(1937-09-20) Checking on Niamh
Details for Checking on Niamh
Summary: After fueling the fires with Wolfgang and Sweeney, Gideon returns to Diagon Alley to see to Niamh's safety.
Date: September 20, 1937
Location: Diagon Alley
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The loud CRACK of someone Apparating can be clearly heard just outside the shop, moments before Inspector Gideons bursts in, shutting the door behind him. "Niamh!" He calls out before he can see if she's in or not. It's late-morning, so one would expect her to be running the shop. But it doesn't abate the slight panic in his tone.

Nia's tucked behind her distilling outfit, the leather apron on, and the gloves off to the side. Her head lifts to the sound of aether splitting apart to allow a full-sized man through.. and close behind him. When Gideon comes through the door, her eyes widen, a smile catches as it rises as she sees the expression on his face, hears the tone and tenor of .. that tenor as he calls her name. "Are you—" Okay? It's a quick once over, and twice even.. "Are you alright?"

Gideon looks a little rumpled, but otherwise seems unhurt. "Are you alright?" He echoes immediately after her question. He comes around the counter, looking her over, his eyes flickering toward the fireplace.

Nia approaches now, her hands up ready to unrumple his clothes, to check and see if there is anything amiss, and they rise to his face to touch that scruffed cheek briefly. "Aye, I am.. not a sound. All's quiet, but for a request for fireflies from a nice young woman from the Ministry."

Gideon's panic is soothes at the touch of those hands. For a moment, he allows himself to close his eyes…to breathe. "Niamh. I'm so sorry that you've been swept into all of this. Listen…please, take a few days off. Away from the shop. Just…go on vacation, somewhere unexpected. I'll pay for it."

Those lines. Light fingers trace the lines, and she lets her hands drop to trace a line down his chest before she realizes that she's doing so. Nia's breath catches in her throat at his words, his request of her.. and she lifts her gaze back up, searching for a hint of what may have transpired that would have him ask such a thing. "A.. a few days off? Vacation?" She shakes her head, a smile rising and falling in a breath, "You don't have to pay.. I've got enough.. but talk to me, please. Tell me.."

Gideon's eyes follow her hand, terrified and welcoming it all at the same time. "I paid Montague and Sweeney a visit. I'm fairly certain I've got Sweeney attention now. But Montague…the damn fool doesn't know when to quit. It'll be better…safer for you if you're away from all of this."

Her hand flattens where it lies, pressing lightly before she takes a half-step backwards. He's filling her senses with his presence, and it's a bit.. overwhelming. Heady. Dizzying, even. What man's done this to her before? Nia's gaze doesn't leave his face now, however, and she shakes her head slowly as she takes it in. "You.. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Adamantus.." She's not angry; she's more.. stunned. "If I go, what of Keenan? He lives above me.. and he's here in and out. An' the other Lions?" Her small group of friends, "Sloan, Edwarlinda.." whom he may or may not have met on his travels without her. "I can go, but.. when I return, will it be much different? An'.." And this is the slightly more difficult part, ".. you won't be there with me?"

Something clicks in his head, and his eyebrow arcs up. "Sloan and Edwarlinda? You mean MacDubsithe and Malfoy? Aurors? That's the 'Eddie' you're talking about?"

"Aye.. them. School mates, both. Eddie and Sloan.. the bloody bastard who wouldn't dance with me until I bullied him into it." Now Nia's confused, and her brows crinkle in inquiry. "Eddie's supposed t'take me shopping so I can find somethin' that'll look better than this ol' thing." And she points to the perfectly serviceable skirt and blouse she's got on under the heavy leather apron. "Why?"

Gideon looks a little more relieved. "You're close to Aurors. Montague would be an idiot to come anywhere near you." He takes a deep breath. "Just…stay close to them. I'm also going to have a constable on watch here for a time."

"I could stay with Eddie," Nia considers this carefully, her eyes not leaving his face. "An' you? You can stay with Sloan? I dare think the two'd of you'd get along well enough." She takes that half-step forward again, her expression one of concern. "What's t'say that you won't be on the list of things t'be done?" Shaking her head slowly, her eyes still remain riveted. "Can ye tell me you're taking precautions?" There's a moment when she doesn't say a word, doesn't breathe before, "If you ever need a healer, contact Keenan. Please.. he's good, an' he knows his way 'round paperwork." And how not to have a trail left behind.

"I'll be fine," he insists. "No need to put Sloan in danger if they do come after me. I've been on the Montagues' list for years. I can protect myself. But these people know better than to strike out against me directly. If the M.L.E.S. got wind of someone that had killed a Hit Wizard, that person would suddenly have a lot more trouble than they could handle. It's a balancing game played between law enforcement and the underworld. That's what I was restoring today. But I worry now that Wolfgang does nae understand the consequences of throwing things out of balance." Gideon pauses, frowning in thought. "It might be best if I speak with MacDubsithe and Malfoy…let them know what's going on. This isn't their jurisdiction, but they're certainly in a position to protect you."

But they've done it before… and there is no way Nia wants to say that. She presses her lips together to keep a response from coming out, instead nodding her head ever so slightly. "I can talk t'Eddie m'self about it. I'm sure she'll be fine with having to keep an eye on me. She lives for that, I think." They are closer than sisters in that they've not fought like sisters.. in a very long time. After all, it was Eddie that'd called Sweeney over to their table and absolutely embarrassed her in the process! "Just.. for a day or two. Or.. if ye wanted t'keep an eye and see what's what, you can stay here." She won't be here, so it's above board! On the up and up!

Gideon nods, slowly coming down from that place of anxiety. "If it's all the same, I would like to speak with her…outside of the Ministry. She may nae be happy with all I've done, but she should know about it." He rub his chin, making a scraping sound as his fingers rub over the scruffy beard. "Can I use your fireplace? I'd like to get a constable down here right off."

Nia relents, and she nods her head, and finally, she can find it in her to bring a smile up, and it's a warm one, a genuine one that is filled with relief. Now that things have passed, and it appears that there's going to be a balancing, she just.. feels better. "Okay.." But she feels the need to add, "She isn't like.. a Malfoy. Eddie's got heart and smarts. An' she does care. I love her like she's my own sister." The scraping sound of the stubble gains another smile from the woman, and she raises a hand to his cheek ever so briefly, and her touch is light. "I like it. Mind, I made my brother shave his, but on you?" Her hand drops again, and she nods towards the fireplace that is nestled along the side. "Sure y'can." And while he's tending to that, she's got to start counting out the fireflies for her newest customer.


"…anyone suspicious, you report directly to me. Understood, Constable?" The younger Hit Wizard nods to Gideon and moves off to take his post. As the Inspector turns to leave, he hears a screech, followed by the familiar flapping of wings. An owl descends directly toward him, and drops a small scroll into his hands before he flies away.

Unfurling the hastily rolled parchment, Gideon's eyes narrow as he reads:

The bulldog is off my leash and has run away.

Gideon's face turns ashy. He touches his wand to the scroll, muttering, "Incendio." The paper burns to cinders in moments. He starts scanning the passers-by along Diagon Alley. No…Sweeney stands out…taller than most men…but also much more careful. If he's coming, he won't be seen so easily. When he does come, nothing will be easy.

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