen lets it go that far to have a discussion about bedclothes." The scandal!

"If Keenan dares stop you from dating anyone I will lock that boy in a closet and not let him out until the holidays! Don't worry about your brother. This is YOUR life, luv. You should see whom you like. They just had better treat you right or you know that, yes, we'll all be after him. This Gideon included." Eddie huffs strongly, finally picking up her fork and starting in on her food. Lunch hour will be over and they will not have even touched what they were supposed to have. "But no…that man was a bit too old for you. I shall keep looking."

"You were going to set me.. Oh, Eddie.." Nia now puts her face in her hand, and shakes her head before lifting it back up. "I'm almost sorry I've mentioned his name now." And he obviously works for the Ministry as she had identified him as 'Inspector' Gideon. "But.. I'm sure he would. He's a good man, but a bit hard. I just wish.." she knew where she stands. But, come Friday, she may find out one way or another?

Her lunch is getting cold, for sure.. at least those fried parts, and Nia begins to dig into her food. Hungrier than she thought, she makes it through a sausage before she can speak again. "He was much too old. I think.. just maybe go shopping with me one day? Clothes shopping, that is."

"That I can do, darling. We'll go to the best places, in muggle London too! On me. The ministry pays me every month, and my family keeps giving me money so I'm not starving, and I don't know what to do with half of it! So, let me take you out, we'll get you some lovely new things and then we'll go dancing again and stun ALL the men in the place, yes?" Eddie offers with a warmer, genuinely excited smile as she looks over her friend's face. The thought of a girl's day out seems to thoroughly appeal to the blonde. Her tone of voice also says there is no way that she will let Niamh protest or pay for a thing.

Nia nods her head, and the smile that the Irishwoman is noted for returns, echoing in those eyes. Dancing Irish eyes. "I have the money, Eddie. Really. Shop does well, and I've got a few galleons saved up.." But, she knows that any argument will be met with resistance. With Eddie, it's not a chance to show off her money, but Nia knows that it all comes from a good heart and a desire to really help. And this certainly, that is, fashion, is something the Malfoy knows!

Now that equilibrium has been re-established, the rest of lunch's course runs smoothly, and at the end of it, 'good byes' and 'see you laters' are exchanged before they hug and are on their respective ways back to work.

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